Tired Of Whining Yet?


It is axiomatic, so it seems, that whatever Americans hear from the Western press, politicians, and pundits is the truth.  Even the most enlightened among our citizenry in the USA seem to believe every fable they are fed by these greedy ignoramuses.  For some reason, if the current occupant of the White House makes a claim, and it is repeated ad infinitum by his paid mouthpieces, it becomes gospel for a majority of the country.  What we fail to recollect is that, like most gospels, these fables or fairy tales are constructed and proferred to ameliorate the masses regarding their way of life, their beliefs. 

America is not the pristine and morally righteous land of the free, home of the brave.  Its ignorant leaders and their mouthpieces hide behind false flags and national security, as they manage their kill lists, drone bombings, trumped up NGOs, special ops, secret services, illegal  data collection, and grandiose spectacles; all of it in order to keep the blinders well in place and the masses preoccupied with the problems of housing, clothing and feeding themselves. All of this transpires as the wealthiest in the West, without fear or recrimination, steal and loot and enslave the rest of the world.  Why are we so stupid and oh, so lazy?

The latest boner is the arrogance of the Obama administration and its Euro-dupes to declare financial and economic war on Russia for publicly agreeing to help its own citizens living in Ukraine while addressing its own security interests, safeguarding its own borders from a newly installed fascism (with Washington’s assistance) in its sister country. All I hear from the Western politicians and its media lapdogs is whining about Russia and its evil intentions. I do not care to entertain any more American whining and complaining about Russia or Putin’s ulterior motives in Ukraine.   Let us focus on our own asshole in D.C., not someone else’s!  No modern government is perfect! Quite the opposite. They are all complicit in the degradation of the planet and the destruction of life, human or otherwise.  But, the smug self-righteousness of the American imperium is simply too much for any person with more than a forth grade education to stand for anymore!

20140226_185447I am calling for a referendum on the American presidency and the parasitic American way of life.  I want our oligarch-in-chief to be run out of office and stuck in a prison cell in Guantonamo for crimes against persons and humanity.  I want him to pay for crimes against the  citizenry, against whistle blowers, against the Egyptians, the Lybians, the Iraqis, the Afghanis, Iranians, Russians, Syrians, Ukrainians, Palestinians, etc. And I want the capitalist-oligarchs who run this country to be relieved of their obscene wealth and have it redistributed to the people. Call me a commie, but I just see it as repayment for services already rendered.  I want to see an end to the American hegemony – politically, culturally, economically – so that the planet and its inhabitants can once again breathe freely, so diverse cultures can again flourish, and endangered species, live.  I would like to see every socio-political hierarchy currently operating on this planet disassembled.  I am asking much, but expect nothing will change.

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  1. Whoz gonna do all that? The global majority has to keep moving in the opposite direction and growing in strength for the US house of cards to fall. It won’t happen from inside, trust me. There are two many ‘movements’, incipient third parties, etc., and too many people concerned with societal issues as opposed to the big issues that threaten us all.

    • Malthus says:

      I just watched a program on Aljazeera telling how militarized the police forces in the U.S. have become. The federal government has been throwing big money at all the local agencies to arm them like the military. Now when they go to someones home they show up in huge numbers dressed like they are in Afghanistan with all the equipment and arms. So as Deena asks “Whoz gonna do all that?”

  2. the Heretick says:

    geez, tell us how you really feel, don’t hold back…………………

    just wrote a lengthy post on another site, quite a chore since I hunt and peck, tried to learn how to type several times.
    our country will never thrive until the unnatural arrangement of corporate citizenship is abolished.
    have written about this before, Santa Clara County vs. Southern Pacific railroad, the case that wasn’t, decided illegally.
    I don’t hold out much hope either, until the intelligentsia around the planet wake up to the fact that they too will be thrown to the wolves once it all starts breaking down.

    remember Dickens’s

    “Beware them both, and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy, for on his brow I see that written which is Doom, unless the writing be erased.”

    corps, combined with technology form a sort of AI and it is out of control. this is the sort of radical thinking which very few can grasp, either I am deluded or a sort of prophet, but I believe I am right. our so-called leaders no longer have the acumen to grasp the dangers in our system, their concern is to serve the system.

    I watch the nightly news, it’s nothing but establishment mouth pieces trumpeting the latest lies, the networks are owned by all the major players, multi-nationals with an axe to grind, they live in a different reality, a reality they make up.

    the United States is $17 trillion fiat dollars in debt, we have adverts for funds to help our veterans who have had their limbs blown off, when, oh when, will our so-called leaders put an end to our mis-adventures and start the laborious task of putting our country on some sort of sustainable path?

    if there is a Great Spirit, we no longer hear its voice.

    • Disaffected says:

      Nice post for the most part, but I’d caution you against repeating the US debt meme. It’s wholly wrong for the most part, and its wholly destructive as well. It perpetuates the idea that we can only “afford” certain things, which – surprise, surprise – always come down to defense and tax breaks for the rich. The US, a sovereign issuer of its OWN currency, is only in “debt” because it chooses to be. In that it chose to have a privatized central bank (the Fed) with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. That “debt” is wholly negotiable, in that the US Treasury could issue enough dollars to cover it ALL tomorrow, and then renege on future interests payments as well by simply dissolving the Fed and issuing future dollars as US Treasury Notes rather than Federal Reserve Notes. All by fiat of course, as any monetary sovereign is entitled to do. Yes, future dollars do have to be aligned with actual resources, and that is indeed a problem, but without the confounding issue of exponential debt, the problem at least becomes tractable. Not that any of this is likely to actually happen of course, but it’s important to at least understand the VERY REAL possible alternatives, and stop repeating the “debt bomb” meme, which was created by rich banking interests in the first place as a further means of stealing from the poor. Are we “out of money” for things that actually matter? Only for the working poor it seems, but never for the idle rich. Funny how that is.

      • the Heretick says:

        don’t totally disagree with you, but here are corps. and govts. which own this debt, they don’t expect it to be monetized away as you propose, but there’s the rub.
        I do agree that money needs t be aligned with existing resources.
        whether bankers created the mess is beyond question, as is stealing from the poor, but still, it is the operative system, to reform it is essential, but how, and when?
        I think you agree it is one driving force behind our current insanity.
        none of this even touches upon the derivatives fantasy, which is many times larger than this debt bomb.

        anyhow, it’s all Greek to me, I only mention it to point out how what our govt. is up to doesn’t make sense by their own metrics.

        • Disaffected says:

          Corps, governments, but ESPECIALLY the working poor are being monetized out of their money anyway through the Fed’s Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP), so that’s already happening no matter what.

          But realize, the long term strategy for the corporate banker ownership class is is to starve the US government of all funds it needs to exist, other than for the functions it needs to serve its interests. Namely: “defense” (actually foreign invasion forces), “domestic security” (policing of domestic populations exactly as if they were foreign “terrorists”), and what little infrastructure may be required to serve their interests, and NOT A DOLLAR MORE!!! And beyond that, even the US government is expendable, having served its purpose as merely the gateway from which corporate interests gained their final foothold.

      • kulturcritic says:

        Well, Congress just earmarked $1BB to send to Ukraine… again the US creates fuckin chaos and shoves $$ at it… who knows if they feel guilty or are still trying to BUY a piece of property to set up a friendly missile site. Can’t they just keep their nose out of other people’s shit, and give money to their own poor and homeless. NO, they can’t!

        • Disaffected says:

          Agreed. Important to note that most of that $1B has been “targeted” to pro-US interests as well – aka “freedom fighters” and the like – although most of it will most-assuredly be squandered in the process.

          But then again, that’s the TRUE BEAUTY of it all! Watching the capitalist leviathan – the so-called “KING OF THE WORLD” if you will – piss all it’s resources (and let’s face it, the dollar is the only thing we have left these days) away needlessly on misadventures it has no damn business being involved in in the first place NEEDLESSLY!

          In that sense, maybe we should all just shut up and laugh while the ship – all too predictably – goes down right on schedule. Not like we have any ability to prevent it anyway.

        • Colin says:

          Sandy all we have to do is start our own nation and have a revolution where we oust ourselves to a new form of government just as bad as the old one but with the same members (namely us) given new names (i.e. “Deputy Prime Chancellor” becomes “Minister of the People” and other nonsense) only each time with more debt owed the IMF/EU/US. We’ll just rack up the debt and party like the Greeks until we go broke and then have another revolution that we will post on youtube complete with faux-revolutionaries that will in fact be insiders paid to look like dramatic simpletons raiding the government. We just have to figure out our new costumes every 10 years.

          The US will fall for it every time – trust me!.

      • the Heretick says:

        heavens no, perish the thought, god forbid, no can do!!

      • the Heretick says:

        The Great Spirit, half of the dynamic duo, Mother Earth/Father Sky. the One whose voice i hear in the wind.

        • Disaffected says:

          I hear you. The Great Spirit whose name is unspeakable. Whose name, indeed, has been forgotten altogether in all of our modern bloviation.

          • kulturcritic says:

            Or, DA…. maybe, just maybe, everyone in this god-for-saken USA should go down to the Big White House, and park their big fat asses right on the lawn and say; we henceforth refuse to finance your fucking wars, coups, armed invasions, drone patrols and other imperial excursions around the world.  Leave the world alone.  Furthermore, none of us will pay any more federal taxes until you and all of the congressmen and women resign and we start all over again.  And we sit there until the f..king police, uparmored and ready to rumble, try to remove us forcably.  And let the body count begin!

            • Colin says:

              CNN wouldn’t cover it. Instead they would cover Hollywood and entertainment stars who are out of work and hooked on drugs…

  3. Disaffected says:

    I am calling for a referendum on the American presidency and the parasitic American way of life. I want our oligarch-in-chief to be run out of office and stuck in a prison cell in Guantonamo for crimes against persons and humanity. I want him to pay for crimes against the citizenry, against whistle blowers, against the Egyptians, the Lybians, the Iraqis, the Afghanis, Iranians, Russians, Syrians, Ukrainians, Palestinians, etc. And I want the capitalist-oligarchs who run this country to be relieved of their obscene wealth and have it redistributed to the people.

    Don’t ask for much, do ya? Agreed, and Jackson Browne beat us both to the punch when he voiced the same sentiment over American misadventures in central America (primarily) and elsewhere 25 years ago when he wrote these lyrics:

    They sell us the president the same way
    They sell us our clothes and our cars
    They sell us every thing from youth to religion
    The same time they sell us our wars
    I want to know who the men in the shadows are
    I want to hear somebody asking them why
    They can be counted on to tell us who our enemies are
    But they’re never the ones to fight or to die

    And there are lives in the balance
    There are people under fire
    There are children at the cannons
    And there is blood on the wire

    Which Richie Havens put to music (live) better than anyone else I’ve heard:

    • ripper says:

      tell me who are the krim-ee nyles?

      • Disaffected says:

        Easy. Rich white guys for the most part, who’ve inherited their riches from their rich daddies. And you need a comma after the “me,” as well as some capitalization just for fun. Thanks for playing.

        • Ron McCafferty says:

          The wife and I were just discussing this very subject tonight at dinner. The far right in America sell us tax breaks for the rich and cuts for the poor they created in the process. Then the left cries foul and that we should tax, tax, tax the working class to pay for the extremely poor AND the extremely rich. Who wins in this whole damn mess? The bankers! They reap the wealth by taxes (stolen) from the working class thanks to repubs then they reap the interest paid on the loans to the federal government to pay for the programs for the poor instituted by the left. Where and when does it all end?!?!?!

          • kulturcritic says:

            Good question, Ron… probably when the oil runs out! LOL… Good to hear your voice again. sandy

            • Ron McCafferty says:

              Yeah, that is what I was thinking. I just started a new job teaching automotive technology at our local high school. I am having a hard time with these kids when I raise the subject of oil and the very real possibility that they will experience severe oil/fuel shortages. I live in a very redneck area and they like their loud, jacked-up four wheel drives. The future is electric/hybrid cars and they don’t want to hear it.

            • Ron McCafferty says:

              Thanks, Sandy 🙂 Sorry I am late with the nod. My eyeballs go screwy move faster than the brain can comprehend.

          • the Heretick says:

            exactly, you have it, no real reform of the system. the economies of the world are carried by the wealth creators. of course it all comes from Mother Nature, the only true economy, but it all comes back to the working class.

            raise taxes on the wealthy, they raise prices on whatever they control, dodge their taxes, and it all comes back to work being done, where wealth is created in the first place.

            all a simulacrum as DA pointed out..

            and the truly poor? food stamps, rental assistance, utility vouchers, etc. then the Democrats wonder why the working class is alienated. not to get too political, but i’ve tried to explain this other places, i get called a right-winger, it’s hopeless. you are one of the few i’ve ever seen state it so plainly.

            never done the figures, but me and mine would maybe be better off all working low-paying part time jobs, i have always been just above the cutoff for benefits, never qualified for school lunches, food stamps, none of it. the problem is that to qualify for college grants they go off the year before, so you have to be practically destitute for a year before you can get the real gravy.

            the right-wing meme of dependency has a sidgeon of truth in it, but the only way they get away with it is because their opposition never espouses any sort of true socialist message, just tinkering with a broken system. makes you wonder.

            • Disaffected says:

              the right-wing meme of dependency has a sidgeon of truth in it, but the only way they get away with it is because their opposition never espouses any sort of true socialist message, just tinkering with a broken system. makes you wonder.

              Actually, if that meme has any truth at all, it’s a great deal less than a smidgen. Add up all the welfare moms the world over and their impact wouldn’t be a fraction of just the top ten percent of all the corporate and hyper-wealthy tax break welfare out there. Unfortunately, the poor of the world have bought into the corporate marketing hype that the rich actually work for their money, while the poor don’t, and further, piss theirs away once they get what little they have. That’s a lie and always has been, but seems to be true due to well planned corporate marketing strategies which capitalize on, among other things, the well known proclivity for poor people everywhere to seek refuge in religion – especially Christianity – which has perverted the Christian message to view poverty as shameful, and conspicuous consumption as somehow glorious.

              But rest assured, as the castle drawbridge on what’s left of our post-oil economy goes up, it will once again be the poor that get the shaft, so that the rich so comfortably ensconced within can maintain theirs. Hardly surprising. That’s the way it’s always been and always will be until the bitter end.

            • Ron McCafferty says:

              Heretick, we all know there is no profit in fixing anything. I understand the right when they talk about fraud/abuse, and that people should learn to take care of themselves. But what I don’t understand is how they don’t talk about past congressmen/woman who made it possible for manufacturing jobs (read: the ability to take care of one’s self) to leave this country. That is real wealth production and the workers are the ones who create it.

              That being said, I also understand the left when they passed welfare and other programs to quote “HELP the poor”.

              As I said in my previous post, it is a win/win for the bankers, one side of the team creates avenues to low paid labor and soaring profits from production. Then the other side of the team creates programs for the workers who lost their jobs which creates avenues for low paid labor and soaring profits from loans to the government to pay for it all. Sorry for repeating what I said earlier. I just have to let it all out.

              • the Heretick says:

                please understand that when i said wealth creators i meant workers, not the Randian superman. all wealth comes from work, Mr. Sun does work in the scientific sense when photosynthesis occurs. other bloggers i read point out that every-time our society becomes “smarter”, it means more machines doing more work humans used to do.

                all of this would be fine if the bounty was shared, and the fuel holds out………………

                • Ron McCafferty says:

                  Yeah, I know what you meant HT. I tend to repeat, ramble and blurt. It’s the ADD in me. I read too fast and have trouble organizing my thoughts. I agree with you and find your writings to be very informative as well most on this blog.

    • the Heretick says:

      “I wanna tell you ’bout Texas Radio and the Big Beat
      Comes out of the Virginia swamps
      Cool and slow with plenty of precision
      With a back beat narrow and hard to master

      Some call it heavenly in it’s brilliance
      Others, mean and rueful of the Western dream”

      and the beat goes on, they would never have been this sloppy back in the 50’s , or maybe the new tech really does uncover things they would rather keep hidden.

    • Disaffected says:

      Funny, the video I just put up the other day now comes up as ‘This video is private’ and now doesn’t even come up on a Google search. One can only speculate on which of the many internet interlocutors of whatever persuasion out there might have had a reason to block it.

      In that vein I’ll post it again with much better graphics, albeit not live this time.

  4. Disaffected says:

    I think you really struck a chord with your title this week Sandy. When it comes to foreign policy, the United States government’s stance is always that of the whimpering, snivelling, tragically wronged little bitch. Pretty ironic, considering we spend more on our military (most of it wasted on useless technology purely in the service of its capitalist oligarch owners) than the rest of the world combined, conscript by economic proxy much of our young working class population who should have been schooled to know better, project that power recklessly and unilaterally and ask questions later, and then piss and moan about the less than stellar “returns we earn on our investment.” And yet, the great military leviathan lumbers on ever relentlessly, for now at least.

    Will we do better anytime soon? All signs say no, since as you note, Russia, the Ukraine, and indeed all the world are apparently infected with the capitalist materialism disease these days. Thomas Friedman and his ilk would assert that this is nothing more than the American/Western economic model, and of course “freedom” in all its various manifestations, taking their rightful place at the head of human affairs. Yeah, right!

    When it comes to American government (and Americans’ in general, for that matter) whining, I think we’re only just getting started. As the “greatest nation in the history of the earth” goes into its all too predictable post peak energy decline and eventual final death throes, I imagine the ruckus will truly be one for the ages. Lets just hope we don’t don’t destroy all of humanity with us in the process. I’m not optimistic.

  5. kulturcritic says:

    And here is a list and description of the extensive history of US collaboration in, or direct execution of, international terror, illegal invasion, putsch, murder, torture, and other assorted acts of international aggression.

  6. Sandy, you smoked it this week! You really hit the nail on the head about our foreign policy. Washington-the lap dog of Wall Street-has a lot of nerve bitching about what’s happening in the Ukraine, while we here in America are struggling to keep our homes, jobs, communities and sanity. God forbid we ever turn the world into one giant America-a world ran by oligarchs, patrolled by drones, feeding bread and circuses (football and reality TV) to the unsuspecting masses.

    To close, I’m reminded of the 1937 Margaret Bourke-White photo of survivors of the 1937 Ohio River Flood (all African-American) queuing at a relief station in front of a billboard — on which a car bearing a beaming white family (and their dog!) appears to drive confidently into the future beneath the absurdly ironic slogan, “World’s Highest Standard of Living”; and the sub-slogan, “There’s no way like the American Way”. Today, it wouldn’t just be African-Americans in that queue, it would be other ethnic groups and nationalities the US ran roughshod over in recent years.



  7. Disaffected says:

    TomGram had a rather positive, albeit possibly realistic take on the Obama presidency today – Obama as the consummate narcissist. My take? Plausible, certainly. Could be that he was merely that harmless from the start and was recruited for the job based on those attributes, but somehow I doubt it. Still can’t imagine he was THAT naive/smart or that corporate presidential recruiters were THAT smart. But of course, I could be wrong:


    • the Heretick says:

      our Peace Prize Prez was recruited exactly because of his ambition, his diffidence is on purpose, his message is vague and formulaic, fooled me, once…………………..

      i think the article at Tomgram is overly kind.

      the stifling of all types of dissent, except for the PC globalist, one world kumbaya mantra is truly frightening. there is a flip side to all of the wonderful things promised by this crowd.

    • the Heretick says:

      Matt Taibbi characterized Obama’s political persona in early 2007 as

      an ingeniously crafted human cipher, a man without race, ideology, geographic allegiances, or, indeed, sharp edges of any kind. You can’t run against him on issues because you can’t even find him on the ideological spectrum. Obama’s “Man for all seasons” act is so perfect in its particulars that just about anyone can find a bit of himself somewhere in the candidate’s background, whether in his genes or his upbringing. . . . [H]is strategy seems to be to appear as a sort of ideological Universalist, one who spends a great deal of rhetorical energy showing that he recognizes the validity of all points of view, and conversely emphasizes that when he does take hard positions on issues, he often does so reluctantly.

      • kulturcritic says:

        But, is that the kind of a cipher who would maintain his own “kill list?”

        • the Heretick says:

          public persona, to sell to the rubes, like me……………..
          i voted for him, once. kind of a hopey-changey thing.

          have to search for this one, Harpers has it behind a pay wall.

          Nothing Left
          The long, slow surrender of American liberals
          By Adolph Reed Jr.

          Moyers had him on his show.

          i have come to the conclusion that groups beyond a certain size cannot function. maybe a slim chance that countries under 60 million or so can reach consensus, but then, nah, not happening.

          victims of our own success, too much concentrated power.

          when the draft threatened middle class kids we had an opposition, now the tptb use machines to do the dirty work no body cares.
          what’s upsetting is the almost complete lack of opposition from the supposed left.
          as long as each little constituency is getting their slice of empire they are satisfied.
          people with full stomachs don’t revolt.

          but you are absolutely right, there are real people pulling the strings, powers behind the throne, then the throne itself. these things are talked about in the abstract.

          the system
          collateral damage
          surgical strikes
          enhanced interrogation

          in thee nd it’s real people with real feelings.

          again, you are absolutely correct.

    • kulturcritic says:

      WHD – I replied also directly on your site. Great responses to the Big White House survey. Gotta try to keep the bastards on their toes. Lots of Love and Laughing Out Loud. sandy kC

    • kulturcritic says:

      WHD – BTW… just added you to my blogroll!! Welcome aboard!! kC

    • Disaffected says:

      Nice! You kept your replies very civil too (other than that nice little veiled threat at the end), something most of us would have a hard time with.

    • the Heretick says:

      good luck with your missive, down the memory hole would be my guess. as for detention, i don’t think they care, the puppet-masters who pull these people’s strings are so firmly in control one, or a hundred, or a million malcontents don’t even cause a ripple on the radar screen.

  8. FIDO says:

    I agree with you in large part and really wish for a true revolution, not one where the musical chairs are just switched around like expired bread on the shelf of my local supermarket. In my position, I have really nothing to lose so chaos would be welcome and might be interesting. On the militarization of the police forces, it is an offshoot of the war on drugs err war on black/asian/latino/native americans. I have seen armored police vehicles on the backroads of western Kansas doing some really nutty stuff. Perhaps a prep for massive concentration camps ? My guess is that the plans are being hatched for some really nasty stuff and what place to better hold millions of minority members then the disorienting great plains where the average gangbanger wouldn’t know his or her directions because of the lack of geographical features.
    The ovens are ready for the disabled and elderly and those who would oppose tptb. One of the most shocking things has been the orders for creamatorias have increased at animal hospitals.

    • Ron McCafferty says:

      FIDO, I too, welcome the notion of revolt. But with the average person in the US having an attention span no longer than 20 minutes, and an inability to take care of themselves, it would be short lived. TPTB would be controlling it from start to finish. I don’t want say that I have no hope, for if it ever where to start I would certainly join.

      I think the hardest part about it would be controlling the spin masters. TPTB would have us fighting ourselves. We could end up like a tornado traveling over the mountain only to loose power/momentum.

      Just watching the news is a prime example. The world if full of racists, homo-phobes, religious nuts, thieves, drug dealers, need I go on……..There is kindness in people, we just have to know how to find it again. Civility and respect have been removed from discourse by powerful images in all forms of media. Unfortunately people respond to this stuff. They sound like parrots.

      If it happens, we will be surprised by it at first. The timing, the events will probably leave us scratching our heads. We will have to wait and see.

  9. Disaffected says:

    Interesting reverse angle alternative view of the Ukraine/Crimea “crisis” from poster ‘Crazyhorse’ over at NakCap today:

    Americans would be well served to learn more of their own history before they try to understand conflicts involving other cultures and ethnic groups.

    In 1980 Americans elected a retired movie actor to the Presidency who was already suffering from periods of memory loss that grew into full scale Alzheimer’s during the course of two terms in office. His handlers were able to manage his public appearances because his skills as an actor served him in good stead when reading from a teleprompter. However he often fell asleep during cabinet meetings and as a result policy decisions were decided directly by lobbyists without the usual protocol of bargaining for election contributions.

    One day during his second term office his wife, Nancy, happened to mention that Texas had become more Mexican than Mexico. He misunderstood her, and thought that she was suggesting that Texas should become part of Mexico. He immediately went into the Oval Office and signed a Presidential Order giving Texas to Mexico. When he discovered what had happened Henry Kissinger was livid. It took all of his diplomatic skills to re-negotiate the Presidential Order into a format where Texas and the Gulf became an independent country and the US retained long-term leases on the Manned Spacecraft Center and the naval base in Galveston, along with the right to station 25,000 troops in Greater Texas.

    The ensuing years have not been kind to the remainder of the USA. Most of its manufacturing facilities were offshored to China and Vietnam, The former Midwest breadbasket was turned into a dust bowl by persistent drought, and to add insult to injury the City/State of London completely upstaged New York as the world’s financial center. By 2014 the US was highly dependent upon its Natural Gas LNG exports for revenue to fund its government expenses and remaining army. And over half of the Nation’s gas exports flowed through pipelines in Greater Texas to the leased port facilities in Galveston.

    This situation would have continued to be workable were it not for the persistent meddling by our historical enemy, the Russian Federation. It was a rude awakening when Quebec seceded from Canada in exchange for Russian armaments that enabled it to enforce its claim to the Northwest Passage shipping lanes. Quebec was one of the early members of the RSD, the Russian military defensive alliance, and the recipient of an array of medium range missiles supplied by the Russian Federation at very favorable terms. Not long after the countries of Bermuda and the Bahamas were also ushered into the RSD.

    Since the loss of its colonies in Central America and the ultimate disgrace of losing Texas, the ability to dictate events in its own hemisphere had largely been lost by the USA. The Russian Federation had 1400 military bases all around the world, advanced data surveillance technology, and a fleet of assassin drones operating worldwide at a scale the US couldn’t match. Exploiting this advantage, the Russian Federation began a covert campaign to destabilize Texas, funded by 5 billion in bribe money and sophisticated technical assistance in creating false flag events – a tactic refined for over 50 years by Russian covert operatives. Texas had no shortage of grifters and political chameleons willing to accept money from any source, and with Russian largesse they were soon able to overthrow the corrupt elected government of Texas and install themselves in power. It seemed that the stage was set for yet another vassal state to enter the Federation and another phase in the encirclement of the USA to begin.

    However success begets complacency and the Federation failed to take into account one key factor—the power of a ruthless leader to determine events. For many decades the US had been led by puppet Presidents whose function was to keep the masses entertained by continuous election circuses while the privileged elite hollowed out the economy and shipped it off to their offshore bank accounts. Presidents were in turn senile, sexual predators, mentally retarded or simply venal. The man in the White House that the Federation faced when they tried to take over Texas was a different class of character entirely. President Underwood had ascended to the Presidency without a single vote being cast, although there were several murders along the way. He had immediately merged the remnants of the dying oil companies— Exxon , Conoco & Chevron with natural gas property scams like Chesapeake Energy to form the state owned Universal Energy Company and retained 10% of the shares for himself so the interest of the Nation and his own would always be in alignment.

    With a real leader like Underwood in power do you think he would stand by and let the US be cut off from its lifeblood of natural gas exports? Is it surprising that he supplied the 25,000 troops authorized by treaty with the latest in tanks and heavy armor? And is it surprising that when given the choice of rejoining the US and speaking English or Spanglish rather than Russian, 95% of voters in Texas voted to re-join the US? In the end the Russian Federation huffed and puffed, but there was absolutely nothing short of starting a M.A.D. war that they could do to prevent Texas from re-joining the US.

    Update: President Underwood has just called for a full scale mobilization of troops at numerous points on the St. Laurence Seaway. Quebec has issued a statement that it will only target it’s warheads at civilian locations if US troops land and are unwilling to surrender in French.

  10. Terry David says:

    In the past couple ‘o weeks or so I’ve avoided most mainstream media accounts of the the Ukraine situation. As a thought exercise, I set to imagining Huxley’s or Orwell’s work with a little help from Terry Gilliam’s movie “Brazil” or other dystopian stories. I visualized how propaganda organizations would present their desired narrative as “news.” I think you can just see it your mind’s eye as I did. The authoritative presentation, so banal and “trustworthy.” “Facts” presented as indisputable. Entry of other reporters from overseas with “facts” from the same script, offered as corroboration of the events as the narrative requires. Glaring omissions that are intended to be filled with the view/listener’s own completion of the intended narrative by connecting the false dots, creating an even more insidious alternate reality in the minds of the populus. Each newscast on a TV or computer screen viewed casually by the subject people without skepticism as you or I in the theater want to wave our arms at the fictional people to get them to wake up! And that sick feeling that the tacit consent thus created- a brainwashed people- will allow the horrifying manipulators to win in their irrational quest for brutal domination.

    So I found it surreal -life changing, even- to turn on NPR at 5pm while in the car. I listened with the above in mind. And the reports sounded exactly like those I imagined in my dystopian model. I went nearly dissociative in the realization that those fictional dystopian mechanisms are here and at work in the USA now, with all that implies. I was in the story as both subject and observer.

    Equally disturbing is that it has always been so, at least to a degree. Being played for a fool during my entire young life doesn’t sit well with me. You would think others would want to be apprised of this as well, but you would be wrong.

    It seems to me that it’s only particularly dangerous to life and limb of the world at large when two conditions are met: 1) when the populus in question is gullible enough to accept all of it uncritically without ever reading between the lines, and 2) they want to believe it because their primitive hatreds have been brought to a proper boil so that they will act violently on cue against the proscribed bogeymen and scapegoats.

    In Russia of the Soviet era, my understanding is that no one really believed the BS and read the papers specifically to read between the lines. Contrast this with Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan in the 20th century.

    Now look at 21st Century USA and its people. #1? Check. #2? Check.

    I’m not optimistic. Second amendment gun rights notwithstanding. Guns are powerless against US military drones, chemical weapons, directed energy weapons and cyber warfare. Guns are only useful in the slaughtering of already powerless fellow countrymen who have been identified and scapegoated by the State’s propaganda. The fascist machine knows this and targets the gun rights propaganda to those who are particularly paranoid and violent.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for the 2nd Amendment rights. I think the people of the USA should be able to form a militia as necessary and the weaponry should be state of the art. Therefore, I advocate the disbanding of the standing military, and advocate that all the high tech weaponry be available for any ad hoc militia that could use it in the defense of the Constitution. If only they knew what that meant.

    Oy. I suppose it’s too late to take the Blue Pill. *sigh*


    • Disaffected says:

      Excellent observations. Second amendment gun rights always bring out a laugh in me. For what? So we can shoot our neighbor? Ourselves? Each other?

      The current Russian/Crimean/Ukrainian standoff is educational precisely because it’s exactly the opposite of what the western media says it is, and because it illustrates so perfectly how completely the western masses are in thrall to the fucking stories they’re being told.

      Once again, Pink Floyd had it right all those years ago:

      • Terry David says:

        Yes, DA, I think what you zeroed in on– reporting being “exactly the opposite” of what it is, and existing as a nearly impermeable blanket across the western world– is what makes this a watershed moment.

        As bad as things have been in the past, there’s always been imprecision and enough vagueness in the official narrative that voices of truth or reason could poke some holes of doubt into a narrative that was never a full 180 degrees out of phase. Short of that there’s enough doubt that the truth comes out in a few years.

        But this feels so different, so ominous. The refinement of the ruse is both impressive and deadly to the very concept of a republic. It’s rumored that one of the late CIA directors (or someone in that field) declared that the covert machine will have been successful when everything the American people believe is false.

        The utter failure of the collective BS detectorate* is pretty remarkable for a people enamored with its exceptionalism.

        As always, Pink Floyd gets it.

        *BS detectorate: n. An electorate capable of critical thinking.
        syn. Citizen.
        ant. acceptorate.
        see: “mindless consumer”, doofusate
        Yes, I just made that up. It’s not like I overthrew a government or something.

  11. the Heretick says:

    out of touch? ahead of the curve? or just a blithering idiot?
    this king of stuff just makes me angry. maybe i’ll just tell the landlord the good news at the end of the month, or the local store owner when i go to fill up the truck.

    i’ve heard off Rifkin, probably he’s respected in his field.

    is this the kind of tripe the cognoscenti reads and believes? is the educated elite really this out of touch? what prompted this little rant is the comments above about propaganda and things being written which are the exact opposite of reality.

    life in the land of make believe, living in la-la land.

    3-D printers, right, check the price of computers or a gallon of milk J.

    • Disaffected says:

      The zero marginal costs align nicely with the zero marginal wages most people are making these days. As you said, I wonder when the freebies for basic commodities will start?

    • Disaffected says:

      Who knows if the science on this is exactly right (I’m of the opinion that it at least mostly is), but the author makes a point that I think the Archdruid and his ilk like to casually gloss over in their effort to paint the picture that this (climate change, ho-hum!) has all happened before, and that this occurrence will most likely be just like all the rest. Fairly calamitous over several centuries he says in his post today, but after that business as usual, albeit on decidedly more austere terms, for the remaining 5% of survivors I think there’s mounting evidence – and this article presents a lot of it – that this time really will be significantly different than the similar times before it. Although I think Archdruid is also rather smugly soft-selling his predictions as being less catastrophic than they actually are. Even if he’s right, that’s a pretty damn horrifying outcome for both humans and the planet earth. And its looking increasingly as if we’ve already run out of time to do much about it.

      • Disaffected says:

        Just to follow up on one of the comments over on Archdruid’s blog today. The thing that I think will ultimately make Climate Change completely politically intractable is that at some point, and that point may have already arrived, a completely sane and rational response to the fact that we have very likely already shit the bed and baked in several hundred or even thousands of years of catastrophic climate change (from a human perspective at least), will be to say, “OK then, fuck it. We might as well go down enjoying ourselves, cause its all about to end no matter what anyway.” And like I said, I personally think we’re very likely already at that point now, especially considering that any serious effort to get us back to a truly zero carbon society world-wide would likely take several decades to happen at least, even assuming everyone was acting in good faith, which we know will never happen. If climate change is real, and I believe it is, I think we’ve already hit the iceberg and are on our way down, whether or not the crew has alerted us passengers. And the band plays on!

      • Disaffected says:

        Also important to keep in mind that climate change research has become so heavily politicized (and thus monetized), with the result that many of the findings have been dumbed down and/or made palatable so as not to scare the public and lawmakers or, more importantly, scare off funding sources, that it essentially becomes meaningless from the perspective of actually informing our policy choices in the short term. I think the current science already indicates that we have a raging four alarm fire in our midst, and yet such views are painted as extremist and our actions to date have been less than nil. This is one crisis that our corporate captured democracy is quite ill-equipped to handle, and we are seeing the results play out before our eyes daily.

        • the Heretick says:

          along with climate change will be topsoil depletion and/or sterilization, coupled with a fresh water crisis. makes the people roughing it on the last frontier up in AK seem positively prescient.

          sort of funny really, a bunch of these rednecks down here (politically incorrect brutes as they are) are more prepared than many city dwellers. generations living in cities lose any connection or memory of nature, whereas more rural people still know how to hunt, fish, and scavenge.

          • Disaffected says:

            I think the rednecks will definitely have a leg up with regard to practical survival skills, but given the congruent environmental degradation, I’m not sure they will be of much use. Over the short term I think it will be a total crap shoot and it is completely unknowable as to who or which groups will have an advantage, although the corporate class can be counted on to continue to seize everything of value they can get their hands on, which they’ve been doing for decades now already. When the shit kicks in in earnest I think it will be very much like the “fog of war,” where conditions on the ground change constantly and in mostly completely unpredictable fashion. Large numbers of people will die for merely being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In any case, I think it will all be much too much for most of us first worlders and we’ll either succumb fairly quickly to the innumerable number of hazards that will become endemic, or we’ll simply die by our own hand willingly. It’s not going to be a world for the faint of heart. Expect drugs and alcohol to be the chief coping mechanism for most, as they increasingly already are. Think third world failed states on steroids.

            • Disaffected says:

              Just to add, third world failed states are our capitalist imperialist legacy, and they’ve existed for well over 50 years now (at least) already largely due to “American exceptionalist influence.” It’s a fucking shameful legacy indeed, but one that should be acknowledged publicly every time we Americans stand and pay tribute to our flag, our military, or just our general “specialness.”

  12. Disaffected says:

    Best summation of what ails America I’ve seen yet. The malignancy is now terminal it seems.


  13. Disaffected says:

    Came upon this one while “killing some time” today as well. Highly recommended:


  14. Disaffected says:

    Whoa! This just in from the WSJ:

    Putin (Russia) Gets the Boot (From the G8)

    Why do I get the feeling that Russians came out on the better end of this deal? And that as the west continue to foolishly turn up the heat on this whole sordid affair that there’s a whole lot of shoes yet to drop, most of them not in the west’s favor. One thing’s for sure: Obama and the Dems are firmly in the pocket of the US Defense and Intelligence axis (surprise, surprise!). Hard to imagine any authentic liberals voting for these craven sell-outs ever again.

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