There’s Lots More Killing Yet To Be Done According To the UN!

figueres_climate_change-680x365-1The US hegemony has been working round the clock, and at breakneck speed to kill as many folks as they possibly can across that great swarth of land called the Middle East and Northern Africa, and they are moving now into the domain of Russia and China, not to mention Iran and other assorted stopping places. I was even alerted somewhere on FB today that Christiana Figueres, the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change, recently stated in an interview that the Earth is already over burdened with people and that we should look at depopulating the planet.

There is pressure in the system to go toward that; we can definitely change those, right? We can definitely change those numbers. Really, we should make every effort to change those numbers because we are already, today, already exceeding the planet’s planetary carrying capacity.

In short, she is suggesting that we must depopulate the planet or kill millions of more people, and do it as quickly as possible! We are well beyond the ‘carrying capacity’ of the earth, she reminds us. After all, the 1,000,000 dead in Iraq are only a drop in the bucket, and that bucket needs to be filled up, even fuller than ole’ Adolf Hitler had in mind back in the 30’s.

We incarcerate our heroes and murder our civilians, especially the poor, elderly, and downtrodden, both in the third world (drone and mass bombing of innocents) as well as in the first world (9/11 anyone). After all, the Western elite has had brilliant training for several centuries now putting those damn lazy indigenous American Indians in their place. Didn’t they?

But, what the Euro-Atlanticist crowd of whities doesn’t quite get is that their culture, this civilization of excess and distraction, has been based on a big fast-ass mistake, and the mistake has been covered over by half-truths layered on lies, and the foundation is now crumbling like so much sand on the beach. But they are not about to admit it. No, no! And they are too proud to beg. So they will just keep killing, maiming, and murdering whoever is in their way, so they may continue to take what’s left on a shrinking, demolished planet; a globe that itself is running out of orbital space, while we are running out of air and the remaining drinkable water that the Nestle Company wants to privatize.  That’s the ticket.  Get the waters privatized and billions will die from dehydration.

41 Responses to There’s Lots More Killing Yet To Be Done According To the UN!

  1. Take a deep breath, eat something healthy, go for a walk in the woods.

  2. northsheep says:

    The irony in the attempts by the Washington-based international elite to violently depopulate the poorer regions of the world is the fact, carefully avoided even by Western environmentalists, that much of the planetary overshoot it caused by the grotesque ecological footprint of the richer populations in the mature industrial economies – US, Europe, Japan. Our average per capita depletion of the global resource base is many times that of the poor global majority.

    In fact, if the global economy were to freeze up in a global supply chain crisis, an increasingly likely possibility given the accelerating many-faceted fragility of global capitalism, the collapse would hit the mature industrial economies hardest, taking out those populations, and to a great degree solving the planetary overshoot problem.

  3. Great article, Sandy. Do you have a link to that statement? Several months ago I saw a film called Soylent Green in which earth is overpopulated and when people get old they are transformed into ‘soylent green’ the standard ration. I though it was very foresightful, as is a more recent film Elysium, in which the 1% have built themselves a place in space with every comfort while the 99% remain on earth in desperate conditions.

  4. Disaffected says:

    I think Northsheep summed it up perfectly above. The industrial west, having caused the global population problem in the first place, now deems to solve it by eliminating those who had the least to do with causing it. Standard fare. And although the bitch Figueres might have voiced the sentiment today, this has actually been standard practice throughout the west – especially the United States – for at least the last century. So much for all that “Land of the free and the home of the brave” bullshit. It’s so hypocritical that I almost hope there actually is a Christian god sitting in judgement at the end of our days, just so I can see so many good little “patriots” get their walking papers to eternal torment.

  5. Disaffected says:

    Just for information purposes, Christiana Figueres is Costa Rican born, but of course upper crust US and English educated at Swarthmore and the London School of Economics.
    An uppity bitch of the n’th degree in other words, and only a year and a half older than me at that (it’s humbling to be inhabiting the same age space as so many people I despise).
    But of course upper crust is upper crust. When it comes to discussing humans these days, it’s really not fair or accurate to not consider economic and political means. I think it can hardly be emphasized enough the power that the top 1% of the top 1% hold over the rest of us, and this psychopathic bitch is definitely one of them.
    In the world wide war of the classes, not only is one side obviously winning going away, but they’re the only side that even knows the war’s being waged. That’s too bad for the rest of the world mostly, as the US working class is certainly smart enough to know better, but has simply been bought off with simple pleasures. Not sure there’s a good answer to this conundrum.

  6. the Heretick says:

    Alpha children wear grey. They work much harder than we do, because they’re so frightfully clever. I’m awfully glad I’m a Beta, because I don’t work so hard. And then we are much better than the Gammas and Deltas. Gammas are stupid. They all wear green, and Delta children wear khaki. Oh no, I don’t want to play with Delta children. And Epsilons are still worse. They’re too stupid to be able to read or write. Besides they wear black, which is such a beastly colour. I’m so glad I’m a Beta.

  7. monalisa says:

    Extremely good essay !
    In my opinion the real sad point is that the sheep/masses could curb the present drive.
    However, they are fed and intimitated-for example as with dubious dogmas like by the Roman-Catholic Religion for almost twothousand years-with false information as well as games and electronic toys in order to believe everything is going well and the Western countries are “free” its inhabitants are able to make their “own” choices. Not to speak of “Western Democracies” !!
    If only the masses would be thinking in broader terms-but it doesnt’ and much much to my regret, dismay and far too often real frustration it sticks and holds on a narrow-minded way of thinking. Every time when I try to get a discussion on the present status of our globe and the 1%-drive I am met with a wall of silence or in other words: “How do I dare to speak of such things!”

    I wonder when the tipping point will be reached ! Or will there be no tipping point ??

    • Disaffected says:

      The tipping point has been reached already, it’s just that it tipped the other way. No one’s proposing an alternative to neoliberalism and capitalism because there simply isn’t one at the current moment. US neo-libs were “smart” to consolidate and build on their gains after the fall of the USSR, so much so that even though their system is failing spectacularly, people are largely helpless to change it. All of which goes hand in hand with overshoot, which gradually becomes a self-licking ice cream cone. Cheap energy leads to technology which leads to unsustainable population gains, which leads to more technology, environmental degradation, and even more population gains ad infinitum until we arrive where we are today. A classic dilemma from which there are no good solutions, and so the most opportunistic among us, who also have all the money, take action to ensure that they and theirs are the ones “lucky” enough to survive. Only it looks like their “good luck” will actually be anything but, as it increasingly appears that the world 20-100 years down the road will be one that nobody in their right mind wants to live in anymore.

    • kulturcritic says:

      This is ONE SICK BITCH!!!

      And Dalton is thinking, “What the fuck am I doing with this bitch here?”

    • monalisa says:

      no I don’t believe it. However, this is a statement which is far too often heard.
      Simply, because environmental issues are somehow much much more complex.
      It comprises too military involvements on land, sea and air. Sure capitalistic strategies are involved but not only. It is more greed and much more power play and vassalage.
      Don’t forget my view is that of a person living in the middle of Europe. Maybe that’s a little bit different as in USA.
      Masses are still too silent whether it is the exploitation of envronment or the exploitation of the majority of people. And in my opinion neither in USA nor in Europe (except Switzerland) exists a real democracy which could put a fence to the neocapitalism which we are experiencing at the present.
      This kind of neocapitalism reminds me of the Middle Ages in Europe as well as on the “Roman-Catholic Church Doctrines” which too prevailed for centuries in Europe closing cultural interactions with other cultures and not to forget how things were carried out.
      People of other believes had been murdered without hesitation-on the basics of the doctrine of “missionary aspects” which meant every person which wouldn’t bow to the “Roman-Catholic.Church”-doctrine was regarded as an alien and therefore millions had been murdered and their wealth taken away.
      This is the same when speaking of overpopulation-in my opinion. Just for the sake of clarification of hidden agendas. With this in mind those overpopulated continents have vast natural resources.

      • kulturcritic says:

        “…when speaking of overpopulation-in my opinion. Just for the sake of clarification of hidden agendas. With this in mind those overpopulated continents have vast natural resources.”

        Exactly, monalisa

        • leavergirl says:

          Ha. And people used to call this crap conspiracy theories. Jaysus feck. I think the elites have gone utterly mad. The kind of madness that happens to narcissists completely out of touch with reality and unable to backtrack.

          • kulturcritic says:

            Yes, leavergirl… they are encased in their own pillboxes; oblivious to anything but their own propaganda. This is also why the USA political-oligarch elite cannot see the damage THEY have caused in Ukraine, as well. They see nothing wrong with their provocations, their coup, their Nazi goose steppers, their crimes against the civilian populations of Donbass. It is the evil mini-me, Mr. Putin who is all to blame. As you said… narcissists vehemently out of touch by choice.

  8. the Heretick says:

    The comments seem to have stalled at 17 this post, and the last, i will attempt to remedy this situation.

    I can’t believe you are all so down on this fine lady for merely attempting to correct the grave problem of dirt poor people drawing water and cooking their food. What i don’t understand is why they just don’t go to McDonalds or IHOP. Isn’t there a Waffle House?

    It’s a dang good thing we have warriors such as Christiana Figueres willing to endure the hardship of riding on jet airplanes, lodging at fine hotels, eating a 5 star restaurants, and speaking in climate controlled venues about these important issues concerning the third world.

  9. Disaffected says:

    Nice post-collapse discussion over at Gail Tverberg’s Our Finite World blog today.

  10. Malthus says:

    As you know by the name i use this problem of to many people on the planet is my main issue and has been for a very long time. I have looked at the problem of overpopulation from all angles and read and listened to all arguments for acknowledging the problem and denying the problem and all opinions as to solutions to be tried and have come to the realization there is no workable solution. Everyone has an opinion just as everyone has an ass hole and believe me when i say there is no workable solution except by mass extinction caused by a catastrophic event. Until then we dance our way through this illusion proudly announcing our exceptionalism and calling ourselves homo sapien sapiens or wise man more like wise guys and have mutated into homo stupid stupids. Yes those in power want get rid of the non productive peoples of the world but by doing so whatever they do the are shooting themselves in the foot.

    • DA says:

      I largely agreed with you until I read Catton’s Overshoot. Now I completely agree with you. There’s no solution to our current predicament that doesn’t involve at least 7 or 8 of our current 9 billion dying off very quickly and being replaced by a radically different society with radically different values. But since there’s apparently no conceivable solution for that scenario to take place, it’s almost certain that the whole 9 billion + will have to die off instead. It’s actually quite fitting, since it was our own selfish choices that led to this outcome in the first place. The earth will be better off for it and will regenerate in time.

      • kulturcritic says:

        It would only be appropriate for the first world to die-off!

        • Malthus says:

          Don’t know if anything is appropriate and can agree with you that the first world is mostly to blame and lets not forget that all the various religions have done great damage to humans and are our creations anyway. But never fear the oceans are dying at an alarming rate which supply us with 80% of the oxygen we need. Also remember 2 minutes to midnight to go on the dooms day clock. What the mutant idiots will not do to be right.

          • DA says:

            Also points Catton makes very well. At some point it really doesn’t matter who’s to blame or why. Once the effects are locked in the whys are all a moot point. It’s arguable that once industrial society discovered oil everything afterward was all a foregone conclusion. No developing society at that state of our evolution could possibly have resisted the temptation to exploit it, although western capitalism with it’s “greed is good” mantra surely quickened the beat.

        • DA says:

          True that. It was mostly a first world – which is to say Caucasians of European descent – production from start to finish.

      • Malthus says:

        Having look at some of Catton’s book DA and read the comments from buyers on amazon I am going to get the book and thanks for telling me about it. Apparently although written 30 years ago most of the comments are very positive except a few deniers and their argument is mostly that the information Catton writes about is false or very out dated. What I have read seem to apply to the here and now. Thanks and I am sure I will enjoy it knowing full well we all look for opinions that agree or strengthen our own arguments. i’ts funny another site I go to believes the earth would not allow us to do what we are doing and when it we go to far it will bite back. Something to consider if you are of the mind that we really don’t have to do anything and are of the belief that things will tlurn out the way they tlurn out and most of those that believe this are what Catton call cargoites. His term for technology will save everything bunch.

  11. kulturcritic says:

    Would you let your children accept candy from this woman on Halloween?

  12. Malthus says:

    I’m not seeing what you are Sandy in this woman’s statements except for the capitalistic logic of improving women life’s through technology thereby making everything easier and more better for more breeding and more growth which is the under lying concept. And instead of having to work so hard to survive they will slow birth rates and with all the spare time the will have the chance to be educated and then be able to join the work force and consume more. What a rat race.

    • kulturcritic says:

      I just see a zombies psychopath in her, Malthus. LOL 

    • DA says:

      She’s taking the undeniable logic of decreasing population and applying it the western way – to somebody else. The impeccable logic of capitalism always applies it’s sins elsewhere – externalizes it’s problems – while of course firmly laying claim to it’s benefits, quite similar to the concept of privatizing it’s wealth gains and socializing it’s costs. Totally ignoring the fact that if the third world hadn’t have been there to rape, loot, and plunder in the first place (and which it likely won’t be much longer) the first world wouldn’t look nearly so good. Typical western capitalist hogwash served up with a large helping of self-serving, entitled, neo-liberal attitude.

      • Disaffected says:

        Well, what do you know. Greer tackles that very subject this morning:

        In the early days of this blog, I pointed out that technological progress has a feature that’s not always grasped by its critics, much less by those who’ve turned faith in progress into the established religion of our time. Very few new technologies actually meet human needs that weren’t already being met, and so the arrival of a new technology generally leads to the abandonment of an older technology that did the same thing. The difficulty here is that new technologies nowadays are inevitably more dependent on global technostructures, and the increasingly brittle and destructive economic systems that support them, than the technologies they replace. New technologies look more efficient than old ones because more of the work is being done somewhere else, and can therefore be ignored—for now.

        This is the basis for what I’ve called the externality trap. As technologies get more complex, that complexity allows more of their costs to be externalized—that is to say, pushed onto someone other than the makers or users of the technology. The pressures of a market economy guarantee that those economic actors who externalize more of their costs will prosper at the expense of those who externalize less. The costs thus externalized, though, don’t go away; they get passed from hand to hand like hot potatoes and finally pile up in the whole systems—the economy, the society, the biosphere itself—that have no voice in economic decisions, but are essential to the prosperity and survival of every economic actor, and sooner or later those whole systems will break down under the burden. Unlimited technological progress in a market economy thus guarantees the economic, social, and/or environmental destruction of the society that fosters it.

        The externality trap isn’t just a theoretical possibility. It’s an everyday reality, especially but not only in the United States and other industrial societies. There are plenty of forces driving the rising spiral of economic, social, and environmental disruption that’s shaking the industrial world right down to its foundations, but among the most important is precisely the unacknowledged impact of externalized costs on the whole systems that support the industrial economy. It’s fashionable these days to insist that increasing technological complexity and integration will somehow tame that rising spiral of crisis, but the externality trap suggests that exactly the opposite is the case—that the more complex and integrated technologies become, the more externalities they will generate. It’s precisely because technological complexity makes it easy to ignore externalized costs that progress becomes its own nemesis.

  13. Banger says:

    This idea of depopulating the Earth is shared mainly on the left who believe that the chief cause of climate-change is “overpopulation.” I counter that the Earth can be made more or less sustainable by decreasing consumption and waste–but that brings a big yawn. As someone who has lived in the third world and the first world, I can see the spectacular excess that is part of the religion of American Exceptionalism which now may well be the dominant global political/cultural ideology, i.e., freedom = consume mass quantities of whatever I like. We really can live well on about twenty percent of the energy we now use using what I call “elegant engineering” to rationalize our lives. But I’m convinced that most people, particularly Americans, like excess for its own sake–even people I like very much.

    • Disaffected says:

      Fine. Write an extensively researched and footnoted book on the subject as William Catton has and see how it plays. The right and the mainstream will ignore you, since they’re going to do what they want either way, while the liberal left will largely as well, as they’re already convinced (read: cashing in). Either way, most people, just like you, have a vague belief somewhere along the line of “we’ll figure it out, we always have and we always will.” The people who have crunched the numbers on the other hand…

      Your final point’s a good one. One of Catton’s most salient points is that at every step along the way in becoming more energy efficient over the last 30-40 years, humanity has instead chosen to cash in the gains on more power, whether it be cars, homes, or whatever. There’s simply no reason to assume that that trend won’t continue in perpetuity, absent the inevitable wars over remaining stocks of eventually waning energy.

      And finally, “depopulating the earth” won’t be, and shouldn’t be sold as, a solution for human overpopulation issues at all; but rather, an inevitable consequence of our actions over the past 200 years. In the end, humanity’s refusal to recognize destructive tendencies in our own species which would be obvious in any other “lesser” species we manage every day will be what spells our undoing. It ALWAYS comes back to exceptionalism, be it human, American, Russian, Chinese, Capitalist, Socialist, Communist, Christian, Islamic, Jewish, or whatever.

      By the way, you’re not the same Banger who used to post on NakCap are you?

    • Disaffected says:

      A couple extra points that you hit on as well:

      Exceptionalism and conspicuous consumption are both drugs. Our illegal drugs are just variations on that same theme, the primary decision point for the wisdom of use or sale being did you get caught or not. If you didn’t, you are presumed to have used them wisely. If you did, too bad, so sad.

      Second, most “elegant engineering” solutions ignore the hidden energy costs already imbedded in the current system, and thus, their proposed system as well. Catton of course hammers this point relentlessly in his book, as does John Michael Greer weekly on his blog, The Archdruid Report

      • kulturcritic says:

        Banger… you are right on the money!  Over consumption is a principal culprit in the loss of essential resources. But there are other issues as well… carbon,, fossil fuels, climate change), not to mention that the entire capitalist system, which you agree is the dominant global model, is itself predicated upon over consumption of resources, with the goal of continuous expansion (infinite growth).  So, there are a few worms in this tequilla!

    • Disaffected says:

      Hey Banger, sorry for the harsh tone above. Did they run you off of NakCap too? I remember you now as one of my fellow “conspiracy theory nutjobs” over there. Once Lambert appointed himself as board censor for anything he didn’t deem suitable for adult discussion I had to leave. They’re hamstrung by the fact that they’re trying to appeal to a mainstream “financial professional” audience, falsely believing that a stray regulation here and there is going to somehow make things right again. They won’t. The corruption train has left the station for good this time and it ain’t turning back until it runs off the cliff. Simply too much money in the hands of the vested interests today, all of whom know that the global party is damn near over as well. Time to lock in their gains for posterity.

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