OK Kids… Time to Wake Up!

nooseOK Kids… Time To Wake Up!

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Image stolen from WSJ, Jan 29, 2016 (Click image to read my post)

Was Marx right? Or was his timing just wrong? But, if so, what do we do with these ‘inglorious bastards’ — those sociopathic free market capitalists stomping hither and thither? Is it time for a great accommodation?

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On Human Understanding~ Excavating the Mytho-poetics of Babel



[Here is a draft of a paper I’m preparing for a Linguistic conference on translation in 2016. Advice is always welcome, although not always heeded. Thanks ~ cK]

It is not enough for language to have clarity and content… it must also have a goal and an imperative. Otherwise from language we descend to chatter, from chatter to babble and from babble to confusion. ~Rene Daumal

If it had been possible to build the Tower of Babel without climbing [up], it would have been permitted. ~Franz Kafka

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Imagine: Dreaming of Living Our Dreams Out Loud Once More*



Anonymoulsy from A.D.

Wake up you teeming masses, you mindless minions, you consummate consumers, you corporate cogs, you unwoken fools! You dreamed you were cast adrift helpless in a malevolent realm ruled by the corporatized competition of your own selfish desires.

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Deja-Vu All Over Again

 By Angela Borozna (reprinted from Russia Insider)

I grew up in Siberia during the Cold War and remember my fears of the United States. Images of Hiroshima were quite frequently aired on TV, and war evacuation plans were practiced at schools and at work places.

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