Obama’s New Cold War


Well folks, it’s official!  The new cold war between Russia and the USA has commenced.  It was declared by Obama himself in several news conferences this week.

Obama holds pre-vacation news conference, laments ‘backward’ Russian thinking

Obama Compares Russia’s President Putin to a Bored Kid

Obama: U.S. Pausing To Reassess Relations With Russia

Is this guy for real?  Is this the “pause” that refreshes or a stagnation in a long drawn-out slushy thaw that refreezes? Is it not obvious who is the pouty fat kid picking his nose in the back of the classroom?  The warrior mentality that has infected much of our country and our corporate policy is now solidly embedded in the political infrastructure of this hegemony. If anyone dares to have an alternative opinion or point of view regarding our behavior, or demonstrates policies we find distasteful (i.e., not in our elites best interests), well then we are ready to cast them as the enemy and proceed directly with crucifixion.  A very Roman behavior, don’t you think?

Again, I say, the self-righteous extremism of such an attitude is overwhelming.  And when the present hegemon was asked during a press conference if Mr. Snowden was a “patriot” he answered:

‘I don’t think Mr. Snowden was a patriot,’ Obama said…’The fact is, is that Mr. Snowden’s been charged with three felonies…’

Really, you don’t say.  And just who was it that saw he was charged with said felonies Mr. Obomber?  You and your Justice Department; is that not correct?  And why did you take away his passport if you believed he had the right to prove his rectitude, not his innocence because he committed no crime but simply disclosed the most illegal and heinous of actions committed by our government and its corporate oligarchs?  Did you not already label him guilty, as charged?  Do you not see how your entire administration along with the controlling media propaganda machine have already found him guilty? Have you become so blind to your own selfish ambitions that you fail to see a real community activist in the flesh before your eyes?  Are you so profoundly in bed with your corporate benefactors that any attempt to unveil the charade you all are playing-for- keeps is punishable by death? Or by life in political prison?… prisons themselves privatized and run by your own corporate goon squads, the same goons who are up-armored in your police forces and rent-a-warrior camos that soak the American taxpayer, while protecting big corporate interests abroad, and your beloved elite lifestyle at home, while the rest of the citizenry — those unwashed masses — sweat and toil so that you, your monied sponsors (overlords), and your cronies, can keep this party going until the entire globe is fucked?

What nerve you have, sir, to belittle Vladimir Putin for making a decision of conscience just because it is at odds with your own imperial plans, and embarrasses you, just as Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and others have embarrassed you over the past six years.  Is there no introspection of which you are capable?  Are you nothing but surfaces, without any interior?  It is a rhetorical question, sir.  Of course you are without substance… just a smiley face, a pitchman, there to do the bidding of those robbing the world of its beauty and people of their lives and livelihood.  You have finally done all Americans a huge favor… you have disclosed without a shred of embarrassment the vacuousness of the American presidency, the sham of our political system, and the concept of democracy in general… and you have accomplished all of this in record time, just six years.  The constitutional lawyer has shredded the beloved Constitution; or to put a finer point on it sir, you have shown us – shown the world – that the US Constitution is nothing, of no more significance than any other corporate policy statement; that it was so constructed (as are all laws and policies) simply to protect the property of those who wrote them; that it is capable (as are all laws) of being reinterpreted by the whim and fancy of any corporate lawyer or constitutional law professor to fit whatever the exigencies of the moment demand; to make it amenable to the needs and desires of those in power, without regard for the citizenry, other peoples or the planet.

Whether its fracking the crap out of the earth just to prop up the semblance of empire, rerouting and downing another sovereign’s plane to satisfy your curiosity, calling your counterpart in Russia names, stirring up international rebellions to get better control of global resources and markets for your corporate bosses, assassinating American citizens abroad or terrorizing them at home with your constant drone-ing, surveillance, and militarized police forces, killing innocents in Pakistan to satisfy your godly aspirations, allowing your thieving bankers to go unmolested while continuing to run your casino economy operation, you have shown us how to do it while remaining aloof and as smug as an ass, even denying that Mr. Snowden’s whistle-blowing was in any way a causal factor in your decision to revamp the NSA surveillance programs.  And you still call him a traitor, while dissing Putin for protecting him.  Enjoy your new cold war, sir, and enjoy your political debauchery while still in office; I am sure the next clown will do no better.


54 Responses to Obama’s New Cold War

  1. the Heretick says:

    “Are you so profoundly in bed with your corporate benefactors that any attempt to unveil the charade you all are playing”
    sad little children playing grown up games, only this game of make believe is real. strange how great minds think alike. don’tcha think?

    • GF Sutton says:

      The American people
      Barely play checkers
      As politicos and owners
      Trim back their peckers.

      Their owners play chess,
      And always to win,
      The people in a mess
      And a pickle are in.

      The American people,
      Dumb as a post,
      Have lost their Republic,
      Now only a Ghost.

      Some turn to steeples,
      Those idiot peoples,
      Rejecting the public
      For those with the most.

      But those with the most
      Are killing the host,
      Everything Holy
      And what’s left of the Ghost.

  2. Malthus says:

    Mr. Hitler Obama is a lying swine as are all those that pretend to represent the citizens of this country. I am now beginning to question the very foundation of so called “civilization,” itself. It is appearing to equal cultural conformity and oppression. Obedience to the state is all important to keep the psychopaths in power only and at the cost of another failed experiment with population control. Nothing these clowns can do will change anything and we again will find ourselves caught in some kind of war or another. 50 years of the so called cold war and here we are again looking at disaster in the face again just to remind us that the undercurrent of our system is as flawed a system that has been made up by the fools that are willing to pretend to know something about leadership but are instead born criminals and will always be crooks and bullies.

  3. Disaffected says:

    Ahh… the international diplomatic propaganda dance. Ain’t it a wonderful thing to behold? I’d say the US is in no position to be bad mouthing such a strategically influential and powerful former ally as Russia. Besides, Putin could kick the living shit out of ol’ O’Bomber mano-a-mano, which is what I’d like to see.

  4. I was a bored kid who slouched in the back of the class too.

    Incidentally, I’m not a psychopath warmonger whose crimes belie my reception of the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Just sayin.

    • Disaffected says:

      You got a Nobel Peace Prize too! They sent me an offer for one in the mail, but I threw it away. Who knew? But I was one of those spit ball shooter kids. A real troublemaker, even then.

      • Malthus says:

        l hear they are going to come up with a Nobel prize for “lets bomb the hell out of them using dynamite as the main ingredient.” “If you had to choose one thing in your life it had better be a good sense of humor,” Greer Garson

  5. I blame Stalin, Slavic peoples get to blame Stalin for EVERYTHING!! *chortles*

    • Phlogiston Água de Beber says:

      Yeah, rub it in Marlena. We Murkans have made fruitless attempts to conjure up a Stalinesque figure to blame for everything. Nixon was just as paranoid, but lacked the steel. Cheney seems to be the best we can do and frankly, he’s a midget compared to the paranoid Georgian. He couldn’t even acknowledge being in charge.

      Slavs are lucky to have an iconic figure to blame everything on. Our miseries stem from the policies of a collective that I call the Hidden Hands. They who move the lips of the sock-puppet-in-chief. Sure we can blame them, but it just doesn’t yield the same kind of psychic relief. They don’t seem to get together for a group photo. We use pictures of Blankfein and Dimon as proxies, but it has proven to be not very satisfying.

  6. DrCiber says:

    Yes, the pres has gone and shot his fool mouth off again. One wonders how tight of a corner he will have painted himself into with those zingers, just like he did with that red line over chemical weapons in Syria mendacious crap. The Obama equivalent of “Mission Accomplished”? Do you think it was scripted this time or just his near total lack of capacity/preparation for his job slipping out from behind the stage management? Personally I favor the latter based on every word that he’s uttered starting with the primary campaign “debates” before his first term, fully reflected in the creatures he surrounded himself with on the WH staff. Easily the equivalent in slimeballs of anything that Richard Milhouse Nixon’s pathology was capable of assembling.

    • But Nixxon is one of Barry’s favorite former Presidents, Rayguns being the other. Which he mentioned numerous times during the 2008 campaign. *side eyes*

      • Disaffected says:

        Barry’s a frustrated neo-con. They wouldn’t let him in the club, so he took all his marbles and joined the dems instead (they’ll take anyone). But he’s been working his ass off ever since to show them that he’s worthy of their graces.

        • outsider says:

          This guy was elected in the first place primarily because thinking people were sick and tired of the mental midget GWB’s uncalled for wars of aggression. He was reelected, in part, because he was seen as less likely to get us into a war against Iran than Romney, who famously said that, in his admin, there would be no separation between the US and Israel. Hell, Jason Raimondo, who is the feature writer at antiwar.com, supported Obama big time even though Raimondo is a libertarian. There is a major flaw in how we elect our presidents, but nothing will be done to change it until we sink into oblivion. In fact, the whole absurd, dreary process gets worse every cycle. Men and women of good will need not apply. One has to be a sociopath to even want the job. As a nation, we’re fucked, and need to be taught a major lesson. Perhaps it will take Russia and China joining forces to stop an out-of-control, too smug for his own good would be emperor and the all-power MIC that tells him what to do.

          Lastly, Sandy, I hate to nitpick a great article, but you said it has taken Obama six years to do so much damage. Actually it’s only been 4& 1/2. Woe unto us peons, who, as our fake elections have shown, can do nothing about it other than vent our anger.

          • kulturcritic says:

            I stand corrected, outsider. 😉

          • Phlogiston Água de Beber says:

            Thinking people have never elected anybody. There aren’t enough of them and a lot of them realize it’s a better use of their time to sit in front of the tube with a beer in each hand and watch the nutworks announce the winner, three minutes after the poles close.

            I find it entirely believable that Obomber was selected because he could be counted on to say whatever is on the teleprompter and not wander off message saying things the press office will have to explain away, like McCain is prone to do and earned Shrub lasting fame. I reckon he can’t help it that the script writers believe in fairy tales. We’re in a delicate transition period leading up to the Mother of all Crapfests. They undoubtedly felt a pressing need for a smooth talking mouthpiece to keep the inmates calm and in place near the big fans.

  7. the Heretick says:

    Jesus H. Christ, change we can believe in, indeed. the West needs to just accept the fact there are other countries with their own national interests. you have it right when you call it the new Cold War as it shares quite a few features with the old.
    All the posturing and wars attending the old Cold War were about neo-colonialism and resource extraction, i don’t doubt this is the same scenario. just think of all the coup d’etat we financed around the globe in the 50’s and 60’s up thru the end of the century so that we could install proxies to fight our trans-national corps. wars, that’s about the size of it. so far this little kerfuffle seems only to be playing out in the press, good, let’s keep it there.
    i guess Putin just refuses to be shocked and awed by his highness the Great and Magnificent Obomber. to think i voted for this guy (once), like i said before, i had hoped he had learned something from MLK, which he obviously didn’t. what an empty suit, a nicely tailored empty suit.
    i have some sympathies with what passes as progressive causes these days, i do, but what the supposed left has got to get thru their collective heads is that matters of life and death come first, adherence to the constitution comes first. our congress is quite obviously just as sold out, otherwise they would be exercising their rightful prerogative to rein in our war fighting machines.

    as the old ELP song said,

    “our machines feed the furnace, if they take us they will burn us.”

    • Disaffected says:

      Like I said, I think Putin would like nothing better than to get a chance to beat a US Prez’s ass personally. He had poor ol’ Shrub pissing in his boots after their first meeting, muttering stupid shit about looking in Putin’s eyes and seeing… the end of his pitiful frat boy life if he ever crossed him. I think even Darth Cheney would pass on any Turkey hunts with ol’ Vlad. He’d get a lot more than some wayward buckshot to his ego if he were ever foolish enough to wonder into Vlad’s kill zone. We should all be so lucky!

    • Phlogiston Água de Beber says:

      As a young war reporter in Indochina, it dawned on me that America exported its homicidal neuroses and called it war, even a noble cause.

      –John Pilger

      Those homicidal neuroses don’t start at the platoon level. It comes right down from the top and I don’t mean Obomber. My presumption is that if the Hidden Hands people ever get to feeling reassured that they really are too big to jail, they’ll be randomly machine gunning people walking and driving on Wall Street. Perhaps in between meetings.

    • kulturcritic says:

      Emerson, Kieth… my favorite!

  8. Is William Peter Blatty still with us? If so, ‘The Exorcist’ needs to be updated and reissued. The scene should be moved from Georgetown to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and Capitol Hill. Obama is already making the role Linda Blair made famous his own… After this last fortnight of Obombing opinionating I will not be surprised if his next press conference commences with a 360 degree head rotation and concludes with the projectile vomiting of pea soup… You can’t make this stuff up!

    “Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” I am not a classicist by any stretch of the imagination, but I think those ancient Greeks anticipated damn near everything and we’ve learned damned near nothing from them.

    Such is life in “this best of all possible” countries! [Cue sardonic laugh track]

    On second thought—amazing how emptying one’s bladder often also empties the mind allowing the ‘no mind’ to clarify things—I overlooked the roles played by the Congress, Supreme Court and non-regulating, corporate-controlled regulatory agencies in steering USA Inc towards History’s drain. Blatty’s novel, now transformed into metaphor by the events of the last 40 years, does not begin to have the necessary breadth and depth to portray that. We need Lovecraft. Maybe some out of work, former Obomber-voting channeler can dial up HP in the Great Beyond…

  9. GF Sutton says:

    Awesome, awesome turn of phrase Gordon!

    towards History’s drain

    a future book title me thinks….
    …..perhaps when we are history
    ………and they tell the tale?

  10. outsider says:

    Julia Ioffe at ‘New Republic’, who was born in Russia and was a Moscow-based correspondent had this to say: “If a Russian Edward Snowden ended up in JFK Airport, there is no way in hell we’d turn him over to the Russians. Not in a hundred years, and not ever.” Obama knows this, and I’ve heard there are plenty of ex-KGB agents who defected from the USSR and are living here. We didn’t send them back. Yet, Obama feels free to slime Putin with adolescent playground slurs for not giving up Snowden, and most brain-dead US tv addicts are lapping it up. Obama doesn’t care about diplomacy, or even the fate of the US, he cares about Obama.

    • Oy vey. The man is shameless in addition to being terminally obtuse…

      • Phlogiston Água de Beber says:

        He is a poster boy for the proposition that abortion should be legal and readily available anytime between conception and the natural death of the resulting embarrassment.

    • outsider says:

      Sorry, Sandy, I do have a need to control my blood pressure when I accessed the site and read the first paragraph, I just didn’t have the stomach to read it. This man, I believe, is certifiable along with his lackey Graham. He has become increasingly hysterical over time yet is still treated with deference and as a wise man by the contemptible msm. He and Romney demonstrate why Obama was elected twice – that lesser of two evils thing.

  11. Phlogiston Água de Beber says:

    How soon we forget. Has it passed out of collective memory that Obomber’s equally unesteemed predecessor, The Decider, decided to award Vlad the nickname Pootie Poot? Do the Hidden Hands have anything to hold against Putin besides Mr. Snowdenstein? My guess is that the Not So Good Hands people probably view Snowden as a gift that keeps on giving. Because they have every reason to hate Putin and they’ve been sliming him since his first presidency.

    He had the unmitigated gall to substantially undo the shitty scam they ran on his vodka swilling predecessor. I’m sure they pine for a second coming of Yeltsin, but I suspect the Russian people have probably correctly interpreted The Decider’s mangled advice regarding being fooled twice. If they have not, they should get on that right away.

    • Disaffected says:

      I’ll bet you one thing right now: “the Decider” never referred to Vlad as “Pootie Poot” within direct earshot. I imagine Vlad eyeing the Shrub with a wry grin like a male Lion eyeing a French Poodle that had the misfortune to get dumped off in its natural habitat. Should I eat the little pipsqueak right now in a single bite, even though he wouldn’t even amount to a decent appetizer, or should I keep the little yapper around for my amusement and to perhaps attract a more substantial prey for later?

  12. the Heretick says:

    here’s the shame of it all, of any country in the world we could probably make it on our own. i haven’t really looked it up, but i know e have to be low on the population density list. we have the land to grow the food, if anyone can feed and clothe their people, it’s us.
    here’s a small demonstration of the insanity.

    Eric Holder unveils new reforms aimed at curbing US prison population
    Reversing years of tough Washington rhetoric, attorney general calls levels of US incarceration ‘ineffective and unsustainable’

    half the public thinks weed should be completely legal, here is something where any political leader would be in a winning situation, but none will do it, except for the “kooks”
    this is not necessarily about that though, let’s talk about hemp. legalize all forms of cannabis, start growing hemp on every piece of marginal land you can find, all this land that the Fed insures against flooding? don’t. don’t insure it, grow hemp, grow bamboo. hemp produces fiber for clothing, oil for energy, i believe you can even make plastic out of it.

    but like i say, here’s the tragedy of it all. just a little common sense, a little freedom. the dynamic duo of Holder/Obama could have just said “legalize it all” (the weed that is) and nobody would have to go to jail, and our country would have a new cash crop, but no, let’s turn corn into fuel instead of an alternative,

    this is not to start a big discussion of the weed, but it is intended to point out how we are killing ourselves with stupidity. once again, if we pulled in our horns the US could take care of itself, if we did the smart thing. at this point is where monopoly capitalism and global dominion becomes relevant as that is what is driving this stupidity. just mind our own business, take care of business, we would all be better off. it’s a shame.

    • Disaffected says:

      Heretick for the Senate from OK! You can take Inhofe’s seat. And if you ever make Prez, I wanna be your Secretary of Agriculture once you get weed legalized.

      • the Heretick says:

        like that’s ever going to happen. it’s just that most of these govt. actions, corp. decisions, they are just so destructive, they only make sense from the fascistic controlling point of view. the more time that passes, the more i am convinced that nations beyond a certain size, indeed any human organization beyond a certain threshold is counterproductive.
        who really knows what the future will bring.

        • Phlogiston Água de Beber says:

          Well Heretick, it seems that someone agrees with you. It’s not in the stars, it’s in the Org Charts.

  13. Disaffected says:

    Here’s a recent treasure that sums it all up as well as anything out there:

    • Disaffected says:

      This was quite obviously a 2004 video meant to influence the 2004 election, so my apologies for it’s many rather naive 2004 assumptions, not the least of which is that voting still matters. Likewise, its quoted economic numbers are likely grossly inaccurate in the current day, which reminds me of a recent Automatic Earth link I posted, which quite correctly I think posits that such numbers are just downright completely distractive, in that they focus the destructive impact of stupid human decisions on mere numbers, rather than the natural (human and otherwise) impacts they might have.

      Want to quit playing the economics game for real? The answer is simple. Quit using and quoting economic figures. Don’t like the conversation? Change it!

    • the Heretick says:

      ok, so, some pretty good jazz/rock fusion going on here. good video.
      the meta-critic perched upon the misty mountain heights grudgingly acknowledges that Jackson Browne is really, really good. i was put off a bit in the past by the fact that his music was used extensively in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, dude.
      come to think of it, Fast Times is not a bad movie, really a B movie classic of the teen genre, not quite Mean Girls, but then Lindsay is no Ferris Bueller.

      good one DA.

      • Disaffected says:

        Yeah, he did some pop stuff early on, but then matured out of it. Fast Times was a great movie too, at least in retrospect. The video wasn’t directly connected to him, but the lyrics fit that montage perfectly. And the whole thing sizes up our current state of affairs even more perfectly.

  14. Disaffected says:

    I think the only thing that’s “official” is that O’Bomber has signaled his willingness to continue to play the part of US corporate mouthpiece/stooge. Beyond that, US policy will continue to wave in whichever the direction the prevailing economic winds blow at any given moment. Give it a week, or a month, or whatever; and surprise, surprise, new winds may prevail.
    The US ship of state is currently adrift in exceedingly rough seas without a port of haven even defined, never mind in sight.

    • Phlogiston Água de Beber says:

      The economic winds will continue to be ill ones and the ship of state will probably end up like this one.

  15. Colin says:

    Putin has shown far more class than Obama as of late. I never see Putin pander to anyone and for that personally, he has my respect. I am tired of the sycophants in Washington who let the fox guard the hen house while patronizing the citizens out of mock concern for our well being. My fear though is that none of this matters as Americans seem to no longer know what it means to have class let alone honor or dignity…

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