Dear President Obama:


I think you can now be let in on a little secret. The American people are no longer fooled so readily by the rhetoric, the deception, the vague obfuscations, and the false narratives. We no longer believe you, your office, or the media pundits who willingly prostitute themselves, genuflecting before you and your anointed members, as you work relentlessly to paint the rest of the world as Evil. We almost believed ‘Dubya’ when he talked about the Axis of Evil, but things were still fairly comfy then in the homeland, with marginal material pleasures and distractions, and Uncle Sam’s snow-job still awaiting the Snowden revelations. And of course, there was that mysterious crater in the bottom of Manhattan Island as apparent justification of the lies. But now the increasingly negative return on investment in this culture of the Spectacle is finally getting on our nerves, even for those among us who were so long asleep, lulled by the unyielding bombardment of novelty, fanciful marketing promotion (propaganda), and false flag warnings. But now our eyes have been opened.

Yet, the most interesting curiosity concerning our current predicament is that it is not really new. I mean the ideology and the policies you now pursue go back to the very foundations of the American Republic. After all, it was established on the ideology of expansion, of might makes right, and consequently it was built upon the accursed blood of ignorant and evil savages, ‘heathens’ – the indigenous peoples who were found here already by our ‘revered’ forefathers and exterminated or placed into internment camps (a.k.a., Indian Reservations). And we have continued to paint the Other as evil for generations since then.  But, like today, the stories we told ourselves and our children were only justifications for the land grab. This ‘great nation’ was cobbled together through a series of wars, invasions and expeditionary acts. Just ask the indigenous population of Hawaii. To this day, we maintain nine hundred military bases in one hundred and thirty foreign countries across the globe. Furthermore, this nation constantly puts other global leaders in play, just so we can continue to grab more and more… more than enough to keep up this extravagant lifestyle, even if only for a little while longer. From broken promises (treaties), to dictators installed and then toppled… we do it all. We are a one-stop-chop-shop.  And we will make friend out of foe, or foe out of friend whenever it suits our greed or our fancy: the Right Sektor, Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihadists, African War Lords, Latin Dictators, Mercenaries, or Anarchistic Insurgents, … it does not matter to us, so long as they accept our terms of payment, and for as long as they accept them.

So, now you wish yet again to paint Vladimir Putin (Uncle Vovik) as the Evil One, the unrepentant and unsubmissive Other.  I understand.  But this tendency is not yours alone; it really goes back millennia, back to the origins of our  current civilization. Just as the creeping imperial ambitions of Xerxes, the apparently hospitable but psychopathic Persian god-king, threw his entire army against an un-submissive Greek king Leonidas and his three hundred militaristic Spartan soldiers. So the narrative of the Persian Immortals justified Xerxes aggressions, much as your narrative justifies unchecked American (although largely covert) aggressions against Islam, Russia, Iran, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the rest of MENA.

But, Mr. President, perhaps the evil you see in the Other is merely a reflection of the evil inhabiting you, your team, and the hierarchy they represent. Yet, you prefer to objectify that evil, to make it Other, turning it into something or someone confronting you. Yet, it might help if you could acknowledge that the evil you see around you is the very evil you yourself commit and are complicit in.   If it is not resident in one leader, you find it resident in another. Why is that? And why does this country have NGOs and military bases peopling the entire globe? And why do you personally pursue anyone who wishes to disclose the truth concerning the evils you endorse or encourage? Why do you secretly spy on all your countrymen and women, as well as your partners and challengers? Are we all evil in your eyes, or do we merely represent potential evil? If you see evil or its potentiality all around you, then this may only be a reflection of your own enslavement to the false symbolism of evil projected by your evil soul. A projection of some disconcerting, nay malignant pathology.  All the while, your paid news crews and talking heads keep the good citizens of this land glued to the spectacle of a lost Malaysian jetliner. What a pity, sir!

26 Responses to Dear President Obama:

  1. Disaffected says:

    BRING IT kC! Well done! There’s indeed some BAD (US induced) MOJO out there! Time to start calling a spade a spade as we used to to say back in the day!

  2. kulturcritic says:

    … by any other name, DA. LOL

  3. the Heretick says:

    The US has always embraced the myth of the Superman, the Holy Warrior, Perfection Personified, this is just the latest iteration. The Chameleon Country, Narcissist Nation, we really do believe we are better, and nothing is changing, oh yes, they want you to believe things are changing; every once in a while they introduce the latest model with all the bells and whistles, but it’s not better it’s worse. It’s artificial, hollow, not reliable; all show and no go.

    • Disaffected says:

      This does seem to be a new stage in our imperial malignancy however. I think the big boys can smell complete world domination now and they’re willing to swing for the fences to get it. Obama was supposed to be a repudiation of all things Bush, but instead he’s a complete and unapologetic doubling down. One can only wonder where we’re headed from here. Personally, I think the powers that be know that peak oil and climate change are about to end the party once and for all so they’re going for the gusto while they still can. Last men standing and all that.

      • the Heretick says:

        this no new stage, this is business as usual. Obomber is just as jingoistic as any Prez we have ever had, it is just the new improved inclusive fascism, that is all it is. we have been having illegal, by the letter of the law, military interventions for over 100 years.
        his new wiretap plan is just pabulum for the liberal left, who aren’t really left at all.

        truthfully, i don’t write what i would really like to write because i don’t care to argue, my intent is not to incite but educate. the truth is that i don’t care, i am one of those individuals who has been so battered that shock is a way of life, the beauty is when you reach such a state of withdrawal that you see, you think, but you just don’t want to stand for anything. our country is the same way, nobody cares, corruption and double dealing is the order of the day. people cheat in business, in govt. it’s the American way, tell me it’s not. it’s accepted. Obomber is simply the culmination of a moral malaise that has been building for a long time.

        yes, i can tell you why it’s happened, but not how to fix it. we are adrift, it’s all fake, smoke and mirrors. we have yet to find our bearings in the great upheavals that have occurred since the industrial and atomic revolutions.

        i have opinions but don’t hold them in such high regard. now, we speak of right and wrong, what do we base this upon? an abstract morality? tradition? the majority?

        it’s beyond one set of rules for the rich, and another for the poor, it’s getting to where there are none.

        Wild, Wild, West, Baby!! Just Win!! Second place is just the first Loser.

  4. Re Disaffected: The 1% knows the planet is screwed. The 99% are to be ‘left behind’ in the exodus to another planet being planned by both private entrepreneurs and government.

  5. the Heretick says:

    here’s a really good one
    “Obama says Russia ‘acting out of weakness'”
    geez, this is too rich, maybe the entire Russian parliament is just in need of counseling.
    perhaps Obama and Putin are just in need of some couples therapy, maybe Dr. Phil can persuade them to look deeply into each others souls and straighten out this little misunderstanding.
    i don’t know what is scarier, whether our President really thinks this way, whether this is the best he can come up with, or is this what he thinks his constituency wants to hear.

    • Disaffected says:

      Yeah, right. Sounds like pure millennial psycho-babble for sure. I’m thinking that were Vladimir Putin to look into any US President’s soul he’d be likely to reach in and pull it out. Then stomp on it for good measure. Obama’s posturing belies the fact that the US is POWERLESS to effect this situation without Putin’s cooperation. Something I doubt he’s likely to give. If the tables were turned WE damn sure wouldn’t. And the dirty little secret is that McCain and Romney, for all their bloviating, probably would have fared even worse. Putin’s doing the whole world a favor by standing up to Obama and the US led international foreign policy crime syndicate. Too bad the lackey American media doesn’t realize that yet. This is really a battle between international capitalist Oligarchs and the remaining vestiges of a once powerful nation state. Putin has the balls to fight this fight, whereas any US President is pretty much by definition totally emasculated, the US government having long ago relinquished its sovereignty to the banker class that funds it.

      • the Heretick says:

        i don’t know if this is off subject, probably not, considering
        “unchecked American (although largely covert) aggressions against Islam, Russia, Iran, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the rest of MENA.”

        Iraq, is on that list.
        today this man says, “Addressing a continent strongly opposed to the Iraq invasion, Obama said the United States “did not claim or annex Iraq’s territory, nor did we grab its resources for our own gain.”
        “Instead, we ended our war and left Iraq to its people, and a fully sovereign Iraqi state could make decisions about its own future,” he said, adding that “neither the United States, nor Europe, are perfect in adherence to our ideals.”
        Obama, in Brussels speech, prods Europe to stand up to Russia, bolster NATO

        jesus f. christ, every week we hear about another sectarian bombing in Iraq, Afghanistan, now Saddam was our guy, now he wasn’t, but he kept down the bloodshed, except when he was doing it………….
        but women in Iraq could walk down the street in a pair of slacks, women went to school, etc.
        maybe i’m confusing the countries, but you take my point.
        this is what Sandy is talking about, our govt. talking out of both sides of its metaphorical mouth. now thy’re talking about “bolstering” NATO to counter Russia’s “expansionist aggression” plans, like the Big Bad Bear is about to send tank divisions across the Dnieper River.
        Newsflash!! Hello! Big O!! It’s Over!!! Russia has got what they want, they have their naval bases, they don’t care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        really, we hear this noise, they might mean it, we should think of that, they may really want war, we hear it, we disregard it, what if?

        • Disaffected says:

          Well, it’s more than a little ironic that Obama could seriously call any other country expansionist without choking on his words. The US has been the very definition of that word since at least the end of WWII internationally, and in actuality long before that at home and abroad. One might have been forgiven for naively assuming all that was motivated by mere paranoia before the 9-11 false flag casus belli, but since then American imperial ambitions have come into sharp focus the world over. Nobody, save for the far right lunatic fringe and most of the bought off sleepwalking American electorate can possibly doubt it any longer. The American dominated western capitalist oligarchy is making an historic power grab for all that’s left, almost certainly as a tacit acknowledgement that AGW and carbon resource depletion are recognized facts, and they are therefore trying to corner access to remaining resource stocks so that they can continue to benefit during the increasingly turbulent times just ahead. Even Russian nukes don’t seem to be an effective deterrent any longer.

        • Disaffected says:

          But I must add, it’s truly amazing how quickly all this fell off the MSM radar, and further, how little “watercooler” attention it ever got in the first place. I think that speaks to the level of attenuation the American public applies to all things public these days, which of course is both a good and a bad thing. Good because we’re purposely filtering out most of the government and media generated noise in the first place, bad because most of that noise was generated in the interest of covering up various government shenanigans, which get filtered out as well. Which further speaks to why government does half of the things it does these days: to cover for the other half that it doesn’t want the public to know about.

          • the Heretick says:

            waited a couple days to comment. you’re right about the half and half. however, they don’t seem to be dropping the subject, our govt, that is, now it’s the UN, and PBS just seems to be like a dog with a bone.
            the lack of water-cooler talk just shows how our countrymen and women just accept whatever tptb do w/o protest.
            if it doesn’t affect them, they leave it be, but it does affect all of us, it’s just kept hidden.

    • Colin says:

      Pretty funny description – definitely you’ve captured the ambiance between the two leaders…

  6. Disaffected says:

    To change things up a bit, a unique biography of a unique character in western music, someone born on the periphery of the western influence who embraced it and changed it forever for the better. A truly transitional figure in late 20th century music. I found this one interesting because it’s really just a human story about a man, who just happened to do some exceptional things along the way.

  7. Colin says:

    SPOT ON…

    Nice work Sandy. I am forwarding this one to friends and family…

  8. Colin says:


    A pivotal figure in this whole conflict in the Ukraine is Victoria Nuland. I just found out something VERY interesting about this woman. She is the wife of William Kristol. He is one of the founding neo-conservatives behind “Project for a New American Century” or PNAC. You may have heard of them/him – they were the driving force behind the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. Kristol was one of its chief architects and now Nuland, his wife is stirring things up in the Ukraine. We need to recognize who these people are and why they keep popping up in world affairs presenting themselves and Saints and Saviors of the people while leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

  9. FIDO says:

    The fact is so finally in play and we don’t want to be fooled anymore. We know that the war on the weak has been in play since the 1880’s and it just keeps getting better and better. A native american friend of mine told me once that more than 1/2 of his family died in a series of epidemic diseases waves that started after the final battles of the indian wars in the 1890’s. Eugenics and social engineering has been working its wonders since at least 1890. Massive social engineering programs have killed, sterilized or imprisoned millions of minorities, disabled and elderly. The covert wars that state health departments have conducted against the disabled and racial minorities have been covered up to a large extent. While we are all doomed because of the one percenters desire to control the planet, I can take solace in the fact that I fight and continue to fight the evil that is VADER.

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