In My Time: The Week Heads Exploded All Over Washington

Aside from the ongoing crisis in Vermont following Irene’s departure, it apparently was a slow news week folks: no activity in Congress – well, Obama did cry uncle for JB on the timing of his upcoming economics-kabuki-speech to the joint session.  But, I would think Boehner’s colleagues would be more upset by this move than anyone else.  After all, they are the ones who will have to sit there and listen, while foregoing the Thursday night NFL season kick-off.  And then, of course, there was a new earthquake registering a 7.1 magnitude in the Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska.  We will wait and see now what else mother nature has in store for us.

Well, thank the gods and goddesses for D.C.  Of course, I mean the other D.C. – Dick Cheney, that is.  He certainly helped us out by making the media rounds to peddle his new memoir, In My Time.  But, I cannot understand why he would come right out and confess to the “exploding heads” thingy.  Hasn’t he been fighting the possibility of indictment for precisely these sort of acts while in office?

But perhaps Cheney is right, and he is only pointing out the obvious: that a few or perhaps many heads in the nations’ capital should explode.  After all, the crowd there cannot seem to accomplish much in the way of protecting the environment, the economy, jobs, or the peoples’ social security. Perhaps seeing some exploding heads will make us all feel better about the imminent demise of this great experiment in growth and greed.  So, in the event you missed it, I have saved the Exploding Heads video for your eyes only.

And what a better guy to introduce the idea of exploding heads than Dickey boy himself. Of course, heads may explode either way if this Keystone XL pipeline deal goes through and receives the big guy’s signature, allowing the transport of all that toxic crude from Alberta’s tar sands to our sacred Gulf of Mexico.  Oh, but wait! the sacred Gulf has already been defiled and filled with toxic waste. Deepwater Horizon cocktail, anyone?  Haven’t you heard, there are new “leaks” down there.

But, for some reason I don’t think these are the kinds of exploding heads Dickey is talking about here.  In fact, it sounds to me more like a Dickey-leaks sort of phenomenon.  Dickey may have gotten jealous of all the publicity and notoriety Wicki was garnering for revealing State secrets, so perhaps he decided to have a good long leak of his own [double entendre, he thinks].  He wants to get even with that alleged sex machine Julian, and reveal some of his own secreted conquests. I’m sure Private Manning would love to change places with ole’ Dickey right about now; but I don’t think D.C. will be heading in Manning’s direction any time soon and visa versa.

Meanwhile, the student revolt in Chile over education cuts and privatization is heating up, with hundreds of thousands of kids and adults taking to the streets to protect what they feel are their civil rights.  And all of this while the atmosphere both around Fukushima and far beyond Japan’s borders is heating up as well.  In fact, The is reporting that the coming die-off from the nuclear fallout there will be in the hundreds of millions; the largest “depopulation” event in human history [talk about exploding heads]. Not to mention earthjustice’s report on the “frack-cidents” occurring with increasing frequency around the US commercial fracking operations, including poisoned drinking water, polluted air, mysterious animal deaths, industrial disasters and exploding heads [oops, how did that get in there].  And, just for interest, Yandex, a Russian internet news service today reported that Moscow airports are facing a shortage of jet fuel due to the growth of air travel and something about the diversion of fuel production capacities towards winter diesel fuel production needs. If the situation does not improve, they may be cutting flights says the airline servicing company, Rosaviatsia.  And Russia has lots of oil, right?  Speaking of oil, let us turn to another piece of news for the week.

According to the AsiaTimes online, this little “non-war” that the USA and NATO waged in order to provide “humanitarian support” for Arab aspirations of freedom in Libya, has already provided the French with a substantial promise of loot.  It seems that President Sarkozy was delivered a letter in June from the TNC (the Libyan Transitional National Council) ceding as much as 35% of Libya’s annual crude oil production in exchange for their help; and this, just a few days after the UN Resolution 1973 was passed authorizing such “support.”  Furthermore, France’s Total Oil Company was already in Libya discussing business with the would-be winners that same month.  It now appears that an intra-European “oil war” between France’s Total and Italy’s ENI is already underway for that which the West helped plunder from the dictator. But, if this is the case, then perhaps the exploding heads D.C. was referring to are the heads of those USA politicians who may have let that oily opportunity slip-slide away into European coffers.  After all, didn’t we do the lion’s share of the heavy lifting over there?  Was it not “an American-led military assault” according to our own man on the ground, Obama? And wasn’t the oil the real reason we went in, after all?  Certainly, the dust has not settled on this civilized affair of internecine war among men of honor [he chokes on his words].

Meanwhile, as the air around here becomes thicker and increasingly toxic with the poisons of our dream factories, including the microscopic particles of nuclear fallout from our Japanese comrades at Fukushima, our fearless leader has decided to scrap his own administration’s controversial plans to tighten USA clean air rules, for fear of stalling this wondrous economic recovery that was a no-show on any new jobs in August.

Finally, the federal authorities are about to engage in another kabuki-dance strictly for public consumption.  They have filed a lawsuit against some Big Banks for behavior unbecoming civilized financiers.  It looks like the Federal Housing Finance Agency is just trying to protect the interests of its children, Freddie and Fannie in the swindle of the century. Boy, I am certain with that bit of news Lloyd Blankfein may be carrying around one of those exploding heads himself [he says with a chuckle].

In all seriousness folks, if you look at the headlines from media around the world, online or in print (even if fractionally true), the situation that is unfolding certainly seems to have a specific tone and directionality, screaming downward in a spiral of death.  We may indeed be witnessing the slow-but-quickly-accelerating failure of our diverse man-made systems, and the natural resources upon which these systems depend, brought on, in no small measure, by our own hubris and the maniacal forces of manipulation, domination, and control that have characterized the very heart and soul of hierarchical industrial civilization.

When a certain segment of the human family (homo sapiens) took those bold but awkward first steps down the path to urbanization, resting tentatively upon the surplus provisions created by a developing neolithic monoculture, the trajectory of further civilized progress was essentially set.  Rather than reciprocity and trust – an unscripted organic intertwining with our environment – we humans sought greater dominion and control at every turn: with every city wall, every standing army, every political institution, every alphabet, every specialization, every social law, every new technique and technology.  And at every doorstep we set down our mark, and we expected the world, and everyone within it, to conform.  Ultimatums were handed out to the indigenous peoples of the world, in the Americas, in Africa, Siberia, Europe, Australia, Asia, and elsewhere.  The indigenous inhabitants had little choice but to comply or retreat further into the darkness, the heart of the forest, the coldest outposts, the most arid deserts, or in the case of the USA, those reservations where we could keep a close eye on our primitives while we plied them with alcohol and they could get accustomed to our civilized ways.

D.C. is right.  Heads are exploding in Washington, my friends, and not because of Dickey’s memoir, but simply from the kinetic energy created by their own whirling momentum, created by an autistic ignorance crafted over hundreds of generations of legislators seeking greater control of their surroundings and dominion over us, the unwashed masses. Nostradamus move over, Dick Cheney has arrived!  And he has made his predictions public!  Behold the future is upon us!

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  1. Disaffected says:

    Myself, I can’t help but have a grudging respect for ol’ DC . Here’s a man that not only tells you exactly what he’s going to do and then goes out and does exactly that, but he then defends his actions – no matter how reprehensible and unpopular – at great length and detail in the aftermath. All with the trademark knowing smirk on his face that will likely become his signature historical trait. In other words, he’s the anti-pol. So called “liberal democratic” politicians – Barry NoBama anyone? – simply wish they had a fraction of the stones this guy has.

    And it’s to such psychotic genius demagogues we can, must, and will turn to in 2012, as the timeless truism “power abhors a vacuum” asserts itself once again in American politics. NoBama and his Appeasement Party colleagues, having proven yet once again why no American of ANY political persuasion can EVER trust them to do anything effectual at all when given the reigns of power, may have finally gasped their last political breath this time around. The few who remain will be an “opposition” in name only, while everyone else wises up to the realization that if we’re going to get conservative Republican/Tea Party policies either way, we might as well vote for the real thing in the hope that they’ll at least show some honor and restraint among themselves. My personal feeling is that the only thing a “democratic opposition party” does is allow the far right fringe a springboard to launch ever crazier and more extreme policy initiatives, comfortable in the knowledge that Barry will negotiate away the republic in fear of them.

    Afterward, NoBama will no doubt grow rich himself on the lecture lecture circuit and fatten himself at the corporate trough sitting on corporate boards and the like, all positions purely “honorary” in nature of course. And in a few years we’ll be treated to his memoirs as well; mindless pap served up for the literary class and meant mostly an homage to his “historic” presidency and as a means to collect a seven figure signing bonus. Perhaps he’ll even come clean about the fact that he was a mere straw man president, and that the fix was in on 2008 campaign as soon as it became evident that the economy was going off the rails due to eight years of Bush policies, with McCain/Palin warming up on deck. Something that made even died-in-the-wool conservative Republican businessmen recoil in horror. Of course, by then no one will even be surprised at the “revelation,” as they’ll likely be deciphering the real life Book of Revelations and wondering if what they’re currently going through wasn’t in fact foretold a few thousand years before by some raving lunatic in a loin cloth in the wilderness.

    All while the neo-Nazi Corporate Fascist Party imposes austerity for the masses, comfortable in a majority which won’t be broken again by either vote or by bullet, and ramps up the propaganda blame game against all those who are penniless and powerless in the name of preserving and consolidating the same for those who already have too much. And like their mentor ol’ DC himself, they’ll do it all with nary a head fake in sight, clearly telegraphing their intentions for one and for all to see, even as their by now perfected divide and conquer strategies allow them to turn the masses against themselves, interest group by interest group, until the masses simply cease to become a relevant factor at all. It’s a brilliant strategy, one first tested by the United States’ sworn enemies in WWII and its aftermath, but which required the quantum leap of global hegemony and globally imposed “free market” capitalism to perfect. It’ll be the “end of history” all right, and who knows, perhaps even the one that Fukuyama had in mind after all when he wrote the book. Unfortunately, it might just lead to the “and the last man” part as well. We will see. We will see.

  2. rg the lg says:

    Ah, disaffected, as we all are (Thanks for copping the name we should all bear), the Old Bumma and the Dickey, two of a kind. I suppose that is better than high card, but easily beaten.

    The real problem is complacency … along with a dose of complicity … we rail against the system but haven’t the spine to step out and do anything. The complacency is probably due to the illusion that we are the top dog and have too much to lose … the complicity is that we keep dreaming that there will be some sort of technological system to bail our asses out of the crack we have climbed in to.

    The notion of individualism (part of my redneck heritage) has been so completely discredited that we fail to think in terms of what each of us can do in a different way in our own small corner of the world. The leftist thinking (which often sounds almost libertarian but is more anarchist) sees wealth as the enemy … and the constant striving for things. Therein the rub … we are so busy accumulating that we think that is the purpose of life, the universe, everything. We forget the other stuff … flowers, except as a means of up-staging the neighbors; sunsets, though usually the result of some sort of human stirred crud in the air; and just enjoying each other, the end result of our media addiction … including the MacHine you seem to be glued to … if for no other reason than to push your own view and precipitate a non-argument into an apparent cause celebre’.

    Ah well, don’t expect a response … I’m done.

    • kulturcritic says:

      “Therein the rub … we are so busy accumulating that we think that is the purpose of life, the universe, everything.”

      So rg the lg, how do people learn to stop accumulating. I agree this is compounding our problems, and has led to a global acquisition frenzy, which itself is fueling the engines of more industrial production and further cock-eyed solutions to keep this BIG thing going. But, all I am saying is that the propaganda, and the luxury of these toys has become so overpowering to global populations that it is near impossible to bring it to a halt, until it brings itself to the end of the line by its own dizzying centrifugal energy. Obviously taking the planet and most of us down with it. I said, I think your individual solutions (as you outlined on the earlier post) makes a lot of sense. I have done similarly, living as I do in Siberia with my wife’s family, dacha, banya, garden, river, forest, deep ground water, and an outhouse, round out the circumstances. Nothing will be perfect when things gets dicey. But at least we will try to live if and when TSHTF.

    • Disaffected says:

      rg the lg and others,

      Just to refute an argument that apparently needs refuting: Not ALL of us are gonna take the same tack toward combating the headwinds that undoubtedly will face us all in the coming years. Some of us will no doubt choose to go to ground in full-on survivalist mode in hopes of winning the game for us and ours at a local level. Some of us might try the same approach with an “old school” hippy, “we are the world” mentality, in the hopes that “the universe” might look favorably on us and ours once again. SOME of us on the other hand, might just (wisely) choose to die and get out of the way, in order for the “green shoots” among us to have a chance to thrive and bloom. Might I humbly suggest, that THAT’S going to be a growing concern in the years to come no matter what, in an age of UNARGUABLE population reductions for the good of all?

      SO, while many of you continue to argue for “back to the earth” policies of yesteryear in order to save yourself from the coming calamities; I SAY, you simply haven’t taken your arguments NEARLY far enough, in that you haven’t addressed the BASIC problem AT ALL. And that is that 7 billion humans occupying terra firma at one time ain’t ecologically sustainable under ANY realistic ecological model proposed thus far. Never mind the 8 or 9 that are projected by 2050 or so. Never mind the plague of locusts foretold Biblically of old – WE are the plague unleashed upon the earth! Human beings and their delusional dreams of exponential growth anything and everything!

      The turning point of human civilization is here right now, staring us all in the face and asking us ALL personally: YOU and YOURS are not sustainable! What in the world are YOU going to do about it?

      And our collective answer thus far? Honey, can you pass me the remote?

  3. Disaffected says:

    The real problem is complacency … along with a dose of complicity … we rail against the system but haven’t the spine to step out and do anything. The complacency is probably due to the illusion that we are the top dog and have too much to lose … the complicity is that we keep dreaming that there will be some sort of technological system to bail our asses out of the crack we have climbed in to.

    Not to defend any of our actions – yes, we are ALL responsible for the current state of affairs – but the beauty of the current system is its all-encompassing pervasiveness. Just as one example, albeit certainly the best, electronic banking, enabled by the internet, has really closed the loop on financial matters, making it nearly impossible to escape the system and its effects. It’s still possible of course, but the effort required is truly herculean and marks you just by the effort to do so as a renegade who likely has other things to hide as well. Growth of that system will no doubt continue unchecked for the foreseeable future, and one can easily imagine subservience to it being a requirement to have any interaction at all with government or corporate commercial interests in the very near term future.

    That said, dissolution of government safety nets and mass corporate unemployment might be planting the seed of that system’s ultimate demise, as the disenfranchised find alternative ways to live – the ones who don’t turn on the system in frustration and go out in a blaze of self destructive glory that is. So maybe TPTB are a little too clever for their own good after all? We can all only hope. In that respect, I think the near term solution is actually anti-tech for the most part. Or at least alternative tech. Buying out of the current global network individually would seem to be a prerequisite for defeating it (current hacker groups and WikiLeaks seem to have embraced that idea), but of course some sort of technology will still have to step in to provide an alternative. One thing’s for sure, the kids growing up to today have got one helluvan interesting life in store for them, ancient Chinese admonitions about praying that you not live in interesting times notwithstanding. Almost makes me wish I’d be here long enough to see how it all plays out. Almost!

    By the way, no offense taken rg the lg, if that’s what’s intended. It’s indeed a strange world where we depend on the very system we’re denigrating to denigrate that system. In the end, it all amounts to so much “mental masturbation” doesn’t it?

    • StrayCat says:

      I disagree that it is all mental masturbation. Many of the thoughts and analyses presented here and elsewhere are useful exercised and will have practical results. While the global financial/industrial systems are unravelling, many of us are finding or have found that a good life is more easily obtained with less stuff, more free time to think, play music, grow food, walk on the beach and just do things that have fallen out of favor since the first world war. Contemplation in a quiet place, without any set ending time for it. Moving from one activity to another at a human, real world pace. Demanding a quiet place to eat at a restaurant, and finding such that supply that. Finding a friend that accepts what we have to offer, and offers what they have freely, and without any thought that there must be more there, understanding that this is more. The fact is, that we do not need much of the products of the world industrial system, and nothing from the financial system. Non hierarchical leadership is leadership by example. Yes, it is hard work, and takes more time than the top down demand form of leadership. But it is a necessary step if we are to end resource wars, wars on crime, terrorism, drugs, juvenile delinquency and the heartbreak of Psoriasis. War itself is a function of hierarchy, and as an inseparable part of it as demonstrated by the passion for and promotion of war by the catholic and protestant churches, the Bible, and the Quran. No amount of citation of the peaceful passages from these books can diminish the historical record on this matter.

  4. John Bollig says:

    Be glad to responed, and that response comes from a population lucky to be on this green earth.

    I haven’t been complacent and indeed I can assure you that most of my peers are keenly aware of the coming doomsday scenerio that keeps popping its ugly head thru the fraudlent mainstream media.

    I see several trends that even the alternative media seems to be missing. First, the lack of serious discussion at meetings conferences, seminars on the real issues. Nobody wants to touch them with a ten foot pole. The 2011 disability caucus was a great example of the real disconnect between the issues and the real issues. Most of the movement was focused on getting their funding restored and working on getting the courts to enforce decisions that are not going to enforced, yet alone even brought up to increase funding for HCBS services. Not one person who was in power had the balls to talk about the looming crash at the social security disability insurance fund , which is now slated to go belly up in 2017. NObody in that room had any guts to talk about the energy crisis and its impact on disabled individuals. So, if the power goes out, what happens to those who are technologically dependent. Answer, they die. What happens if you can’t get your medication because they don’t make it anymore. Answer, you die. My guess is that they don’t want to face the reality of what is going on, nobody wants to talk about it. They were focused on their immediate concerns, funding for their agencies and jobs for the disabled population. Not a single soul was even remotely thinking about the fact that the recession is going to worse, that funding is going to be cut and that the jobs are not going to be there. Every state bureaucrat was only interested in pushing their own program or agenda.

    Second , nobody ever wants to deal with the explosive issues….

    • kulturcritic says:

      John – I do think things will be particularly hard on the disabled community, particularly those who are immobile. Strong familial relations will be their only safety net.

    • Disaffected says:

      So, if the power goes out, what happens to those who are technologically dependent. Answer, they die. What happens if you can’t get your medication because they don’t make it anymore. Answer, you die. My guess is that they don’t want to face the reality of what is going on, nobody wants to talk about it.

      Actually John, you’ve already answered both questions. Get ready. They’ve already faced the reality of such decisions, and of course don’t want to talk about it. Can you blame them?


      • Disaffected says:

        This last clip is pure genius! Tommy Lee Jones’ craggy lined faced has never been shown to better effect, and Northern Exposures’ Barry Corbin will probably never inhabit a better role than this in his remaining years. This is without a doubt the best summation of the American experience – from the point of view of a passing generation at least – that I can POSSIBLY imagine! THIS is pure genius!

  5. Disaffected says:

    Nice post, and I’m totally empathetic with all the points made, but simply have to correct you on a few basic points which should, if nothing else, at least clarify your thought process about who to blame for any predicament you and yours might find themselves in.
    With regard to the SS and MC “trust funds” (yeah, I know, what a crock of shit misnomer those two terms are!), neither are truly segregated from the general fund of the United States, in that tax revenues collected and supposedly “dedicated” to those two programs are ACTUALLY just collected, intermingled with all the rest of the tax revenues, and spent just like everything else, with little more than a mere accounting “IOU” notation added to the books of the trust funds to show for it. This in recognition that the trust funds have been running tremendous surpluses (positive cash flow) for the past 80 years or so, and thus, defraying the costs of deficit spending (negative cash flow) by opportunistic pols in the current day. Nice scam while you can run it.
    NOW that the SS and MC “trust funds” are about to begin running deficits (negative cash flows) for any single year, due to the inevitable demographic “payback” incurred by the babyboom generation, suddenly the very survival of the republic is at stake!
    FIRST OF ALL, ANY negative balance on the books of EITHER SS or MC belongs FIRMLY on the hands of all the opportunistic pols ( Dem and Rep!) over the past 80 years who both collected those revenues, and then voted for measures to spend them, regardless of future liabilities.
    SECOND OF ALL, current and ongoing efforts to abrogate those liabilities by disingenuous government officials should be considered equivalent to defaulting on Government issued bonds, which in fact, they essentially are. SS and MC “internal government transfers” are essentially nothing less than 100% guaranteed zero percent coupon bonds – NO MORE, NO LESS!
    THIRD AND FINALLY, all bullshit talk of government pensions and guarantees being 100% “negotiable” and subject to the whims of current term legislators should be viewed as just the sort of corporate double-talk that it is. Breaking that contract, “fairly” applied over the lifetimes of many, essentially means that the United States Government is openly, flagrantly, and defiantly in default of its obligations. And you or I should honestly remit taxes to these crooks because…?

    • kulturcritic says:

      DA – An extremely clear and convincing analysis. If I were drawing any kind of salary, I would no longer pay. It seems obvious that these guys have been acting like bank robbers for the bulk of this century.

    • Disaffected says:

      Oh what the hell, while I’m on a roll here…

      ANY AND ALL official repeals of SS & MC benefits should be met with AN IMMEDIATE DEMAND for refunds of all revenues paid in, WITH INTEREST, at a rate to be negotiated between parties’ representatives. And needless to say, keep a SHARP EYE on the peoples’ representative.

      And I think I missed a final CRUCIAL point as well: The United States government, as a sovereign issuer of IT’S OWN CURRENCY, CANNOT, BY DEFINITION, EVER DEFAULT ON ANY OBLIGATION IT ACTUALLY INTENDS TO HONOR.

      Read that again ten times for effect. Then read it ten times more.

      Bottom line: SS, MC, and ALL pensions are little more than a subterfuge and a preparation for things to come. “Neo-Nazi’s?” Hardly! These guys are little more than the same ol’ same ol’, a few generations warmed over, with MUCH better marketing. Same Nazi grin, same Nazi appeal, same Nazi effect.


      • kulturcritic says:

        I’d like to see the litigator who would take on that class-action suit, DA!

        • Disaffected says:

          Never say never. I actually envision some version of it happening at some point – for pure political theater if course.

          No one in their right mind should ever imagine any of this actually becoming law of course – the fix has LONG been in – but it it’s at least fun and instructive to imagine what MIGHT HAVE happened in a perfect world. Too many people shortcut that option (and they call ME a cynic!) in their thinking IMO. Yeah, it’s a full time job calling the current crooks and thieves what they are and predicting where their current actions are going to take us in the all too near to future (not a hard job at all!), but I think it’s important to remain in some small way positive, in a world that’s so overwhelmingly out of control negative, as well.

          In the REAL WORLD we all live in, we all know how this is going to turn out now, don’t we? Pensions and benefits will be raped, looted, and plundered (just as they have always been), and some sort of official BS story will be propagated to support the same. And “the people” – aka “the sheep” – will swallow it whole just like they ALWAYS do. THAT story has a whole lot less panache, doesn’t it?

          I know. I’ve lived it. Evidently future generations are ready and willing to take up the mantle?


    • StrayCat says:

      I would like to point out, DA, that the money collected by the US from the payroll taxes from employees and employers goes to the SS administration, which then buys US debt in the form of US bonds. The SS administration is in the same shoes as China, Japan, Canada and England, which countries holds the largest share of US debt held by foreign nations. The real issue is whether our government feels sufficiently immoral so as to redeem the bonds held by the Chinese government and default on the bonds held by the Social Security trust fund. Some Republican congress critters have suggested this as an answer to our present financial situation. But a default of any kind will lead to disaster at once, so that is unlikely until the whole thing goes down, at which point, it won’t matter. I welcome the governments threat to social security, as even the tea party folk and the conservatives see that as a paid for pension, which it is, It’s like the draft was in the 60’s and 70’s. The threat of serious loss focussed the minds of young people and their families wonderfully. The lies about the Social Security fund and Medicare are being shown as such more and more. Even a population willing to believe that Saddam had a role in 9/11 will not believe lies about their own well being.

  6. Martin says:

    Hmmm…. Should be an interesting, if droll, campaign process in the year ahead since neither party seems able to field anyone worthy of, up to, or who really wants the-job-at-hand anymore.

    Methinks it began back in ’07 with the campaigning for the-job-nobody-really-wants-but-too-many-go-after. Consider; the republican’ts nominated a crusty old-fart-military-had-been and a soon-to-be-media-whore that no-one had ever heard of and the demmies put up a one-term-senator wonder-boy with a glorious way of speechifying that almost no-one had ever heard of either and a pretty-good older guy with funny-looking hair who often said more than he should. Clearly, neither party really wanted to pick a solid winner (but we-all fooled ’em didn’t we?). Several of the also-rans probably didn’t want the job either.

    This time around the demmies are probably going to do the same dance as before with Mr. O, “Hope” and all that other “Yes We Can” B.S., but likely with a different spin and most likely absent the older funny-haired guy (perhaps the Mrs. C will be persuaded?) and the ‘No-No’ party has an even more bewitching cadre of seekers to choose from than last time.

    Currently rising above them all is the dark-eyed-brush-browed-good-ol’-boy-“howdy-I’m-a-christ-ian” texian gub’ner who is so patriotic he wanted to secede his state from the good ol’ Union awhile back. Then there are, i’m-always-running-for-or-from-something Mitt, and the two crazy-ladies plus a number of other goof-balls and that’s it. Now there’s ya some Real Presidential material folks.

    I’m going to write in my own name – for everything…

    P.S. Apologies for all the hyphenating – couldn’t help myself. Heh….

    • Disaffected says:

      I’m going straight Contrarian (Perry/Bachmann?) this time, in the hope that in voting to f*ck things up I’ll somehow straighten them out in reverse. Or something like that. Hey, in the era of what else do we have left? Anarchy!

      • kulturcritic says:

        You know my answer DA; but the anarchy will follow the next dupe!

        • Disaffected says:

          Exactly! Can you imagine poor Rick Perry’s look of astonishment when he wakes up the morning after and realizes he’s actually been elected President, and now must actually carry through with some of the non-sense he’s been selling the electorate? Of course I’m under no illusion that he’ll be doing so in a vacuum. Electing anyone to anything these days is pretty much electing a small corporation of acolytes as well, all of whom march to the orders of a higher order in turn. One can only hope that they’ve at least planned for the disorder that they’re about to unleash. In the end, I think THAT might be the highest we can ask of our elected officials going forward.

          • kulturcritic says:

            DA – the disorder is already upon us; the next bunch of clowns will only be there to watch over the mess; well, it is possible that a bright guy could patch things together a bit longer. Perhaps. But, I am not sure the electorate (at least not the tea party folks or the evangelicals) would put up with it.

    • kulturcritic says:

      Martin – an accurate assessment, I would say. And I believe the hyphenations were critical to the analysis. Next week, I am going to address some of those candidates.

  7. Anarchrist says:

    Interesting reading as ever KC, the unfolding domino-like sequence of troubling events is gathering some frightful pace is it not? Even as I try to laugh at the profound absurdity of it all (in preference to drowning in tears) I’m struggling to fully grasp quite how far through the looking glass we’ve hurtled, I personally cannot muster a witty analysis or even scornful diatribe on any of it at this moment. I’m simply staggered by everything I’m seeing, feeling alot like a teetering punch drunk boxer, waiting for the bell to end the beating or for my knees to finally give out, whichever comes first. This morning I read this…

    …and one one level I thought ‘that makes perfect sense’, but at the same time I let out and exhausted sigh and fought off a feeling of bleary sickness such as too much beer or a spinning fairground ride might induce. Give it to me straight Dr Sandy, is my head is going to explode?

    • kulturcritic says:

      I don’t know, AC. I would say by the tenor of the article that it is Tony’s head that is going to explode; but looking at the picture, I am compelled to say: ‘it must be Rupert’s turn’!! On another note, if you do a six degrees of separation analysis and you thereby “know” Dickey Cheney, then I would say: “take two percodan and keep your head down.” LOL

      But, I do love the attributed quote from Colin Powell!!

  8. John Bollig says:

    DA, Sandy and others,

    perhaps Dickey cheney is actually barnabas Collins from the TV show ” dark Shadows”. He certainly has enough fiction in his story to cause people to wonder if he is actually human or a vampire…

    On the political scene, my feeling is that the Obama’s are running this nation into the ditch because they have been told to do so by their chinese masters. The worst possible scenerio has come to fruition. We have a nation that is at its greatest hour of peril and the worst possible leadership is in the white house. No leadership from capital hill either, JB is a moron. Most of the nation’s leadership has no clue and even worse they are in the enemies camp. My feeling is that we have 3 to 5 years before all hell breaks loose. If Obama rigs the election, the nation will fall apart a lot sooner. My gut tells me that Obama has a plan to loot the nation as much as possible, then leave the nation in chaos. The chinese have an interest in wiping us off of the asian mainland and sending the knockout blow to the US empire will do the trick. Obama might even throw the election to give the chinese what they want, a free hand in asia to settle some scores with the Japanese and Indians as well as Vietnam.

    The chinese are keenly aware of their weaknesses in long range power projection and a grab at the sea lanes in Asian waters will give them the leverage they need to destroy their competition in Asia. Obama and the current administration are not doing anything to stop them from playing that card. So if Obama looks like he will lose the election, I am speeding up my plans and I suggest that you do the same thing. Let’s be smart, careful and prepared for whatever happens.

    • StrayCat says:

      I think that you misjudge the Chinese government. I have concluded that will avoid military action like the plague that it is, and use their population, labor arbitrage and foreign policy sweeteners with Brazil, (offshore oil) Cuba (offshore oil and to focus US attention there) the Arab and south asian nations of Iran, Afghanistan and the ‘stans to the north. These places will be markets for their goods, places to get raw materials, and countries that can absorb some of Chins’s excess population in the form of technical assistance. China has many internal problems with a financial system in a fragile state, an unruly rural population and declining factory demand. The mandarins still think that Chins is the center of the earth, and that the rest of the world is inhabited by barbarians. The wars Chins has fought have always been at the frontiers of their country. Japan, Russia, etc. Korea. Even Tibet was a grab for control of all of the water in Asia, and not really empire expansion.

  9. Disaffected says:

    All sarcasm aside, I ALWAYS respect a sworn enemy who comes at me, weapons brandished, with blood in his eye. Say what you will about Dick Cheney, but the old codger DEFINITELY brings his FULL and UNMITIGATED game to bear whenever he talks shit about foreign policy (or anything else for that matter). There’s a certain amount of gravitas you have to accord the old bastard – honorary elected titles aside – when he talks, based on that factor alone.
    Mind you, I’m no fan of the old fuck at all. I’d pretty much consider my life a complete success if my last act was shooting the old bastard and then getting shot and dying myself.
    That said, unlike the useless bastard we’ve elected and who occupies the WH at our expense these days, at least ol’ DC can HONESTLY say that he stands for SOMETHING.
    Food for thought. Food for thought.

    • Disaffected says:


      By the way, PLEASE don’t fall in to the “blame the foreigners” camp. I know, it’s all too easy and tempting, but the Chinese and any other of the “ese” simply don’t hold the keys to our current misery. For that, you have to look no further than your fellow Americans, capitalist pricks all (actually, some). There’s simply no need in “off shoring” our woes, as our capitalist/political masters have taught us, when in fact, the source of our misery lives right here at home among us, just as it always has.

      In fact, if anything, it’s US who should be begging forgiveness to THEM for exporting this cancerous disease of capitalism to the world, in order for THEM to work at subsistence wages making cheap bullshit for US to buy on OUR decreasing to third world/subsistence wages, in order to make our capitalist masters (the top .1%) MEGA RICH! Are you getting the picture yet?




  10. John Bollig says:

    I certainly do get it. Hence the drive to get some land to farm for our survival. We are going to make it even if it means going back 100 years or more in time. I think that I can do it, The lawyer is checking the title and will get back to me on it. After that is settled then I need to talk to the farmers about the land and what they would plant on it and how to get as much food as we can out of it. I am not anti chinese, I am just stating the what many of us already figured out.

  11. rg the lg says:

    How do we quit accumulating? I suppose the banal reply is the same way we quit everything from smoking, to drinking, to … well, whatever … by quitting.
    The idea that we can blame the ‘other’ is appalling … and that includes such all encompassing realities as the propaganda of buy-buy-buy. There is, as my redneck forebears would have attested, a good days work for the satisfaction of getting on. Granted that the redneck is considered simple … but might it be that the simplicity of the redneck, scoffed at by so many, is the simple-minded notion that living down there, under the underbelly of the beast, is a hell of a lot less frantic than trying to stay on the beasts back? Trailer trash cousins seem pretty content with their cheap beer, their pot-bellies (both male and female) and their no-count living. While they revel in the affluence of their four wheel pick-ups, the average age of those broken down, smog spewing wrecks that refuse to die is rising. Some of them are even buying ‘them cheap little things’ to commute with … and that can’t be all that bad when you look at the average vehicle in suburbia.
    But then, somewhat akin to my hero Joe Bageant (spaghetti monster rest his soul), I have a built in affection for ‘those people.’
    On the other hand the leftist in my soul truly desires that the capitalists get their come-uppance … and thanks to Osama bin Laden … and his plan to push paranoid America off the financial deep end by provoking us to war, it sure looks like its gonna happen.
    Kinda sad, ain’t it?

    • kulturcritic says:


      I think quitting is easier said than done. Its like smoking for 40 years; harder to stop after all that time. Sure, some of us have been acculturated to a less accumulative life style (trailer-trash cousins, as an example). But, they too have expectations of this world based upon their collective genealogy (family and cultural history). Old habits are hard to break, especially addictive ones… even beer, cigarettes, pizza, four wheelers, NASCAR, television, running water, electricity. And those rednecks are no less capitalistic than their richer cousins, only less fortunate. The elixer of capitalism is persuasive, infectious, addictive, even at the outer edges, where the have-nots struggle mightily to enter the inner sanctum. How many of those ‘cousins’ by Lotto, and await the big payday? I will tell you, enough to keep the lottery system healthy and going strong.

      • rg the lg says:

        I think the point I meant to make didn’t get through, and that was my fault.

        Quitting an addiction is difficult … no one will argue that … but at the same time NOT quitting has vile consequences … death being amongst them.

        It seems to me that my point about the RN cousins was meant to suggest that they are modestly content with little. Sure they dream of lotto tickets coming true, but on a day to day basis they know it ain’t gonna happen. It isn’t the money, it is the dreams. The dreams are NOT what makes them tick … . Gawd (whoever that might be, I opt for a different version every day just to make sure that I keep the local Cheese-us Freaks guessing) knows they tend toward NASCAR … but without it they’d just go back to sittin on the front porch jawwin the fat … telling stories, both true and fictional … and gettin by.
        Is it a solution to the ultimate problem?

        No, but when you went off to college it was probably, like most of us, to ‘have a better life’ … and couched in economic terms, “makin more money than Paw.” Did it happen? Maybe, you could afford to be where you are and that took some resources of a capitalistic nature … since the Bering Land Bridge sank, walking to Mongolia isn’t much of an option.

        What we are wrasslin with here is the fact that those dreams we (you and I) had have been bankrupted … and if you are only marginally addicted (meaning those people we usually denigrate because they don’t play our same game) we run them down. But, I do get just a smidgeon defensive about my kith and kin … (No way I’m kissin any of them!) My point is that some are off the grid when it comes to crazy ass consumption … and if they can do it we can. I know it hurts like hel to think that a whole passle of Rednecks may have hit on a partial solution by just gettin by … but sometimes we have to think about what really matters … and whining about the fact we are heading hell-bent to collapse because of the hubris of empire has little to do with much.

        If we really want to get to the bottom of the problem … think about it this way … : what would happen if we simply shut down the medical industry? People would die … lots of them … and that would certainly reduce the ultimate problem … too f——g many f——g people busy f——g their brains loose makin more f—–g babies who grow up to f–k their brains loose makin more babies who can then …

        Well, you get the picture. Like I said above: Quitting an addiction is difficult … no one will argue that … but at the same time NOT quitting has vile consequences … death being amongst them.

        Much like my notion, shared by others lately it seems, that the cause of the American Revolution was NOT liberty, rather slavery. We don’t accept it because …………………

        We don’t like to think about it!

        • Disaffected says:


          I think I get your point, although I must say you seem a bit conflicted. Mind you, I too sprang from WTPT (White Trailer Park Trash), even though they would defiantly disagree with that characterization, and assert that THEY live in VERY RESPECTABLE neighborhoods and work VERY HARD for their money, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

          Therein lies the problem. The poor – proud people that they are – VERY OFTEN NEVER want to admit that they even ARE poor (and sinking VERY FAST). That’s a problem in the current economy if you’re relying on democracy to actually work. Because if nothing else, democracy in a grossly selfish capitalist economy such as ours actually relies on everyone to at least honestly actually realize what their own self-interests are!

          Among our MANY current problems, THAT ONE certainly has to be front and center.


        • kulturcritic says:

          rg/lg – You are correct, I did make some money. But not with the usual assumptions. It was purely accidental. I went to college not to prep to make more money than paw, but because my mother threatened me if I didn’t. I was a musician, playing those Beach Boy and other such songs DA has been providing us recently on the blog. I just wanted to play music, and “get on” as you say. But, one thing led to another and I got credentialed and began teaching college as a professor. After ten years, I was booted out because the school I was at didn’t need philosophers anymore, so I wound up in corporate America. I turned out to be one hell of a salesman, able to talk to CEOs from the largest US firms as well as the Pakistani chauffers who drove me to my meetings (I had been a cabbie in Florida for 5 years while working my degree – and I had lots of student loans to pay back!!). So I wound up in pretty good shape with a wealthy entrepreneur from Beverly Hills (yep; that’s right – movie stars, etc.)

          Of course, I was still extremely naive but helped build a successful consultancy in LA (according to all the Western capitalist measures of success); travelled to cities all over the USA, selling our services, and made a bundle. Then, I wound up in several executive positions in some of the USA’s largest corporations, Computer Sciences Corp, Ernst&Young, Alliance One Healthcare, and General Electric Medical Systems. I finally woke up and quit! Found the land bridge back to the homeland of my grandparents and married a Russian girl (it is my second marriage). Live now fairly simply in the city, small apartment, no car. We have a dacha (cabin) in the forest 50 km away, near the river, with ground water supplies. We have a wood heated banya on the small property, a wood burning stove in the dacha; an outhouse, plenty of veges and fruits that we grow and can. We hunt and look for mushrooms in the forest, and fish of course (No spinning rods – just poles with hooks and worms).

          Is that all simple enough for ya. LOL!!

          rg/lg – I am glad you are in our conversation


  12. Anarchrist says:

    Just to interject again on the subject of the marvellous world of DC (the man, not the city), I for one have absolutely no respect for the guy at all, he’s a fucking lizard (those eyes!) and I think he should be called out for what he most probably is: a psychopath.

    If any of you guys have the time for this documentary (1 hour), BBC iPlayer only lists for a few days after showing so get on it quickly. Forget the good vs. evil title, that’s just to get people to watch, it’s the oh-so-predictable conclusions that stand out, namely that psychos can do so well in this modern (sick) world of ours that we may as well be deliberately putting them in charge…

    • kulturcritic says:

      It tells me that I cannot watch it outside of UK. thanks anyway, AC.

    • Disaffected says:

      DC is surely pure evil. No boubt adout it. And in a twisted upside down world like ours, there’s actually something admirable about that, much as Hunter Thompson came to eventually embrace his arch enemy, the one and only Tricky Dickster himself. DC’s definitely going to be a towering figure in history in 100 years, if anyone’s actually still keeping track then that is.

      In the end, you simply have to admit a bit of grudging respect to anyone who so casually dismisses recurring bouts with serious heart disease that would have surely sent most of us to the sidelines. I HATE the man, his politics, and pretty much everything he stands for, but I’ve gotta admit he’s got a pretty big pair to stand for the things he does in flagrant violation of international law and to still remain active in the game totally unapologetically. Would be that our current Appeaser in Chief had the same gravitas. If he did, it’s very possible we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.


      • Disaffected says:

        >And in a twisted upside down world like ours, there’s actually something admirable about that, much as Hunter Thompson came to eventually embrace his arch enemy, the one and only Tricky Dickster himself.<

        Add: ", at whose teat the young DC cut his political teeth. Talk about like father, like son!"

      • kulturcritic says:

        I understand Cheney’s sense of invincibility; I carry around the same post-traumatic strength after 4 open heart surgeries, the first when I was only 6 years old.

  13. Disaffected says:

    Great essay here from Tomgram today:

    Let’s Cancel 9/11 – Bury the War State’s Blank Check at Sea

    Warning: Don’t read this one if your still all teary-eyed about 9-11 and it’s resulting consequences. (Truth in advertising: yours truly is FIRMLY in the “9-11 Truther” camp based on all I’ve read and heard since that fateful day.) Tom really lays it all on the line here. More than I’ve heard in all the years since, and certainly surprising – and gutty! – leading up to a day when most “traditional” Americans are no doubt going to be rabidly engaging in government propagandized “patriotism.” To wit:

    Let’s just can it all. Shut down Ground Zero. Lock out the tourists. Close “Reflecting Absence,” the memorial built in the “footprints” of the former towers with its grove of trees, giant pools, and multiple waterfalls before it can be unveiled this Sunday. Discontinue work on the underground National September 11 Museum due to open in 2012. Tear down the Freedom Tower (redubbed 1 World Trade Center after our “freedom” wars went awry), 102 stories of “the most expensive skyscraper ever constructed in the United States.” (Estimated price tag: $3.3 billion.) Eliminate that still-being-constructed, hubris-filled 1,776 feet of building, planned in the heyday of George W. Bush and soaring into the Manhattan sky like a nyaah-nyaah invitation to future terrorists. Dismantle the other three office towers being built there as part of an $11 billion government-sponsored construction program. Let’s get rid of it all. If we had wanted a memorial to 9/11, it would have been more appropriate to leave one of the giant shards of broken tower there untouched.

    Ask yourself this: ten years into the post-9/11 era, haven’t we had enough of ourselves? If we have any respect for history or humanity or decency left, isn’t it time to rip the Band-Aid off the wound, to remove 9/11 from our collective consciousness? No more invocations of those attacks to explain otherwise inexplicable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and our oh-so-global war on terror. No more invocations of 9/11 to keep the Pentagon and the national security state flooded with money. No more invocations of 9/11 to justify every encroachment on liberty, every new step in the surveillance of Americans, every advance in pat-downs and wand-downs and strip downs that keeps fear high and the homeland security state afloat.

    I COULD NOT HAVE EVER said it better!


  14. Disaffected says:

    The 9-11 festivities have begun!

    “Kid Rock” (WTF is THAT?) on the TV lead in to the NFL kickoff to USA hysteria posturing about “Born Free,” in front of an obscenely large stars and bars meant to whip the mentally incompetent into a suitably drunken hysteria.

    Fascism writ VERY large, with the greatly appreciated additional legacy lore of such witticisms as, “winning isn’t everything, it’s the ONLY thing.”

    Heil yes!


  15. Dave Jones says:

    The one strategic notion I picked up in this thread was vote Perry/ Bachman , a great plan on two levels. In a practical sense it ushers in the debacle quicker, gets it over with so we can move on (to whatever that is, NOT the “end of history”). On a discursive level it forces liberals/progressives to face the hollowed out, purely formal state of “democracy”. Or “politics”.

    But the task hasn’t changed since the last collapse: organize. Gather like minded individuals and theorize, strategize and act. Democracy is still a worthy, necessary (if impossible) goal but can never be attempted under capitalist social relations.


    • kulturcritic says:


      Yes, as my next thread indicates, Perry and Bachmann are the likely winners in next year’s beauty pageant. And they will usher in an apocalyptic moment, with ecstasy and rapture.

      To your second point. Small, like-minded groups are the best way forward for certain, but it is not just capitalist relations that make egalitarian social relations impossible. It is hierarchy that makes it impossible; capitalism merely representing the perfected form of hierarchical relations. Perfected, because it is relatively non-confrontational, and it holds out the possibility that YOU TOO can be counted among the elect if only you work hard enough for the man. (BTW – I never like using the term democracy any longer; it is now a meaningless word.) Capital provides the illusion that you can climb the ladder to the top, and indeed, if you are lucky, smart and lucky, you may do just that — but at whose expense, and how many suffer because you made it. All of this is not even to raise the issue of sustainability in a capitalist (constant growth) system.

      Glad to hear your voice again Troutsky.


      • Disaffected says:

        Hate to be a “nit-picker” (and this is in fact not a “nit-pick” AT ALL!), but capitalism IS NOT a “constant growth system”, it’s an EXPONENTIAL GROWTH system. That distinction is critical.

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