Smashing the Grand Chessboard: Global Conquest by Design?

Never before has a populist democracy attained international supremacy. But the pursuit of power is not a goal that commands popular passion, except in conditions of a sudden threat or challenge to the public’s sense of domestic well-being. The economic self-denial (that is, defense spending) and the human sacrifice (casualties, even among professional soldiers) required in the effort are uncongenial to democratic instincts. Democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization. 1 (p.35)

This confessionary and somewhat prophetic, if not prescriptive, statement makes one thing very clear: America is not now a democracy, if ever it was, populist or otherwise.  It was 1998 when Zbigniew Brzezinksi, former National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter, penned this now famous geopolitical monograph, a gaming strategy concerning the conquest of Eurasia in the US march to global domination. Certainly, we can understand this imperialist obsession; it is not a new phenomenon globally. Expansionism and conquest have been on most political agendas ever since the first walls went up around the ancient Sumerian city of Ur, while somewhat later we even find this sentiment among the wandering and nourishment-deprived Israelites awaiting their own deliverance (read: conquest) provided at the hands of a jealous and vengeful heavenly father.

Needless to say, Brzezinksi’s equally psychopathic yearning resonated clearly and poignantly in the ears of American hegemons even before the turn of this century, bolstered thereafter by his hauntingly prescient almost prescriptive telescoping of the tragic events of 9/11/01. And, although North Africa is not officially part of that great geopolitical landmass called Eurasia, it certainly provides a sampling of the socio-political volatility that is rising up globally, as well as the security issues that await the rest of us, as America continues its unrelenting, yet ill-conceived, march to imperial omnipotence.

Let us look, then, to Egypt. Democracy? Forget about it. Since the fall of Mubarak the military dictatorship is still running that country (remember all the bullshit out of our politicians’ mouths about the Arab Spring.)  And on the heels of the recent elections there, the Egyptian Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) has laid down some new laws.

…the ruling military council issued an interim constitution granting itself broad power over the future government, all but eliminating the president’s authority in an apparent effort to guard against a victory by the Islamist candidate. 2

That raises a rather thorny question: is there some covert US backing of the Egyptian military’s tactics here, because leadership of that nation by the Moslem Brotherhood (apparently victorious in the Presidential race) would place a significant barrier to our imperial designs and our further advance into that area of the world.

But, you know, things are not looking that much rosier in Afghanistan, Iraq or elsewhere across MENA. We can’t seem to get things quite under control in that “terrorist-laden” part of the world. There are riots and security problems throughout Tunisia, while a military zone has been established in Libya to “quell” unrest there as well following the assassination of Gaddafi.  And of course Iraq and Afghanistan both present substantive and ongoing concerns for empire.

But let’s take a glance at Europe, shall we?  Take Spain, France, or Greece, for example.  All are in the midst of their own spring/summer flings.  Spain looks like the next candidate for the Full-IMF-Monty.

Spain’s ability to manage its debt without an international bailout was thrown into doubt Monday after investors pushed its borrowing rates up to the level at which Greece, Portugal and Ireland had sought help.3

Meanwhile, the socialists are digging in their heels, in the French presidency, the new French Parliament, and in the surrounding vineyards — fighting off the moneylenders at every turn. Indeed, Angela Merkel is about ready to shit deutsche marks very soon, rebuffing the new French president’s bluntly socialist suggestion that the Euro-zone countries share the pain of austerity through issuance of collective Euro bonds.  Too bad those too would be worthless issues.  In any case, looking somewhat like the last-man-standing, Germany is now offering to borrow your money for two years at 0% interest.  Can you imagine that?  What a bargain! How scary is that? Are things really that bad that folks are ready to give their money over to Germany interest-free? 4

At the same time, the Greeks are still trying to dig out of their own pool of olive oil by hammering out (Gee, does that involve guns or large ‘rolling stones’) some coalition government, with the conservatives acting as the apparent-parent-in-charge, seeking to preserve their presto-chango Euro-bailout package. But Merkel has even more to stomp her big German feet about, now that Greece’s New Democracy Party and its socialist coalition is asking its Northern European neighbors to give Greece more time, restructuring their loan package yet again.  Wow! What a clusterfuck this is turning into! As J.H. Kunstler rightly noted just this week on his blog:

…expect Europe to melt down like an overheated nuclear reactor, with an aftermath of deadly political goop oozing out to make parts of the continent unable to support human life at levels we are currently familiar with, i.e. civilized society.5

Well, if that all is true, then we won’t need to worry about any military incursion to take over the European side of Eurasia, just send in the men-in-black suits to set up offices when the place turns to mush, with perhaps some small security detail or drones to keep the fringe elements at bay.  Indeed, the Euro-leaders may invite us in with open arms.

Yet, why did our hegemon do his typically mesmerizing end-zone dance around the US Congress and our citizens this week to provide get-out-of-jail-free employment cards to perhaps a million or more illegal aliens?  (N.B. I have nothing against immigration, legal or otherwise; I am only curious as to the hegemon’s motives.)  This comes, no less, at a time when the OWSers are out of work, out of house and home, and out of sight – with no more unsecured parks left to occupy.  Is Obama hankering for more ballot-box stuffing from extreme supporters on the far left? Or, perhaps Mr. O’s corporate sponsors convinced him this move would give them, the paymasters, greater bargaining power with the other 99% of the citizenry, and what remains of their union representation. I guess the powers-that-be need to do everything necessary to get cheap and grateful labor to build those new iPads and other toys of privilege, whether in China or here in the homeland. Anything to keep the big old game ball rolling for a few more turns around the globe before the shit storm really gathers steam.

Methinks that Brzezinksi, like others of his generation embedded as they are in the institutional hierarchies of conquest, is not really concerned with democracy after all, but solely with the issue of imperial expansion.  Our apparent social contract, and the needs of the body politic here, were never really a strategic issue for him.  And, just like this self-styled political grand chess-master, Obama is focused on building-out the global hegemony; something on which to hang his hat before the final curtain falls.  This is perhaps the reason that austerity is not spoken about openly in the homeland (and this was not the ‘economic self-denial’ Brzezinski had in mind in any event).  But, why frighten the patrons of consumption?  Just let them keep buying their toys and trinkets as you slowly take away their privileges, including their property rights and their privacy, their speech, their guns, and their freedom of assembly, until they turn around one day to realize that what they have become is what they always were: slaves to the machinations of anonymous political, military, and corporate hierarchies that provide no safe harbor and virtually no means of escape.

Then, with turmoil growing in the streets and overflowing into the back alleys, insurrection might well breakout right here in the homeland, the kingdom of consumption. If and when that happens, however, the mechanisms will already be solidly in place to address any revolt by the masses, perhaps with full military hardware, armed drones, and troops stationed 24/7 in full battle dress, including those garrisoned right down the street in your own hometown. Then a fully militarized, albeit oil-starved, American imperial corporatocracy will launch its final offensive to overtake the remaining, if not already crumbling, pieces on the grand chessboard.  Lines drawn, China and Russia will mount their own challenges to the US for global domination.  Europe, vacated of resources and will-power, may only be a pawn in the mix, while India, Pakistan and selected portions of Eastern Europe should serve as battleground staging platforms, in satisfaction of payback demands from their corporate paymasters. Then, we shall see the real global checkmate, accomplished through international financial chaos – brought to you by default – accompanied by covertly designed military incursions, and substantial economic coercion.  That will smash the grand chessboard.  But then the rough stuff comes, as insurgencies arise throughout the global empire and terror becomes the law of the land while the peoples of the world continue to circle their wagons and fight on against a dying machine. God, sure sounds like we are almost, already there.

61 Responses to Smashing the Grand Chessboard: Global Conquest by Design?

  1. xraymike79 says:

    I think the Latino card played by Obama was mainly to gain political points with that population block since it is of considerable size. But a few more slaves to the cheap labor pool, as you point out, doesn’t hurt either. That’s why Romney is dancing around that issue.
    As far as the Homeland’s ponzi debt scheme, I found this recent article by Ellen Brown interesting. It gives another reason(besides campaign bribes by JP Morgan) why the U.S. senators laid themselves out like a carpet for Jamie Dimon:
    JP Morgan derivatives are propping up U.S. debt.

    • Disaffected says:

      Watching both candidates genuflect before THE up and coming voting demographic this past week was both instructive and humorous, wasn’t it? Obama obviously pulled it off best, which is the Dems true allure and danger. Their faux appeal to everything they SEEM to represent, yet don’t. Obama – the world’s first TRULY artificial virtual politician – a TRIPLE redundancy!

      The “Pubes” on the other hand are an altogether more interesting study. So completely fake that they almost seem to come around full circle to appear to be real again. Comparisons of Romney to a used car salesman are by now completely trite, and yet, they’re so obviously and completely true that you can’t help but feel that that was the plan all along. A Karl Rovian plan to belabor the obvious SO obviously that not even the asleep at the switch fucking American public would catch on to it? But of course!

      And, as to derivatives propping up and sustaining the US debt? But of course! I trust you’re acquainted with the terms “too big to fail” and “revolving door.” SYNERGY my man, SYNERGY!

  2. derekthered says:

    myself? i’m enjoying a little “divertissement” whilst typing
    Maurice Ravel – Bolero

    begging your pardon, just sharing.

    you know i hate to differ, but shouldn’t our ruling class here in the good old US of A realize it’s not going to be an american hegemony? and do they really care? part of a pie is better than none, sure all of it is better, but how the hell would i know? “sittin’ around, round midnight, talkin’ bout how the big apples outta sight, and you ain’t never had a bite, who you think you foolin’? me? you?” yes, that’s right ladies and ……………

    i’m near to give up on the politics of it all, but you know, old habits die hard, doubtless there are some true believers over there. none of it really matters, it’s turning into a question of crowd control, more inefficiency piled upon more, “good money”? after bad? of course industrialization warped human society, exacerbating existing, blah, blah,

    self-denial? you think? like most yanks i’ve absorbed it, even though some boomers have never suffered like the rest of humanity, we think we have, breast fed on stories of struggle, who knows? perhaps our parents hormones never slowed down after the shit they went thru. then there’s the fact that some of us have had to work for a living, there i go, pity party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shocking.

    it’s the sheer horror of it all, the waste, like i said, when the food only goes around once you better get while you can, you pick it up from your parents, their insecurity about provision, until you just wind up Paranoid


    • kulturcritic says:

      Thanks for the interludes, Derek!! Suffering… Americans and boomers especially have no idea what suffering is like. We sit around (myself included) typing on our notebooks or tablets, listening to great classical music or Eminem, and sipping on beers. Here we are waiting for the end; but we have no idea how to separate ourselves from the bullshit. We need to admit that all politicians are snake oil salesmen (the female brand as well), and that all salesmen (i.e., bankers, newscasters) are politicians. They all pander to the buyer… but we have long ago decided to ignore the dictum… BUYER BEWARE!

  3. bmiller says:

    “Then, with turmoil growing in the streets and overflowing into the back alleys, insurrection might well breakout right here in the homeland, the kingdom of consumption.”

    I don’t know that we can speak of insurrections without a purpose. Without a purpose it is merely chaos. From a historical perspective insurrections break out based on kinship, religions, land-based loyalties, ideology, etc. All of those are lacking critical mass in our homogenized homeland. Perhaps with enough long-term economic downward pressure some of those elements will coalesce: none particularly appealing. In the near future it is more likely to be an expanding overreach of security bolstered by the masses chanting USA, USA as a mantra to ward off the ill effects of decline. Just thinking….

    As always thanks for the Friday missive. It helps to kick the gray matter into gear for whatever the day holds.

    • derekthered says:

      “I don’t know that we can speak of insurrections without a purpose. Without a purpose it is merely chaos.”
      exactly, you would be correct, but does it matter? what comes to my mind is food aid being hijacked by warlords, seeing as our major urban areas are on life support, so to speak. here is the danger of cascading failure of complex systems, masses of people dependent upon outside inputs. and warlords? got some, what else are the leaders of some of the drug gangs?
      “From a historical perspective insurrections break out based on kinship, religions, land-based loyalties, ideology, etc. All of those are lacking critical mass in our homogenized homeland.”
      i disagree with you there, the USA has it’s own factions, divided/united by skin color, religion, income disparities, whatever the pc term du jour.
      so yes, it’s a monster of our own creation, but a monster nonetheless. a slow motion train train wreck replayed endlessly for our entertainment here in narcissist nation, the kingdom of consumption.

      • bmiller says:

        Yep, I agree there is no doubt on the divisive nature of our country and the real potential for fragmentation along a variety of lines. My gut just tells me that for the immediate future people will continue to bond over the national identity (and look for scapegoats). Even as things collapse we will want to hang onto an image or illusion of what we were at one time. This will make most of our fellow citizens susceptible to demagoguery. Because the trappings of empire are not shed lightly, as insurrections develop the motivating force is more likely to recover what was loss not to create something new. What will be absent for some time is a new vision.

    • Disaffected says:

      Insurrections here in the good ol’ USA amount to so much “let’s party!” – although I still sense an exceedingly small ray of hope in the youth. The “disaffection” movement has long since been co-opted by corporate interests.

  4. Malthus says:

    I say vote that bum Obama out of office. The problem with that is it will leave an empty space and it appears that the only thing that may fill it is another empty space. Very discouraging.

    • Disaffected says:

      An empty space would be ALTOGETHER better! We should all be so lucky!

      • kulturcritic says:

        LOL! Alas, Hierarchy abhors a vacuum! The ORG Chart must be Full!

        • Malthus says:

          Agreed. What I see though are vacuums between the ears. Automatons talking the points so the spaces are empty just filled with some kind of mutants that can walk and talk and say whatever anyone wants to hear. And I do feel we would all be better off without any kind of government not because big is bad and small is good it is because we would be able to learn to work together for whatever common cause would need. What a dream. No way probably, so now what?

          • kulturcritic says:

            Prayer??? LOL 😉

            • Malthus says:

              I am pretty sure that everyone here knows deep within their being we are totally screwed. So it come down to how we face it. I watched a movie last night called “The Grey” with Liam Neison and it is pretty much what we are facing now and everyone here knows it. There is a poem written by the director that says it all.
              “Once more into the fray.
              Into the last good fight I’ll ever know.
              Live or die on this day.
              Live or die on this day.”

  5. Martin says:

    “Then, with turmoil growing in the streets and overflowing into the back alleys, insurrection might well breakout right here in the homeland, the kingdom of consumption. If and when that happens, however, the mechanisms will already be solidly in place to address any revolt by the masses, perhaps with full military hardware, armed drones, and troops stationed 24/7 in full battle dress, including those garrisoned right down the street in your own hometown.”

    Better believe it – see: NDAA and the March 16 (I think – maybe 3/19) executive order empowering DHS to take over and confiscate everything and everyone to its own purposes for “national security” in times of national emergency – apparently just about any ’emergency will do .

    Seems not to matter who ‘wins’ the Presidential in November – we’re all fucked anyway – so might as well enjoy the moment.

    • Disaffected says:

      My only hope – and I think this is now the mass reality – is that the November coronation is seen for what it is: a mass fraud perpetrated (albeit, willingly) on a people who, quite frankly, simply no longer give a fuck one way or another. I compare it to the adrenal gland of stress/meth junkie, which most Americans now are. Squeezed dry and exhausted. Not that that’s going to make any of it any better, but it will at least BEGIN to reveal the depth of the problem for all of those who still have eyes to see.

      Will anyone pay attention and will any positive change become of it? Of course not. Our corporate masters are counting on it, and we have seemingly ceded our very survival to their corporate capitalist hearts. Can any of this POSSIBLY come out OK in the long run with respect to homo sapiens in general? Call me a skeptic. Will we be missed? In our current form at least? Have we OR Gaea expressed ANY regret for ANY of the countless species we’re eliminating everyday, even as we speak? Think about it.

      • kulturcritic says:

        How can we have regrets… when all we hear about daily is the next melodrama… Jerry Sandusky, anyone?

        • Disaffected says:


          Funny you mention, SEX – good, bad, or otherwise – is ALWAYS a preoccupation of the American media, ain’t it? Sex good (as in focus on it), death bad. And yet, what does American corporate capitalism dish up to most who experience it? Degradation through the first and death through the last. True to its word in the end.


          • kulturcritic says:

            Truly, you are in rare form today, DA. Sex sells; and that is what we do best… package it up, and SELL IT. And the entire globe, with the exception of a few primitive (positive word) outposts, is buying the commodity. But, it is not even sex that we are getting… it is the voyeurism, the titillation, the pornography of watching and listening that we treasure. This is why we buy the cars, the clothes, the TVs, monster stereos, jewelry, phones, and other toys… It’s like we have a whole world full of vibrators, penis rings, and dildos that we wear daily to remain distrated.

    • derekthered says:

      yes, well, i censored myself, got some of the words wrong, first time i heard that was on the soundtrack from the movie “performance” with sir mick; in the idealistic days, arguing with the “real reds”, and even then telling them that their prescriptions weren’t going to work, before the reagan revolution, fuhgeddaboudit, too depressing.

  6. John Bollig says:

    Of course, the rules have been rigged by the 1 percenters. When the world comes crashing down again, the war of all against all will be like a WWF battle royale. I can only say that the changes that occur wiill throw us all back into the stone age. The surviors will truly envy the dead. For those unlucky enough to survive the horrors of the end of the world as we know it, I suggest that they have a strong back, perfect eyesight and genetic resistance to nasty infectious diseases. I am going to try to survive the longest that I can in the current state of disaster that I find myself in, even the one percenters can’t escape the microbes. Sandy, I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I will probably not survive the waves of death that will surely come before and after the collapse of the west. My only consolation is the fact that I have done the best that I can with what I have been given.

    • Disaffected says:

      Hey John (spoiler alert!), let me tell you how the movie ends: WE ALL DIE! It’s how you live before then that counts. Don’t be a survivalist, live for the only moment that you ever can – THE NOW! And don’t settle for consolations. Any SINGLE moment of your life was worth more than that.

  7. Disaffected says:

    As I’ve said before, “The Beast” is the only term for it. Was it all foretold and inevitable by means as yet unknowable? Is it purely opportunistically contrived and totally avoidable? Were the Biblical warnings merely so much fortuitous pissing in the wind, divine inspiration, or some sort of psychic divination of historical archetypes. Christ fuck, I don’t know. But the shit is damn sure going down right before our very eyes, that much I’m QUITE sure of. We’re ALL in a world of shit, and guess what? We in the US are at ground zero and it is US collectively that are the root cause. God help us all? PLEASE! God says (metaphorically), “FUCK you arrogant pricks. YOU’VE created this GODDAMNED mess! YOU clean it up! I’ve given you heaven and you’ve created hell. Good luck with that!”

    • kulturcritic says:

      And as Gaia said, with the Gulf oil volcano…”You want OIL; I’ll give you some fucking oil!!!

      • Disaffected says:

        Wasn’t that a truly relevant metaphor – aka fortuitous sign of possible things to come? Every now and then even dumb shits like us begin to connect the dots and say, “Maybe something’s going on here after all?” Imagine that!

        In the end, I don’t begrudge the religious types for imagining whether reality is bigger than we think it is, I merely begrudge them for their lack of imagination. Although, I guess I have to add, our five senses and our intellect are our essential keys to that imagination.

        • kulturcritic says:

          I begrudge them their smugness, their hierarchy, and their moralisms. They have been more than co-conspirators in the enslavement of this race, and the wholesale destruction of innumerable others

          • Disaffected says:

            Agreed, although I’m beginning to divorce the hierarchies from the moral precepts. I think the original moral precepts were for the most part good, but that they were soon after co-opted by the hierarchical mindset. From there, it has been a(n) (quite) observable race to the bottom.

            I have REALLY come around to agreement with you on your main point: hierarchical thinking/systems are REALLY at the root of all of our problems today.


            • Martin says:

              Agreed. Hierarchical thinking/systems came into existence at first to only tweak what ‘is’ into subservience to its/their desires, but it didn’t stop with just tweaking, it fed on its own power and has now expanded into a self-destroying monster that’s taking everything else with it. Unfortunately for the rest, ‘THEY’ do not as yet understand that they’re committing suicide on a grand scale.

    • derekthered says:

      “Were the Biblical warnings merely so much fortuitous pissing in the wind, divine inspiration, or some sort of psychic divination of historical archetypes.”
      i’ve wondered about that too, what exactly was going thru their minds? extrapolation? divination?

      • kulturcritic says:

        Bad hallucinations/????

        • derekthered says:

          there is a book “the sacred mushroom and the cross”, one of my sister’s anthropology books i borrowed a long time ago, which posits this view, who knows? could be beets, could be peaches, just cause it’s free don’t mean it’s no good. have to go deal with the hierarchy, deposit my fiat dollars in the bank, get a license tag, satisfy the state, ain’t life grand!!!!!!!!!!!! you only go around once in this life, go for the gusto!!!!!!! you know, when you’re out of schlitz? you’re out of beer!!!!!!

        • Martin says:

          Accurate shamanic vision….

  8. leavergirl says:

    Seems like everything is getting really depressing. The art, though, Sandy, you got for this post, is the best! 🙂

    Isn’t it amazing the sheeple just keep on going with the BS? I mean, Obummer says, oh, I’ve changed my mind re gay marriage — not that he has actually DONE anything — and all the gays get in line doing their rah rah goosestepping for O. Then he pulls the illegals into the economy — but note, it’s a *temporary* order. Just for the election, Latinos, is that so hard to see? There was something else, I forget, on the order of continuing vapor-changes just to keep people in the hopey-changey trance… mindboggling. I am thinking of moving to Transylvania. I hear the old skills are still alive there… and plenty of wolves to keep the technocrats away. A real vampire or two would be refreshing, compared to the vampire squids sucking lifeblood out of the planet.

    Some folks think that America will be at the forefront of the Big Turning, but I think they are deceiving themselves. The land’s been plundered, the old skills lost, the factories lie in ruins, and small towns too.

    Btw, I traveled from Missouri west recently, and on I-70 about the middle of Kansas, periodically, there were these gates, like railroad crossings, right on the road, and rude signs that if the gates are down you must exit immediately just before the gate or else. WTF? Is it so that military planes can land and take off on the highway? Planned takeover of the midwest?

  9. Malthus says:

    “Some folks think that America will be at the forefront of the Big Turning, but I think they are deceiving themselves. The land’s been plundered, the old skills lost, the factories lie in ruins, and small towns too.” On top of that we have made many enemies. Way more than we can imagine.

  10. derekthered says:

    signs and wonders, smoke and mirrors, and visions of paradise. want to compose a serious reply w/o getting to cute. like others i’ve posted around, so i’ve dealt with some of these ideas. point by point.
    it’s not just the late 20th century that our leaders decided to go land grabbing, the first roosevelt sent troops wherever he felt like, wilson was behind the palmer raids, ww one was really about colonial possessions and how the germans couldn’t have any, well because there just not english are they? point being, no ww one, maybe no austrian corporal, but i don’t want to go there. of course we pursued virtual genocide on this continent, but it’s done, it happened. now mind you, i don’t fault anybody for wanting land, but out of over 300 treaties with the original americans, we honored like 2 or 3, that’s fact. slavery, the civil war, and i read in a book once “history of the american working class” (borrowed from an actual card carrying type, very rare in these parts) that to vote in our first election you had to be white, male, a property owner and/or pay a poll tax, plus declare a belief in a christian god, jah-hay-sus i believe.

    so when you say, “America is not now a democracy, if ever it was, populist or otherwise.” no, it wasn’t, ever, except in a limited sense.

    and as for the middle east? they do have some oil, and it’s packed full of differing religions, but one must walk on eggshells, don’t want to step on anybody’s toes. i but it’s all crazy, and isn’t this where the rubber meets the road? where people retreat into dodges and obfuscations? well, it’s not all of them, just the “fundamentalists”, always the qualifier, “radical”, they have sex segregated buses in some parts of israel, and afghan women walk 8 feet behind the men, some places. always the qualifier. my question is, do these western religions not use the very linear thinking paradigm which leads to this messianic expansion, you could say it better, this is sophomore stuff, i realize that. does not the very idea that it should even matter to us partake of this same paradigm? the way we think, are we slaves to the universal? the tyranny of perfection, some strange variation of the “city of god” theme, where if you ain’t “got your mind right”, well, you are just not fit for polite company?

    and the money? the link earlier about dimon? something about $57 trillion in derivatives? how much wealth is there in the world exactly? are the masters of the universe out of their ever-loving minds? which brings me to something i want to know if you are aware of, it’s my calling card, so to speak, some history about our corporate masters
    there is an earlier case which bears on this, from rhode island, involved a church, whatever. point is that corps. have human rights, damn near it, this idea leads all sorts of places, are they a form of AI? they could be considered immortal, they are the cat’s paws of the ruling class, now they are buying elections, openly, they say the economy in DC is doing fine. i know this blog tends to the philosophical. all this just feeds my baudrillardian bent, the four stages of simulation, the four stages of value.

    as for our emperors pandering to the masses? it’s sickening, surely he must know that to the wealthy we are just ants, bugs, at best worker bees. it matters little whether whatever workers are needed are from, as long as they keep their mouths shut, machines don’t talk back, not yet, or only if we want them to………………..
    so, more machines, more fuel, signs and wonders, smoke and mirrors.

    and lurking off stage left? our new friend, XNA, who knows what they are up to with that. it’s hard for me to type, this is a long post, and i spent time on trivia and not on the main points, syllogisms, artificial entities, money systems, for your consideration.

    maybe, just maybe, a way can be found for a semi-organized powerdown but not with the kind of thinking you decry dominating the dialectic, and not with a minority controlling the power hungry monster modern society consists of, that has got to go.

    many thanks for the forum, i wouldn’t have the first clue how to do a site like this, and i didn’t realize the music links were going to be XXXL.

    • kulturcritic says:

      Priceless, derek… just priceless. Whenever I read you I am LMAO. But, yes, the syllogism is the crux of the candy bar… so to speak. It lays the basis for all the contracts, property theft, social institutions, and fault finding. Once kinship died… the genie of syllogistic reasoning came out of the lamp and lit this fucker up!!

    • cpopblog says:

      Well, to quote TR himself as a predated rebuke, “I wouldn’t run down those men to much,” I’ve read my Zinn too, and came away with a similar feeling that America has always been a hegemonic, greedy, lie. TR said this to John Muir in defense of the capitalists. Roosevelt, who was perhaps the most culturally educated and talented president our little empire has have had was indeed a card carrying imperialist – expansionist – interventionist fiend. He did cut a ditch over a continent by sheer will alone. Yet, he also was a famous “trust-buster” believing that monopolies of any kind (in corporations or ideologies) led to a dangerous feudal path. Another paradoxical aspect of his otherwise elitist-warmongering personality was his deep and lifelong devotion to science and CONSERVATION. Never before and never since has a president embodies such disparate elements as Theodore Roosevelt. He almost single-handedly codified an American model of land conservation unparallelled in the history of empire, creating our national forrest system, the concept of wildlife refuge, national monuments, extending the National Parks – America’s Best Idea anyone? – almost three fold. True that like most 19th-Century Jules Verne expeditionary he had an ego-system and not an eco-system approach to decisions but alas he proves that somewhere out of the elite masses of imperialist career politicians it is possible for humans to harbor seemingly contradictory platforms of philosophy. Perhaps, as I fear, it is just not possible for another TR or many to come along and shake the world to its senses by sheer muscle. However, I believe there are many Americans – some environmentalists – some students of history – some artists – and others wearing their own form of bullshit gas mask waiting for the wafts of idiocy to dissipate or just be culled off by the wolves, that in the end some may still have values and ideologies that are worth preserving, even through the goo.

  11. Angie says:

    “…live for the only moment that you ever can – THE NOW!”. But DA, does this mean continue to indulge in material luxuries and privilege while denouncing Americans and the West for bringing us to the brink of biosphere collapse through just this same excessive resource consumption and consequent pollution?
    Does anyone think morality matters at the end of the human epoch?
    If we have to die in a degrading misery that destroys our phenomenal achievements as a species, should we strive to elevate ourselves, during this last chapter of human history, through our best human potential? A potential that we treasure as a motif, expressed in stories of selflessness in the face of dreadful privation and danger (think Mandella).
    Love. There, I said it.
    Are love and hedonism antithetical?
    (BTW I’m really scared to have my own capacity for love tested in a horror scenario. I’m guessing I’ll fail, and protect my own life/feed my own face/hoarde medicines etc to the detriment of others. But I hope not. I hope that, in trying to expect less now, I and my family will be primed to cope better later, and maybe have some psychological latitude to extend beyond ourselves in upcoming crises
    – if that makes any sense?)

    • Malthus says:

      This looks to be a really good site. Haven’t had much time to go through everything and I do like the fact they seem to take Latin America seriously. That is a really good thing for me anyway as I go on walkabout in Latin America a lot being its having my favorite cultures.

  12. Empire ends not with a bang but with a whimper, I think. However I feel for the people who have to deal with the non de-commissioned nuclear power plants in the aftermath.

  13. Pup Tentacle says:

    Why would you imagine Obama has the need to hang his hat on something for history’s sake? Why do people always assume Presidents view themselves that way? Wouldn’t that perspective indicate naivete of a type not really possessed by someone who makes it that far? Is this rooted in apocrypha regarding Reagan and his legendary Alzheimer’s-in-office?

    I have no trouble seeing Obama or any other President from my adult lifetime as being a willing servant who will pretend at great centralized power-in-the-POTUS despite knowing it’s the money behind the POTUS that drives things, and not POTUS him/her/itself.

    I think it’s a sneaky charade to suggest noble purpose in someone whose track record defies that suggestion’s truth.

    • kulturcritic says:

      You don’t believe that the same hubris which brings someone into that office, isn’t also at work in defining his or her deranged legacy? Perhaps we have differing views of the psychopathology of leaders. The naivete is hidden from view by the assumption of hyper self-righteousness.

      • Malthus says:

        Deranged says it all Sandy. “deranged legacy” will stay in my mind forever.

      • Martin says:

        It occurs to me to realize at election time (which has become almost continuous) that anyone who is driven to run for high public office is obviously unqualified due to insanity.

  14. REPatrick says:

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