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Monsanto, or the Death of a Maiden

Click Image To Read Full Article I have written often enough about agriculture as a turning point in human history.  In fact, it may very well have signaled the start of what we now call “history.”  Agriculture has been associated … Continue reading

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CLICK IMAGE TO READ FULL ARTICLE In his most recent post, Chris Hedges has notified us that he is “suing Barack Obama” for signing into law the new (and controversial) National Defense Authorization Act.  The law, as written and interpreted, … Continue reading

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Corps-etat: The Corporate State

Click Image to Read Full Article State is the name of the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly it tells lies too; and this lie crawls out of its mouth: “I, the state, am the people.” That is a lie! … Continue reading

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Deep Temporality and the Challenge of Community

Click Image to read full article We all recognize that preservation of social order after any significant disruption, if not the cessation, of industrial civilization on the heels of fossil-fuel depletion and/or environmental collapse will necessitate a reconstituted sense of … Continue reading

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