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Memorializing Quietly Outloud!

  Memorial Day! So what exactly is a memorial? And what is being memorialized? A memorial – “Something designed to preserve the memory of a person or event…” Design: craft, construction, artifice, | a show. To preserve: To sugar, salt, … Continue reading

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Obama and the Bear: An Ugly Fairytale

It amazes me how the US political-military-industrial-propaganda complex will stop at nothing to demonize Russia and ignore Putin’s justifiable claims for intervening in Ukraine. Could you imagine what the US hegemony would do, god forbid, if a handful of US … Continue reading

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The “X” Factor

By The Heretick We do in fact live among pure forms, in radical obscenity, which is to say visible and undifferentiated, among figures that were previously secret and distinct. The same is true of the social, which rules today also … Continue reading

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