Walk Hard! Into Your Corporate Future (Conclusion)

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As DA concludes… the rest of the globe be damned, we will continue to live parasitically off the remaining resources of the galaxy, as long as the corporate elite keep answering the call. – kC

The End

Fittingly, at least from our perspective today, the Great Corporate Takeover of 2022, which established our current Corporate State of America – the CSA – was no big deal. The ground had been prepared for at least the previous 40 years by Democratic and Republican administrations alike, gradually transforming the then nominally democratic federal republic into the model of modern corporate efficiency it has become today. Roads, bridges, national parks, government buildings, and other vital infrastructure had suffered from first benign, then openly malignant neglect throughout that entire period, so when corporate interests finally stepped in and did what they do best, invest in the profitable and useful projects and pull the plug on the rest, the few remaining, now utterly despondent people wisely realized that complete governmental privatization was their only remaining hope. And as the mass die-off accelerated exponentially faster by the day, most accepted that the corporate mandate of sorting out winners and losers applied to them as well. The dead and soon to be dead were ushered out in the quickest and most humanely manner possible, given the admittedly deplorable conditions at the time. But the naïve idea that everyone could be saved regardless of personal abilities and circumstance was completely abandoned by even the mostly saintly of remaining souls, and the process of survival of the fittest had its way for once and for all. All of which led up to the crowning achievement of Obama’s final administration on July 4th, 2022: the signing of the Second Emancipation Proclamation, which declared all duly recognized corporate citizens to be free of the tyranny of democratic rule by the masses, and appointed them the first legally recognized emancipated citizens of the newly established and first of its kind in the history of human culture, Corporate State of America. My eyes still grow misty just imagining how great that day must have been.

The New Beginning

Radical as it seemed at the time, the new CSA represented little more than the formal recognition of a process that had been unfolding steadily for some time. Corporate scrip had been universally adopted among corporate citizens after the first financial shocks of the late ‘teens, so a new consolidated and fully digitized version was adopted based on combined corporate share values and simply beamed into corporate citizen bank accounts, available only to recognized corporate citizens through their then primitive corporate bank cards. Of course now, through the wonders of CIT (Cognitive Imaging Technologies) and the GSC (GoogleSoftCloud), all of that seems so grossly primitive, but it very effectively segregated the population of the time, nonetheless. Life moved on amazingly quickly and uneventfully from there, as corporate citizens began their gradual migration along the east coast to the inland high grounds along the Appalachians, where the flooding was less severe and the ever worsening climate a little more temperate. The coastal and mountain west was largely given up on altogether, although a few of the more entrepreneurial corporate interests of course staked out profitable claims along the front range of the Rockies, where the greater DenverPlex boomed much like the “wild-wild west” days of popular lore. The massive population reductions among the non-corporate indigenous humans proved to be amazingly non-eventful. Caloric reduction and lack of 1st world developed 20th century medical care took their toll amazingly quickly and with surprisingly little drama. Mass caloric deprivation had a pacifying effect on the few survivors and a palliative effect on the dying on their way out. The somewhat surprising effect over the next few decades was to produce a hearty, weed-like effect on their surviving populations, which resulted in the lean, muscular, efficient, yet completely docile domesticated indigenous feral humans – semi-affectionately dubbed Ferals, Feral Weeds, or just plain Weeds – which continues to serve our rather limited corporate labor and domestic help needs (most of which is now automated anyway in the name of precision and efficiency) today.

Life Goes On

Gradually, as the domesticated Weeds proved themselves to be such willing and capable corporate servants and the massive population reductions of the early 21st century began to stabilize at today’s efficient levels, a groundswell of concern and support for the domesticated Weeds wild relatives began to develop among corporate citizens. Largely confined to Corporate State established wildlife corridors, feral Weeds existed largely peacefully as migratory herds, hunting and foraging for their meager caloric intake, and generally gathering seasonally outside corporate enclaves to subsist on their leavings. As CIT technology was developed and deployed through existing satellite and UAV platforms, they were constantly monitored just like everyone else, although their cognitive capacities were of course understandably limited. Nonetheless, as corporate sensitivities developed, an Emancipation Outreach Program was eventually proposed and adopted. It provided nothing less than an organized, fully corporate sanctioned and approved path forward for deservingly proven Ferals to attain limited corporate citizenship. And thus was today’s immensely successful ‘Walk Hard!’ series born.

The Neuro-Tech Revolution, or How the Internet Adopted the Cloud and became the Hive

But before I go on, a word or two on the great technological leaps that have allowed us to continue on in the face of such monumentally life threatening events is in order. Bio-tech and nanoengineering technologies had already yielded enormous fruit prior to the constitutional breakup, but as the collapse proceeded in earnest and the smart money was pulled out of social programs, infrastructure investments, and even corporate sales to and national defense programs for the masses, most of whom clearly now weren’t going to make it through to benefit from them anyway, it began to flood into every manner of high-tech digital and bio-tech technology R&D source out there. The remaining national laboratories, most of which had been previously privatized in the ‘naughts, were expanded, modernized, and literally flooded with research grant dollars to facilitate lifesaving and enhancing technologies for the anointed corporate few who were deemed to be worth saving if worse came to worse. The results came immediately and were completely transformative.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – UAV or “drone” – technology, a gift from the early war years, was immediately transformed into a communications and surveillance bonanza; a virtual personal satellite network if you will. Combined with early corporate “smart cards” (such a quaint term in retrospect), they allowed the rudimentary early outline of GoogleSoft’s Cloud to grow to full fruition. Of course the so-called smart cards were little more than primitive personal identification information carrying devices, hardly more than amped up versions of the credit cards of the day. But as brain wave, and genetically driven bio and nano technologies exploded soon thereafter, the die was cast for our future. In quick succession the magic of electro/magnetic brain impulses/waves was decoded and translated, micro detection devices were developed and at first somewhat primitively implanted, which spurred further development in bio-micro detection devices in general, which spurred genetic research into implanting and growing, which spurred further research into microwave transmission of the instructions, and before you know it, by midcentury we had developed remotely initiated personal bio-computer “installations” for all authorized corporate citizens [Corporate fetuses, once they were deemed to be viable, were “beamed” the necessary coding instructions while still in the womb or in vitro as applicable, and the fully organic bio-computer simply grew and became a normal part of their brain thereafter.). All of which led to the replacement of the “personal computer” and the “internet” as you now know them, with the linked-in corporate citizen, who now became their very own personal computer, and the hive, which was now an interconnected and fully, albeit safety limited, interactive web of fully cognitive interactive corporate citizens. The effect was beyond transformative. It was nothing less than salvation itself.

The military, which had been largely disbanded in the 20s in favor of privatized corporate security firms, became virtually obsolete after totally interactive and immersive Cognitive Imaging Technology was developed. With Corporate Citizens safely and securely wired into the hive, no one needed to worry that anyone else was secretly planning them harm. Even without personal bio-computers, feral humans and the few non-corporate foreigners who managed to make their way into our daily lives were easily monitored as well. No, they didn’t have fully interactive access to the hive (their thoughts and experiences could be accessed, but they were not allowed to access others), but the brain waves themselves were easily decoded and monitored for security obvious security reasons, and then using a simple remote bio-feedback technique developed by NSA Technologies Group, a small but amazingly effective electronic surge could be applied to the appropriate neural synapses, instantly curbing the undesirable behavior, usually for good. Interestingly, the Weeds largely existed in a pastoral state of alpha wave nirvana, which made identifying, tracking, and correcting any wayward would-be criminal elements in their midst just all that much easier.

Walk Hard! For Your Corporate Citizenship

Unfortunately, for all its worry-free ease of life and creature comforts, life in the late 21st century lacked the rough and tumble excitement that had characterized earlier times, even with access to stored memory banks. Mass personal transportation had given way to the realities of global warming and resource shortages, now that the silliness of global dominance and exponential growth had finally been abandoned. With only a few million corporate citizens and a few million more Weeds sprinkled up and down the eastern and western coasts, the need to constantly travel in search of either personal or business related adventures had simply evaporated. Likewise, mass gatherings for professional sports events and other entertainment completely vanished as well, as even in the CSA, caloric efficiency was now at a premium. With CIT of course, sporting and entertainment events, many the archived memories of previous generations, were available, but “memories of memories,” (memories of past events, as opposed to memories of actual participants in events as they happened) just weren’t the same. Restiveness for something more authentic, more human, more PRIMAL thus persisted and grew within the population at large. Into this void stepped the annual Weed migrations, which were of course, just like everything else, being monitored closely anyway; and the idea of a path forward for Weed Emancipation for the most deserving in their ranks, all to be fully cognitively immersive experienced by the corporate masses, of course!

A few current day historians inevitably initially compared the event to a 1985 novel by famed writer Stephen King, which it certainly superficially resembled; but of course it was so much more than that, even right from the start. Apart from the obvious technological differences in execution, which were of course enormous, the Walk Hard! Series was conceived from the beginning as more of an interactive experience for the benefit of the corporate audience, than as an athletic event of skill for the benefit of its few winning participants. This was tacitly acknowledged by all. As the Ferals were herded along extremely rigorous courses at speeds and distances that were excruciatingly difficult to maintain, the corporate audience remotely viewing the experience from behind Feral eyes at home got to once again feel the exhilarating terror of being hunted from above, and for most, eventually violently snuffed out on the receiving end of a killer UAV ballistic strike. Winning Ferals were rightly lionized as conquering heroes and continue to hold an honorary place in corporate society for the rest of their days.

The Future

Where do we go from here? Global warming is still proceeding apace, although with our radically reduced populations and advanced technologies as we approach the dawn of the 22nd century, our corporate leaders have assured us we will all have a place in the long term business plan. Our cognitive reconnection with our Feral antecedents through the ‘Walk Hard!’ experience has made us whole again spiritually, even as we’ve all gained a new appreciation for the huge sacrifices they have made on our behalf. The Corporate State has truly been our salvation. May our CEO’s continue to look after us all with their characteristic wisdom and foresight, ensuring that we remain prosperous, profitable, and corporate compliant for the rest of our days.

34 Responses to Walk Hard! Into Your Corporate Future (Conclusion)

  1. the Heretick says:

    “Feel how the Greater Being Comes
    Rejoice and, in rejoicing, die
    Melt in the music of the drums
    For I am you and you are I.”

    Soma Holiday – G.O.L.(Gods of Luxury)

  2. Malthus says:

    After reading this and even if 10% of the scenario comes to past which when thinking about it, it already has. All I for one can only hope for a complete collapse of everything and a massive die off of the human species. We have squatted long enough on this planet to the detriment of every other living entity.

    • Disaffected says:

      Yeah, that’s kinda my take on it too, John Michael Greer’s admonitions notwithstanding. I tried to let my imagination run with this one and paint a picture of a future where we somehow came through calamitous times still somewhat intact. I can’t imagine it happening without a catastrophic population crash for one, and I can’t imagine it happening with us simply sliding back to simpler the technologies of yesteryear for two. We’ve came too far in the last 150 years to let go of all that absent a total collapse, and the huge wealth inequalities we see now will ensure that the elite among us will more than likely come through it much better off than the rest. AND, I think the poorest among us have already been mentally and psychologically conditioned to accept their fate when it finally arrives, much like the Jews under Nazi rule largely resigned themselves to theirs.

      • the Heretick says:

        JMG, OMG, there’s one in every crowd. while one cannot deny our species effect on the planet, we have done what we evolved to do, and we have done it extremely well.
        just picture an extremely clumsy giant, with a flamethrower, a giant flamethrower.
        however, i don’t think the poorest have been conditioned into acceptance, maybe the moderately well off have been …………….
        perhaps i have just mentally jettisoned any sort of judgement or qualms about conflict, or perhaps i have adjusted to reality, whatever, i know that there all sorts of rapacious malcontents and downtrodden here in this world we have created.

        in the extreme scenario you are envisioning? it’s the good old boys who may come to rule the world, they know how to hunt. in total collapse all the elites private security forces will eventually get the message, think Caligula and the Praetorian Guard.

        • Malthus says:

          The problem is that the only thing that will be left to hunt will be ourselves. Lets just hope the hunters will go after the elites first, and I am pretty sure the private security forces will be in on the hunt once they figure out the ones writing the checks are not their friends.

          • the Heretick says:

            True wisdom is only to be found far away from people, out in the great solitude,
            and it is not found in play but only through suffering. Solitude and suffering open
            the human mind, and therefore a shaman must seek his wisdom there.

            Igjugarjuk, Eskimo Shaman

          • the Heretick says:

            it’s an existential lesson, it will take an existential experience to achieve praxis.

            • Disaffected says:

              Damn HT! Going all Carlos Castaneda on us now?

              • the Heretick says:

                Renaissance man, for sure, for sure. Some say true knowledge can only be gained thru suffering, not necessarily true, however in some circumstances it is absolutely required.
                Our present situation, where the inertia is on the side of current technology, and the present social arrangement, i would not bet on change. It is when the status-quo regime is pleasing to the majority, whether the regime is conducive to positive results or not, that it falls upon the dis-possessed or marginal players to lead the way to gnosis.
                Such flowery language. I certainly hope you are suitably impressed.

                • Disaffected says:

                  Is that all a Castaneda quote, or is there another message I haven’t yet deciphered?

                  And I hope you’re not reading too much Castaneda either way. I haven’t followed him for years, but a Google search based on your earlier comments yielded this Salon piece, which caught me up on him pretty completely:


                  Turns out (surprise, surprise!), ol’ Carlos wasn’t all that he made himself out to be afterall.

                  But the suffering part? Yeah, true dat. Unfortunately, that’s not anything that anyone normally asks for. Nor is it anything that normally leads to societal change on any level for the better. PERSONAL change maybe, and granted, that’s where it all starts. But the idea that suffering per se, aka self-sacrifice, aka MARTYRDOM when applied to larger issues, is anything better than stupidity is just that, STUPIDITY.

                  • Malthus says:

                    Just read the Salon article DA and a couple of various phrases stand out. Clever Con Man, and a hoax. Although I for one think he had an interesting imagination. To bad the currant occupant in the White house can’t get past the clever con man and hoax and use some imagination.

                • Disaffected says:

                  Never quite figured this one out, but it evidently caught the favor of the biker crowd at least. Nice beat, nonetheless.

                • Disaffected says:

                  How it’s done:

            • kulturcritic says:

              Even… ontological in its foundation.

  3. kulturcritic says:

    Great ending DA! Great piece… expand it, and make it a novel!!! It is better than Howard K!

    • Disaffected says:

      Thanks! I was pleased with how it turned out. I made a concerted effort to let my imagination run with it and not self-edit. I think I need a little more work before I’m ready to write any novels, though, but never say never.

      • I agree that you should expand and elaborate in a novel. Very, very well done! Between the latest on the Global Warming front and the latest stunt of the US and UK fascist governments at Heathrow on Sunday, I found myself thinking as I read this installment, that your parody is not only not farfetched, but that I can expect events to continue unfolding in pretty much the same manner you envisioned.

        You know you’re in for a planetary merde storm when reality is continuously nipping at satire’s and parody’s heels…

        • Disaffected says:

          You know you’re in for a planetary merde storm when reality is continuously nipping at satire’s and parody’s heels…

          Ain’t that the truth? Reminds me of another of King’s themes, “The Langoliers.” For now, I think the expanded short story or novella would be the limit of my range, if that. Thanks.

  4. GF Sutton says:

    No Hyperloops or Helium 3 on the Moon to save us?
    Can’t we just plug our penises into the Zero Point Ether,
    and just keep on sucking like the good ole days?
    Can’t we all make like windmills
    and blow each other in circles?
    It’s not too late.

    Awesome DA, even better than part one.
    Though I was hoping for a crappier ending!
    Not to worry, reality will provide that.
    I want to always re-incarnate on prison planets.
    They have the best literature.

    The empire cares not for
    The sheeted dead,
    And would sooner compost them
    To poppies grow
    As ship their boxes home.

    —GF Sutton——-

    • Disaffected says:

      Sorry GF. It was a “veiled” crappy ending if you will. The last sentence in particular – May our CEO’s continue to look after us all with their characteristic wisdom and foresight, ensuring that we remain prosperous, profitable, and corporate compliant for the rest of our days. – was meant to be dripping with irony, which was pretty much the point of the whole piece in general, although I still consider this whole scenario to be at least minimally REALISTICALLY plausible.

      A stretch? Obviously, but all of these technologies are within our current reach IMO if the dice were to roll out just right. The question(s) from there obviously being, if we have to morph into some techno-hybrid humanoid species to survive our current misadventures, while simultaneously sacrificing the better part of the current 7B people currently alive in so doing, what will we have become in the process and will it all have been worth it? And as the story leaves off, where will it go from there? And taking the long view, that’s perhaps the most important question of all. Even assuming some significant portion of the current “gen pop” manages to survive the coming socio/economic/environmental meltdown, WHAT THEN?

      And most of all, I liked the fact that this piece so successfully connected future humans’ fate with that of the animals that we so presumptuously “rule” over, right down to the pejorative terms, an idea I didn’t start out with consciously when I began writing at all. In fact, the whole thing felt as close to “automatic writing” as anything I’ve ever done (Even thought of throwing in a reference to that effect, but rejected it as being just a little too obvious). Might be the easiest thing I’ve ever wrote.

      • Phlogiston Água de Beber says:

        DA, I no buy the story line, but your writing deserves praise. Putting together a comment has been anything but easy for me.

        IMHO, a realistic appraisal of the potential for your scenario might begin with a look at the reaction of the speculator class to even a hint by Ben Dover Bernanke that QE might not continue forever. Certificates of corporate ownership were well on their way to being useful for asswiping until Ole Ben hastily announced he didn’t mean it. It certainly appears that at this point corporations are legally fictional dead persons walking. While soaking up the following informational video, one should try to keep in mind that skimming loot is the corporate raison d’etre.

        In case anyone missed the news, a big section of the pit wall in the Bingham Canyon mine collapsed a few weeks ago. It of course took out the road, making the pit floor inaccessible. His description of the current ore grade explains why Kennecot announced it would take several months just to decide whether to try reopening the mine. Ben Dover can buy trash until the chickens come home to roost. What he cannot do is shit high grade copper.

        • Disaffected says:


          You’re admirably focused on the present, while I was intentionally blurring my focus and imagining a fictional possible future (and not a good one, at that). I think that’s my best possible contribution at this point, as I, like you, am almost relentlessly focused on the negative of our current situation. And for GOOD REASON for the most part!

          Nonetheless, I’ve found that I simply MUST find SOMETHING to be positive about these days, even if it means writing “positivist/negativist” (or is it “negativist/positivist?”) blog posts such as this to exorcise my demons.

          But once again, this post WAS NOT meant to be taken literally, nor was it meant as an endorsement on my part in any shape, manner or form for the future that it portrayed. It’s very possibly A NIGHTMARE as far as I’m concerned, but then again, I’m ALSO willing to consider that some future version of myself 75-100 years hence might consider that same nightmare to be primitively unfounded and naive.

      • the Heretick says:

        i see some parallels here with a lot of futuristic fiction, for instance.
        in Brave New World there were World Controllers
        (working from memory here, so give me a break, it’s A Separate Reality)
        also, in The Savages time they maintained the Reservations, where the Savage came from.
        in The Hunger Games the Capitol was obviously either Denver or an expansion of Cheyenne Mountain.
        oh, not to forget, in Brave New World they worshiped Our Great Ford .
        in THX1138 the workers had implants by which they could be controlled.

        who knows? could be fairly accurate, with a greatly reduced population there could be energy to run all these gadgets you speak about. maybe in 200 years people will speak in reverent tones of the Great DA, who foresaw the Great Incorporation, Blessed be His Name.

        cue the Heavenly Chorus.

        • Disaffected says:

          Parallels there were aplenty, as I meant them to be. I’m nothing if not derivative at this point. As to accuracy? Didn’t really even have that remotely in mind. This was purely an explorative and imaginary exercise, and nothing more. Not that any of this couldn’t necessarily turn out to be accurate…

  5. the Heretick says:

    continuation of above. Castaneda’s trickery has been known about for some time, he didn’t sit well with me even 30 years ago. however, if personal suffering can lead to growth, then cannot societal suffering lead to societal change? not saying the change will be for the better mind you.

    my contention is that with the psychology of previous investment our society will not change w/o suffering, too many people have too much riding on it. Sandy’s imagery regarding Prometheus is apropos, we’ve been playing with fire, quite literally; you play with fire, you might get burned.

    locusts and wild honey for dinner tonight!!!

    • kulturcritic says:

      Leave it to american hippie chicks with nothing to do to become followers, and all for a chance to become conscious. What we in the West have done, and continue to do. I read Castaneda as well, along with much of the other literature I devoured in college and grad school… but I never thought, gee I should go off and follow this guy. I never thought it was ethnography in any event. I took at as hallucinogenic insights.

      • Disaffected says:

        Me too. I never even realized that he was actually trying to pass his stuff off as literal truth. Although, from what I read on him, he sounded more like an “impish prankster,” if such can be said about someone who’s also growing tremendously rich on his impish pranksterism. Maybe more of an opportunistic capitalist huckster/prankster? Unfortunately, for his historical legacy at least, he’d have a lot of company in that pursuit.

        • the Heretick says:

          yeah, or a sexist pig, and i’m not prone to saying things like that. i took all of Castaneda’s stuff with a grain of salt, think i made it halfway thru Journey to Ixtlan.
          i found Alan Watts much more interesting, the stretching exercises of yoga i liked, more than any deep meditation.

    • Disaffected says:

      Real personal suffering is the shit you have no choice but to do when you genuinely don’t want any part of it AT ALL for ANY REASON. The path of self-denial and abstinence in search of “enlightenment” is chock full of false prophets, ALL of whom wished they’d never undertaken it in the first place. As the popular book title admonishes us: if you meet the Buddha on the road, KILL HIM!

      And like you say HT, the coming change (like all change in general) may well not be for the better. That’s for future generations to decide.

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