CH4 – The Alchemy of Fire From Ice


`(Thought experiment on a string)

So, some modern Japanese alchemists have been busy at work finding a solution to our fossil fuel problem – Methane Hydrate.  Methane?  Holy farts, Batman!  We can fart ourselves to freedom!  Alternatively, if we were to extract all the methane from human bodies, perhaps we could make the windmills turn.  Surely, we must be able to come up with a technology, hook it up to the average toilet, and if one sits there broken-hearted… Well… there you have it.  Stored methane that we can re-use.  Imagine! We could even make money by selling our flatulence. 

In all seriousness folks, there is nothing sacred in this world anymore.  Those running the show – the moneymen and their hired pitchmen, the politicians – will try just about anything to keep this midday matinee playing.  You guessed it, another assault on mother earth.  Just keep punching holes in her and extracting whatever hidden stuff she may be keeping from us.  And even as she tells us to fuck-off, we just keep up the assault.  Weather extremes, global warming, earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, fouled air, polluted waters, unidentifiable diseases and ailments popping up all around, but we don’t care.  Just drill baby, drill!  And while you are at it; stuff more pigs into the pig farm, more cattle into the feeding room, more chickens into the industrial coop, until our bodies fester with disease and are unable to repair themselves, even with the strongest of antibiotics.  That is certainly one way to trim the bloated population.  And let us not forget those few indigenous ones living quietly at the forests edge or by a hidden river inlet.  Take away their territories so we can open up new mines, and dig some more holes to extract whatever we can to prop up this grand spectacle.

And the militarization of the homeland – land of the free and home of the brave – will continue apace, as those in charge prepare for the coming reality of marshal law in an effort to control the unwashed masses as they all try to head for the exits at once. Why do you think they are trying to take away your guns?  Why do you think they are increasing the monitoring of everything we do?  Why do you think the Internet is basically free entertainment?  Because they like you?  No, because they can mine all the data and personal information generally unavailable, but now out there for the taking without the need for judicial warrants. Another key question is how are they going to continue to prop up this economy and its indices with fiat money that has absolutely no absolute value.

Well, we have made real shit out of money, and mountains of garbage from the earth’s bounty, so why not make fire from ice?  God!  Can’t wait for the coming ice age… we will be able to make beaucoup energy.  We just need one big fucking volcano now, or a good volley of nuclear weapons and we will be on our way to a new energy future, with a lot fewer people and species around to ruin things.  So strike up the band and let’s get on with it.  It certainly must be more interesting than watching the alchemists at work on your 401k.

And, while we are at it. I really cannot blame the NRA for pushing against gun control legislation.  I personally own no firearms and have only shot on rare occasions; but I do think that when things get tough, it should still resemble a fair fight. And only their God knows how many rounds of ammo DHS has secured!  So what is a poor schmuck to do?  Load up the family wagon… err SUV… err 4×4 with enough shit to protect the missus and the 2.5 kids.  Right?  At least he will go down fighting, just as Dylan Thomas suggested.  You just never know where a good (or goofy) idea may come from.  Certainly not from this blog!

Now, it has been suggested that one may also get fire from ice that is shaped like a lens.  Use your clear ice-lens as you would a regular lens, reflecting and concentrating the rays of the sun, and voila!  So, hey, maybe we don’t need all that methane anyway.  Forget the pay-for-flatulence deal.  It’s off!  But, hey… let’s just pump some more shit into ole’ mama earth anyway, you know, just for the fuck of it, and see what will bubble on up to the surface.  And we can always put some indigenous slaves to work on the marine platforms, just in case that methane blows… then we only lose a few unwelcome ones anyway.  But that methane is a bit of a problem child anyway… seems it cools its surroundings as it dissociates from the icy slush.  But we already knew that about methane, didn’t we?  Sounds a lot like what happens when anyone farts; things get rather ‘cold’ and the place empties out pretty quickly.  And while the Japanese are worried about precipitate hydrates clogging up the well; if your methane gets clogged, it would lead to a much bigger problem, like shitting your pants.  Then the whole place goes crazy, and all those ‘bar-flies’ start buzzing around you.  That’s the money deal; right there.  But why frick around with all that methane stuff, when you could just frack around with the natural gas hidden in the shale underneath Pennsylvania?  Just ask the folks above the Marcellus Shale.  Or check in with the suckers in Colorado or Texas, and see how the fracking thing is doing for them.

Personally, I still think the least expensive way of generating enough energy to keep the big grid operational is to harvest (or is the word, harness) all the methane available from every butt-hole, butt-head, and dreaded buttinski we can roundup.  Take all that gas together with the shit that spews forth constantly from each and every orifice of our political class and we could keep this thing going cost effectively for centuries!

Addendum:  Can you imagine this brave new world of energy generation: methane extractor-concentrators strapped on every person’s waist; family farting parties, more important than even Christmas; personal advertisements with women looking for big farts who are willing to share their methane productivity generously.  Indeed, perhaps that is how our primitive ancestors survived so long.

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  1. Disaffected says:

    Personally, I still think the least expensive way of generating enough energy to keep the big grid operational is to harvest (or is the word, harness) all the methane available from every butt-hole, butt-head, and dreaded buttinski we can roundup. Take all that gas together with the shit that spews forth constantly from each and every orifice of our political class and we could keep this thing going cost effectively for centuries!

    Good one Sandy! I see you still close with the best.

    Agreed. Methane hydrates ain’t gonna get us anywhere. We’re a society running out of answers, if not “hopium.” Our “sell by” date is rapidly approaching. And the NRA? What can you say? I’ve given up belaboring them. They’re nothing if not effective.

    I remain forever (in this lifetime at least),


  2. javacat says:

    We’re peering into the test tubes for fracking cocktails, tar sands sludge, and methane hydrate but still don’t notice the tsunami of natural disaster looming at our backs. It’s hard to believe we would even consider methane hydrate, given the far greater potency of methane as a greenhouse gas. You’ve already mentioned the frackers–everything from contaminated wells to earthquakes–as we attempt to violently dislodge ever smaller amounts of fuel. Ditto on tar sands…dirty, remote, limited–and already spills in Arkansas, Minnesota, and MIchigan. Whether it’s mining for hydrocarbons or for metals, the denial of violation, of pollution, and of responsbility is endless.

    • kulturcritic says:

      It is amazing how myopic is our vision, isn’t it, JC? We just don’t care how we fuck up this place; we will do anything to keep the party going.

    • Disaffected says:

      Actually, I think it boils down to simple denial. We see all the damage we’re doing and we know the almost certain outcomes, intellectually at least. But we also know that there are simply no alternatives to our future train wreck now, given that we’ve already committed so much financial and human capital, essentially mortgaging the future of the entire human race, and by extension, the planet earth. We’re past the go/no go point population wise, and are thus committed to a future that we know intellectually isn’t physically possible, but the ramifications of which we likewise simply can’t cope with psychologically. In other words: a dilemma. Or in common terms: we’re fucked if we do, fucked if we don’t.

      And in the end, that’s the final analysis. Barring historically unprecedented magic, which is nowhere in evidence in spite of our historically unprecedented technological mastery, we’re fucked, no matter what. Or, you can’t fool mother nature.

  3. Malthus says:

    Some one said “to damn many people,” and bloated population is also a good description for the reason for this nightmare we now call civilization. Will any thing be worked on to solve the population bomb? Hell no. There is no money in solving the problem but there is coming up with ideas and ways to keep this fantasy going while fucking our selves into oblivion. Good one Sandy. Fart heads rule.

  4. cliffkrolick says:

    To just breathe a sigh of relief…cough,cough, this dam air. Must be better on Mars: That must be our escape, only if Ihad aspare 1/4 of a mil for the trip

  5. derekthered says:

    if i may be so bold, self-defense is not only a constitutional right, it’s a human right. i know i part ways with many on the supposed left with this view, but the Skinnerian in me thinks it would be better to reform our societies so that people didn’t have such a propensity for violence, and yes, we’re doing such a good job with that. it’s the rare forum where a person can state this view and not be told what a knuckledragger one is, here’s the weird thing, as soon as i had kids i got rid of my pistol’s, one which was handed down from my pa, so my kid’s have never been exposed, ever, and they are more pro-gun than me! seriously, and it’s the girls! vicious i tell you. and yes, i do think the DHS is gearing up for doomsday, here’s a little tidbit.
    gleaned from mr. x-ray mike’s site.

    on the methane front? we are such a wasteful country, if we do one thing here in the good old USA, it’s eat, a lot, and you know what that leads to, and then what do we do? why, we flush all that good shit right down the toilet! and we pay for the privilege! and we paid for those high priced vittles in the first place! man, they get us coming and going. some smart people out on farms and such are fermenting all that crap, and turning it into methane. why has it not been proposed that every municipal waste treatment plant be turned into a power generating station?
    not sleek and techno enough? maybe GE and Westinghouse don’t want to mess with that shit.
    i am quite serious though, it’s ridiculous, grow algae? when we have such an abundant renewable energy source. i’m no chemist, but after you have brewed the methane out of all that mess, what do we have left? clean fertilizer to return to the fields, hell, they should be paying us for every load we dump! there should be some hot-shot able to figure this out.

    well, maybe they figure that deep sea methane is going to turn over anyway, better to burn it before it releases into the atmosphere, proactive you see. JHK has a point about Japan, they are def energy starved, better stock up on swords, cause it could get ugly. China is in the same fix, that’s why they are in Africa. anyhow, mining a volatile gas from under the sea? nothing can go wrong there.

    yes, lotsa words, but it’s Sunday, Meet the Depressed and Deface the Nation haven’t come on yet, what else am i going to do while i suck down my Marlboro’s and Maxwell House, hmm, what’s that! smells like bacon!

    • kulturcritic says:

      No need to say more… excellent link, Red!

    • Malthus says:

      So it appears resource wars will be the battles in the future. It amazes me what humans will do to keep the fantasies and illusions alive and will and justify any action to deny that the concepts of living under the conditioning we live under and will do anything to prove we are right, never wrong.

    • Be bolder, beyond self-defense. The 2A is about Power-Sharing.

      State society (agricultural civilization) is inherently violent, because there are fields of grain to defend. We humans can no longer hunt and gather a free lunch off the land, as Non-State society did. Anthropologists are well aware of the rise in violence at the dawn of agricultural civilization, a sampling follows:

      “…we chose the latter [agriculture] and ended up with starvation, warfare, and tyranny.” ~Jared Diamond (May 1987) Agriculture: The Worst Mistake In The History Of The Human Race. Discover Magazine. pp. 64-66.

      “Agriculture creates government.” ~Richard Manning (2005) Against the Grain: How Agriculture Has Hijacked Civilization, p. 73

      For 8000 brutal years, State society has maintained, as anthropologists call it, “a monopoly of violence.”

      America is exceptional, (save for Switzerland, whose citizen-soldier model inspired the Second Amendment,) because its Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights calls for the primary tool of violence—firearms—necessary to defend our agricultural food sources, and other resources, to be distributed equally amongst all people, instead of concentrated those firearms into a few ruling class’ hands.

      In short, the 2A embodies the Egalitarian Power-Sharing of Non-State band and tribal society.

      Some will degrade me as primitive.

      Problem? 😉

  6. Seems like you’re channeling a much less uptight version of JHK here, eh? Good to see you aren’t choking on the toxic fumes of depravity out there.

    • kulturcritic says:

      Yeah VL, much less puritanical and perhaps more toxic version of JHK this week. But the toxicity of depravity only bothers me when I have a cigarette. LOL

      • derekthered says:

        the toxicity of our city

        Somewhere between the sacred silence and sleep.

        • Disaffected says:

          Damn! Red Man’s gone all techno-pop on us now! How about an antidote?

          True story. At the tender age of 20 I got arrested with extreme prejudice(!!!) in the great state of Hawaii for drunk/disorderly while blasting this song out of my second floor apartment windows (I think it was the “come on, come on, come on up” verse at about 6:55 that sealed the deal) at an informal “gathering” of a few like-minded American GI “volunteers.” Ah, to be young and immortal again! But you know what? Even thirty five years and a total political re-education later, these are STILL the MEANEST guitar licks in all the land!

          Here’s the actual Terrible Ted audio recording form ‘Double Live Gonzo’ (recorded I don’t know where), which is far superior to any of the subsequent video recordings, so sorry for no real video who anyone who actually clicks on play.

          PRIMAL is the word I think I’m searching for. Ahh, to be young again and imagine that the whole world was yours for the taking! That’s the Great American Dream/Delusion right ‘chere, and what a grand one it was!

          • derekthered says:

            but DA, don’t you know Young Ted is terribly un-PC? nevertheless he can still shred.
            he used to play the Centre theater back in the day here in my hometown when he was with the Amboy Dukes. true story, i had to be about 12 or 13, spent all day at a local amusement park, came time to leave, we’re going to the gate cause my mom was there for p/u, i hear this sound unlike i ever heard before, there’s these guys on stage, i ask, what’s that? big brother says it’s a rock band, i ask, who is it? he says The Who, i say, who? he says The Who, i say, yeah, but what’s their name? he just gave up. the first time i ever heard a rock band it was The Who, and i didn’t know what the hell was going on. finally saw the boys in ’76, last tour with Keith, they are the best band i have ever seen, and Townshend is the best guitar player, not as fast as Johnny Winter, but man! he was just all over the instrument. i’ve seen some of the best, Gibbons, Winter, Trower, surprisingly, one standout on Stratocaster was Steve Winwood. never seen Gilmour, but believe it or not i walked out on Clapton, musta been an off night cause he stunk the joint up. i could go on and on, actually turned own free tickets to both Jeff Airplane and Hendrix cause they were too “weird”, my first love was Motown, now where did you say this friggin’ maniac is from? where you been? missed ya.

            • Disaffected says:


              Where’ve I been? Why, working for the man of course! Sweat off my brow equals money in their pockets and all that shit.

              Yeah, Terrible Ted’s “un-PC” as hell (not to mention just plain senile and/or just naturally insane), but I think I’m beginning to appreciate those qualities once again.

              When it comes to guitars, Gilmour was probably the most melodic, Hendrix was no doubt the most virtuosic when he was “on” (i.e.; stoned on acid), and anyone of a cast of dozens was possibly the best technically on any given night. And Motown? That was the actual TRUE HEART of 60’s Rock-N-Roll.

  7. kulturcritic says:

    Folks we recently added a new member to the club. Say hello to-digitalhegemon is now following kulturCritic

    • Disaffected says:

      As I’m sure the TRUE digital hegemon is too. Although I’m sure the NSA merely laughs at our little “supper club” for the most part. At least until CIA tries to recruit one of us to be the next Boston Marathon bomber or similar.

  8. source dweller says:

    Sandy, maybe the Japanese are onto something, though they seem to want to go super high tech and complicated. Better the methane starting to bubble out of the East Siberian shelf be captured than enter the atmosphere as then it’s Holy Blazes we’re all toast if, as is suspected, this could be a runaway (positive feedback) phenomenon! ( Though didn’t a commenter mention the release of the methane from the clathrate cools the surroundings – possible negative feedback there.)
    As a lad I’d harvest a jar of swamp gas (tools: stick, jar, boat) for the fun of igniting it – nice blue flash of flame – so how hard can it be to deploy some membrane on a circular boom over an arctic estuary and extract and pressurize the gas? Repurpose those huge Japanese and Russian fishing fleets to run on the stuff and collect it as well, sell it to the Brits, etc.
    If you ever want to get back into the corporate game, Sandy, I see you’re settled in Siberia, so close to the action, I expect an IPO from your direction any day.
    BTW, I have a pal who in fact engineers methane digestion equipment, the firm is CH4, Canadian, the gas is typically burnt on site to power generators. Manure into money. Win-win-win.
    Source Dweller returning to the grind…

    • kulturcritic says:

      SourceDweller – quite an imagination you have. Good idea on the floating membrane. Anyway, I gave up “the action” and the IPOs long ago. But thanks for the complement! Methane digestion… now that sounds like a bellyfull right there. Let me know when you guys are ready to go public. LOL Best wishes, sandy

  9. kulturcritic says:

    Folks we just added another new member to the club. Say hello to-
    robertbeckett just started following you at

  10. James says:

    Settle the great frontiers my friends, grow, prosper and build roads and railways. Watch the tumors arise upon the landscape and their complexity flourish as they eat and destroy the complexity and resources of their surroundings. Like most cancers, this civilizational one knows no limits, but the limits are there, hidden like trip wires. The climatological trip wire has been engaged and the explosion will rock the homeostatic mechanisms of the biosphere. You would think this would be the end of growth, but its not. The disturbance will only accelerate the frantic efforts of the human neoplasm, allowing it to trigger even more trip wires on its terminal course. Sing hallelujah brothers, for you are the chosen ones, let not knowledge stand in the way of your just rewards. Sing praise bothers and sisters as carbon dioxide gives way to methane gives way to cadaverine. Amen.

    • kulturcritic says:

      I would only add that this ‘neoplasm’ is really rather ‘neo’ – the cancerous growth emerging only over the past 5-10 millennia.

    • Disaffected says:

      Always nice to hear a fellow James elucidate our problems so very culturally linguistically appropriately! Good stuff!

  11. kulturcritic says:

    Folks we just added another new member to the club. Say hello to – spacecowbloke just started following you at And check out The Hive!

  12. kulturcritic says:

    Rasputin’s terrible prophecy for 2013
    Rasputin not only predicted with great accuracy the socialist revolution, the assassination of the king, flying to the moon, but also predicted the fall of communism. Famous old man gave a prophecy about the year 2013, when he predicted the end of the world. This must take place August 23, 2013, when a fire will come down from heaven, and will burn everything. “The fire consume all life on Earth, and then life on the planet will die and there will come sepulchral silence” – so wrote the “old man.” No being left alive. After this event, the Earth will become empty.

    • August 23rd? That’s pretty damn bold to give an exact date for the end of the entire planet. I wonder if NASA has spotted the meteor or maybe it will be a self-inflicted wound circa Israel/Iran?

    • DrCiber says:

      Reminds me of one of the Hopi prophecies quoted in the movie Koyaanisqatsi: “A container of ashes might one day be thrown from the sky, which could burn the land and boil the oceans.”

    • Disaffected says:

      I’m not sure we’re actually “alive,” even now. Although most people tell me I’m definitely related to Rasputin either way.

  13. derekthered says:

    “… Poisons will embrace the Earth, as the passionate lover. And in deadly embrace, heavens will find the deadly breath, and the water sources will be bitter, and many of these waters will be more poisonous than a rotten snake blood. People will die of water and air, but they will be told to have died of heart and kidneys… And bitter waters will infect the time, as marks for bitter waters will generate bitter times…”

    i dunno, wasn’t there something in the Bible about the sea and the rivers turning to blood?
    Permian Extinction Redux and an Update on Climate Tipping Points
    this is beyond me.
    Leno once had a pair of autistic twins on his show, you could give them a date, past present or future, and they could tell you what day of the week. now, one of them might be wrong, but the other was always right, every single time, one of them would be correct. you tell me.

    • kulturcritic says:

      Yep… rivers to blood!! Got that right!!

    • javacat says:

      Don’t know this site, red, but they’ve got all the major points covered.

      The takeaway message is that we’ve put into motion a series of positive feedback loops that we can’t rein in that will continue to create dramatic change on the planet. The data for methane, SOx and NOx and–the one almost no one mentions–population–all track the same as the carbon dioxide and temperature.

      The concerns about the ocean revolve around how the salinity, temperature, and fresh water will affect the density of the oceans, which in turn affects how currents flow and how different layers mix–including different temperatures and nutrients. The ocean currents, of course, affect primary ocean production as well as global climate patterns. The fact that we can change the damn ocean tells us how huge a scale we’re messing up on.

      As of last week, Mauna Loa recorded CO2 levels above 400 ppm. Both Hansen and McKibben admit that we’re beyond the tipping point, and can’t stop the change. We must mediate and adapt, if we can.

      • derekthered says:

        that Australia show said that something to do with the Stromatolites first created oxygen.
        it was tiny creatures that first created the conditions for oxygen, so yup, we mess up the oceans we are royally screwed. i won’t last that long, but my children will. my oldest (a red-head), she has her sights set on Quebec, it may not do her much good if things get that bad.
        way back in grade school they taught us that when the thermocline stops, the arctic cools again, so that global warming could actually cause an ice age. hmm……could explain why we had “snowball earth” when the earth was relatively young, dunno.
        we are technically in an inter-glacial period. as i’ve said before, if we were more prudent we would be saving up the energy for when we really need it.
        i’m not quite as bad as the next guy, i bought a little Ranger 4 cylinder on purpose, but what does it matter?
        yeah, i’d know more if i hadn’t spent my 20’s and 30’s spending my money on partying, as my older brother with his college degrees loves to point out.

      • kulturcritic says:

        Leave it to Jc to keep us on track. 😉

  14. derekthered says:

    “Between the iron gates of fate,
    The seeds of time were sown,
    And watered by the deeds of those
    Who know and who are known;
    Knowledge is a deadly friend
    When no one sets the rules.
    The fate of all mankind I see
    Is in the hands of fools.”

    “As a lyricist, Sinfield has a distinctive approach to the sounds of words, filled with surreal imagery, and a special facility with water-images and ideas involving the sea.”

    • Disaffected says:

      FUCK! Getting all existential now, are we? How old are you Derek? I’m guessing there’s a mid-life something going on now with you. I think I’m finally just beginning to get over mine. It’s when you finally wake up and realize your life flows like a river, and no matter what regrets you have over all the stupid shit you’ve done previously, you can’t alter the course it’s already run. And then you begin to cope with the options you’ve realistically got left, which try as you might, ain’t NEARLY as many as you originally thought. It’s a good thing. It gets your feet back on the ground and your mind back on track.

      Funny story. I somehow got into a totally impromptu existential argument/discussion with two PhD psychologists (one of whom is a GREAT DEAL older than me) in the lunchroom today, where it came out that they were both TERRIFIED of death. Whereupon I IMMEDIATELY and DIRECTLY questioned BOTH of their credentials to spout shit in their chosen field, actually dismissing them both in a hallway parting shot as “lightweights.” Well needless to say…

      And I felt GOOD about the exchange!

      • derekthered says:

        ive had those exchanges with professorial types, had one lady question me about my paintings, said they were “sophomoric”, and lacking meaning; then the next guy refuses to believe i have no education, at least formally.
        way back on one of these posts the question has come up about mortality, and yes, i’m scared to death, but you see, the early indoctrination does that. maybe the point about these modes of thinking we talk about is to undo the damage. i was trained to expect an afterlife, when we really don’t know, so…………..
        i (we) aren’t taught to go with the flow.
        hey, our host is a PHD in this stuff, he probably has more to say than me. you schooled these guys up pretty good did you? what do you say?
        yeah, i can just guess, alcohol.
        tell you what, i have really discovered a taste for rum. sweet.
        but then my existential crisis has been going on a long time now.

        • Disaffected says:

          No, this had nothing to do with alcohol whatsoever, and we were just talking when all this started. But, as you know, religion and death are two of my pet peeves, and when PhD#1 admitted that she was scared shitless of death (and she’s not even religious) I had my opening. As I was raking her over the coals (I’m pretty ruthless in that regard), in walks PhD #2 (the elder) and right into the argument. And I wasn’t just arguing for effect, I TRULY find it impossible to grasp that anyone with a PhD in Human Psych could be so personally terrified of discussing death in the abstract that they actually had to break off the conversation while exhibiting visible symptoms of distress. And so my parting epithet. And I’m ready to take it up again tomorrow if they bring it up.

          Once again, my favorite and greatest contention: the failure of the individual to deal with their own mortality in a truly personal sense (especially apart from some great imaginary religious/societal crusade) is THE GREATEST failure of western philosophy/civilization. ALL of our other problems stem from that ONE basic fear. It’s the one that will terrify us until we’re extinct and gone from the earth.

          And mid-life crises are good. When they lead to change and/or resolution anyway.

          • derekthered says:

            you’re right, sandy has said the same thing, our entire culture is having an existential crisis, so we grab for power. it has made our country a pretty ugly place to live, the challenge for me is just dealing with it on a day-to-day basis. take care.

          • To be scared of death is to be scared of exactly how things for the billions of years before you were born.

            Stardust to stardust.

            For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them: as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath; so that a man hath no preeminence above a beast: for all is vanity. Ecclesiastes 3:19

          • Disaffected says:

            Agreed both. We humans have somehow exalted ourselves and imagined that we’re “special.”

            We’re not.

    • Disaffected says:

      But the verse was nice and on point as well. The real magic is in the personal coming to terms with and acceptance of its implications, which is that we’re all merely pawns in a much larger game, which we’ve all collectively devised and then for the most part personally disowned. And so it goes…

    • kulturcritic says:

      Court of the Krimson King….!

  15. kulturcritic says:

    “And yet here’s a genuine, even confounding, possibility: that moment of “unipolarity” in the 1990s may really have been the end point of history as human beings had known it for millennia — the history, that is, of the rise and fall of empires. Could the United States actually be the last empire? Is it possible that there will be no successor because something has profoundly changed in the realm of empire building? One thing is increasingly clear: whatever the state of imperial America, something significantly more crucial to the fate of humanity (and of empires) is in decline. I’m talking, of course, about the planet itself.”

    • derekthered says:

      “These scenes are the illustration of a power which, reaching its extreme point, no longer knows what to do with itself – a power henceforth without aim, without purpose, without a plausible enemy, and in total impunity. It is only capable of inflicting gratuitous humiliation and, as one knows, violence inflicted on others is after all only an expression of the violence inflicted on oneself. It only manages to humiliate itself, degrade itself and go back on its own word in a sort of unremitting perversity. The ignominy, the vileness is the ultimate symptom of a power that no longer knows what to do with itself.”
      Baudrillard, Jean. “War Porn.” in: Journal of Visual Culture. Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 86-88, 2006. (English).

      “The purpose of The Intelligence of Evil is to bring evil
      back into the world, or at least revise its reputation. That is
      not to say that Baudrillard endorses violence, but rather
      that his fundamental assumption sees evil as part of form
      rather than content. Evil shows through good. Evil is God’s
      mistress, while Good is his estranged wife. Coming to an
      understanding with evil is the only way to challenge the
      world order and the hegemonic power of Integrated
      Reality (a parasitic combination of the virtual and the real).
      Baudrillard’s theoretics engage with the theological
      not only as a religious force but also as a system of
      (Western) thought. Science, to Baudrillard, is as much a
      theological construct as religion. The belief in the real and
      faith in the virtual function in a similar systematic way.
      Our view of the real, the hegemony of global power, and
      the role of the media link Baudrillard to wider debates on
      theology and the political. In considering The Intelligence
      of Evil in light of theological debates, I will distill the book
      down to four terms: reality, the virtual, terrorism, and the
      (non) event.”

      Click to access bookreviews-2006.pdf

      closed sets, such as the almighty UPC, create their own antibodies. we have no problem seeing this in a discrete organism, but we fail to see this in the mass of humanity. it is only when you have lost faith in everything, stripped away the illusion that you can see clearly; either that, or it could just be the PTSD. always look for the silver lining.

      sounds to me as if Engelhardt is hewing to the neo-liberal line comparing the old USSR to US imperialism, whatever. although dear old Uncle Joe did die the year i was born, do you suppose?

      what should maybe scare people more than failure of this monster we have created is its possible success. if our abstractions out of which we created this social order were to spread its viral cellular identity completely over the globe, reducing all human interactions to the level of amoeba, erasing all differentiations, what kind of world would we have? a complete crushing of the human spirit? if you look at it, reducing all to a mechanistic give and take (even though it’s biological), just doesn’t seem right. rats in a test lab.

      like how i worked those titles in?

      one thing i have read between the lines of Professor B. is that we don’t have to have reasons for what we think and feel, anyone’s opinion is as valid as the next, this infuriates some people, doesn’t make sense you see, doesn’t play by the rules, not cricket.

      now where’s my Robin Hood outfit?

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