Dark Night of the Soul

dark+night+of+the+soulDoes anyone else smell the foulness of the air these past many days, months, and years. It is not just the oxygen content being sucked out of thin air in concert with global warming and increasing human pollution, but there is an increasingly foul gas enveloping the globe itself. Lately, its point of unfettered generation is right there, in Washington, D.C. Let us call it Stench Central! Insinuation, allegation, vile name-calling, threat, and ultimatum. Leaders of all stripes, from the top down to the lowliest press secretary speaking through their assholes, on behalf of the asses to whom they report up the chain of command.

Ever since the birth of nation-states in the Fertile Crescent some six millennia ago, the increasing accumulation of property (state and private), and concomitant reorganization of social relations away from simple egalitarian bands into complex stratified hierarchies, we have seen the increasing use of force, threat, and violence to enforce ownership, and reestablish relative place in proper hierarchic institutions.  And, of course, we have learned to do likewise with other nations, as we do to our own citizens; we freely invade, undermine, or otherwise dispose of enemies of the state and its sacred institutions by using all means at our disposal.  In fact, the line between external threat and internal threat has been effectively eradicated today.  As once was the case in the USSR, we now see is the case in the USA.  Control of the populace by the institutions of state is maximal.  TSA, NSA, ATF, FBI, CIA, as well as a host of associated institutions, some of which are still covert, make the call (err., intercept your calls!).

The current atmosphere in the USA is like that before a Championship Football game in Green Bay in December (or a contest in the Coliseum). We cheer on our home team (THE HOMELAND; the Gladiator), and jeer menacingly at the other (like Christians being thrown to the lions) apparently standing in our way.  There is a ludicrous fundamentalism running rampant through the rank and file of America.  We refuse to see the blinders we are wearing.  The other is the enemy. Right now, Russia occupies the spot of prime suspect and scapegoat in this competition.

We categorically refuse to look at our own weaknesses and warts; we deny our menacing and intentional involvement in ‘mission-impossible’ plots and overthrows around the globe, we turn an ignoring cheek to the weapons, military and other support we send to those who might help us in our designs, and provide us an edge in this endgame of kill-and-take. Instead we turn our unacknowledged self-loathing inside-out and project all of our own evil by design onto the global screen, onto the Other, the shadowy, the Unwashed.  Those living up in the high seats of hierarchy sit around in air conditioned comfort patting themselves on the back for ‘a job well done’, while those of us in the bleachers scratch at the bedbugs, and swat at the mosquitoes, satisfying ourselves with hotdogs and the Spectacle before us, readying ourselves for the Big Show that is currently being announced on the airwaves, and about to begin.  And the news hounds, like whores to a bachelor party, all line up just to get a piece of the action… singing the praises of empire and vilifying the competition, as we ready our knives for the final kill.

There are no innocent victims in this endgame.  Hierarchy admits of none.  Especially those within the hierarchy itself. China, Israel, Palestine, Russia, America, we are all to blame – some to greater or lesser degrees than others at different times in this history we call civilized life.  But, right at this juncture, at this “end of history,” the hierarchy of the USA, its financiers and its minions, they are by far telling the biggest lies, going for all the marbles in this game of Russian roulette. I have never seen such pathological propagandizing and the fear and loathing it encourages, in my brief sixty-one years on this planet.

If there is some way for the people of this land – not as citizens but as simple homo sapiens – to raise their voices in one flesh and tell the guys (and the neutered women trumped by hierarchy and doing their bidding) running this Amway show to CHILL OUT, that would be an incredible achievement.  Unfortunately, I think the hierarchy here has already made it so that the conditions for the possibility of an uprising by the populous, verbal or otherwise, is now impossible.  But, one can always hope… against hope! kC

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  1. Disaffected says:

    Things do seem to be accelerating of late, don’t they? The Gaza situation is now spinning wildly more out of control by the day and seems to symbolize the attitudes of the global power elite toward the powerless masses they rule over perfectly. Can an end game be in sight now, or is this all just another temporary, albeit rapidly escalating, perturbation of the force? Time will tell.

    • Disaffected says:

      Just to add, if there’s anything good to come out of all the events this spring/summer it’s that the US and it’s crony satellite state Israel (or is it the other way around) are being exposed for the imperialist totalitarian states they so obviously are in the eyes of the rest of the world. They’d both better hold fast to them nuclear weapons, cause they’re damn sure going to need them when the barbarians finally get around to storming their gates.

  2. Ron McCafferty says:

    Hi Sandy. I shut off cable TV many years ago. Not because I want to be oblivious to the world but because I want the truth. The very sad fact is we will never get it from the MSM here. You are right. People just want their hot dogs and football. Particularly where I live now people here are SO ignorant to the truth that they don’t even see that Christianity has melded with the military industrial complex. Many of them fall under the category of ignorance is bliss.

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!”-Upton Sinclair

    Many will suffer due to this ignorance. I would imagine that once this end game starts playing out in full scale war those who finally wake up will suffer enormously with guilt, hence making suicide a popular solution.

    Cognitive dissonance can be a powerful, overwhelming force to a mind that has not been taught to reason over emotional outburst, or rationally make decisions over impulse. Americans here in this part of the country fall under the following:

    poorly educated, under payed (except those living the American Dream because they work for the MIC and can still afford a brand new F-250 to go to church in), diabetic, over weight, compassionate-less, conformists, sports enthused, surface level thinkers

    I can assure you that once a conversation with one of the above described goes political it is like listening to Hannity, Limbaugh, etc. They think they are informed which is the diabolical part of the system. Once they figure out the their not-so-little fannies aren’t following the Jesus Parade to heaven and that the reality is that millions of Christians are disappearing in balls of Nuclear flames they will lose it. There is only so much propaganda to go around and the effects will eventually where thin.

    Thanks for the stimulating articles Sandy. Peace Out! Ron

    • Disaffected says:

      You’ve obviously been visiting with some of my Nebraska relatives Ron! I listen to their hate filled Obama and Hillary (neither of which I can stand either, albeit for polar opposite reasons) diatribes every time we talk, as if their miserable lives are going to improve one whit when the next Republican (and Hillary is nothing, if not a raging conservative too) takes over. It’s convinced most thinking people once and for all of the fact that politics are now completely irrelevant and that the only thing that will bring about meaningful change is complete collapse and reorganization of the ensuing rubble along other lines.

      Once again, Ted Kaczynski was spot on in his diagnosis of the overall problem and his description of its inevitable effects. Unfortunately for us all, the system is now so large and all-encompassing that it will only be taken down by its own internal failure, which will happen eventually, although it may well kill us all while we’re waiting for it. Contrary to current US propaganda, external terrorist groups have never had and never will have a significant effect on such a monstrosity. I have no doubt whatsoever now that the current Global Capitalist Militarist Cabal is what whoever intuited the biblical prophecy of “the Beast” was imagining.

    • kulturcritic says:

      Ron, you are welcome. Sorry there has been such a long silence from my side. And you are right cognitive dissonance or spectacular distraction… they seem to be mutually reinforcing. And the apocalyptic flames may indeed be nuclear, But let’s hope not. kC/sk

  3. As the late great Sam Cooke once sung, “A change is gonna come.” What change? That’s a good question. Either we’ll see the collapse of the great Nation State (aka USA), and other nations trying to fill the newly-formed vacuum before their demise comes. Will we see the eventual breakdown of “civilization” and the clock being reset to “Dark Ages?”

    Or, and we can hope, that those voices will rise up and say, “ENOUGH!!!” That we see a spiritual change in people who see past the smoke and mirrors of our culture, and can start a movement to change course and maybe help us to grow up as a species?

    Like Brother Sam said, “A change is gonna come…” Peace!

    • izzy says:

      Somehow my memory got imprinted with Arron Neville’s version, but yeah.

    • Disaffected says:

      I guess you could say I’ve joined the Archdruid camp for the most part on the questions you propose. Will we see change? That one’s a no-brainer of course, but will we see the collapse of the USA in our lifetimes? That one obviously depends on how long you live, which for many of is likely not to be nearly as long as we imagined (or vice versa), but much as I’d like to imagine the US just collapsing altogether so that we could all just get on with what’s next, I doubt it will be that easy. More likely I guess that we’ll subject ourselves to a whole lot of misery and indecision before we give up the ghost, at least if current and/or future events don’t lead to nuclear war and utter annihilation.

      In our “best case” scenario I think that a combination of AGW and peak oil will put an end to all of our current nonsense within 100 years or so at most, and that something along the lines of the dark ages will return, although unlike the Archdruid, I still think there’s a distinct possibility that the combination will be a global extinction event for homo sapiens altogether. Neither of which is going to affect many of us, barring reincarnation or some such, which is the primary reason I think that nothing will be done about any of it, no matter how compelling the science.

      In the end, homo sapiens in general, and homo capitalists specifically have been borne and bred to put personal interests and allegiance to hierarchy (ahem, religion?) above all else for quite some time now. Is that likely to change in time to make a difference? Not a chance. Will we see a spiritual change that might save us? I’d say very likely to the former (albeit not anything meaningful of the religious variety), but based on extensive historical precedent, doubt very much it will be in time to “save” anything. We humans just aren’t very good at projecting long actual reality based time lines, which is why we’re in our current predicament in the first place.

    • kulturcritic says:

      Thank you, Dangerouschristian 😉

  4. source dweller says:

    Sandy, you’re still there! What with air travel getting riskier, all those drones in the skies and so forth, I was frankly getting a bit worried about you. Not like there was nothing to comment on….
    Yeah, the foul gas smell is evident even in the bracing air here in Canada – CBC recently aired a special which was an in-depth character assassination of Mr. Putin. I didn’t appreciate such an unprecedented use of my tax dollars. Apparently the media in Britain are far worse.
    Oil and gas, that’s the ticket – a lot of detail posted at resilience.org on this vis-à-vis Ukraine.
    A huge chunk of the undersea gas resources in the Black Sea changed hands with Crimea rejoining Russia which must have pissed off Washington no end. Will Vladmir push for recognition of the Peoples Republic of Donetsk, opening the door for some serious military aid to the region?
    Or just accept a flood of refugees?
    Keep safe, Sandy

    • Disaffected says:

      The thing is, there is no such thing as People’s Republic of [fill in the blank] as long as the US MIC is alive and kicking. Everything is now a proxy war, either in fact or in waiting to these guys, especially real estate on or near energy resources. Which pretty much means that small, non-nuclear capable countries must either align themselves with Russia or possibly China, or go it alone against the US MIC. And we all know how that turns out, don’t we?

    • kulturcritic says:

      Yeah Source Dweller… I am still here and kicki’. And certainly lots to bitch about. Unfortunately, I felt unable to comment because the entire thing we were seeing was disgusting. But, you are right… gas, mineral and other resources may be a good part of what underlies this entire charade. Stick with me SD. sk/kC

  5. Loyal Hoag says:

    One of my father’s basic tenants of life was “You always have to have someone to be angry at”. And he was. And he stuck to it to his last breath.

    What a household within which to grow up.

    And now, what a country/world within which to live.

    I happen to live in an area that exemplifies and personifies my dad’s worldview. Rampant anger, hate, totally misinformed bigotry and ignorance is the order of the day. Now to talk one on one with folks, at first impression one would think, hey, nice guy, until the subject invariably turns to things ‘political’. ( At least when I am in the mix.)

    Then Katie bar the door! Blow the top off Pandora’s box! A mushroom cloud of anger, venom, hate, racism and just plain ol’ stupidity fills the room.

    I must be honest and say that it is very difficult not to respond in kind. But I know that’s a dead end road. Living with my father taught me that.

    The stench is pervasive. At all levels of society. Is this an expression of a world gone awry or is it simply that we were born under a bad sign? Inherent evil? Or just a pandemic of selfishly inspired inward thinking?

    I don’t profess to know. Maybe it is all the above and more.

    Stench has always been a part of world history. However the difference now, as I see it, is the toys of technology have enabled this viral stink to infect the entire globe in one fell swoop.

    I never agreed with my father, however, it is evident that millions do.

    • Disaffected says:

      Yes, hatred of the mythical “other” does seem to be endemic these days. I think at some level or another, especially depending on one’s socio-economic station in life, people are definitely starting to realize that the jig is up, and that current arrangements are not sustainable. Therefore the blaming begins. For we’ve all been conditioned to believe that someone or something must surely be responsible for what’s happening to us. When in fact, it was us and others just like us all along, for ever believing in systems based on greed and humanitarian and ecological rape could possibly be a good thing. We’re definitely reaping what we have sown.

      • Loyal Hoag says:

        DA … I agree. It is/was us all along. Each one of us are complicit in this overshoot party we have going. Being raised and living luxuriously in the age of cheap energy, who gave a thought to the where when why of it all. Along with that, we fell under the spell of Bernaysian mind control/propaganda which gave rise to living unconsciously by what appealed to our irrational motives and desires. We paid little, if any, attention to the canaries in the coal mine. As time progressed and the global population expanded, the pressures of overshoot began to manifest exponentially. Result? STRESS!! An endemic killer that bodes untenable consequences.

        • Disaffected says:

          Loyal Hoag,

          See my comment below where I mentioned my mother. Paternal figures do seem to bring out the worst in us, don’t they? I think as the WWII generation and all of their living cohort (the people that were alive when they were) die out, things will gradually change, but unfortunately for the still living, that time remains quite away of yet. I think everyone younger than the tail end of the baby boom generation, if given the chance, might possibly turn things around pretty quickly, but therein lies the problem. They won’t be given the chance, and they almost certainly don’t have enough time to work with now anyway. I’m afraid that the baby boomer generation, in one last vainglorious display of overindulgence, squandered what little chance enlightened liberal western democracy had to turn things around. And indeed, perhaps it was all inevitable in any case.

          Regardless, it’s now our task to continuing to live our lives as best we can and make the best of what we’ve got, given the terrible knowledge of what lies just ahead. And indeed, that may be the hardest thing of all, especially for us in the west, who have reaped almost all of the benefits of our indulgence and passed off all of the costs to “all of the rest.” For the superficial, the refrain will most certainly be, “party on, for there is no tomorrow!”
          For them, the stress will simply be a drug fueling even further excess.

          For the rest of us, some sort of personal reckoning will certainly be in store, and no doubt blame and recrimination will be major themes, as we’re seeing already. In the end, I guess you could say that I think we’re living in a sort of “biblical end times,” although certainly not the one popularized by 20th/21st century American Christian fundamentalists. Perhaps more along the lines of an end of an epoch or a dispensation, or some such. In the end, words are just so limiting. But back to the point, I think we’re at an end point in an evolutionary line of thought and consciousness, epitomized by the liberal scientific revolution – “the enlightenment” – which was taken to the next step by the eventual adoption of liberal democracy and “greed is good” capitalism. To make a long story short, I think the last two in combination were a toxic brew that sealed our demise. Too much freedom combined with too much greed = too many humans creating too many problems without perspective to their overall place in the world. And here we are.

          Anyway. All the best and thanks for giving me this opportunity to expound.


    • kulturcritic says:

      Yes Loyal Hoag, this world historical stench is not spread virally through the new appliances and technics of post-modern communication. Watchout… I see that train a’comin. All my best, kC/sk

  6. Terry David says:

    It’s so good to hear from you, KC. I’ve kept an eye out for your reaction to the deplorable arc of current event.

    Dark Night of the Soul indeed.

    I think that many a thoughtful and a little too observant and too-sensitive-for-this-world individuals pass through a Dark Night of the Soul. Though intensely personal, the non-sensical culture of humanity becomes an enduring feature. To realize the transience and mortality of all that is good, nuanced, refined and beautiful provides an adequate level of angst without heaping on the realization that the bulk of humanity gleefully seeks its destruction. So there it is. And when world events, controlled by the fully pathological who control immense destructive power emerge with an other worldly death wish, the observation becomes incontrovertible. “Don’t worry, be happy” ain’t gonna cut it.

    I sometimes entertain the thought that humanity is actually the product of some alien cross-pollination and so acquired a heightened technical problem solving ability in the pairing, but that the wisdom and emotional intelligence required to go with it got mutated out. Certainly, the people in the world with an insatiable lust to play god have a nearly supernatural level of energy to do harm without restraint. They are defective humans, in my estimation and I find it most troubling that a zombified 99% of the population won’t see the monsters they collectively represent.
    But the perspective induced by a Dark Night of the Soul raises the uncomfortable possibility that the zombified 99% of the population is not distracted, but likely deranged; that a large portion, perhaps more than 50% actually perceive the leadership’s monstrousness and identify with it.

    Getting to the point of the very current push of Washington to go literally ballistic towards Russia, especially with the backdrop of western economic and financial collapse as a precondition, I can get a sense of disbelief some people felt as they observed the world going mad, e.g. WW2, WW1, and on back.

    It’s becomes clear to me that the west is being lead by those who are quite certain of inevitable western collapse and will be damned if they’ll let others win by doing. . . nothing but watch. Therefore they’ll do absolutely anything to pin collapse on those totally NOT culpable. Or at least the “NOT culpable” with lots of resources. The levels of death visualized by this group is incomprehensible to me. Whatever it is, it may involve a repatriation of some US manufacturing jobs for 10 cents on the current wage dollar as a “reward” for Americans’ obedience. You can never let a good economic collapse go to waste, you know.

    If or when these beasts pull the trigger, no one knows how this thing is really going to spin. Perhaps someone will come out looking statesmanlike. I just hope it’s the actual statesman.

    • Disaffected says:

      If or when these beasts pull the trigger, no one knows how this thing is really going to spin. Perhaps someone will come out looking statesmanlike. I just hope it’s the actual statesman.

      I doubt very much the word “statesman” is still going to be in the lexicon at that point.

    • kulturcritic says:

      Terry, You hit an important point. Hyper-rationality, as a cover for greed and fear, turns immediately into nonsense. And this is what we are all witnessing now from America, its leadership, and those dumbed-down 99% who believe them. You se, I am afraid that when the 99%ers lost their marching orders against empire they went back to listening to Hannity, Limbaugh and friends. And I am not sure I would pawn it off on cross-pollination; although that is an interesting conspiracy. And finally, I think statesmanship was an invention of nation-states when they recognized the fact that straight out killing of the competition was a negative sum game/lose-lose battle. Statesmen are only the smiling masks of national aggression! Glad to hear your voice again, as well, Terry. kC/sk

      • Terry David says:

        Thank you for the thoughtful comment. Intellectualizing ghastly behavior (I immediately think of William F Buckley for some reason) lends and air of legitimacy to nearly indefensible agendas.

        Regarding alien cross pollination, I hope no one thinks I mean that literally (not that it would further hurt my standing in my extended familial conservative’s judgement!). I merely think along those lines because I find it somewhat less terrifying a thought than thinking that evolution has allowed for the proliferation of those most capable of eliminating the “other” in favor of their own DNA; or that eliminationism and human progress are inextricably linked; and that reaching the limits of earth’s carrying capacity means that the last silver bullet fired in our small world will ricochet around enough times to take out a lot of us.

        I think that one Beatitude in the Bible is slightly mistranslated. It should read, “The meek shall inherit what’s left of the earth.”

        Meanwhile, I see your point about statesmen. I am perhaps erroneously considering that an ideal statesman actually exists. More to your point, the real statesman is more likely the one who’s been bumped off in favor of the “statesman” presented to us.

        I don’t know if Shakespeare was really right where he had Malvalio say, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness and others have greatness thrust upon them.” I only wonder since I have never witnessed such a bunch of leaders (especially GWB and Obama) where circumstance have tried to thrust greatness on them — only to have their bodies reject it like a bad organ transplant (bad example in Cheney’s case). Just a bunch of trolls truly incapable of rising to an occasion. Regarding Ukraine, USA, EU and Putin, is it possible that we are witnessing greatness being thrust upon Putin, and that he is rising to the occasion? It’s harder to tell from midwest USA. If so, is “statesman” a possible descriptor? And can he survive it?

        • Terry D, I was thinking of Buckley too as I typed my comment. I inhaled the contents of his fortnightly National Review from my mid-teens through my early twenties. It blows my mind how many long since disproven shibboleths from 40-50 years ago are still recited as part of the Conservative catechism. But even more mind blowing are the numerous examples of twisted logic and intellectual myopia once attributed to Maoists and Soviet Marxists that they have increasingly employed themselves over the last 4 decades.

          Dmitry Orlov considers Putin to be the best Russian leader since Peter the Great. I see no reason to disagree with him. When I compare his statements and those of his advisers with Obama’s and his advisers I despair for the future of this country.

          Last night I came across the following at The Automatic Earth; a very good summary of the salient points of recent US-Russian history and an indicator that Obama is continuing Cheney’s resource war. http://www.theautomaticearth.com/friedman-and-kennan-fraid-so/

          As perverse as American and EU behavior and policies are trending, it is important not to yield to fear: “fear is the mind killer; it is the little death that brings total obliteration…” *** Fear leads inevitably to bad and often disastrous decision making. 69 years of post WW II American foreign policy makes that clear in spades.

          *** for those not familiar with the Litany Against Fear, read Frank Herbert’s classic novel, Dune.

        • Disaffected says:

          I anyone has acted as a statesman in the current mess, it’s definitely Putin. This thing could have easily escalated into thermonuclear war by now without him, although it still might.

  7. Great to hear from you, Sandy. I too was growing a bit concerned. I am a 63 year-old who fed at the ideological trough from the Goldwater campaign to the Watergate hearings. For the middle third of my life I was an ex-pat in Scotland and Germany which thoroughly disabused me of any remaining Conservative and American Exceptionalism fantasies still lurking in my psyche. Thus, I’ve found it a grim, black humor-laden irony that my concern for you and a couple of old friends living in or often visiting Russia, that my worries have not been about your possible experiences at the hands of the Russian authorities, but rather those at the hands of the benighted souls supposedly performing the same functions in the US and EU.

    Even when the Cold War was descending towards its final sunset flamed by Ronnie Raygun’s Hollywood rhetoric, I saw nothing to match the hysteria I’ve seen this year in those portions of the Western press I frequent. Der Spiegel, once one of my main reasons for learning German, has sunk to gutter levels and the Guardian’s Russia-Ukraine coverage reads most of the time as though Victoria Nuland is the editor. Inflammatory rhetoric and innuendo unleavened by even the barest fig leaf of one-sided history dominates the air and digital waves.

    There have been times in the last couple of months when the hate and repressed fear has been so palpable and so over-the-top psychotic that I have felt as though I had wandered into an American iteration of Mao’s Cultural Revolution: all that’s been missing are the Red, White and Blue Guards marching through the streets hauling Internationalists like me out of our homes for re-education or lynchings. Fortunately, Homeland Security and the Koch Brothers have not gotten around to financing and organizing them yet.

    You’re probably aware of Paul Craig Roberts’ belief that the Obama administration is setting us up for war. A chess playing relative with a wide variety of contacts thinks PCR was the token Centrist cuckoo in Raygun’s Right Wing nest, that his tinfoil hat needs replacing and that nothing of the sort is in the offing; Some new outrage du jour to perseverate over, he says, will come along and shift everyone’s attention.

    I am not quite so sanguine: rhetoric has a nasty habit of taking on a life of its own and becoming reality for the legions of the cognitively challenged. Sadly, several friends—almost all of them Progressives—have fallen into this trap. Putin the “KGB thug” is something I hear all the time—as though only Slavic Luca Brasi types ever found employment there. I’ve given up trying to change minds: it’s a hopeless task. Some folks just cannot bring themselves to accept that there are people in this world who produce lies with the same autonomic precision, peristalsis in the GI tract produces feces, much less that such people might be governing from sea to shining sea.

    Sentience is an intermittent phenomenon. I just hope this is not another “those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad” moment in the brief recorded history of our species.

    With kindest regards, Sandy. Please let your friends and family over there know that not all Americans are loco…

    • Disaffected says:

      You’re probably aware of Paul Craig Roberts’ belief that the Obama administration is setting us up for war. A chess playing relative with a wide variety of contacts thinks PCR was the token Centrist cuckoo in Raygun’s Right Wing nest, that his tinfoil hat needs replacing and that nothing of the sort is in the offing; Some new outrage du jour to perseverate over, he says, will come along and shift everyone’s attention.

      For what it’s worth, I’d listen to PCR over “chess playing relatives” every time. Never liked chess anyway, except as an Hispanic English approximation of their word “Si.”

      Sentience is an intermittent phenomenon. I just hope this is not another “those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad” moment in the brief recorded history of our species.

      I think it already has.

      • DA, I think you’re right about the make mad moment. But as for that chess playing relative; he is the closest to a mentat I’ve ever seen outside the pages of Dune! 😉

    • kulturcritic says:

      Gordon, thanks for your comments and kind thoughts. I’m afraid everyone over here (in RU) thinks Americans are crazy… because in Siberia all they know is me. LOL Actually, when they hear me speak, they realize that alot of Americans are not against them. But, let’s just keep pushing along. Stay well, my friend. sk/kC

  8. Disaffected says:

    Nice exposition a few days back on The Vineyard of the Saker blog (an excellent blog in general, by the way) Thinking the Unthinkable, contemplating what the US oligarchy must be thinking in pushing the world and Russia so close to the brink over what seems at first blush to be a rather inconsequential piece of real estate, at least from the western point of view. I must admit it confounds me as well, as even Obama, for all his multitudinous faults, had at least not seemed to be rash and reckless before the current chain of events began to unfold. Unfortunately, I suspect there’s much more to the story than any but the deepest of insiders will ever be privy to, so let’s hope that just as in the Cuban missile “crisis” all those years ago, which we now know was mostly US provoked and escalated (and for which an assassination of a sitting US President, in whole or in part, may have occurred), that eventually cooler heads will prevail. Needless to say, I’m not optimistic.

    • Thanks for the link. I don’t have time to read VS regularly, but made sure to read this one. I’m in agreement with your sentiments about the hidden motivations of the Obama administration. But I suspect we may not have to wait as long for the backstory to emerge as we did for the Cuban Missile Crisis. The US social contract is in its most tenuous state since at least the early Depression, if not the Civil War era: throw in the unintended consequences of imperial overreach and the potential for a quick spilling of secrets as the participants sing for their lives

      I think it was in 89 that I read an interview Shevardnadze gave to one of the German weeklies: “We don’t want to be your enemy” he said, “We will take your enemy away from you. What will you do then?”

      To my great sorrow, the last 25 years have made the American political elite’s answer to his question very clear. Not only does it need enemies; it requires enemies to define to define itself. Pathetic.

      • Disaffected says:

        To my great sorrow, the last 25 years have made the American political elite’s answer to his question very clear. Not only does it need enemies; it requires enemies to define to define itself. Pathetic

        Stone’s recent documentary series The Untold History of the United States certainly drove that point home very well. And the positioning for what would become the Cold War and all if the current madness we’re experiencing now began well before the end of WWII as well. We Americans were and are really naive bunch to have ever believed all the exceptionalist bullshit we were shoveled, as a call from my aging mom today reinforced once again. She was a WWII baby, so I suppose she can be excused for her naivety, although I can’t make the same concession for her constant regurgitation of Limbaugh, Hannity, and O’Reilly rants. The American working, formerly middle, class, especially as constituted across the vast midwest and south, is really just beyond the pale. Fat, stupid, bigoted, fearful, and hate filled. Here’s hoping that when the great elimination comes in full force that they’ll at least be the first to go.

  9. Disaffected says:

    Music for contemplation:

  10. Colin says:

    For those who are tempted to accuse Russia without evidence – how about they focus their attention on what Israel is doing to Gaza? How is it that actual open lawlessness and war crimes being committed in plain view (including shelling hospitals and UN schools) gets described as “self defense” while shotty youtube videos which claim to be “proof” of Russian Separatists shooting down MH17 or accusations of troop buildup on the Russian-Ukraine border that have been rebuked by UN inspectors are somehow sufficient enough for war?


    I wouldn’t be afraid to confront others on their bullshit at this point. I certainly am not anymore. If we fail to stop this I fear western civilization may just go to the dogs….

    • Disaffected says:

      And the fun and games continue, even after the latest casus belli is revealed to be false once again.


      Me thinks all the current bloodletting has devolved entirely into “sending a message” now. To Palestinians, to Arabs, to prospective terrorists (and that means you Russians!) of whatever stripe wherever they may be: This is what happens to anyone who defies the empire! And I think it’s probably safe to say that indeed, western civilization has gone to the dogs!

    • Disaffected says:

      How is it that actual open lawlessness and war crimes being committed in plain view (including shelling hospitals and UN schools) gets described as “self defense” while shotty youtube videos which claim to be “proof” of Russian Separatists shooting down MH17 or accusations of troop buildup on the Russian-Ukraine border that have been rebuked by UN inspectors are somehow sufficient enough for war?

      The term “Rule of Law” is only meaningful in the context of who is making the laws and who is enforcing them. In that light, all of this makes perfect sense. One set of laws, defined and implemented by the powers that be, and one set for everyone else. The ol’ dumbass himself, W, was even naive enough to tell us all straight up when he quite memorably told the world “You’re either with us or you’re against us.” Silly us, we thought he was addressing (what would turn out to be imaginary) terrorists, when in fact he was addressing everyone.

      Turns out now there’s some evidence that MH17 was just a straight up shoot down by a fighter jet with a machine gun, and of course we know that the pro-Russian rebels don’t have any, which of course, if true, will only spur another round of speculation that the Russians themselves must have done it. Where will it all end?


      • Colin says:

        MH17 also happens to have the same markings (or similar) as Putin’s personal jet. So, yeah, I think its possible someone was thinking the big cheese was on board. In any case why was the plane directed by Ukrainian ATC over a war zone? “Fuel Saving” my ass.

        Also how did the US Media (CNN) claim it knew who did it like 10 minutes later? It took 6 damn years to figure out who shot down TWA flight 800 in July 1996 which also crashed (or was it shot down with a rocket) on the 17th of July in 1996.

        DA I like your comment about Bush saying “you’re either with us or against us” being directed at everyone, not just the terrorists. I’ll have to remember that one!

  11. Malthus says:

    Everything is pathological in various disguises giving credence to my theory that the entire planet of Modern humans is one big insane asylum. The rat race money grubbing all important word of the day probably started and continues to be considered the only important aspect of society that really matters cheer leaded on by business school mutant robots pretending that if only things were put in perspective of commerce and jobs just to allow the quint notion of growth is the only form important along with the total power grab of globalization with the very very stupid concept that when we ruin our nest here we will be able to expand out into an universe and terraform every planet and moon to allow the population to expand to trillions and just think of the opportunities for controlling everything in everyone’s lives. Wow. Technology will prevail until we are all cyborgs pretending to be human. Or maybe that is what is going on now. Yep for sure.

    • Disaffected says:

      Dying empires do indeed go insane, and it’s now quite evident that western capitalism, with all its paranoia regarding imagined terrorists under every bed, has done just that. 2016 promises to be one for the books, what with both legacy parties in the US vying to see who can be the most paranoid and militant in a political environment that is now several degrees to the right of Weimar Germany. I can’t imagine this going on for more than another decade or two without some sort of radical end game being played out. Maybe AGW will be the least of our problems? Either way, I think the population bomb will be handled one way or another during that time. Nuclear war, famine, economic destitution, epidemics, natural disasters, imprisonment and torture, plain old violent crime (almost seems quaint, doesn’t it?), the effects of AGW. Damn! So many choices, so little time.

    • Colin says:

      The Transhumanism movement appears to be the ultimate end-goal. The idea is that we can essentially live forever in cyborg bodies as our regular tissue and organs die off. This is what the elite are aiming for – their own personal wet dream is that they get to live AND rule forever. Since they don’t really consider humans to be anything other than biological machines waiting for instructions it makes sense to them that they could just all be turned into cyborgs and eventually robots (presumably. They probably believe if they can download all of their essential thoughts to a computer program they could live forever in cyber-space. Lawnmower Man creeptastic isn’t it?

      • Disaffected says:

        Something along those lines. I imagine it to be something along the lines of my Walk Hard story; a select few survivors who get gradually transmuted to a sort of super-race of beings. I originally imagined and wrote that story to transpire within the current century, but I doubt that it actually would. In actuality, I think that we’ll do ourselves in well before that.

  12. the Heretick says:


    They use bar codes in Russia don’t they?

    “Politicians hide themselves away
    They only started the war
    Why should they go out to fight?
    They leave that role to the poor, yeah

    Time will tell on their power minds
    Making war just for fun
    Treating people just like pawns in chess
    Wait ’till their Judgment day comes, yeah!”

    Another conflict between the ruling classes, guaranteed to churn out another group of “Wounded Warriors” TM

  13. Disaffected says:


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