We Im.PO’.tent! By Ol’ Scratch


See the well-dressed young business professional walking down the street in his buttoned down business casual attire, black plastic cell phone glued to his cheek; he’s miles away in virtual space. Walking and talking, talking and walking, virtue signaling all along the way. SUCH a handsome young man! He embodies the new world chic as he hikes to work with his fashionable backpack on this blustery overcast early autumn day. No time for physical surroundings says he, as he eschews his gas powered personal conveyance and signals his virtue for all to see. He impotent! So impotent!

See the trendy Suburu cross-over with mom, the kids, the dogs, and the stuff busily delivering its busy occupants to their assorted and sundry destinations to conduct their daily business. Driving and dropping off, dropping off and driving; they’ve all got places to go, people to see, business to do to ensure that their individual and collective prosperity arcs continue to bend upward as far as the eye can see. They’re new world people in a brand new 21st century virtual world, where all the good people prosper, and marginal people simply don’t exist. They know the most essential truth of all: we’re all consumers now, and they’re the “best of the best;” the current “state of the art,” the “bleeding edge,” the “apogee of human consumption;” and what could possibly be wrong with that? I, me, my, and mine are their by-words; I need, I want, and I have their operative phrases. “They” is for others, and they simply don’t do others. Mom, the kids, the dog, and even the virtuous Suburu (dogs simply love them!) impotent! So impotent!

See the busy corporate “knowledge workers” staring enrapt at their computer monitors. Emailing and responding, responding and emailing; the knowledge workers spend their days in constant correspondence with their corresponding knowledge worker peers in a vast social network of meaninglessness, non-productivity, and job (which is to say salary) security. Some also work with spreadsheets, some specialize in word docs, but all specialize in the corporate shuffle: the pointless exchange of meaningless information (aka, “knowledge”) in a feeble attempt to quantify something… anything… for their corporate managers to presciently analyze (aka, anal-ize). The knowledge workers all know that when someone refers to the “new world order,” they are of course referring to themselves. They are the great mass of brown fat around the giant, bloated corporate belly, which by their implied consent so efficiently transfers the world’s wealth up the ladder to the great corporate suites in the sky and beyond. They are the new corporate army which no mere nation state can possibly resist. They impotent. So very impotent!

 See the busy corporate managers sitting around the conference in the well-appointed conference room, busily checking their cell phones and blackberries to coordinate their busy schedule. Emails and texts, spreadsheets and docs, things to review, things to approve, decisions to be made, and asses to kiss; SO very much to do! As the meeting starts, a small number assert their social dominance and take control of the meeting. Virtue is signaled by intelligent sounding long-winded statements made to no one in particular, heads are nodded in agreement, with other dominant members perhaps joining in to signal their virtue by either expounding on the corporate non-sense allegedly “puked up for discussion,” or even wrestle the subject away to one of their very own! SO MUCH virtue! In this manner the social hierarchy is put on display for all to see and the “corporate ladder” revealed plainly as something decidedly human and tangible. The busy corporate managers will all spend their entire day scurrying from one such meeting to another in rapid succession, with the most virtuous among them excusing themselves early from each (after dutifully checking their Blackberrys all throughout) so that they might attend the next one in their busy schedule. Their lesser peers will nod their heads knowingly and send a memo to their professional staff assistants to schedule their meetings likewise in the future. All the corporate managers impotent!  So very impotent!

See the corporate execs emerge from their exclusive protected C-Suites, surrounded by their corporate manager coterie and brutish security detail. Fawning and genuflecting, genuflecting and fawning; the managers shamelessly curry favor with their corporate gods. Nodding and ignoring, ignoring and nodding; the corporate gods silently drink in the pathetic managers’ shameless ass-kissing. Perhaps they’ll even choose to mingle with some of the lowly knowledge workers today? All of whom will be carefully screened, chosen, and rehearsed by their managers beforehand of course. Hear the pearls of wisdom fall from the corporate execs’ mouths, as they expound on the realities of today’s business environment (efficiencies must be RUTHLESSLY pursued!!!), as the scared-shitless managers and the bored-to-tears knowledge workers nod their heads absently with the dumb look of cattle chewing their cud, while ignoring every unintelligible word of it totally. Will any of these “efficiencies” ever apply to the corporate C-Suite? Of course not, but that goes without saying in the first place. For the corporate execs represent nothing less than the top of the food chain; the ultimate corporate predators! They impotent! They most impotent of all!

See the unemployable “deplorables” scattered all throughout the land. For a myriad of reasons all their own, they’ve “missed the corporate cut” and been relegated to human detritus co-existing for their few remaining days on the fringes of the Brave New World society. Will they have access to affordable “health care” and will the already savaged “social safety net” have the resources to take care of them in a manner in which even the wealthy’s pets have come to expect? Sadly (for them at least), all signs indicate a resounding NO in answer to that question, as “ruthless efficiencies” strictly preclude such niceties. These formerly “first world” deplorables are about to personally experience what their emerging third world counterparts and the entire animal and environmental kingdoms have long known already: predatory Global Capitalism now rules the world and THEY are the unwitting and mostly unwilling food on which it feeds!

Not only are they IMPOTENT, they simply don’t count AT ALL!