Why I Quit the Democratic Party Today


Guest Post by, Eric Zuesse, Investigative historian  author of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

I draw the line at racist fascism, otherwise known as ‘nazism’ (lower-case ‘n,’ just as lower-case ‘f’ ‘fascism’ refers to any fascist party of any country, rather than to the Italian original, ‘Fascist Party’). (The German original nazi party was, of course the capital-‘N’ ‘Nazi Party,’ the nazi party of Germany.) I left the Democratic Party today, because I cannot support the first American President who ever installed anywhere in the world a nazi regime — it has never happened before, not even under a Republican President; and, until Obama, I had always assumed that if it ever would happen, it could come only under a Republican President, never under any Democratic one. But I was wrong — mortifyingly wrong — because Barack Obama did this in Ukraine (see here and here for the evidence); he is the first-ever U.S. President to install a nazi regime anywhere, and so I wrote to my Representative seeking Obama’s impeachment by the Democrats in Congress; and, today, that person, a Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives, told me that, notwithstanding Barack Obama’s having unquestionably done this, this Democratic Representative will not introduce on the floor of the U.S. House (which is the only place where a bill of impeachment can be introduced) a bill of impeachment against this — what is the appropriate term for such a person, if not a — nazi U.S. President. (That’s nazi as an ideology, racist fascist, not as a party designation, which is merely a party’s name.) Simply because Obama calls himself a ‘Democrat,’ that Representative in the House will not introduce a bill to impeach him. There was no argument on the facts; the facts weren’t at issue here at all; it’s just that Obama calls himself a ‘Democrat.’ That’s all.

impeach-obamaI had sent this person yesterday an email with all of the documentation, and here it is; so, when he said no to my request, he had all of this documentation; what he saw is what you will now be seeing:

Dear Congressman — :

Please see this and click on its sources, most of which are videos, and all of which I (a national award-winning investigative journalist) have checked out and found to contain nothing that is at all bogus or even just dubious.

My political hero is Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who opposed fascists both within the United States and abroad, and who especially opposed racist fascists, otherwise known as nazis (after the original, German, anti-Semitic, version of them). (Mussolini’s fascism, which he called ‘corporatism’ wasn’t of the specifically nazi, or ‘racist,’ type, so he was just a ‘fascist’ in his ideology, not a ‘nazi.’)

I am the vice chairperson of my local town’s Democrats, and I was a delegate to the 2004 Democratic State Convention. I shall, of course, attend the town’s Democratic Caucus on Saturday. [I’ll now be going there in order to resign.]

I voted for Barack Obama three times, once in a primary, and the other two in the general Presidential elections.

Nobody could call me biased against him, but he is the first-ever U.S. President to install a nazi government in any country, and he supports them in their vile ethnic-cleansing campaign to get rid of the ethnic Russians in the southeastern regions of Ukraine; and, so, he has crossed over a line into the ‘racist’ (actually ethnic-hating) far-right, nazism, that is so abhorrent to me so that I cannot remain a Democrat if no Democrat in the U.S. House introduces an impeachment resolution against Obama, a resolution that gives Democratic (not Republican) reasons for him to be removed from office.

Therefore please consider my analysis of the polls, in my article “Why the Democratic Party Will Die Unless a House Democrat Introduces a Resolution to Impeach President Obama.” That presents the data on the basis of which I believe that as a purely strategic move by the Democratic Party, it is urgent that at least one Democrat in the House will introduce an impeachment resolution to remove Barack Obama, and so to remove from the Democratic Party’s crucial brand this vile fascist and even nazi stain upon it.

Do you want to spend 2015 and 2016 in a Congress of which both houses are controlled by Republicans, who are writing, and Obama is signing into law, bills such as S. 2277, which has 26 sponsors, all of whom are Republican Senators (no Democrats favor this bill), and which will give Obama carte-blanche to ramp up his military support to the nazi Ukrainian government, while it’s slaughtering and expelling millions of the residents in Ukraine’s southeast? Is this what America stands for? Is this what the Democratic Party (and not only the Republican Party) now represents?

What else than a Democratic-Party renunciation of Obama as his being ‘not one of us’ but just a fake ‘Democrat,’ could even possibly salvage the U.S. Senate for the Democrats and thus block Obama from having the two Republican-controlled houses of Congress, and no re-election of his own to face, that’s probably been his actual dream all along — a united far-right takeover of this country?

Below are articles that provide additional progressive grounds for impeaching Barack Obama.

Please consider this, or else tell me that you will not; because, if you will not, then I shall promptly quit the Democratic Party. I hope to hear from you soon. I don’t want to drag this misery on, especially as I see coming down the pike a far-right Barack Obama in league with an even farther-right Republican Party, destroying American democracy beyond repair.

I hope to know your decision as soon as possible. And if I am to withdraw from the Democratic Party, I want to get it over with, not be plagued any longer about this painful matter.

A timely response to this email will thus be most gratefully appreciated.

Sincerely, Eric Zuesse

His handwritten reply to me, which I received today, was brief, even curt, simply a hand-scrawled:

Dear Eric,

I appreciate your passion and conviction. But I’m just not where you [are] on impeachment.


He knows that I’ll never again communicate with, much less support, him again. I cannot communicate with anyone who blocks from impeachment the first-ever nazi U.S. President. If a person clicks on the links in my articles, there are plenty of other grounds why this President needs to be impeached, such as his protection of the banksters whose MBS frauds had destroyed the economy in 2008, Obama’s basically covering up the massive white-collar-crimes-binge that occurred during George W. Bush’s Presidency, and also his refusal to allow Bush’s many other crimes (torture, invasion of Iraq, etc.) to be investigated and charged, making Obama an accessory after-the-fact. Obama has kept his predecessor above the law; and now he too will presumably be above the law, protected by both the Democrats and the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives. And my Democratic U.S. Representative thinks that that’s just fine. He had a chance to salvage the entire Democratic Party, and American democracy, and he blew it (unless some other House Democrat draws op the bill of impeachment and brings it to the House floor).

Here were the articles that closed the email yesterday to my Representative; so, he saw these, too:

Obama Definitely Caused the Malaysian Airliner to Be Downed

Cop: ‘If Obama Doesn’t Follow the Constitution, We Don’t Have To’

Obama’s War Against Russia Backfires





41 Responses to Why I Quit the Democratic Party Today

  1. the Heretick says:

    Geez, tell us how you really feel. That being said, kudos, whatever that means. But really, aren’t we splitting hairs here? Our countries long and sordid history is replete with what could be called nazi actions, the genocide against the Native-Americans, and that’s what it was, we could have found a way to co-exist, or not. Our many military actions over the last century fomenting coups and supporting despots, all to fill the coffers of the corporations which seized control of our country a century ago…………….
    You do make a good point about fascist versus nazi, a pretty fine distinction, and merely a matter of degree. Nevertheless, the seeds of the nazi reside in the fascist.
    Good for you, welcome to the club. I realized when all the fake “Arab Spring” black-ops occurred, when the NSA snooping was continued, when the bombing of Libya occurred, that The Big O (peace be upon him), was a liar, fraud, and fake.Unlike you however, i only voted for him once, but then i did the same with The Shrub, so what does that say?

    Seriously, it does my dark soul good to finally hear that at least one of the Democratic faithful has realized they can no longer support this twisted system. Just don’t be fooled, the next (of whatever stripe) will be no better, leopards and all that. It’s a beast, a hungry slavering beast.

    • Disaffected says:

      Looks like your icon got some commentary notice over at JHK’s weekly free-for-all.

      • the Heretick says:

        I’m innocent, I swear it, i was in Dallas at the time……………
        I got sucked into it, you can find icons other places that look suspiciously like mine.
        What I wonder about many people is if they have ever been in the projects at night, I have; or driven a cab at night in a bad part of town to service the poor people who live there because no one else had the cajones, and then have the people who were afraid to walk twelve blocks be oh so grateful and apologize for not tipping because they don’t have the money. I don’t think people have the dook of a notion what the hell they are talking about. I have had friends of mine die under similar circumstances who I will never forget. That’s all I’ll say, i doubt Sandy wants that mess spilling over here.

        • Disaffected says:

          LOL! No doubt, the projects are indeed dangerous places. How they got that way in the first place and what it is we intend to do about them, now that’s the interesting questions!

  2. Hi Eric, Via the circuitous route that increasingly links opponents of US fascism/nazism – and thank you very much for making the caps/lower case distinction that I probably didn’t observe in my articles about creeping US fascism – I get to read your screed on kulturCritic, having missed it on OpedNews. I hope it goes viral. More people need to do this and I will practise what you preach, HOWEVER, given the law of physics that states that the arrow of time is irreversible, I don’t think the US can be reformed: the flow of energy through the system will likely continue until it results in a bifurcation to a different order, as in revolution. Events in Ferguson, revealing the full-fledged militarization of our police, are part of that process.

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  4. Disaffected says:

    Great post, and why not? The Democratic party quit all of us decades ago. It’s only fair that we quit them too. Impeach Obama? That’s a start anyway. Better still, we need to convene a war crimes/general high crimes and misdemeanor tribunal and suspend elections until we root out all the current terrorists, which will more than likely be pretty much everyone currently holding federal office. The federal cancer is pretty much terminal at this point.

    • Disaffected says:

      And by the way, the term Democrat and Republican are meaningless. They’re Oldspeak words for the entertainment of the masses. I’m sure the congressman, or more likely one of his unpaid minions, was chuckling at the naivety of the writer as he responded.

  5. FIDO says:

    i support the leaving of all political parties so I agree with the basic premise here that Obama is a nutty Kook from Chicago that smoked a bit too much ganja for his own good. As far as being a neo nazi, that is a reach but based on his efforts to seize guns from lawful american citizens, I can support that notion wholeheartedly. The only way to remove such a man is by impeachment of course and John Boehner is not going to support that notion. The real reason why impeachment is being bantered around here is to save the Democratic party from losing an election in 2014. The fear of a republican majority in the senate will hopefully provoke a wave of liberal voters in key states to save there butts from a Veto presidency which is what the democrats really fear. Then it sets up 2016 as being a Hillary defeat and the final election of the american republic. This is slick willie part two as then the liberals can blame the conservatives for ending the empire. My own cynical take on this is another game people play when they don’t have a playbook. Both parties are here for the money , power , oil or ganja. I have seen the glory of the coming of the lord and it doesn’t look pretty for those in power. So, what is a failed liberal supposed to do in this instance?
    I have always had this fear of the power of the state to destroy, but this is going to be the barnburner. The TPTB are going to introduce some nifty virus to kill us and leave TPTB in control of a depleated world. Why do think that EBOLA is here now ? especially after the social securty system is on track to collapse. Let’s just say instant death for the ” useless eaters “. Why is EBOLA being left to go unchecked in West Africa ? I don’t Knoowww, Could it be ???? Could it be ??? TPTB want a 90 % death rate before they put it in a spray and let it loose in every american city. ? Could it be massive ethnic cleansing ? call it what it is ladies and gentlemen…. The Purge has begun and it is not just death on a massive scale, it’s great fun for TPTB to watch on TV from their secure locations on some island on the pacific ocean….. It will break all sorts of viewing records and I am totally positive that this death ride will be the most popular show ever made or concieved.

    • Disaffected says:

      Yes, the whole Ebola thing does appear to be a bit more than a mere “coincidence,” doesn’t it? Whether or not it’s used to eliminate us all, it will damn sure be useful as the next major shock doctrine event. Although I think I’d term Obama more of a “useful tool” than a “nutty kook.” I think he was hand-picked well before any of us had heard of him to fill his current role. He’s got it all: black, thin, fit, and reasonably good looking. A smart, credentialed, eloquent speaker, and a shameless, unapologetic liar to the core who seemed to come out of nowhere politically. The perfect Manchurian Candidate. And if the goal was to use him as a liberal placeholder to drive the electorate right back into the waiting arms of loony far right in 2014 and 2016, then he’s succeeded magnificently. And I too think 2016 might well be the last election held. What will be the point after that?

  6. JohnT says:

    Voting democrat since McGovern, I left them when Clinton signed NAFTA and bombed Yugoslavia.

    But I did vote for BO the first go round. Caught up in the exhilaration of a world without Bush as a dope-less hope fiend I guess. Waste of time.

    Well, I guess I’ll just watch from the sidelines..grab the popcorn!

    • Disaffected says:

      Ain’t that the the truth! A whole lot of us feeling the same way these days. Little did we know that Bush was but the harbinger of false hope.

  7. FIDO says:

    The simple fact is that BO and GW are part of the elite and are beholden to the TPTB anyway so whatever political party you happen to vote for really doesn’t matter. The constitution was never intended to protect the people… It was and is a conservative document designed to keep capital in this nation after the revolution. We have window dressing of rights. The mistake the courts keep on making is that the founders were a bunch of liberal leaning white men. However far from the truth this is actually is open for debate. The real power is in the money and guns. Power flows from the end of a gun. If you have the guns, you have the power. False hope ??? I argue that there is no hope for this system and that we are all going down sceaming to the dark ages.

  8. Disaffected says:

    The real power is in the money and guns. Power flows from the end of a gun. If you have the guns, you have the power.

    Indeed! For now at least. And I think the dark ages are already here, we just don’t realize it yet.

  9. outsider says:

    Well, since the POB didn’t impeach W, they’re not going to impeach Obama (both should have been). It’s more likely that any Dem who was foolhardy enough to propose it would be purged from the party. Can you imagine all the protests that would erupt throughout the land if they tried to impeach the nation’s first black president, especially after what GHWB’s idiot first born got away with. It would be Ferguson on super steroids. Obama is safe. Those looking down from their Wall Street offices and luxury penthouse apartments aren’t going to risk more civil unrest. Bad for business.

    • outsider says:

      Should have been “PTB.”

    • Disaffected says:

      Talk of impeachment during a president’s second term is pretty much a given these days. It’s always for political effect and reflects little more than the president’s lame duck status and sinking poll ratings. To the powers that be it’s irrelevant anyway, since they know the president is a mere mouthpiece anyway. Take him out and a suitable substitute who will magically deliver the same “decisions” anyway will be installed soon enough.

      I was mildly surprised at the commentary over at JHK’s blog yesterday regarding the ongoing festivities in Ferguson MO. Of course, JHK has long since revealed himself as the worst kind of race and class baiting elitist Jew, but apparently most of his commenters agreed that the niggers are the real problem too. It doesn’t shock me anymore, as all of my relatives are of the same persuasion, but it certainly illustrates how the white middle class will literally beg the national security state to serve them up on a platter too. They, just like the Germans before them, can’t wrap their minds around how the Nazi totalitarian states work, picking off minority/out groups one by one until they eventually eliminate them all. [They came for the niggers, but I wasn’t one, so I said nothing… They came for the spics and the fags but I wasn’t one…] In just such a fashion “America the Great” will get exactly what it asks for and deserves. Elimination for the profitability of the few.

      • the Heretick says:

        Geez, such language. i certainly hope you’re not including me with the majority.

        • Disaffected says:

          Politically correct terms just hide the true intent of the speaker. And believe me, when I talk to my NE peeps they don’t speak in PC vernacular.

          • the Heretick says:

            Well, when I drove my cab I went where the fares were at, glad I got out of that business 25 years ago. I wouldn’t do it now, world has changed. We can expect things to get rougher everywhere as conditions deteriorate.

            • Disaffected says:

              You can say that again! Lots of speculation all over the blogs today as to the larger “meaning” of what’s going down in MO. I thought this one was interesting posted by the board moderator Lambert Strether over at NakCap:

              I hate to be foily, but I’m starting to fit Ferguson into the idea of a “test bed,” like Ukraine, and Syria, and Iraq, where the powers that be seem to have been looking for the next war, or how to manage the next war, all summer. (Richard Morgan, in his SF books, has the great phrase “conflict investment”, as in “I already have a doctorate in conflict investment. I don’t really need the gifted-amateur reading list.”)

              Because Ferguson, despite its small size as a town, and the small geographic size of the protests, and the small number engaged in them, is still going on. That suggests it’s still useful. The cops whack a kid and leave his body in the street? Happens all the time. But it’s not every day the cops get to arrest journalists, beat their heads in, force them into holding pens, and point guns at them all during a newsworthy event. (What next? “Embedded journalists” in the police force?) So getting those tactics normalized is useful; it certainly would have saved a lot of bother with Occupy, for example.

              (Note that given the hellholes de-industrialization has created throughout the midwest, there are Fergusons all over. It was only a matter of time before a Ferguson happened. And then, look! Opportunity for conflict investment! I don’t see any reason to think the elites helped the process along.)

  10. Nichole Webbering says:

    “And I think the dark ages are already here, we just don’t realize it yet.”

    I doubt anyone ever realizes that the “dark ages” have come. I think they do realize that the flow of water has stopped or that the city walls are in rather poor disrepair and that it’s been a long while since the wall repair crew came round. As well they probably see that what was once a thriving town had lost a number of its inhabitants and that news doesn’t arrive like it once did. One’s pens no longer have the ink one bought at the stalls in the market and the market itself is much smaller than it was ten years ago.

    Human existence is rather much “in the moment,” and we don’t start evaluating out here on the imperial edges the way one does if one is David Brooks or Ezra Klein. Although one might surmise after reading that neither of them actually evaluate much else than their fantasies and hopes that tomorrow will magically look like 1952.

    Much like this Zuesse fellow.

    O, I’ve no doubt that he’s basically correct about USA-Russia policy. Neither side much understands the other and tends to read the other as a carry-over from the heyday of the Cold War. If resigning from the Democrats were a solution to that then, I suppose something would have already occurred as it’s been a week.

    Of course if there were honesty and an actual moral imperative within him he’d have resigned from his political party long ago over its support for the Israelis that’s been handed down since 1948. Those fellas manage to follow the prescriptions of those nasty USA and German nazis when it comes to calling for genocide. They’ve also come up with new ways of pursuing both lebensraum and colonial expansion that seem, at least until the past few years, rather less overtly brutal while maintaining the goal of removing inhabitants from desired land.

    My tears for Obama, Netanyahu and Putin appear to have dried up completely.

    Show some consistency, Eric.

    • Disaffected says:

      Agreed. “Dark ages” are something that can only be seen from a distance. When you’re in the middle of them (as I think we are), they just seem like business as usual.

  11. Disaffected says:

    Best summation of the case that MH17 was a US/Ukraine sponsored false-flag event yet:


  12. Nichole Webbering says:

    Just curious. Is anyone here aware that Russia managed to invade and annex a chunk of Ukraine already? As far as “threat” and “invasion” is concerned it seems to me that the standard of evaluation in this respect is something along the lines of Ukraine has corruption, there are somewhere between 25% and 35% of support and affiliation with extreme right-wing groups among the Ukrainian population and, in light of the above, that Russia gets to do what they wish as this nation, like Georgia, shares a border with Russia.

    Manifest Destiny is rather abhorrent when being spouted by English-heritage USAers who also hold USA “exceptionalism” up as a tenet of belief.

    I simply don’t see why the Russian version of this is somehow different and better and not as offensive. Will Stephen Cohen be writing here next?

    • Disaffected says:

      I simply don’t see why the Russian version of this is somehow different and better and not as offensive.

      It’s not, at least from an idealistic point of view. However, we’re living in in a bi-polar world now once again post 9-11, per GWB’s own proclamation – “You’re either with us or your agin us” – and the whole current Ukraine mess was gen’d up by the DC war fanatics in the first place. I don’t think anyone over there is naive enough to think that the Ukraine is self-sufficient enough to strike out on their own, no matter which way they lean. But from what I can see, they’ve been “occupied” by US and pro-US agitators since well before the current coups, which, by the way, was a coups in the first place. But given the fact that the downing of MH17 was almost certainly a false flag event, and one that was perhaps even targeting Putin himself, then two things become clear: 1.) Whomever was behind the false flag incident certainly has war crime blood on their hands, and 2). Putin almost certainly knows the truth of the matter already, so I doubt very seriously he’s inclined to be too sympathetic to either US or pro-US Ukrainian interests at this point. And finally, I’ll close with a question. If this was Russia pulling all this shit in the western hemisphere (let’s say Cuba for example), just imagine what the US response would be. But of course we don’t have to imagine because we’ve already had a preview way back in Oct 1962. And thanks to Russian restraint and a US president who was subsequently murdered for his efforts THEN, we’re all alive NOW to talk about it.

    • kulturcritic says:

      Nichole, I am afraid you are still severely disaffected by the propaganda that’s been shoved down your throat since infancy regarding the Soviet Union and, by association, Russia. It is about time you grew up and threw away your childhood toys and childish delusions. But,my job in life is not to convince you or anyone else. So, I leave you to your own capabilities at making the leap. Good luck. But, I already know you will not succeed. Perhaps you need to get out of your fairytale land, come to Russia… live here for a year or two and then compare the mythologies. Regarding the mold of president. The real difference is Putin knows how to control his distemper along with having a different worldview, one not hewn by the psychopathy of Brzezinski and Wolfowitz

  13. Nichole Webbering says:

    Gawd, DA, what a convoluted suppositional caravan of words you managed to put together in that reply. You’ll buy what you’ll buy. I can’t change that.

    “Idealistic,” really?

    Your hero-worship of a narcissistic wannabee strongman is not? LOL! Enchanted by the shirtless poses were ya?

    Obama and Putin are cut from similar moulds. Otherwise neither would be president.

    Russian annexation has already occurred as I pointed out. It’s not like Ukraine is being run by the ex-fascists and their supporters, except in the spiels unleashed by Russian spin-meisters. Yeah, the Vineyard-Saker is a truly reliable source.

    What you’ve cited is a “plausible” account of a false-flag downing based on no evidence whatsoever. How is your “proof” different in kind than a number of fanciful renditions of 911-troofism or Lone Gunman imaginative flights wherein a tall tale manages to be termed “plausible” due to a desire to believe in its truth? Right. It’s not is it? Zuesse’s desire is as lame as the desire of all the other true believers in the goodness-of-Putin-because-he-ain’t-Obama-and Russia-isn’t-USA. That’s just lame, very lame.

    I hold no brief for USA in this. Chances are very good that there are skullduggeries being produced by the CIA and the National Security Council as well as by the successors of KGB and GRU in Russia. Choosing between these governments is like choosing between a multiple rapist and a serial murderer.

    • the Heretick says:

      I don’t care what Puitn is, he doesn’t run my country. What worries me is the transparency in the original intent of this entire fiasco, which was an attempt to essentially seize Crimea, and thereby close Russia off from their one (and only?) warm water port.
      Just the thought that DC even tried to pull this off, it just bespeaks a hubris beyond imagination, and shows such an uncaring attitude to the dangers involved.

    • kulturcritic says:

      Nichole… and don’t you dare to try and cover up your allegiance, and tell us you “hold no brief” with either side. When you claim that Russia invaded and annexed Crimea you are simply a mouthpiece for the US propagandists who have spoon-fed you since birth. You are so full of shit, I cannot listen to your garbage anymore.

      • Nichole Webbering says:

        Ah, psychic powers, I see, have been added to all your other virtues, Sandy. Divining my childhood toys and delusions while failing to remove either mote or beam from your own vision?

        So, Russia didn’t annex Crimea? Or send troops in, or troops not uniformed? None of that occurred? And you’re referring to me as delusional? Gidoudahere!

  14. Disaffected says:

    Your hero-worship of a narcissistic wannabee strongman is not? LOL! Enchanted by the shirtless poses were ya?


    Likewise, it always comes down to “hero worship” of the other side whenever someone takes a stance opposing the US, doesn’t it? I harbor no illusions that Putin is some kind of saint – he’s former KGB for Christ’s sake! But given the circumstances and the realities on the ground in which all options are likely to be bad for the actual Ukrainian people, a large percentage of which are ethnic Russians, he appears to be the only “adult in the room” at this point. As in, an at least somewhat honest broker with no apparent axe to grind in a situation chock full of western interlopers (fucking Biden’s SON for crying out loud!) “wheeler dealers” with every manner of not so cleverly hidden agenda. And the key question in all of this bullshit has been and remains to be, who benefits? What, pray tell, could Russia’s motivation have possibly been to start all this shit on the heels of their Winter Olympics debacle, which was by most accounts a PR nightmare? And further, what reason would they have to shoot down a civilian airliner right in the middle of a western generated PR shitstorm regarding the resulting conflict? None of that makes any sense whatsoever unless you assume Putin is both reckless and stupid, two characteristics by far best attributed to American Presidents Bush and Obama.

    As to the plausibility of the growing case for a DC and/or Ukrainian puppet generated false flag incident with the MH17 shoot down, you’ll have to decide for yourself based on the evidence available. I don’t generate this stuff, I just read what’s out there and decide just like you. To me, combined with the “who benefits” question posed above, I have no doubt whatsoever now that the western narratives first proposed in our hyperbolic press were entirely false, and that further, their silence in the interim speaks even louder. All of the false flag links I listed above and elsewhere are notable for their scientific and factual analysis, whereas all the western press hyperbole has been notable for its lack thereof. And really, once such wild and obviously false accusations are made so hastily and recklessly in the aftermath of a human tragedy like this, doesn’t it call into question the veracity of everything else that follows from what is so obviously an all-encompassing, albeit increasingly desperate, pro-western propaganda mill?

    I mean really Nichole, you must have a clue posting to sites like this. This ain’t an either/or argument. World affairs are a damn sight more complicated than you’re apparently willing to appreciate. Is Vladimir Putin a saint? Of course not. But given the alternatives, one of which apparently is let’s push the world to the brink of nuclear war based on a half-assed false flag narrative concocted by some obviously two bit political operatives for the transparently obvious motive of securing oil/gas/military basing rights on the doorstep of one of the two major obstacles (Russia and China) to US global hegemony in a dwindling fossil fuel world, I choose “something else” every time. This whole case study is little more than Poli/Sci 101, and if your supporting thesis is, this is nothing more than Cold War redux, the “big, bad Russian Bear” is trying to regain territory again based on the “hysterical ravings of a tyrannical madman,” then you, my dear, have fallen victim to the new, improved western Nazi propaganda mill. I know it’s hard accepting that your country has debased itself and become the enemy it once proclaimed to have fought, but that’s what grown ups do. They accept the facts uncritically as they find them, and they modify their world views accordingly.

    Wanna read about a REAL American hero who adhered to just such a code?


    • Disaffected says:

      I might add, I’m a career USAF enlisted maintenance man, with extensive experience on John Boyd’s “pet” aircraft, the F-16. I’m by no means an expert, but I can attest to the veracity of his [kinetic] “energy management” breakthrough concept in fighter aircraft. It’s why we had TWO successful fighter aircraft in the 1980’s – the F-15 for for heavy duty fighter/bomber roles, and the F-16 for more purely fighter roles, at least initially – whereas now we have one, the F-22 (1st gen) and F-35 (2nd gen), both pretty much equally horrible.

      “Tiger, one day you will come to a fork in the road and you’re going to have to make a decision about which direction you want to go. He raised his hand and pointed. “If you go that way you can be somebody. You will have to make compromises and you will have to turn your back on your friends. But you will be a member of the club and you will get promoted and you will get good assignments.” Then Boyd raised his other hand and pointed in another direction. “Or you can go that way and you can do something- something for your country and for your Air Force and for yourself. If you decide you want to do something, you may not get promoted and you may not get the good assignments and you certainly will not be a favorite of your superiors. But you won’t have to compromise yourself. You will be true to your friends and to yourself. And your work might make a difference. To be somebody or to do something. In life there is often a roll call. That’s when you will have to make a decision. To be or to do? Which way will you go?

      ― John Boyd


      Being involved in every conflict on earth is useful if the real game is boosting the Pentagon’s budget rather than serving our national interests. Here too Boyd had a favorite line. He often said, “It is not true the Pentagon has no strategy. It has a strategy, and once you understand what that strategy is, everything the Pentagon does makes sense. The strategy is, don’t interrupt the money flow, add to it.”


  15. gregg says:

    “Barack Obama did this in Ukraine (see here and here for the evidence).”

    there are no links ‘here’. though i’m somewhat familiar with t
    fhe neo-nazi regime installed by nato and their zieg-heil salutes, i’m curious of what you’ve found.

    anyway, i see no distinction between the ultimate big gov parties, fascist or commie, just different window dressings, they all seek hegemony and will use any means at their disposal.

    fuck. them. all.

  16. Malthus says:

    Eric is a really good writer, thoughts well developed, etc.. It surprises me he hasn’t caught on to the super scam we are living under this late in the game. Well done, Eric better late than never.

  17. outsider says:

    DA brought up the “Winter Olympics debacle.” It now seems as if it happened years rather than months ago. I lost whatever residual respect I may have had for Obama when he stiffed President Putin by childishly refusing to attend the Sochi games. Putin extended an olive branch and Obama pissed all over it. It’s not at all surprising that Ukraine really exploded right after the games were over. Obama allowed Victoria Nuland to finish her dirty work while Putin and much of Russian security was occupied with keeping the Olympics safe. Obama, still a foreign policy amateur, has foolishly brought us to the brink of war with the nuclear-armed Russians. Even the idiot GWB wasn’t stupid enough to go there.

  18. Garmin nuvi 2555 gps lifetime says:

    After I originally commented I appear to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added-
    checkbox and now every time a comment is added I receive four emails with the exact same comment.

    There has to be an easy method you are able to remove me from that service?

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