The Most Controversial Proposal
in the History of the World

The U.S. has become obsessed with war.
The destructive effects of this reverberate through all facets of society and negatively impact the lives of all American citizens.
Halting the current aggressive pursuit of world conquest and Pax America empire, reversing the self-sabotaging and unnecessary build-up of its military power, muting the war drums and arrogant bullying rhetoric, and ending the counterproductive and morally repugnant indoctrination of the populace with war as the only path to peace and world order, are not merely pleasant ideas. They are urgent and fateful requisites.
With the increasing risk of a nuclear conflict between the U.S. and Russia and/or China, prioritizing peace is a matter of survival for the human race.
Nothing about the madness of war fever which grips powerful players at the highest levels of both government and the military-industrial complex is inevitable or irreversible.
But changing the suicidal priorities our nation is now pursuing will take the best efforts of determined activists and a cogent plan.
This succinct book offers such a plan.
It’s not without reason that this idea is called “The Most Controversial Proposal in the History of the World”.
This isn’t because what you will find on these pages is in the least outrageous, impossible, irrational, silly, contentious, divisive, obnoxious, thuggish, or lacking clarity and coherence.
It’s because it demands on a level never seen before something which standing governments abhor: Total responsibility and accountability for their actions and errors.
It’s because it puts the judgment of citizens above that of arrogant politicos who apparently now believe the consent of the governed is irrelevant.
It’s because it calls out blunders and demands proper redress.
History tells us the only way a transformation of this scope and profundity typically occurs is with a violent revolution, when heads roll and the people take back the power they believe they rightfully deserve.
The plan offered her is revolutionary but intended to avoid such a bloody conflict. It is a proposal, not a call to arms.
As will be incontrovertibly established, the U.S. public has been wronged. It has been egregiously insulted and manipulated. Apologies are not adequate, though a good place to start.
No, proper redress will only be achieved by the perpetrators of this fraud on the American public, fully compensating the victims — you and I! — and immediately redirecting the energies and resources of our great nation toward serving the interests of all of its citizens. It will require henceforth using military force as an absolute last resort and purely defensively, moreover applying our abundant creativity, our human and national assets, to building a strong and harmonious America, instead of squandering them on “nation building” and imperial adventurism around the globe.
The Peace Dividend is a form of intervention. Our leaders have become drunk on power, addicted to aggression, mentally unstable miscreants plagued by delusions of world empire, pathologically misguided in the bubble of their insularity and own sense of importance.
The Peace Dividend is the first step toward rehabilitation.
The Peace Dividend will quarantine our current errant leadership so they can inflict no further harm on themselves, and more importantly, on innocent Americans and a world that longs for peace. We are in the vast majority and deserve better.
Finally, it will begin to rehabilitate a hapless citizenry which has been compromised morally and financially by the disease of endless war.
Real peace is possible and necessary — more than ever before.
Let’s get started.

13 Responses to THE PEACE DIVIDEND

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  2. Disaffected says:

    Sounds like quite a screed, although I noticed that the above doesn’t get into any specifics whatsoever. I’m always down with proposals for turning things around of course, but true to my ‘disaffected’ and skeptical nature, perhaps you’ll indulge me if I map out the current political terrain that such plans face, wittingly or (all to often) not. I’ll leave it to the reader to research the validity of my claims. You won’t have to look very hard.

    With regard to western governments (ESPECIALLY here in the US!), what you see is NOT what you get. Western “democratically elected” governments are essentially a 20th (19th?) century fiction/lie continuing to be perpetuated here in the 21st, simply because the lie is so damn appealing. Said governments are little more than political shell organizations for the people who actually call the shots.

    Said governments are actually controlled by “shadow governments” of unelected global elite who control all the things that actually matter in a global capitalist economy: economic OWNERSHIP of EVERYTHING. These elite are multi-generational and thus EXTREMELY entrenched! They will fight to the bitter last before giving up a single thing that they view as nothing less than their birthright.

    With regard to fraud, if most western people had ANY IDEA whatsoever the fraud that has been perpetuated in their name in the past 150 years and to which they’d subscribed wholeheartedly, they’d put a gun in their mouth and end it all immediately. To name just a few of the most recent: the Kennedy’s and King assassinations in the 60’s which set the stage, the Timothy McVeigh OKC bombing in ’95, and of course, the piece de resistance, 9-11, which provided the casus belli for all of the atrocities inflicted on the world since. In short: What you THINK you know about recent American history is almost certainly ENTIRELY wrong, and so are your prepositions about everything that follows.

    Said global elite have committed CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY which, if ever seriously considered and tried before any reasonable court of law, would not only call for the most extreme penalties possible against they and theirs, but in many cases would invalidate entire nations’ courses of actions and implicate their entire armed forces’ and political apparatus’s in said crimes. And yes, I’m talking primarily about the United States of America.

    Unfortunately for the entire world, said global elite have gained access to BY FAR the most destructive weapons arsenal in the history of mankind and the world, one with which they can EASILY pull down the temple on themselves and everyone else if they are ever challenged, which is what thoroughly rationalist minds like theirs should logically be predicted to do.

    In summation: ON YOUR LIFE, don’t underestimate what we’re up against. These MF’s PLAY FOR KEEPS, and the battle, if it is to be won at all, will likely be EXTREMELY long, painful, and NASTY!

    • Disaffected says:

      I found this book on Kindle for $2.99 (and yes, I’m aware of the self-defeating futility of “bottom feeding” for original work in capitalist markets), so I’ll give it a look. But I’m wary already that the author withholds his punchline over such tenuous prepositions and then has the temerity to offer what is essentially a “money back” guarantee actually denominated in dollars and cents to those who might buy into his proposition.

      When it comes to US dollars, “money back guarantees” are now, just as they always have been, a fool’s bargain – no more, no less.

    • You’ve done a good job of summarizing the enormous challenge of effecting systemic change. The abuses by both the Deep State and the visible faces of our elected government are obvious to anyone who takes the time to look. Yet the vast majority of American citizens don’t see it. To mobilize a blind public is impossible. Perhaps this author’s approach, which is rendering the abuse of power in terms everyday Americans can easily relate to, is a positive step to an awakening and the necessary activism. I know this author VERY WELL — I can tell you that he’s a pretty complex guy — and he is profoundly disturbed by the lack of viable strategies for taking on the threats to our country and humanity itself engineered by the autocratic monomaniacs who keep up a public relations facade about our democratic way and American exceptionalism, while systematically driving the nation toward major war and eventual destruction of the country. Perhaps, his “peace dividend” idea, in the dearth of alternative plans — holding up signs and promoting world peace with bumper stickers doesn’t seem to be cutting it — is at best a great strategy, at worst a good place to start, in spite of needing some tweaking and constructive input from other concerned citizens. Perhaps there actually are “specifics” somewhere in this book which will help redirect the thinking of both the distracted and the disinformed, good decent folks who are too busy just trying to survive to try to cut through the barrage of 24/7 propaganda they get in the corporate media. Perhaps …

      • Disaffected says:

        I bought the book so I’m going to give it a read. It looks like a fast and breezy read, so shouldn’t take more than a few days. I hate to come off so bitter and cynical all the time, but as I said, once you start scratching away at the truth and begin to uncover it, only then do you realize the dire depths of our current predicament. I highly recommend Scott Nearing’s The Making of a Radical for some historical perspective as well. Turns out our current battles were already lost as early as the turn of the 19th-20th century in the period leading up to WWI. [Nearing refers to WWI and WWII in the singular as The Great War, as they were essentially one war fought in two episodes] Make no mistake about it, any battle to recover “what might have been” at this late date (assuming Americans in suffcient numbers are even intersted in the project of course, which there is currently NO indication of whatsoever), will be one where the streets run red with blood, a battle our totally militarized police forces are already engaged in fighting.

        For me I think the battle will only be engaged after the inevitable collapse, which the authorities are fearing greatly these days. In my opinion the push to enthrone HRC is all about unquestioned access to the White House, and thus the MIC. The Global Oligarchy has never forgiven Vladamir Putin for kicking them out of Russia, and Russia remains the only major stumbling block to worldwide hegemony for the western crony-crats. China would be a mere puff job after that, although if it goes nuclear, they’ll likely attempt to destroy them both at once. It just makes sense. A “rational” plan? Hardly, but the Neo-cons/libs/whatevers running things these days can hardly be accused of rationality. They’ve got MUCH BIGGER things in mind.

        • Thanks for having an open mind. I would really value your critique because I can see you appreciate the complexities of the massive conundrum we are facing. My approach is “breezy” but not simplistic. It requires people embracing a new narrative but it’s a narrative that makes much more sense on every level than the convoluted official rationalization for our demented policies. And unlike everything else I read, it actually proposes a very straightforward way to implement dramatic change. The downside is that the American citizenry will have to come out of its collective coma and actually stand up for itself. That could be asking too much.

  3. Disaffected says:

    This little clip from The Good Shepard sums up the elite’s viewpoint perfectly. Matt Damon plays a CIA Agent here, but it’s accepted wisdom (as the film plainly shows) that “the agency” has always had the interests of the rich and powerful at heart:

  4. Disaffected says:

    OK, I’ve read it, and I’ll attempt a short review over several posts.

    I’ll start out with the good. Its aligned with its intended audience: a short and entertaining read written in conversational english. It hits all the major highlights – including the rats nest that is PNAC! – of the Global War of Stupidity instigated by the US in the aftermath of the fall of the USSR. It indicts all of the known major characters and their organizations for their assorted and sundry wrongdoings without getting too detailed or hysterical about it. As a primer for newcomers and a brief review for old heads like me it works, although it doesn’t offer anything new to the conversation.

    The “Peace Dividend,” in spite of my misgivings, is hardly all that revolutionary (the blacks have already brought up the idea of reparations and made at least as good a case), and it’s not much of a reach economically either. Certainly we’ve blown through many times that much money already subsidizing Wall Street and the military and corporate parasites in the wake of 2008. Even fairly main stream economics web sites and schools are promoting Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), which correctly notes that monetary sovereigns like the United States are never limited by economic/debt factors in their expansion of the money supply, but rather only by the political realities of the system in which they operate. And therein lies the rub. But more on that later.

    What the Peace Dividend does do presumably is allow the author a hook into potential American readers, who, let’s face it, are not the most politically astute creatures ever led willingly to their slaughter, and who would likely never give this title a second look if it was authored by the likes of me. Likewise, even though this book barely scratches the surface, (and in some cases not even that) this book is likely about the most extreme case possible with regard to actually naming names and ascribing them to their known war crimes, so I think the author is smart to avoid that morass here, as that will likely fill many volumes when finally written by a future scholar or scholars when the time is finally right.

    So to sum up, I think this book is best considered as a part of a larger whole; a pamphlet if you will, among what will hopefully be many more in the coming years, relentlessly hammering these themes for a younger audience. It starts, very tentatively, a conversation on where we’ve been and where we’re going for the initiates among us; which, let’s face it, are the one’s who are going to end up doing the heavy lifting 15-20 years down the road (assuming the shit storm hasn’t engulfed us all by then) after the old bastards who have given us Cold War I and now Cold War II are in the dirt. This is the kind of book I’d give to one particular friend of mine and most of my family members if I wanted to watch their heads spin like a top Linda Blair style. They wouldn’t read most of it, but a few would at least get exposed to the ideas, and that’s all you can really expect from Americans these days anyway.

  5. Disaffected says:

    OK, now the bad, which is really about much more than just this book.

    First and foremost, both this book (apparently) and the American public (absolutely) are not yet ready to accept the existentially crushing blow that is the recognition that 9-11 was a synthetic, “false flag” terror event perpetrated by elements of and ancillary to the US government and its global sycophant network, both shadow and real. The intent was signaled clearly by PNAC in the years just before, and the OKC bombing in 1995 was the dress rehearsal/proof of concept event leading up to it. I won’t go into the particulars here, but the information – reams and reams of it! – is all out there now and there can be no doubt whatsoever in the minds of open-minded people who have studied it what actually went down that day. The American people and the entire world were “shock and awed” right out of there socks in order to justify an illegal, undeclared, open-ended perpetual war on ANYONE and ANYTHING that stands in the way of the Supranational American Global Hegemonic State.

    This of course means – and there really is no way to sugar coat this – is that Americans and their now global MIC have been carrying on a grossly illegal war of UNSPEAKABLE terror (and thus, no one ever speaks about it) on the entire world under FALSE pretenses ever since. This makes admitting errors in any form totally out of the question, as the perpetrators rightly know that that would be a slippery slope heading straight their way. And it’s not like American people in general or American shadow government figures in particular are much into admitting errors anyway – EVER!

    All of which means making reparations to the American people in the form of a Peace Dividend – even if it could be done, which it never will be – entirely beside the point. The American people are the LEAST among us who should be made whole again, even if it’s just economically! What about the people the world over caught up in the ongoing shit storm we’ve unleashed over the past 15 years (and which Queen HRC will no doubt double down on at every opportunity) and can they EVER be made whole again? Of course not.

    And that’s my main problem with books like this. They assume a traditional “America first” mentality, which seems to be a peculiarly universal American trait, and what’s gone wrong since 9-11 isn’t even mostly about America, other than as a haiven for war criminals. Which is why, circling back around again, it is so damn important that the truth about 9-11 comes out! Literally NOTHING of substance in the world today can EVER be addressed until it does, and that’s truly a shame. In that sense, the American people are not the victims here (although God knows we love to bask in that role!), WE ARE THE PROBLEM!

    But to end on a good note, this is exactly the kind of book/essay I would have written in college 10 years ago if I hadn’t spent so much of my time there drunk out of my mind and chasing skirts. In fact I did write many essays in the same general tone, although they obviously weren’t as polished as this one, and no one but a few drunken friends and a professor or two ever cared to read them. But in the aftermath of 9-11 and still being clueless myself at the time as to what actually went down, I often thought that American democracy was something that could still be saved if everyone would just pull their head out of their asses. But has Hunter Thompson noted years before, “When the going gets weird, the weird go pro,” and that was years before in his time. Yes indeed boys and girls, the weird have indeed gone pro many times over in the years sense, and there ain’t no turning back now. Or as Dorothy might say if she were still alive today: “SHIT-FUCK DAWG! This GOD-DAMNED SURE don’t look like MOTHER-FUCKING KANSASno more!”

  6. Disaffected says:

    Just to briefly address last night’s debate, which I guess at least loosely ties into the above post; although I only actually watched the first 15 minutes of it live, this morning’s commentaries confirmed what I surmised in that brief period. Predictably, Trump was an utter disaster in a one on one setting where he wasn’t free to vamp and play on a large number of other candidates weaknesses. Despite speculation in the days and weeks beforehand about HRC’s apparent lack of health (Parkinson’s Disease?), it was Trump alone who displayed symptoms throughout the debate, which I (alone apparently) interpreted as nervous hyper-ventilation as he “sniffled”/snorted through many of his answers. In short: it was a pathetic display for any candidate for any office at any level of government, and was almost certainly a psychological “tell” that the candidate didn’t even subscribe to his own bullshit.

    Accordingly, whether or not “the fix is in” or anything remotely conspiratorial like that, I think fate has found us in the inevitable position we all knew at some deep dark level of our souls that we were always in: the inevitable ascendance of the Clinton’s once again to the throne of power here in the United States. Realizing also that at some deeper level all of this political horseshit is little more than kabuki theater, I hasten to add that, whether all of this was preordained in some smoky backroom or not, we really can’t do much worse than we have already. Should Trump somehow manage to win, we get a true wildcard at best, but one who will be neutralized by whatever means necessary on any issues that threaten the status quo. A fact we saw displayed in his debate performance last night, as the weight of future expectations finally began to take their toll.

    On the other hand, with a HRC Coronation, we, and much more importantly, corporate America (i.e.; the Global Shadow Government) get a true “known, known.” A true “washed in the blood” international corporate criminal who has pledged her soul and the spawn of her soul to the everlasting continuance of The New World Order to which she and hers subscribe. It goes without saying that Bill and Hill have been read in on the facts of 9-11 for years now and can thus be trusted to carry the secret like it was theirs alone, which Trump – even at this late date – apparently has not (although, to be fair, none of us mere mortals will ever know, in this lifetime at least).

    So, in closing, I guess I’d only advise individual voters to do what you think is best. Vote, don’t vote, vote for either candidate based on this or that, or just flip a fucking coin; it really doesn’t matter! In the end, this election, like the American “democracy” as a whole has long since been sold off to the highest bidder and we all just never received the memo (not surprising, since it was never sent!).

    As for the “Peace Dividend.” WHAT peace?

    What is it GOOD for?
    Absolutely PROFITS! Say it again!
    WAR! (Good Gawd!)
    What is it GOOD for?
    Absolutely PROFITS! Say it again!

  7. kulturcritic says:

    You nailed this as well, my friend.

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