Walk Hard! Into Your Corporate Future


Where the Wasteland Ends

James Howard Kunstler move over, our own Disaffected has stepped forward to read the tea leaves of the present day and provide us a window on our likely future, a crystal ball reflection of what is to come.  For that matter, the Gospel of John may need to take second fiddle to this new Rasputin soloist of ours.  A great prognosticator is nothing if not self confident. And we see such confidence jumping from the page in DA’s unabashed forecast. Truly our world is in the midst of the greatest of transformations, a crisis of immense proportions and on multiple fronts, economic, financial, political, social, climatological, ecological — and all on a grand global platform.  This is the real meaning of the word-phrase “GLOBALIZATION.”  It is the globalized suffering of humankind, the planet, and all that surrounds and supports us. DA is highly evocative and critical in his observations; something lacking in much of American society today. Enjoy his first installment.  The second half will come in a few days time. (kC)



As I sit here totally cognitively immersed in the latest round of Walk Hard!TM (Brought to you by NSA Surveillance Technologies Group – Eliminating ThoughtCrime one synapse at time – and by Cognitive Imaging Technologies – CIT, We make dreams come true – and by GoogleSoftCloud – The Hive’s Silver Lining) I can’t help but reflect on our good fortune and how it all came to be. The story of the twenty first century has truly been one for the ages, and those corporate persons who have come through it all relatively unscathed are truly blessed. When I think back on the primitive pre-corporate lives my grandparents – my grandparents for the Cosmic CEO’s sake! – I’m at once appalled and amazed at the progress we’ve made in the few short decades that have passed since then. Hard as it is to remember all now, perhaps I should start from the beginning.

The Beginning

The pre-corporate days of the naughts and the early teens were wild and wooly, no doubt about it. Pre-corporate anti-corporate sentiment had gradually reached a zenith, fueled by the usual cast of characters: career malcontents, ne’er do wells, misfits, hipsters, slackers, self-labeled “doomers”, womanizers, druggies, and generally whatever else the proverbial cat might have dragged in. This was expected and dealt with in all the usual corporate ways of the time, limited as they were. In spite of the Great Leap Forward begun in 1980 under eventual CSA (Corporate State of America) Honorary Patron Saint and Founder Ronald Reagan, the great corporate/private incorporation articles issue of 2022 was yet far from decided, and the “smart money” was still parked firmly on the sidelines.

Nonetheless, the Prequel of 2008 provided the pretext and launching pad for all that followed. Conceived in the Cheney/Bush White House of 2000, it has since been widely hailed as the political masterstroke that enabled the modern age. In the aftermath of Yale/Harvard legacy dilettante dip-shit George W. Bush’s disastrous administration’s pre-planned wreckage of the economy, fellow Harvard silver-tongued token Negro Barack Obama was chosen to succeed him. And what a success he was! As predicted, the disconnect between what Obama said, with all his bullshit oratorical flourishes, and what he actually did thereafter was simply too much for the primitive American people of the time to get their minds around, and Conservatives were able to paint him as a milquetoast “people’s liberal,” even as he wrote them a blank check to continue military escalations across the board, many surreptitiously disguised through immensely lucrative privatization contracts, and unprecedentedly massive infusions of cash by the federal reserve directly into portions of the economy that needed it least and would part with it last – the mega-wealthy corporate scions of the day. It was perhaps the greatest political masterstroke of all time, but it wasn’t done yielding fruit yet.

The science was already coming in on the climate change we’re experiencing even still today, but of course our corporate forefathers knew that it was in no one’s best interest to acknowledge it just yet, certainly not our corporate forefathers who saved the world and created the utopian society we enjoy today, nor the non-corporate working class brutes who would be sacrificed for the good of humanity in the following years. As the economy continued to stagnate throughout Obama’s second term in office (2013-2016), it was gradually decided that he was simply too good of a foil to let go of, and that he and his democratic party “opposition” (the fix had long been in across the board, with only a handful of exceptions) would propose a pre-corporate constitutional amendment allowing him a third and even fourth term if he decided. Conservative “opposition” was then suitably whipped into a mock frenzy, but in the end, after a suitable amount of hot air and faux outrage was expended, the conservative right “caved” to the inevitable and it was done. “Barack the Great,” as he was soon dubbed, was “Lord of the Land” for the next eight years, at least if he wanted it, and the die was cast. All of which would turn out to be the least of it…

The End of the Beginning

In the run up to the 2016 election, Global Warming finally began to bite… HARD! The weirding that had been progressing steadily for over a decade reached a climax in the late summer and fall, with epic tornadoes and flooding rain outbreaks coinciding with Hurricane Colin just after Labor Day, which slammed the sweet spot between New Orleans and Galveston with epic fury and size. The combination was enough to swamp New Orleans entirely and to take out most of the coastal crude oil refineries and related infrastructure all the way inland to Houston. But that was just the beginning. The fall rains came all across the Midwest and most of the Deep South in record amounts – later being referred to as the Great Deluge of ’16, and right on into the winter, with record cold and snowfall amounts all across the northern tier. But the spring of ’17 delivered the final and cruelest of blows, dawning late and wet once more. The thaw in the north came late and in fits and starts. The snow and ice flowed glacially into the Missouri and Mississippi and their tributaries, clogging up and further flooding things all along the way, until by the early summer it was obvious to all that this was going to literally be an earth changing event. By mid-summer all low lying parts of Minneapolis/St Paul, Omaha, Kansas City, St Louis, and Memphis were under water, and the Missouri and Mississippi river valleys pretty much dropped the valleys from their name and became part of the river proper. The wider parts of both rivers then began forming lakes, and the lakes began widening until they were close to forming seas, and by fall, as the deluge continued over the entire Midwest, it gradually became obvious to all but the most stubborn and obtuse that this was not going to be merely a single season event. With the flooding and the usual summer heat came the flies and the rats and every manner of opportunistic scavenger, and with them and the lack of sanitation standards, came the pestilence and the fighting over remaining food, drugs, and just about everything else. Transportation lines broke down across the board, jobs and livelihoods were lost, infrastructure was destroyed, “just in time” became a cruel joke to those who had become dependent on it, families and lives were disrupted and ended en masse, and everything just generally began to go to hell in the proverbial hand basket in all of the usual and entirely predictable ways that such things do when complex systems break down. And as this same extreme pattern waxed and waned, albeit relentlessly and persistently growing more intense each time, the Midwest gradually became what it is today; a large shallow inland swamp/sea totally unlike its former self. Gone were the giant industrial farming operations and all of the formerly cheap grain stocks they supplied. For the first time in over a hundred years, food energy in the form of calories was again in short supply. Drastically short given the huge populations that 20th century industrial agriculture itself had enabled.

Not that it got much better on the coasts. Sea levels continued to rise for both, and as tropical mega-hurricanes continued to increase in intensity and batter low lying coast lines from early August through late October in the east, winter storms continued to intensify and inundate the rich coastal areas of the west. Even before the great quake of 2019 leveled pretty much everything and ended the great California experiment as they knew it, the die was already cast. Periodic inundations had pretty much reduced the great central San Joaquin valley to a flooded out, swamp like shadow of its former self. Prolific exporter of fresh produce to the world? Not anymore. Migrant farm workers, brought north by the allure of capitalist opportunity only a few years earlier, now found themselves in yet another corporate dystopian hell, albeit one that they themselves increasingly “owned.” As the rich corporate land sharks gradually conceded defeat and moved on, they increasingly found they and theirs left “holding the bag,” default “land-owners” of a land… err… bug infested swamp, that no one actually wanted to lay claim to anymore.

The Beginning of the End

As the whole monumental catastrophe continued to unfold through the late teens and early twenties, two things became glaringly apparent: the US government was either unwilling or simply incapable of responding to the crisis in any meaningful way whatsoever, and in fact served mostly as a giant propaganda disinformation service, deemphasizing the impact of the crisis and spreading the message that “we are all in this together,” when the facts on the ground clearly indicated otherwise. The cognitive dissonance began to evaporate completely, as Obama’s nominally “democratic” administrations were able to do what decades of Republican administrations could not: end Social Security and Medicare and just about every other government guaranteed pension or transfer payment altogether, after first openly defaulting on them for several years to “warm everyone up” to the idea. All to no avail, unfortunately. Unemployment had skyrocketed to immeasurable heights as businesses failed en masse due to the now nearly universal unfolding chaos, and it began to dawn on the few remaining average US dollar holders that their money was pretty much worthless. All of which led nature to take its course and the large unsustainable populations of humans that were now pretty much abandoned to cope with the new harsh realities on the ground did what populations invariably do under such circumstances: they shrank. This is to say, they died. IN DROVES! As massively overwhelmed federal and local governments responded to the growing crisis by shrinking into the woodwork, the long-awaited vicious cycle downward to the inevitable took place: the complete collapse (capitulation, really) and subsequent takeover of the federal government by corporate interests in the early 20’s.

(to be continued in the next installment)

48 Responses to Walk Hard! Into Your Corporate Future

  1. Malthus says:

    Ahhh, “Life and Death in the Shadow World.” © Stay tuned its coming.

  2. the Heretick says:

    “And as this same extreme pattern waxed and waned, albeit relentlessly and persistently growing more intense each time, the Midwest gradually became what it is today; a large shallow inland swamp/sea totally unlike its former self. ”

    well, yeah, but think of all them gators!
    tastes like chicken!

  3. the Heretick says:

    but seriously, the Dark Ages, or the Medieval Period if you consider dark to be pejorative, was not called that because the world was a bit colder and darker (probably due to vulcanism), but because most Europeans were kept in ignorance and poverty by their supposed betters. we know this, but how many people on the street know this?
    the preachers of the time had the secret to the light, the arcane understanding which was essential to the well being of their eternal souls (or some such rubbish); now many people now carry their cathedrals around in their hands where they can check in on the doings of the latest luminaries put forth by the military/ industrial/entertainment/ propaganda complex.
    now the panopticon tracks us globally, the all-seeing eyes in the sky, or the traffic light camera on the corner. all of these technologies are just as arcane as alchemy would have seemed to a middle ages peasant, and just as much out of our control. and the we have our own heretics, such as emmanuel snowdenstein, julian the assange, and poor mr. manning who did his very best to recant his crimes against empire, but will probably receive about as much mercy as a medieval prelate would dish out to anyone who dared blaspheme against the ruling regime.

    technology has always been used to subjugate people, it was used in antiquity, it’s used now. i believe the scenario you describe could be the prelude to a new Dark Age.

  4. javacat says:

    DA, you’ve really hit your stride this time. Look forward to the next episode.

    • Disaffected says:

      I think it’s equal parts inspiration and incipient senility. But be warned, I’m going to throw in a few curves (already alluded to) in the second half. An imagination is a terrible thing to waste!

  5. Phlogiston Água de Beber says:

    Ahh, I love the smell of doomerish fiction in the morning.

    …the complete collapse (capitulation, really) and subsequent takeover of the federal government by corporate interests in the early 20′s.

    I do wonder though why the story projects into the future something that has already happened?

  6. This was the perfect romp to wake up to, DA! Find an illustrator, develop some additional characters in addition to the Obombernator, conjure the appropriate dialogue and you’ll have a best seller. Looking forward to the next installment… 🙂

    • Disaffected says:

      Unfortunately, I think I need to find an editor as well. Word to aspiring writers/blog posters, etc. (who don’t know it already, at least): editing your own stuff for typos, missed words, stupid grammar mistakes, and the like is damn near impossible! Sigh…

  7. Terry David says:

    And Obama the Great proved early in his career that only those who desire to change will have any chance to be saved from decimation. The Powers saw to it that Obama would would be this inspiration.

    Click to access exnegro.pdf

  8. Phlogiston Água de Beber says:

    I couldn’t help thinking there was something appropriate to the topic in this little skit.

    • Disaffected says:

      I’ve on good authority that the story’s about to turn a bit more Orwellian than that, but thanks for playing Phlogger. If you’ll call our 1-800 line, you’ll be instructed (after a lengthy wait) on who else to call to receive our complimentary “Barry Manilow Does 90’s Grunge” Muzak while you wait some more, until you eventually die. Good as it gets, my friend. Good as it gets.

  9. Disaffected says:

    On another note, today’s TomGram is excellent and at loosely applicable to today’s topic:


    • the Heretick says:

      it’s a pretend world DA, for remote control Rambo’s. it’s all about violence, from the Matrix to Avatar,
      “Let me take you down, ‘cos I’m going to Strawberry Fields.
      Nothing is real and nothing to get hungabout.”

      remember Sir Paul’s Superbowl performance of “Live and Let Die”? a thinly veiled paean to our brave boys in uniform.

    • Disaffected says:

      Our local cops are now wearing Kevlar in their day to day. They look like such cute little boy scouts all dressed up in their faux commando gear. Feel like asking them why they don’t just go on down to the recruiting office and sign up for the real thing. The pay’s better, and they might get a chance to see if all that body armor actually works.

      • the Heretick says:

        inside out, outside in, as above, so below, world without end, amen.
        “The warrior mentality that has infected much of our country and our corporate policy is now solidly embedded in the political infrastructure of this hegemony.”
        “the same goons who are up-armored in your police forces and rent-a-warrior camos that soak the American taxpayer, while protecting big corporate interests abroad, and your beloved elite lifestyle at home, while the rest of the citizenry – those unwashed masses – sweat and toil so that you, your monied sponsors (overlords), and your cronies, can keep this party going until the entire globe is fucked?”
        just some quotes from this guy i read on the web sometimes.

      • the Heretick says:

        here we run into the problem of governing in a corrupt society (is there another kind? i wonder), the police really do have a dangerous job, made more dangerous by the pathologies created by the nature of society. however, there are behaviors we want to suppress, including some of which most people would agree upon, what a mess. the thing is, the MMPI shows that cops and criminals have very similar profiles. what else can you say? damned if you do, damned if you don’t, it get’s to a point where you just think, chuck it all.

        • kulturcritic says:

          Yes there are different models of social cohesions, tribal, pre-literate, egalitarian. Pre hierarchical!

        • Disaffected says:

          Unfortunately for cops, criminal enterprise usually pays better. I can’t help but feel that the low pay scales for cops (in most small towns especially, it’s abysmal enough that many cops live in the same neighborhoods as the poor end of the local criminal element) fuels their resentment of the citizenry they “serve.” That and the fact that they’re mostly relegated to such distinguished tasks as setting up speed traps (revenue traps) to generate funds for local operations. American law enforcement’s anal retentive preoccupation with enforcing speed limits simply because it’s so easy to do and generates such easy profile is illustrative. Compare that activity, for example, to monitoring cell phone use, texting, or simply grossly sloppy and inattentive driving (driving 10-15+ mph slower than the surrounding flow of traffic, especially when combined with inattentiveness, which it pretty much by definition is, is every bit as dangerous as speeding) all of which though rampant, would involve a degree of attentiveness, autonomy, and decision making capability that most cops simply do not or are not allowed to possess, and then you realize what we’re selecting for when we hire our local force: low paid, authority worshipping, relatively unintelligent albeit hyper-aggressive “uniform fillers” to foster the illusion that things are under control when they’re not. Legalized gang members in uniforms.

          • Terry David says:

            “. . .and then you realize what we’re selecting for when we hire our local force: low paid, authority worshipping, relatively unintelligent albeit hyper-aggressive “uniform fillers” to foster the illusion that things are under control when they’re not.”

            Thanks for saying this. An outstanding observation. Those in our societies who are prone to being authoritarian thugs have always been required to be on a short leash for the average citizen to live in peace. The character of local police speaks, therefore, more to the character of our leadership, having empowered authoritarian thugs.

            In a lighter look at it, the original Mayor Daley of Chicago, speaking of police conduct during the tumultuous time of the 1960’s and the Democratic convention, “The police aren’t there to create disorder. They’re there to preserve disorder.”

            • Disaffected says:

              It’s kinda like the feeling you get when you watch our legislative buffons strutting around and preening in all their finery: empty suits spewing meaningless nonsense to foster the illusion that they, and not their corporate owners, are actually in control of something. But hey, for them the pay’s pretty good at least. The closer you get to the corporate trough the higher the quality of the leavings.

  10. Disaffected says:

    Talk about coincidence, this from commenter from Mexico over at Naked Capitalism today:
    This is rather long, but it is the historian Jacques Barzun’s rendition of what happens when passive nihilism flips into active nihilism. There’s a word for this phenomenon: revolution.
    How a revolution erupts from a commonplace event – tidal wave from a ripple – is cause for endless astonishment. Neither Luther in 1517 nor the men who gathered at Versailles in 1789 intended at first what they produced at last. Even less did the Russian Liberals who made the revolution of 1917 foresee what followed. All were as ignorant as everybody else of how much was about to be destroyed. Nor could they guess what feverish feelings, what strange behavior ensue when revolution, great or short-lived, is in the air.
    First, a piece of news about something said or done travels quickly, more so than usual, because it is uniquely apt; it fits a half-conscious mood or caps a situation: a monk questions indulgences, and he does it not just out of the blue – they are being sold again on a large scale. The fact and the challenger’s name generate rumor, exaggeration, misunderstanding, falsehood. People ask each other what is true and what it means. The atmosphere becomes electric, the sense of time changes, grows rapid: a vague future seems nearer.
    On impulse, perhaps to snap the tension, somebody shouts in church, throws a stone through the window, which provokes a fight – it happened so at Wittenberg – and clearly it is no ordinary break of the peace. Another unknown harangues a crowd, urging it to stay calm – or not to stand there gaping and do something. As further news spreads, various types of people become aroused for or against the thing now upsetting everybody’s daily life. But what is that thing? Concretely: ardent youths full of hope as they catch the drift of the idea, rowdies looking for fun, and characters with a grudge. Cranks and tolerated lunatics come out of houses, criminals out of hideouts, and all assert themselves.
    Manners are flouted and customs broken. Foul language and direct insult become normal, in keeping with the rest of the excitement, buildings are defaced, images destroyed, shops looted. Printed sheets pass from hand to hand and are read with delight or outrage – Listen to this! Angry debates multiply about things long since settled: talk of free love, of priests marrying and monks breaking their vows, of property and wives in common, of sweeping out all evils, all corruption, all at once – all things new for a blissful life on earth.
    A curious leveling takes place: the common people learn words and ideas hitherto not familiar and not interesting and discuss them like intellectuals, while others neglect their usual concerns – art, philosophy, scholarship – because there is only one compelling topic, the revolutionary Idea. The well-to-do and the “right-thinking,” full of fear, come together to defend their possessions and habits. But counsels are divided and many see their young “taking the wrong side.” The powers that be wonder and keep watch, with fleeting thoughts of advantage to be had from the confusion. Leaders of opinion try to put together some of the ideas afloat into a position which they mean to fight for. They will reassure others, or preach boldness, and anyhow head the movement.
    Voices grow shrill, parties form and adapt names or are tagged with them in derision and contempt. Again and again comes the shock of broken friendships, broken families. As time goes on, “betraying the cause” is an incessant charge, and there are indeed turncoats. Authorities are bewildered, heads of institutions try threats and concessions by turns, hoping the surge of subversion will collapse like previous ones. But none of this holds back that transfer of power and property which is the mark of revolution and which in the end establishes the Idea…
    To the distant observer the course of events is a rushing flood; to those insdie it is a whirlpool.
    Such is, roughly, how revolutions “feel.” The gains and the deeds of blood may vary in detail from one time to the next, but the motives are the usual mix: hope, ambition, greed, fear, lust, envy, hatred of order and of art, fanatic fervor, heroic devotion, and love of destruction.
    –JACQUES BARZUN, From Dawn to Decadence
    Read more at http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2013/08/a-disturbance-in-the-force.html#PsbCCWPORhaxt3e9.99

    • kulturcritic says:

      good piece for reflecti

      • Disaffected says:

        A really great discussion in general going on over there at the link above.

        • the Heretick says:

          link from aforementioned discussion
          “where the fantasies and rank hallucinations of executives and Boards of Directors go unchallenged by ‘subordinates’ goes some distance toward explaining Mr. Obama’s own dismissive tone and condescension during those exceedingly rare moments when inconvenient truths are raised in his presence. Whereas in a democracy leaders respond to the concerns of the citizenry, in a corporate-state ‘leaders’ decide both the questions and the answers. ”
          i just love using words such as “aforementioned” if it’s not a real word, it should be.

          • Disaffected says:

            You’re just gonna love Part II of my little narrative above HT.

          • Disaffected says:

            The tendency of we in ‘the West’ has been to draw a circle around the visible political-economic relations—those close at hand, and to exclude from our realm of concern the broader impact of Western policies. However, neo-liberalism as both ideology and imposed political economy is now fact in the West. With quiet acceptance any pretense of ‘democracy’ has been replaced with the admonition that if we behave ourselves we can remain on the ‘winning’ side of political economic restructuring according to neo-liberal dogma. Left unsaid is that rapidly declining circumstance, in terms of both the increasing economic marginalization of most citizens and the imposition of the technologies of totalitarianism, is wholly the product of four decades of near-silent neo-liberal coup. What Mr. Obama’s insistence on continuing to push neo-liberal policies indicates is that no economic debacle will cause neo-liberalism to be re-thought by its proponents. What historical trajectory suggests is that the imposed political economies and failed policies of neo-liberalism will only result in their greater imposition until the world says ‘no more.’

            Or, alternatively, until the world says ‘we surrender.’ I’d say the jury’s still out on which scenario will win out.

            • the Heretick says:

              ” if we behave ourselves we can remain on the ‘winning’ side of political economic restructuring according to neo-liberal dogma.”
              what i was trying to agree with below. it does seem to me that the well off don’t give a damn as long as they are getting theirs. the latest dodge is the “smart society” and “better education”, which is really just an excuse for economic inequality, for doing nothing to change the essential equation. the bright kids on teevee with their new computers, the well dressed pitch people on the ads during the sunday shows, the movers and shakers, leading society forward……….over the cliff.

              sometimes i can get my point across, sometimes i can’t.

          • Terry David says:

            The coup in this country has been in process for a very long time. Personally, the sea-shift in my realization of it was a network TV interview with Dick Cheney somewhere around 2005 or 2006. The interviewer pointed out that 80% of the American people desired a different approach as the Administration was taking in the wars abroad. Cheney replied with a derisive smirk, “So?”

            Since that point I’ve thought about it. On every major issue facing this country- Wars, Empire, Job Outsourcing, Single Payer health system, Wall Street, Too-Big-To Fail bankers’ crimes, War on Drugs, Social Security, Medicare, restoration of Progressive Taxation on grotesque income inequality, Infrastructure investment, Education and on and on, -the major polling agencies show Americans to favor doing what is fair and reasonable by decent majority margins despite the corporate propaganda machine. And government has ceased to respond to citizen viewpoints in any form. Cheney’s response snapped the picture into focus for m- that we clearly do not have a functioning democracy at all any more.

            Manufactured consensus is not even worth it to them now, but instead scapegoat propaganda (“dog whistles”) is being directed to the “aforementioned” authoritarian thugs so as to bring them to a proper boil. I’m afraid, as the above wonderful summation of revolution shows, the current governmental-corporate authorities are fomenting a revolution where they have preprogrammed the minds of the violent authoritarians to ensure an outcome favorable to corporate and banking elite.

            Furthermore, the nature and identity of the propaganda machine will clearly be revealed (too late): these thugs will call themselves “Libertarians.”

            • Disaffected says:

              I have a begrudging respect for ol’ Darth Cheney, in that he’s so unabashedly unapologetic about it all. I guess cutting your teeth in the Nixon White House and then polishing your skills under Reagan, Bush the Greater, and Bush the Idiot, with stints as a corporate head for what amounts to America’s privatized military at Halliburton, all after taking great pains to avoid the draft for Vietnam himself, will do that for you. He’s the kind of guy that would gladly cut your heart out with a butter knife and feed it to you, except for the fact that he wouldn’t want to soil his $5,000 suit with your blood. A rapscallion’s rapscallion, he just might be the reincarnation of ol’ Uncle Joe Stalin himself.

  11. the Heretick says:

    new margin, but a continuation of the thread. awhile back DA sensed i was drawing back, which will be fixed soon enough. these are very perceptive remarks i see here, the only quibble i would have is that the right-wing seems to get cast as the bad guys, whereas for quite some time i have felt that the supposed left is just as bad, if not worse. actually, i am swimming in uncharted waters here.
    i don’t want to get into a discussion of the weed issue again (i don’t care all that much, i don’t indulge, clouds the mind, and mine’s clouded enough already), however, i remember back in ’68, why, in my day…………..but seriously, i thought there was no way pot would not be legal by 1980, being young it was so far in the future, but i thought there is just no way, then in 1980 we got Ronald Reagan, geez.
    anyhow, like i say, i still tap out screeds now and again, but it’s always a work in progress.
    “Manufactured consensus is not even worth it to them now, but instead scapegoat propaganda (“dog whistles”) is being directed to the “aforementioned” authoritarian thugs so as to bring them to a proper boil.”
    it seems as if there are plenty of scapegoats to go around, but as far as wanting to preserve the big machine, both corp. puppet parties really don’t want to make the kind of changes which would preserve more than a handful of humanity. the discussion DA pointed out was about “something in the air”, pollution proceeds apace, the national debt piles up, unemployment, poverty, the downward spiral.

    the one thing which would help is so simple of an idea (maybe hard to implement), and that is decentralization, people moving back to the land, and lowering the amount of energy required to run the world. i don’t know if i could hack it, but i do wish i had the courage to do it when i was younger.

    anyhow, just me rambling. your comments are very interesting.

    • Disaffected says:

      As my screed above alludes to, decentralization will be allowed – hell, EMBRACED – once it equates to abandonment by centralized authority, but as long as it equates to a self-sufficient counter movement (“terrorism” by any other name), like it does now, it will be quashed by any means necessary. And I make fun of the right, simply because they are the unapologetic face of fascism, but that just leaves the left as they’re cowardly cousins. “Kinder gentler fascists,” who are afraid to come right out and admit their true nature. Catching up on my Morris Berman today, who always reminds me that there is no hope for saving the current mess, nor should we even hope that there will be. The current state of affairs has been over 200 years in the making, and is now nothing less than the proverbial “irresistible force” of self-perpetuation. It’s all going to end badly, but who knows when? The current powers that be have proven to be remarkably resilient.

      • the Heretick says:

        i’m off to the commercial center, get Veronika on order, try to find a classic at the used media store. the link sandy put up about the terrorist okra, SWAT raiding an organic farm, and trying to find weed to justify the raid, jesus f. christ.
        you are probably right, “abandonment by centralized authority”, there are huge apt. complexes in this city where cops don’t go unless they really, really have to, and then it’s in force. violence engendered by a violent system. i see your point, you can rot as long as you are dependent, but an organic farm? selling vegetables w/o a license? not allowed.

  12. Carol Newquist says:

    Our local cops are now wearing Kevlar in their day to day. They look like such cute little boy scouts all dressed up in their faux commando gear. Feel like asking them why they don’t just go on down to the recruiting office and sign up for the real thing. The pay’s better, and they might get a chance to see if all that body armor actually works.

    So true. It’s so pathetically hilarious, it makes me laugh and cry. All dressed up and no where to go….not yet, at least….but there’s still time. In the meantime, they try in vain to work the kinks out, and oftentimes stumble and fumble in the process. Many times, they just don’t know what to do, especially when they’re forced to serve and protect the lowly citizenry versus their paymasters, the corporations.

    The Chesire Murders is an excellent documentary by HBO. If you get a chance, check it out. These “warriors” encircled this home and waited for an hour as the invaders raped the mother and daughters and then burned the home to the ground killing the aforementioned three before fleeing in a car. It defies any reasonable explanation, not that the local police force felt obliged in any way to provide one. Needless to say, they failed this family miserably. It made me realize, once and for all, that it’s precisely because protecting this family really wasn’t their true purpose, and since it’s not, we have to confront what that true purpose really is. This goes beyond incompetence; incompetence is just too easy an out, yet it’s always the handy excuse that’s accepted by people too intelligent to be fooled.


    • the Heretick says:

      Googled “The Cheshire Murders” and read a bit about this, it makes me sick.
      I could go deep on this, but don’t have time.
      Suffice it to say these monsters are products of a twisted society.
      However, the cops in this situation are just gutless, standing around while people are raped and killed. When a person puts on the uniform they know they may be called to put their life on the line, if they don’t want to do that then they shouldn’t take the job.
      Crimes such as this is exactly why my daughters, my son, and I have decided that at the first hint of trouble, if we can’t get away, it’s berserker time; better to go down fighting, better to throw yourself from a speeding car and wind up in the hospital than to wind up dead.
      The power of life and death is the core issue regarding the issue of government. Govt. wants a monopoly on violence, then it is incumbent upon govt. to maintain order, and to not just “work toward” a just society where these pathologies are limited, but to accomplish that goal.
      These issues are of course one of the points of this blog, Sandy i believe posted a short story touching upon this issue. May be an academic exercise at this point, does touch upon the issue of the right to self-defense.
      These guys may be executed, they may spend life in prison, doesn’t bring these ladies back, doesn’t erase their suffering.
      sorry, just sort of rambled on.

      • Carol Newquist says:

        I agree with everything you said, and yes, this is a topic that could be explored deeply in its own right. Many thought threads emanate from it.

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