While Athens Burns!

As global tension and rebellion grows, the drums of internecine and international war continue to sound louder across MENA – Bahrain, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Israel — while Athens burns!

Between the international politics being played out by empire and its Western allies, together with the global chicanery initiated by our largest financial institutions, this world of make-believe that was hastily constructed on the heels of industrialization is coming unglued, more slowly perhaps then anticipated, but just as surely… while Athens burns!

Yet, the queen sitting atop the IMF snickers silently through her crowing, callously dismissing the fate of an entire people.

The International Monetary Fund has signaled that Greece will have to give up autonomy over its budget…With the country on the brink of a default, Christine Lagarde, the director general of the IMF, said that a new “fiscal compact” was set to be signed by European Union members… that would centralize budgetary powers [for Greece]… Ms Lagarde said that the IMF would not risk its reputation by lending money without conditions. 1

In criticism of such pronouncements by those “bankers… who have been recycled to head international institutions and who, all of a sudden, are wagging their fingers at the Greeks,” the French political philosopher, Bernard Henri-Levy had this to say in response.

In such a declaration… a tone free of contempt, less like a diktat, would have been appreciated. One would have preferred that they not contemplate the replacement of the Greek finance minister by a European commission, the very idea of which could only be perceived as a useless form of humiliation.

As Henri-Levy concludes:

All [of this] is not a question of style but of substance, and even of destiny, first of all because the images transmitted from Athens are not those of simple demonstrations but of a social tie that is disintegrating, exploding, dissolving – and it’s like the end of a world… which is the eternal refuge of worn-out societies indifferent to the form of chaos they choose or, in reaction to chaos, to that of their chosen tyranny. 2 

Well, so much for presumed civil behavior from those newly appointed European masters of the universe, Queen Christine and her IMF cohorts.

While Athens burns, what are we doing here in the USA?  Well, of course, this week was just like the last, only a different venue.  You see, now we have been gorging ourselves on more entertainment and more diversionary tactics – the Grammy Awards, of course.  Who is hot!  Who is not!  Who will receive the most awards!  And who will flop?  And of course, it was all about Adele and Whitney, don’t ya’ know.  As one paper breathlessly reported, “A diva was crowned. And another was mourned.” So now we feel better as a nation; hugs all around, and another one of those rare communal moments here in Amerika. We have honored the newest and paid our respects to she who has passed-on.  All while Athens burns!

Is there no sense of shame in this nation, no interiority, no feeling for the weightiness of global events, but only a prosaic concern with our stars, our celebrities, our painfully adolescent melodramas, and our depraved diversionary tactics?

Speaking of depravity. While Athens burns, Obama prepares his 2013 budget for Congress.  We hear from the hegemon alot of hopey talk about “rebuilding” rather than the more ‘austere’ austerity language that has been haunting Europe of late, a language that seems ever more likely to be coming to a theater near you very soon!  But, of course, his talk is more pie-in-the-sky diversionary dreaming… something to help keep his Highness in the highest seat of global political power, a handmaiden to the big money and international corporate interests.  We all know that retrenchment, not rebuilding, is what will be required to salvage even a shred of human decency, as well as help preserve life on this planet.  But the retrenchment called for is not just economic or fiscal; it is industrial, technological, societal, and political.  We need a reduction in the size and quality of our overall footprint on earth.  All the while, Athens burns!

So why is the Occupy movement floundering in the dark here in the homeland while MENA is lit up like an incendiary device, and Athens continues to burn?  I raised this possibility back in April of 2011, months before the Occupy movement ever saw the light of day.

The Soviet émigré, Mikhail Epstein, pointed out several years ago in Transculture and Society that American culture, this culture that commodifies everything it touches, “is able to absorb and assimilate even revolutionary challenges through the mechanism of commodification.” In this way, any challenge to the system is instantly transformed – “denial itself, turned into another commodity.”  Or, as Allan Bloom has suggested with a slightly different twist in his work The Closing Of The American Mind, a liberal democracy is capable of taking even the most of countercultural activities and absorbing them into the mainstream, transforming such acts into acceptable cultural practice – with appropriate rules, policies, procedures, and eventually capitalizing it with marketing spin-offs.

And such cultural forces have no interest in changing, reforming, or trashing the current economic or political system, rather, they want to SAVE IT, (cigarette and all). They simply want their piece of the pie — their American dream. Unfortunately, such processes have already begun to overpower the OWS movement. Professional organizers from the Liberal Left, in concert (although perhaps not in conspiracy) with big money donors, unions, and other bureaucratic principals, have been working overtime to co-opt and transform the revolutionary ardor of the earliest days of the movement.  It’s broad revolutionary mission is being subverted, and it is in danger of becoming just another liberal political mechanism, an insider-activist group, a commodity to be bought and sold in the marketplace of political ideas, negotiations and payoffs.  And still, Athens burns!

Something similar happened to the environmental movement and the emergence of the Green Party over the years, spreading its political wings across the USA like interstate highways, from sea to shining sea. It is in such instances that the revolutionary impetus is extinguished, transformed into just another tool to be manipulated by and for the corporate interests running the show. Now, for example, everybody is “green” and “eco-friendly,” including the likes of Exxon-Mobil, BP, GE and even your local public utility – you know the one that is committed to fracking away as we speak. Why, even Monsanto itself advertises as a Green company, citing its own efforts to engineer a second green revolution built upon agricultural sustainability. Now if that is not ludicrous whitewashing bullshit, then I do not know what is.

In similar manner, soon everyone will be part of the 99%; even the investment bankers will find their way in.  In fact, there has been at least one instance of a Wall Street investment guy stopping by to talk to the OWS folks in Manhattan on his lunch hours, commenting that he was fully in favor of their protest movement. He even lauded their effort to occupy Congress because, as he said, there are laws already on the books to regulate his industry, it is just that Congress looks the other way because of the paydays.  So, as you can well imagine folks, when everyone is part of the 99% then we will have another American communal moment.  Won’t that be just grand?  Then we will go to the election booths, and vote for the next dissimulating, comedic diversion to lead us off the precipice.

Isn’t this a nice fairytale we keep reliving, folks?  It is just like groundhog day, all over again.  And where is our (and their) vaunted democracy, while Athens burns?  I will say it clearly; it is nowhere.  Why do I say this? Because, in truth, democracy has never actually existed in the history of the civilized world. As Chris Hedges has stated time and again, even our democracy turns out to be a form of “inverted totalitarianism,” where the will of the people is dictated and managed by the marketing and other soft propaganda of our leaders.  We are all engaged in a set of entertaining charades — musical chairs, spin the bottle, and other diversionary tactics — all designed with one goal in view: maintaining the status quo. So enjoy the spectacle, my friends; while Athens burns!

But why is Athens burning?  What is the endgame in this financial war, the economic destruction of the Greek people and their landbase?  And what is in store for the rest of us, as global fire-sales continue?  It is, I propose,  the crowning development of an imperial design, taking the planet by storm as civilization unleashes its final sprint to the summit before the great unraveling begins.  To be continued!

51 Responses to While Athens Burns!

  1. xraymike79 says:

    I found it very ironic that Stan Brock would take his charity work from the jungles of the Amazon to the streets of America, the land of “milk and honey”. Those cast off by the system die an anonymous death.

  2. Patric Roberts says:

    Sandy thank you.

  3. Ralph says:

    So, what do you recommend? Capitulation? Disaffected cynicism? Getting a lobotomy? Asceticism through some sort of monastic military order off on a mountain somewhere? Marxism?

    BTW, seen any of those mammoths recently?


    • kulturcritic says:

      Ralph – Hello. Seems like you may be new to our little discussions. I have looked over your sites, and see that your faith in the power of capitalism to co-opt any revolutionary act is well intact. Your new MBA program seems like just the ticket for our continuing pillaging of nature and enslavement of our fellow man. And you have such clean marketing licks:
      “Now, especially in view of concerns about global warming and peak oil, some argue that evolving public policies and social movements will accelerate requirements that companies and other organizations operate in more sustainable ways.”
      But, my criticism is not intended to inflame; simply to point out its meaning: you wish to maintain industrial civilization by continuing an assault upon the planet, its flora and fauna. I do not advocate anything. I think we long ago crossed the bridge, and we will just have to keep riding until this thing terminates itself. It is built to insist upon growing until it consumes everything, including itself. Hope you stick around. I think capitulation is a given for many of us. Retreat is a long reach alternative.

      I think if I had an uncynical reflection it would be to deconstruct the urban machinery along with the imperial bureaucracies and hierarchies, return to small, local communities, do away with autos, and return to a barter and gift economy.

      • Murph says:

        Your statement; :I think if I had an uncynical reflection it would be to deconstruct the urban machinery along with the imperial bureaucracies and hierarchies, return to small, local communities, do away with autos, and return to a barter and gift economy.”

        I love it, but also lets call it for what it is; A form of social organization we call anarchy. I been insisting that has to be the way to go for a long time now. Anarchy is not a form of chaos and we have numerous examples of non hierarchy social organizations that do just fine, at least until the capitalists get their claws into it. Of course hierarchies have been around for all of recorded history and the tremendous damage they have done, along with some advantages too. Of course, anarchy demands pretty severe responsibility of the individual, not a popular observations it seems.

      • Ralph says:

        Yes, I am new, and have been enjoying your posts for a month or two only.

        Not sure if “faith” is the right word – it’s more neutral, such as “belief” – but I certainly have come to see capitalism as a kind of Solaris that absorbs and mimics everything that comes into its orbit, and sends the visions and hallucinations to their intrepid crews that they want/need (as it co-opts them)

        Ah, the MBA program. Well, I think there’s a pretty wide spectrum between what’s in our website’s copy and the opinions and attitudes of some students and faculty members, and preserving industrial civilization isn’t necessarily a goal shared by all, depending on how one defines industrial civilization. You should visit, and talk with them. Keeping on riding, hoping that there will remain a means of survival, and being handy and flexible in the organization and management sense – “the hybrid ventures of the future” – have become the career aspirations of many in our circle.

        Quite a shift from typical MBA aspirations in for instance 1960, 1985, or 1997!

        • Brutus says:

          Randy sez:

          You should visit, and talk with them. Keeping on riding, hoping that there will remain a means of survival

          Keep on riding? Really?

          I’m youst two alsorts of homoPhone errors in uthers riding, reeking havick every ware, but eye didn’t espect ta cee this won. Quite the MBA ewe must bee.

        • kulturcritic says:

          Ralph – I might take you up on the offer. My brother and mother are in Maine. I pass by Vermont whenever I visit. Let’s keep in touch on this. You can check my contact information at the top tool bar. sandy

  4. John Bollig says:



    Of course athens burns and burns. Someday it will be New York or LA. Let it burn. As i have always said, we are in the first stage of a global triage. It will move from undeveloped to developed and from poor to rich within each nation. The Euro is cooked and with it, the world is cooked.

  5. marlena13 says:

    Sandy, rather than a final sprint to the summit, I’d say its more like the flailing in the air as someone rushes towards the ground after running off a cliff…..Wyle Coyote comes to mind…notice how all his tech never saves him? It often is the cause of him flailing in the air.
    And despite all the US intelligence services and the IAEA inspectors saying that Iran is NOT developing nukes, the empire is hell bent on starting WW3…

  6. relentless says:

    Hi Sandy. Beautifully written.

    And since my precious moments on this most beautiful planet require as much dismissal of linear time’s delusions with what remains of my domesticated mind: Isn’t it ironic how even we ‘cynics’ continue to be coopted by civilization’s evolutionary demise, or so ‘they’ hope (but of course hope derails action, why we still stand an infinitely small chance, but well worth attempting, for those of us who dismiss such a [hopeless] word and its small human world of betrayal)?

    A deep sense of extreme urgency has descended upon me. Certainly, it has something to do witrh knowing that apprx 75% of this impassioned life has passed and the bastards continue virtually unababed. Yet this urgency resonates with much greater forceful tonality than my insignificant end as human. It’s the Earth, the entire World, that screams begging for this urgency.

    Unbeknowst to the hardwired experts of fabricated reality, i find my brain being re-wired, to the extreme. While the civilized majority remains in absolute denial of authentic reality, i wonder if my personal rewiring is evolution proceeding, or, returning and being re-tuned to its primalcy. Returning to something millenia lost, dormant genes re-firing, re-expressing their wild selves, the mind of evolution invoking its essential reawakening.

    Isn’t it painfully difficult to breathe the miracle of life when one comes to realize just how breathtakingly beautiful this existence could be, should be, and mostly is, while the herd so suffocates and obliterates the utter amazement within and without us all, including themselves? Thank you for your continued existence.

    • kulturcritic says:


      “i wonder if my personal rewiring is evolution proceeding, or, returning and being re-tuned to its primalcy.”

      Evolution is a unilinear construct that we needn’t take too seriously; the real issue is periodic return and renewal. That “rewiring” is a recollection of a feral memory trace lying dormant beneath the layers of civilized acculturative processes you have undergone for generations upon generations. Enjoy the recollection and the return. And thanks for reading! sandy

      • relentless says:

        Agreed. That stated, words are not the extant reality (‘even’ yours, mine and your other sincere posters no matter how much we want them to be), just our ongoing, very frustrating struggle to do away with the necessity of middle’men.’ entirely. How does the inbrednet abbreviate it…IMHO. Words, as currently employed, seem mostly the pre-delivered blows of whoever controls the brute force weaponry at any given moment. My sense is that we are saying the same things though burdened with The King’s Language, which is not the language of the World. Direct perception, give me direct perception!

          • relentless says:

            “peyote might help”
            Connect with The King’s Language, all the Kings’ Languages, dispose of them entirely, supersede them, contaminate them, ignore them? Or, as Stephen Harrod Buhner might suggest: engage the skunk cabbage. There are many ways to perceive directly, some with drugs or 2 (3 would be dangerous) Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marrone beers, some without, opting out of all the delusional linearities, becoming absolutely one with your lover, being overcome with the scent of a Dianthus Rainbow Loveliness which just might connect one to everything that truly matters…? Just pushing the envelope Sandy. Keep contaminating evil, a decent start.

  7. “Is there no sense of shame in this nation, no interiority, no feeling for the weightiness of global events, but only a prosaic concern with our stars, our celebrities, our painfully adolescent melodramas, and our depraved diversionary tactics?”

    Both shame and rage are present but not necessarily what one can deal with consciously. So it gets stuffed into the unconscious mind and reeks havoc there. Depression, stress related physical symptoms, escapism (our depraved diversionary tactics), reckless, criminal behaviors, suicide, etc.

    “But the retrenchment called for is not just economic or fiscal; it is industrial, technological, societal, and political.”

    So true.
    In the last analysis, all revoltions must be social revolutions, based upon fundamental changes in society; otherwise it is not revolution, but merely a change of government….
    –Madame Sun Yat-Sen 7-14-1927

    “It’s (OWS) broad revolutionary mission is being subverted, and it is in danger of becoming just another liberal political mechanism, an insider-activist group, a commodity to be bought and sold in the marketplace of political ideas, negotiations and payoffs. “

    If you feed the people just revolutionary slogans they will listen today, they will listen tomorrow, they will listen the day after tomorrow, but on the fourth day they will say, “To hell with you.”
    –Nikita Khruschev 10-4-1964

    The think tanks and their talking heads take every ideal seeking real progress and spins it anew to serve its status quo rigged systems. Read just about any column by Thomas Sowell, who has a weekly column in my local daily newspaper. I, along with others, have denounced his spin shit many times in the letters to the editor.

    Lastly, three statements on politics to help get a focus on reality:

    The political spirit is the great force in throwing love of truth and accurate reasoning into a secondary place.
    –John Morley “On Compromise” 1874

    Politics, and the fate of mankind, are shaped by men without ideals and without greatness.
    –Albert Camus 1962

    Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them.
    Paul Valery 1943

    • Brutus says:

      I misread that as “denounced his shit spin” and had to laugh. Works either way. Have to agree with you about Sowell. He made my shit list years ago.

  8. Brutus says:

    Sandy sez:

    Between the international politics being played out by empire and its Western allies, together with the global chicanery initiated by our largest financial institutions, this world of make-believe that was hastily constructed on the heels of industrialization is coming unglued, more slowly perhaps then anticipated, but just as surely ….

    Lots of good stuff in this post, but the quoted part above is what still flabbergasts me, that this levitating act we’re in the midst of can continue despite so many jarring developments, year to year, month to month, now getting to be day to day. I find myself half wishing it to be done with already and half hoping we can forestall it a while longer yet. The dilemma appears to be a choice between which will suffer worst, the biosphere or humanity. It seems fated that we will knowingly visit the worst suffering upon the biosphere until it bites us in the ass and the whole planets ends up uninhabitable, irradiated, and overheated. That result may well obtain no matter what we do. Meanwhile, to the deck chairs!!

  9. James says:

    Just as a drug addict cannot stop their bodies from finding and using additional drugs, the average human cannot prevent their bodies from accessing pleasurable stimuli. We think our rational minds are in control, but empirical evidence says no. We want, we seek, we consume, we become immune, we want greater amounts. Many humans will gladly attempt to enslave each other to increase their margins of enjoyment. We burn and distribute energy gradients just as fast as we can and if there isn’t enough industrial capacity to use all of the energy, we’ll invent something new, like an 800hp, quad4, double-overhead bullshitmobile. I really have begun to wonder if people are really conscious of what they’re doing. Maybe people are just reward-seeking automatons and rationalize the elimination of any impediment between themselves and their goals.

    This has been their mode of survival for a long time, and “survival” as an abstraction seems to be equated with withdrawing from pain and pursuing pleasure. Without some higher-order thinking and self-control, this fire of passions will soon burn itself out.

    Austerity doesn’t work well for the Greeks or anyone else.

    • kulturcritic says:

      Again James, I don’t disagree with much, but do believe the addiction is a recent disease, circa. 3,000 BC and after. sandy

      • Ed-M says:

        I think we’re hard wired for it; it’s in our genes.

        Buddhism, Christianity and islam, along with other religions, tried to break the hard wiring. They have all been miserable failures.

        • kulturcritic says:

          Ed – study a little pre-history; I think you will find it is not in the genes, but emerged somewhat later in the human saga. And the religions you mentioned are part of the problem, some of the transcendent scaffolding holding up the facade of goodness.

    • Excellent observations, James. We certainly are creatures of habit. Addiction to illusory values, or ignorance of ignorance, remains in place unless and until one becomes thoroughly fed up and “some higher-order thinking and self-control” is recognized as the remedy. The limited ego-mind can virtually thrive on anything. It could be identifying as a winner (bullshitmobile owner) or a victim, as self-righteous or as self-condemning, proud or modest. Because it can attach to nearly anything it is very tricky requiring keen awareness, and what was at one time strictly esoteric wisdom, in order to check the self-made suffering (99% of all the suffering).

      I also feel that we are on the verge (actually in the midst) of a collective consciousness raising or awakening fostered by the suffering endured by our ignorance, arrogance and greed.

      The transformation from passion to compassion awaits any with the “courage and candidness” to surrender to it.

  10. John Bollig says:

    Yup. it will get really interesting really quickly. My friends in the disability community don’t have a clue what is going on with the world. They have not heeded the warning and they will find themselves facing starvation very soon. We are prepped..

  11. john patrick says:

    I think the way we react to any of life’s “inconveniences” tells each of us how we will deal with death. Will we accept it in open arms? Or do we throw a tantrum at each tug/push/irritation along the way?

    What is the big deal? We are intelligent dust in the bigger scheme of things. Billions of universes. And a billion billion more. The master plan makes our dealings/economy as one millionth of a penny. A fraction of an atom. I do not think we can effectively solve anything, thinking that what we do has a “big” place in the scheme of things.

    Tell me. Who can change a freckle on their face?

    • John, I think the trick is to do a thing (Ex: attempt to solve a problem) AS IF it were the most important thing in the universe. And do it with utter detachment from the results.

      As to the freckle issue, one should seek the advice of a dermatologist. :o)

  12. Bret Simpson says:

    Another for ya’ Sandy..I worked for BP Exploration,AK Inc.Got the ol’ union thing going before I left…(wanted to go Longeshoremans but couldn’t get the support)Saw shit that would curl your ball hairs..best year cleared 75,000US..not bad for a white Eskimo with a HS Dip..hatchet man named Grahm Coppard told me that “BP works Egyptians for 1$ a day..you Americans are over paid” unquote.This was 1991 or so…

  13. Bret Simpson says:

    My Email has been shut down past week..anyone else?

  14. Bret Simpson says:

    Sandy..ever have a Black Hawk helicopter come down on you while out just hiking”I will give you the coordinates etc, when this happened. Don Young (Rep.AK) wanted verification,I understand..the Park Service secretly took pictures of me which they will not release.(one of my bottoms I do beleive,..in Inuckpuk Creek)

  15. Greg In Colorado says:

    Sandy sez:
    “Now if that is not ludicrous whitewashing bullshit, then I do not know what is.”

    Well said, Sandy. I like to call this “Greenwashing”. And boy oh boy is there a lot of it out there.

    Catostrophic collapse vs. slow catabolic decay? Give me collapse so we get on with rebuilding.
    I fear we’re stuck with the “long emergency” version wherein very few of the great unwashed will ever be shaken from their debt/wage slavery; counting on the great corporate nanny to keep grocery stores stocked, gas stations pumping, and endless take-your-pick infotainment to distract from harsh reality. More bread and circuses while Athens burns! (Is it okay to mix Greece with Rome?)

    Being immersed in the counter-cultures of local alternative regenerative agriculture, transition movement, OWS, urban homesteading, etc., makes it too easy to forget just how very fringe and miniscule these movements really are. Out of my several hundred local relatives, I am one of perhaps five “enlightened” individuals, and the other four have only a passing interest. Most of the others whisper among themselves about how messed up I am. Scanning the vast expanses of Suburbia (google-earth, or just fly over Dallas/Ft. Worth) reminds me that Athens burns because the great mass of humanity on this continent is utterly blind to the conflagration.

    Keep up the brilliant writing, Sandy.

    • kulturcritic says:

      Hey Greg

      Love Colorado. I lived in Denver for 25 years. Greece and Rome can be mixed anytime. After all, together they are responsible for what we now call the West… this mess. And yes, most are blind to what is happening because of all the training, indoctrination over generations, propaganda, and other narcotizing agents that hide reality from them. Peyote can reestablish a vision of your place in nature; Madison Avenue, your role in the charade. Stick with me, and I will keep writing. Subscribe to get a notice of the posts, in case you haven’t already. sandy

      • Greg In Colorado says:

        Ack! Denver! The Great Black City To The South!
        I live on a small acreage in Laporte, an “area of unincorporated Larimer County” situated outside the south-west corner of Fort Collins. Surely you remember Fort Fun? Home of CSU?

        We’re trying to learn the old skills of actually living off the land in a sustainable manner. It’s a bitch of an undertaking. We present “re-skilling” (term borrowed from the Transitioners) workshops here at our farm under the auspices of a local group:

        I mention this in the context of my previous comment concerning “Greenwashing”. I’m mustering my thoughts and unctions to have a facedown with the association over this concept. ln the manner of human institutions, this one — started 12ish years ago by a bunch of radical CSU students to promote all things “sustainable” — has devolved into the typical little bureaucracy where the mere maintenance and expansion of the organization (read: fund raising) has nearly completely supplanted its original mission and purpose; taking money from corporate interests that want to profit from the “green” movement with products and services of a dubiously sustainable nature is what I call whoredom. To quote you from this week’s post:

        “…big money donors, unions, and other bureaucratic principals, have been working overtime to co-opt and transform the revolutionary ardor of the earliest days of the movement.”

        Most, if not all of the original founders have jumped ship. One of them told me that it’s because “they’re not radical enough”. One of my primary desires is to drive them to come up with a solid, realistic definition of “sustainable”. One that can serve as something of a guiding star when deciding what to promote, or to take money from. Wish me luck.

        BTW, if you look at their website: the slide with a bunch of people at a workshop in a big tent shows me (the speaker) at the front in a flannel shirt…

        Finally, I may not be the only reader who wants to know: Are you serious about peyote?

        I was devouring the Carlos Castenada books as quickly as they came off the press back in the early seventies (up to Tales Of Power where I left off…). Couldn’t get hold of peyote, but tried using MJ and some LSD to achieve separate realities. Really tried to follow a path… Then the “realities” of adult life and survival in the matrix ran me into the ditch. Spent the subsequent forty odd years working through the psycho-emotional baggage of a twisted childhood. “Family Of Origin issues” they call them. Still working…

        So maybe you can see why I’m so curious: ARE YOU SERIOUS? Or just making some kind of metaphorical contrast with the Madison Avenue Matrix worldview?

        Thanks for your time. And I went ahead and subscribed, though I have hardly missed any of your postings over the last couple years or more.

        • kulturcritic says:

          Greg – Remember, I have told you guys that I am a city boy to the core. Born in the Bronx. So, Denver for me was a real experience in getting back to nature. I know, go ahead and laugh. Anyway, I spend much of my time now in central-west Siberia. We have an apartment in the city (Barnaul, Altaikrai) but also a dacha (rustic cottage) no running water or central heating (other than the stone fireplace). Propane tank and outdoor fire pit for cooking. Banya (Russian steam room) running on wood fired “pechka”. Outhouse, big garden,forest and river on our flank.

          Life is a bitch; in or out of the city. But, it can be fun as well; particularly by the forest edge. Why would I not be serious about peyote? Have not had any in years. Same with mushrooms, also a natural agent of communion. I understand your twisted childhood origin issues; I struggle through similar issues. And I appreciate your frustration with the “sustainability” movements. Great picture of you on the web site. When I am in Denver on a visit later this year, we should plan to get together. best, sandy

  16. Its a tragicomedic farse! – the birthplace of ‘democracy’ is the first place the illusion breaks down – although arguably this has happened countless times in Greek history, just ask Plato. Do we laugh or cry? When asking what we’ve lost, I supposed its some solace to say you can’t divide by zero.

  17. Hi Sandy, Amazing Conversation going on here!
    If I post too much, tell me, I’ll slow it down….
    It’s just that, this stuff’s been snowballing all around us,
    and within us for too long….
    and it’s burning a hole in my mind….

    I’ve got to tell you I’ve been rackin’ my brain
    Hopin’ to find a way out
    I’ve had enough of this continual rain
    Changes are comin’, no doubt

    It’s been a too long time
    With no peace of mind
    And I’m ready for the times
    To get better

    You seem to want from me what I cannot give
    I feel so lonesome at times
    I have a dream that I wish I could live
    It’s burnin’ holes in my mind

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