Iran To Mexico For An Arabian Night In America

Dominorum Christianorum

It seems clear now, that fear has indeed been the underlying theme of the American Republic (Regime/Empire).  As those more astute than I have recently pointed out; it began with fear of the Church, sending untold numbers of pilgrims to our shores seeking sanctuary; then it became fear of the indigenous populations, the American Indians.  So we decimated them.  Then came fear of the British; we expunged them: fear upon fear, enemy upon enemy.  Blacks, Japanese, Mexicans, all were grist for our fear mill.  The Russians (Soviets) of course led to a century long fear mongering among our populace.  Then, after the fall of the Iron Curtain, the wonderful Axis of Evil – Iraq, Iran, North Korea, to which was added shortly thereafter, Cuba, Libya and Syria – was invented to reignite the fear that would keep the people in line and behind the aggressive war-mongering of the State.

And, as the wheels are now coming off the bus, the fear mongering continues; the OTHER must be stopped.  So, with America facing its own crises (financial, economic, social) with internal rebellions sprouting (OWS and its diverse offshoots), our overseers have invented another boogeyman scenario to rebuild our fear of THEM and get the populace back in line.

We were told this week that the CIA had uncovered a plot by an Iranian-American to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the USA on American soil.  And, the plot, so described, is right out of a Hollywood script.  This Iranian-American terrorist was seeking out another terrorist, a Mexican mafia drug lord (wouldn’t you know it), to blowup a restaurant in DC, killing this Saudi diplomat.  Now why would an Islamic terrorist act like that?  It seems quite ineffective and too complex.  More like what a diss’d housewife from Peoria might do to kill her roaming husband.  I mean, we know that these guys prefer to strap-on the old explosive gel and do the job themselves for the greater glory.  However, even that seems a bit far-fetched when you just want to knock-off one guy.  Just get your saber out and cut his head off like in the good old days.  But, hey, the CIA knows they have a gullible jackass in the big house, and they could convince him to believe this fairytale.  So he gets up and rattles his own saber on television.  And the whole world knows: 1) America is laying the groundwork of fear to ignite a new war, and 2) we are seeking to get our hands on more of that black crude to keep our own fairytale life going a bit longer.

It would seem to me that here we go again, thrusting the Axis of Evil out there for our collective imagination to justify aggression.  Of course, first it will start with sanctions against the ENEMY, and then it will lead to a buildup of military might in the Persian Gulf.  Words will be exchanged, and then we will throw down the gauntlet.  Then the fireworks will begin, and the world will be at war to satisfy our bloodthirsty craving for oil and world domination, and further execution of the Dominorum Christianorum   

And while US authorities describe the Iranian plot as serious but amateurish, we are certain American thugs could have done a more professional job; as they have so many times in the past.  In fact, did not the USA (along with its good buddy Britain) orchestrate an illegitimate and bloody coup d’état against the Iranian national hero, Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh and his nationalist cabinet in 1953 in Iran? Of course we did. Together with Britain, Uncle Sam overthrew a democratically elected Prime Minister who had only recently nationalized the Iranian oil industry, previously under control of the British company AIOC (a remnant of British imperial interests in Iran). The coup effectively turned a constitutional monarchy into an authoritarian regime under the Shah until he was finally overthrown in February 1979.

And, of course, here we go again with the “fear and trembling” rant about terror, a full-throated rant meant to rally the American sheeple around the flagpole yet one more time.  It was reported that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke Wednesday of a “dangerous escalation” of what the U.S. claims is an Iranian pattern of franchising terror abroad.  Funny, I thought it was some other BIG country that was franchising terror abroad.  And, as a matter of precedent, it has been suggested by at least one expert, Gareth Porter, that such a plot does not fit with  the Iranian special forces (Quds) behavior at all.

Furthermore, as Gareth Porter goes on to explain, there is evidence from FBI/CIA records to suggest that the meetings between this Iranian-American and the DEA informant (thought to be a Mexican drug dealer) in June and July were for the purpose of selling Iranian-held opium to a Mexican drug cartel, and that the DEA informant led this unwitting Iranian-American down a path (or with CIA urging, simply invented) a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador.  But there are no quotes within the FBI/CIA records suggesting that the Iranian-American ever made such a suggestion or request, or represented himself in this regard.  It appears, at this juncture, that the whole thing was an invented FBI sting intended to strengthen the Empire’s hand against Iran, as the walls continue to close in on our libidinous party.  And that a man looking to unload opium from home for a big payday in hard times, got jacked-up and fucked (deliverance style) in the process.  This is a very smelly kettle of fish; and, Nobama Obama just stuck his big fat toe in there to show us he ain’t afraid of no Muslims.

If you stop for just a moment folks and look at the pile of shit that this nation is continuing to create for itself and the world, and you see the discomfort both in the populace and the politicians, you get a real sense that the end is near.  But the charades and the kabuki will not end until the fat-lady sings, I am afraid.

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  1. B Miller says:

    Remember the old Farside cartoon by Larson? There was a classic one where in the middle of a flock of sheep one animal, standing on his hind legs, says: “Hey, we don’t have to be just sheep”.

    We were talking just last night about what the decline of militant labor and an organized left in this country means. And, by militant I refer to the grand traditions of the IWW and the CIO; the Molly Maguires and all the heroic wildcatters. Men and women who could carry out organizing for a better future for themselves while risking the most horrific repression and not be deterred.

    Or the left of old; whether we speak of the native born socialists, the communists, the anarchists of all stripes, the communalists, the new left, etc. All left us with mixed message about the “ends”. But with the “means” they used they left us with a strong tradition of not “being just sheep”.

    The OWS crowd face trying to organize an opposition to the system that is destroying our planet within a current culture that has no links to or weakened knowledge of these older traditions. One could say, great! They won’t be hidebound by discredited ideologies. But, it is not so much the ideolgies as the methods and tactics of mass resistance that are needed.

    I personally feel that the ship has been launched and nothing can stop the slow slide into the harbor. But, it would be nice to see some shoulders leaning into the fight to slow the decent.

    Well, I think the above, inspired by your nice post, is to state that we no longer have a memory of resistance in this country to fight the lies and distortions of an empire. And that my friend is a scarry place to be. So, bring on the new war, same as the old war.

    • kulturcritic says:

      Miller – I can’t agree with you more. The only question that remains; would there be any method or tactics of resistance that could be successful against this machine? I am afraid not. Certainly, more aggressive tactics would at least bear the fangs of the tiger and show the world that our dictator is no different than theirs. But, even the most radical move, one that would forcibly seek to overthrow the regime, would simply result in a new boss, ame as the old boss. Just look at Egypt for a recent example. The system is designed to maintain disequilibriums in power and socio-economic prestige. It even happend with those “commies” in the Soviet Union. Overthrow of the Czar got them Joseph and company.

    • Disaffected says:


      Excellent post. And you’ve hit on the crux of it as well. We’ve already degenerated to the point where political and/or actual physical martyrs are going to be required to turn the ship of state around. Never a good situation to be in if you purport to be the “flagship of freedom and democracy,” never mind the world’s undisputed economic and military hegemon.

      War? Yes indeed. For those who are young and economically dependent – which means about 99% of the current world population – you’d better prepare yourself. All of which is only even a moderate surprise for those of us living in the first world west – specifically, the United States of America. The rest of the world, “conniving little rascals” that they are, have long since figured it out the HARD WAY! THEY’VE LIVED IT!

      It’s damn funny to listen to American political/academic elites theorize about what “might happen” regarding this or that, even as the real world results have already been inflicted on “third world” populations in the name of “economic efficiency,” and duly ignored altogether.

      When all scores are finally settled, don’t be surprised when the good ol’ USA comes out on the short end of the stick – nuclear weapons notwithstanding. Indeed, never was a more “big prick” EVER in need of deflating than now.


  2. John T says:

    The demise of organized labor has neutered all resistance to the demands of the state and its corporate partner. The long story of how unions lost so much power in this country is littered with tales from the media which support a more general sense of helplessness among the kind working class, such as how unions once had their place before child labor laws and how we have progressed to a kinder more gentle corporate culture. You don’t need no stinking unions boy, get to work!

    All the while the off-shoring to the third world and the exploitation of millions workers continues as our corporatist military establishment resorts to war or the threat of war to divert the attention of the masses. We wake up as we have recently to a very gloomy future, one that threatens the loss of the safety net, steady state war, no meaningful employment, and what work that is available is at Mcwages.

    Sure, there is little fight left in us. Will we be able to turn the ship around as our grandparents did in the 30’s when their world resembled this mess? It seems as though the whole world gets the drift of whats happening to them and are starting to fight back. Eventually even the lowest paid workers in the most far away sweat shops will know they are being had. Can we hope for a global revolution of the working class? Or is piece meal reform possible?


    Just a rant from an old labor activist, thanks for stirring up thought process this morning folks.


    • kulturcritic says:

      John – My cynicism says here is no turning it around; a few, well heeled BIG mouths are feeding from the trough, and leaving nothing on the table. They will not allow this thing to be touched until the final field goal is made.

      Peace to you and all of us, my friend.

    • Disaffected says:

      John T,

      The US has the most to lose, and thus, will be the last to “fall.”

      Labor in the US will continue to hold on to the illusion that they too are part of the “American Dream,” at least until the last of them realize that they aren’t. That time’s rapidly approaching.

      When it does, LOOK OUT! Asymmetric (roughly, totally unanticipated) collapses are TRULY a bitch! IMO, we’re on the verge of JUST such a collapse as we speak.


  3. John Bollig says:


    This smells like dead fish. The owsers still have no clue and real true reform will never happen because the charade is really effective. However, We need to prepare for the end. All of this iran crap is a cover for an Nobama reelection campaign. Nobama realizes that his goose is cooked. Republicans are not going to let him get any chance to get a jobs bill thru the house or even the senate. So, here comes plan B. Find a nation that we hate, i.e. Iran and create a gulf of tonkin type of incident. Do the math, Sandy. We are in the last 1 to 3 years of cheap oil. The chinese are buying assets all over the place trying to tie up the last few unspoken for oil reserves. The EU is screwed and with nuclear power discredited, even my french friends are positively depressed about their energy prspects. The only major player with proven energy reserves is the new russian empire in europe. You will see russian troops in central europe as soon as 2013- 2015. Western Europe will fade into oblivion and in short few years, will disolve into small city states or chaos. We as I have said have a 1-3- 5 year window to get our lives in order. If you want to go on vacation or to make a luxury purchase, do it now. This may indeed be the last chance any of us will ever see the fading glory of the empire of america. The electrical grid has already started to collapse. Power outages are already becoming more and longer. Even the polyannas in our communities are waking up and smelling something fishy. They don’t quite know what to do but they are really certain about the fear that is gripping their communities. Fear is the one thing that will propel a revolution. The fear is climbing and will accelerate in the coming months and scared desprate people will do anything to keep the status quo to save their skins against the horrible fate to which they surely will face if they don’t.

    • Disaffected says:


      On most of the sites I visit this one has been debunked already. Thanks anyway. That said, the value of DISINFORMATION was perhaps clearly on display here, where government agents put out patently false bullshit into the public realm with the sure knowledge that a significant amount of the population would be too stupid/misinformed/lazy to refute it anyway.

      It has to be reassuring to know that the people you’re lying to aren’t paying attention either way, other than to tacitly swallow the “official party line.”

      Of such, dictatorships are made.


  4. rg the lg says:

    Others … fear as a historic theme to describe a less mythic history … a CIA / FBI plot … the collapse of the unions …

    Hey! Has anyone thought about one of the most sinister pigs in the poke? Uh-murriKKKans seem to resent unions, right? Well, ever wonder why they resent unions? Think about this … the unions that always seem to gobble up press space are those operated for athletes … those entertainer / gladiators Uh-murriKKKans pay big bucks to watch. Somehow (me a cynic?) the face of the unionist is no longer workers … the schmucks who live above minimum wage in middle class homes … but the uber-athletes in the big three sports, football, basketball and (especially) baseball who try to make what their ‘owners’ make. That is the common face of unions … or teachers with their summers off … or people who work in governmental service agencies that enforce the plethora of laws, regulations, edicts, et al, of the bureaucratic state here at the end of the current empire. In sum, people with actual faces we can resent.

    The result? Unions are viewed as a problem. It isn’t the owners who now control the means of all communication … it is the bureaucrat and the athlete who are now ‘union’ in the minds of the so-called average Joe.

    So, now it is they, those greedy athletes and bureaucratic low level guys we see on a daily basis, that have become the face of the union. The unions opposed to not getting a piece of the pie. And to what effect?

    There is no real voice, except frustrated OWSers who will eventually be blamed for civil disobedience that is a result of being pushed into a corner and trying to simply leave (think Kent State). The consequence, along with the threat of the current evil other … now explicitly Iran and some Mexican drug dudes trying to make a killing on the Uh-murrikkkan addictions … will be a thorough discrediting of both the OWSers and the Iranians … BOTH countries with what we crave for our national addiction: oil.

    This is NOT about some Saudi diplomat … this is not about anything more than the oligarchs controlling the what will become viewed as the dialog about the reality.

    So, what is a chump to do? Rant in a blog … at least we can find some people with a similar feeling of … dread? sadness? Ok, … fear that our party, too, is over … that without intending to we are both part of the reality and complicit.

    • kulturcritic says:

      Right Rg/Lg – It is about controlling the public dialogue, and building consensus among the would-be adults to nail those fuckers before they mess with Uncle Sam again. It serves a dual purpose, getting the dialogue off the OWSers, thereby reuniting the populace onto a worthier, more noble cause (demonstrating american superiority), and second, it provides cover for an invasion further into the Persian Gulf and access to the oil there.

    • Disaffected says:

      Rg the Lg,

      Never discount ranting in a blog. It’s one of the TRUE freedoms we have left, and one many of our forebearers would have LITERALLY died for. You do it well, so don’t discount that either.

      Keep the faith my RG, you fucking LG! You’re part of a larger puzzle that we don’t yet understand, so just buck up like the rest of us and await our (inevitable) ending. Hopefully, there will be closure then.

      But then again, who the fuck really knows?

      I drink myself (it’s one of the few legal pleasures left). And you?


  5. john patrick says:

    Hi Sandy.

    The intro got me thinking about fear. What it is. And why it will always be with us, like poverty, and war. These things were dealt with a couple thousand years ago. And here we are. Not much has changed except more techno to slay a dragon, defined by our individual/collective fear.

    One thing I’ve realized over the years, is that fear cannot create. Anything done in the realm of fear (or hungry ghosts), is a copy/paste affair at best. With dissolution baked into the cake.

    As far as the “protests” go… Few protested on the way up to this peak (or down to the valley, depending on how you look at it.) And now that we are at a place not our liking, someone/thing must be blamed. Which is why nothing will change. Because true change comes from within and quite naturally repaints the surroundings.

    Anyway. Peace. Thank you for the article and imagery. Quite unique.

    • kulturcritic says:

      You are welcome, John Patrick. And, all I can add is that we would need an awful lot of paint the recover this fuckin mess!! LOL

      • john patrick says:

        I agree. It is a ****ing mess. And, to re-cover is only adding one more layer to a role-model of existence that has never worked. I do think it is important to cultivate inner strength for what is coming down the pike. As much as I and others like to prepare, one cannot put the entire world in a backpack to cover all the possibilities. But a few things are important–awe and respect for what goodness we have around us. And then build on that. How can one fix the past? The essence that energized it is dead. It’s like trying to solve a problem using time-travel or alternate realities 🙂

        Then again. Is “it” a problem to be fixed?

        Put ten angels around a tree and it’s just a matter of time before one of them smacks another with a stick. Perfection can be awful boring. Consider that the problem has been fixed, or the perfect arrived, then what? After 10,000 years (or a couple weeks) somebody gets smacked. And it starts again…

        Which may be why the old saying, “Blessed are the peacemakers” was not stated as, “Blessed are those that have arrived at peace.” This “making” stuff is awful troublesome. If we can just agree to wrestle and not shoot, i think we’ll have accomplished a great thing.

        Is 10 am too early for a glass of wine?

  6. Dave Jones says:

    What is this, pessimists anonymous? C’mon boys ,chin up! When the goin gets crazy, the crazy get goin! Rather than crawling into a cave somewhere with a five year supply of toothpaste let’s get our rage on and help these kids out. I’ve been in the street all week (here in America) and yes, it is frustrating, reformers and new agers and Truthers and the whole deal. But WTF? We bitched cause no one was upset and when folks get upset we bitch cause it’s too little too late.

    What is a union? It’s a group of people organized to fight something. What’s wrong with a community union fighting injustice (as they perceive it) ? I’m an old Wobbly and one thing we did was organize anybody and call them a ‘worker’. Tramps, convicts, unemployed, whatever. Everybody labors at something. Is it the Left? Feels pretty left but we also got natives and homeless and hippies and they are losing their fear hour by hour.

    PS I don’t see us invading Iran, a sure fire way to never get the oil. They are a rook in the Great game.

    • john patrick says:

      “When the goin gets crazy, the crazy get goin!”

      Gotta’ love it. Nicely said!

    • kulturcritic says:

      Dave – I have no problem with resistance; I think it is healthy, if nothing else. The question that remains for me: what are the potential outcomes, and what is resistance trying to achieve. The usual answers seem to come down to fixing the system, maybe overhauling some programs, putting a few guys in jail, redistributing some of the wealth; but then what. We are still left with the SYSTEM, and someone is running it; the hierarchy is in place, and workers are still slaves… perhaps more highly paid, but wage slaves nevertheless. And if it is not a Stalin or Amin at the helm, it is someone softer and gentler, like Obama or Carter, but it is still the system. OK, you say, lets get $$ out of politics and make it a real democracy; to which I would counter, any system that institutionalizes power in hierarchy can never be a democracy. Power hierarchies are anathema to an egalitarian society. We must look back, before such institutions to find real egalitarian arrangements, in pre-civilized H/G bands and very early neolithic villages. In short, what we have now are entrenched systems of hierarchy that will not be brought down by a few uppidy slaves. The examples in history and today are numerous.

      • john patrick says:

        If the gov’t gave everyone $50K, would the protesting go away? Just wondering if money can buy happiness. For awhile…

        • Disaffected says:


          For awhile at least, yes it would. That is indeed the MMT’ers prescription for happiness, which I don’t entirely disagree with.

          In a society that pays allegiance to money, yes indeed, that would, by definition, make us better off, at least in the short run.

          The better question is, what would that do for us in the “long run,” aka by definition any time frame economically “undefinable?”

          And the answer is? No one knows, since the economic “long term” has never been precisely defined.

          In short, economics, aka the new “official religion,” HAS no answers.

          And neither does, by proxy, global capitalism. Welcome to the NEW state, the FAILED state. Unfortunately, same as the OLD state, albeit with a debt financed new coat of paint.

          – When the people finally realize the true depth and scope of their ultimate ass-fucking, they will also realize for the first time the true desperation of their situation, and merely roll over and reply “give it to me one more time hard” in reply. People, as ever, will be sheep. –


          • john patrick says:

            Hey DA.
            I have my doubts about any “movement.” Been reading about jubilee for debts, etc.. but I don’t think many realize that a forgiveness of debts also includes forgiveness of future entitlements owed to them. To have it only one-way, makes the 99% just like the 1%.

            It’s like giving the slaves new clothes. Still a slave.

            Unless one is master of their own destiny (regardless of money), they will be a slave to someone else’s agenda. So the choice becomes: Captain of your own ship. Or, slave on another. Captain takes big risk and can lose it all but is able to set the destination and begin anew when failure occurs. The slave does one thing: rows a boat to a destination unknown.

            That’s why I see much of this as a behavior issue. Without an underlying change in behavior, it just doesn’t matter how much glitter you put on a lead suit. It doesn’t matter what “ism” or “cracy” we fight for. That’s why (i think) the perfect “path/way” for anyone, is always at hand. Or, behind the eyes.

            Time will tell, eh…

          • kulturcritic says:

            DA – I don’t know if it is fair to paint all people as being sheep “as always”. I think it may be a learned trait. But, I think more importantly, perhaps we should define our metaphor “sheep.” When I used that term in the post, I was thinking about mindlessly following some leader or principal because of his (her) ranking in a hierarchy. But, that is just an initial thought.

            • Disaffected says:

              OK kC,

              But I have to add, I’m less than sympathetic with the whole “I don’t think it’s fair to paint/generalize…” argument these days (nor have I ever been). WE ALL generalize when arguing over big picture issues out of logical necessity, and we humans seems to be otherwise disposed to the same in making our points even on local issues as well. And it’s not an altogether bad habit either!

              Generalizations actually DO apply most generally, and actual humans DO intuit big picture facts rather well most of the time, at least absent the influence of the global fun house mirror lie factory. As the economists say (gotta love ’em!): NO ONE has access to perfect knowledge (although they assume it anyway in most cases).

              I find this argument to be a favorite of the “I don’t know for sure what’s wrong with your argument, but this accusation’s a sure-fire trump card, so let me play it,” crowd. And needless to say, I despise them.

              Thanks for this allowing this unpaid for semi-political diatribe.

              As Always,


  7. Disaffected says:


    Agreed. Is not the answer to then somehow find a way to consign the master and the slave to a mutual, and thus equally beneficial/disadvantageous fate? And ultimately, to eliminate the pejorative terms master and slave altogether?

    As Sandy’s blog asserts, are not hierarchical systems themselves, with their top-down mentality, inherently at fault here?

    Tribalism first, followed by feral “ism” if anyone remains. Personally, I have my doubts that we’ll get to either of the last two…

    But I’ll admit, I’m not sure about much of anything these days.


    • Brutus says:

      Disaffected sez:

      I’m not sure about much of anything these days.

      That’s a good starting point. It’s also (sadly and ironically) the endpoint.

      The subject post and ensuing discussion are, as always, mixed and fraught. If the original theme was conflict between self and other, the discussion became nominally about horizontal and vertical structures (egalitarianism and hierarchy). Behind it all are several fundamental assumptions about the truth of human social organization, which floats around in abstract head space while the practical effects proceed in their blind, omnicidal fury. I can’t deal with it all in a few paragraphs, so let me comment briefly on vertical structures.

      Many of our modern coping mechanisms, though born in antiquity, are attempts to assuage the pain of alienation following in the wake of recognition of separation (self vs. other). Myth and religion began there, and vertical structures in politics and economics are roughly analogous to the vaulted ceilings, spires, and steeples of the Romanesque church. Reaching and pointing skyward was a feeble attempt to reconnect and regain communion with god (nature, actually), though their ritual and gestural value was oddly effective. Elevating military heroes, politicians, business leaders, and celebrities (entertainers) is an echo of that ubiquitous desire for reintegration, and earthly icons have the advantage of being among us (more approachable) rather than in the sky.

      But hierarchical structures eventually become fixed and forbidding, like church architecture, which is to say they become institutionalized. They also represent unscalable heights for most men, and those who do manage to ascend often become the others we fear and resent, especially considering that once atop the hierarchies, they have the nasty habit of pulling up the ropes and ladders behind them and staring down balefully at the rabble below. The hardening of our social arrangements (for now at least) also forestalls the embrace of paradox and flow that would resolve some of the self/other alienation. Criticisms of the OWSers’ lack of clear demands typically assume a program to repair cracking plaster, broken shingles, and leaking foundations, but the latent power behind the movement may well be its refusal (thus far) to define itself, using instead an improvisational approach most discomfiting to traditional hierarchies.

      • kulturcritic says:

        Brutus – I think you are right. The lack of clear demands frightens the hierarchy!

      • john patrick says:

        “pulling up the ropes and ladders behind them…”

        Thanks, Brutus. Good writeup.

      • Disaffected says:


        Good stuff, if a little “flighty” for my tastes. Bottom line: while the OWSers surely don’t represent the end game, they surely DO represent the BEGINNING of the end game. Bethlehem, the Beast, marching, and all that…

        If I was anyone living in the “first world west” about now, especially if I was one of those considered a part of the “global” class (and I’m BARELY one of them), I would be SWEATING BULLETS about now. But that’s just me.

        The coming collapse ain’t gonna be nice and it ain’t gonna be fair. “The people” will eventually be heard, one or way or another. And having brought all “those people” into the world via the fruits of global capitalism (nominally, as “consumers” at the lower wrung), it’s now time to pay the costs for such a decision, through increased social costs to support the debt-indentured poor.

        But of course, global capitalism has NEVER been about assuming the costs for it’s own destruction, has it? DESTROY/WRITE OFF the unproductive assets the capitalists say, and let’s move on to a better day! Let capital – like water – seek it’s own level, and let’s all prosper on the rising tide!

        Fine. Except now we all now know that’s a lie. Capitalists, like the socialists before them, are EVERY BIT AS CORRUPT AND THEN SOME! The “hands on the scale” factor in run-amuck capitalist societies is EVEN MORE of a threat to civil liberties, inasmuch as the inherent assumption is that that’s NOT the case.

        Bottom line: what’s our ESSENTIAL threat? Drum roll please…


        Thank you,

        My name is DA!

  8. Martin says:

    A semi-off-topic item if possible note:

    Not only do we have news of this months-old Iran-Mexicartel-Saudi (WTF?) thingie suddenly popping up, but sometime over the past several days the Pres also quietly announced the deployment of a hundred (or so) ‘combat-ready advisers’ to central Africa. To what purpose? Nobody seems to know….

    I quit trying to keep score quite awhile back, but I’m convinced now more than ever that the ‘Game’ is up. Probably a good thing.

    Check out the term “Inverted Totalitarianism” in Wikipedia.

    Got a new bottle of passable Merlot mellowing in the kitchen – guess I’ll go have a taste. Or two…

    • rg the lg says:

      As a former wine-maker … mine was passable … never quite ‘good enough’ …

      I have yet to meet a true Merlot that was less than passable … except in a dry year. Sugar in wine grapes requires asininely HIGH sugar, and sugar comes as much from the moisture in the air as in the ground. (At least, that is my 2 cents worth)

      Regarding Central Africa? Who knows … probably not the policy makers … and the grunts who were sent … are going to be kept clueless. It is never a good idea to tell them the real agenda. They’d flip you off and go home …

      Oh, wait, that was before the empire dismantled the draft, and professionalized the army …

      • Martin says:

        rg, you are right on with regard to wine in general and Merlot in particular. Frankly, I prefer Zinfandel but I find that Merlot is more reliable on the palate in the face of a very limited budget for such indulgences.

        Not to demean the Troops, but the term ‘professional army’ is a misnomer, in my opinion, simply because only a few of the Troops consider the military to be a lifetime career (unless, of course, they are killed while on duty, then I suppose it is, sad to say). And the ‘official’ draft still exists, but is lying dormant while the ranks are being more-or-less filled by young people who find the military to be their only choice for employment these days.

        Clearly, the only ‘professional army’ out there consists of the thugs who are employed by Xe (formerly Blackwater) and others of its ilk. But if it helps get the thugs off the domestic streets, then I suppose its a good thing….

    • Disaffected says:

      “Not only do we have news of this months-old Iran-Mexicartel-Saudi (WTF?) thingie suddenly popping up, but sometime over the past several days the Pres also quietly announced the deployment of a hundred (or so) ‘combat-ready advisers’ to central Africa. To what purpose? Nobody seems to know….”

      War… No comment.


  9. rg the lg says:


    At the end of the empire, isn’t everything a misnomer?

    The recruiters for the imperial troops are busy.
    They are delighted that so many of our HS kids drop out of college … mostly because they lose scholarships and can ill afford to go on their own. It is a fertile field for recruiting … and the lies … even when the kids are told.

    Worse, each of the services spends a fortune every year enticing teachers to attend summer ‘workshops’ about their services … and now the recruiters have teachers recruiting for them.

    The one area where the military recruiters are running into a brick wall in terms of recruitment is in the gang you’d normally expect would be ripe for exploitation: kids in credit recovery and non-attendance in day school. I think it is simply because this group has been lied to so often, they believe no one. I work with them … and they do well when the BS is low …

    Ah well, enjoy the Merlot. I wish I could indulge, but sulfites cause headaches … and I hate to have my head hurt. (Well, hurt from sulfites … other causes excepted …)

  10. kulturcritic says:

    Thought some might enjoy the music video

    I will look for good translation. sandy

    • Ivy Mike says:

      Questions, questions….

      Got the translation of the Russian singer?

      What movie is this?

      Wow, that was captivating, even if I didn’t understand 99% of it!

      • kulturcritic says:

        Mike – bad google translation below; original below that. Hopr it helps!! sandy

        You know, because I want to live
        Enjoy the sunrise purple
        Live simply love
        All who live close to you.

        You know, because I want to live
        Waking up with you at dawn
        Take and coffee brew
        While still asleep everything.

        You know, because I want to live
        How not to write in the newspaper
        Take and gave away all
        Live to remember the children.

        You know, because I want to live
        The moment you run over
        Stand up and announce to all:
        “I will return, even if the profits.”

        You know, because I want to live
        The minute that fateful
        Forget all the bad things. all simple
        Only forgiveness – salvation, I know.

        You know, because I want to live
        The winter garden sleeping cherry
        So that the spring bloom
        Tree for a new life.

        Ты знаешь, так хочется жить
        Наслаждаться восходом багряным
        Жить чтобы просто любить
        Всех кто живёт с тобой рядом.

        Ты знаешь, так хочется жить
        Просыпаться с тобою на рассвете
        Взять и кофе сварить
        Пока ещё спят все на свете.

        Ты знаешь, так хочется жить
        Как не напишут в газете
        Взять и всё раздарить
        Жить чтобы помнили дети.

        Ты знаешь, так хочется жить
        В миг, когда тебя задавило
        Встать и всем объявить:
        “Я вернусь, даже если прибило”.

        Ты знаешь, так хочется жить
        В ту минуту что роковая
        Всё плохое забыть. всех простить
        Лишь прощение – спасение, я знаю.

        Ты знаешь, так хочется жить
        В зимнем саду спящей вишне
        Чтоб по весне расцвести
        Деревом для новой жизни.

        Рождество – Ты Знаешь, Так Хочется Жить

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