Demonizing Putin and Villainizing Russia

putinAs an American living most of his time in western Siberia, east of Moscow by some three thousand kilometers, tucked away near the foot of the Altai Mountains abutting Mongolia and Kazakhstan, I have a unique vantage point from which to assess, and a different perspective on the Russia-bashing we have been witness to in the Western media, not just recently with the Sochi Olympics (although most notably there), but really as a non-stop flood of shitty-reporting since the fabled Wall came tumbling down decades ago.

Our conglomerate corporate media moguls, particularly in Britain and the USA, continue to craft narratives that drive not only the Grand Spectacle of our Western lives, but also shape all perceptions west of Moscow (and increasingly even in Moscow and the East).  

I know that the naïve patriots among us will sing as follows; ‘but of course our story is shaping perceptions around the globe, that is because our narrative is rich and healthy and good.’  But, us realists will quickly and cynically point out that this patriotic (and self-delusional) narrative really only benefits a select few among us, even in our beloved HOMELAND, while depleting global resources, fouling air and water, eviscerating land, destroying indigenous lifeways, and leading the earth to an apocalyptic climatic (and climactic) expiration date. 

The really suspicious among us will ask further; ‘Was the Pussy Riot incident a covertly managed Western affair meant to embarrass Putin, the Kremlin, and the Russian cultural traditions (viz., the Orthodox Church)?’ And, alternatively, ‘Was the political uprising against Putin during the elections the result of Western influence, financed and staffed by NGO’s operating covertly to drum up political angst against the new arch-enemy of Uncle Sam?’  Indeed, creating a tangible enemy where none existed; and this, perhaps due to our grand failures in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, not to mention Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, etc.

Our narratives, moreover, appear ever more conspiratorial in nature, reflecting an uncanny allegiance with and lockstep adherence to the official narrative of the emerging American imperial hegemony, with its alphabet soup of secreted and militaristic services engaged in a unipolar war of global domination and planetary destruction… all under the false-flag slogan of spreading democracy and freedom round the world, when all they are really interested in is spreading-out and making more living-room for the fatuous and gluttonous lifestyles of the uber-rich, the spectacularly famous among the elect Western oligarchy and its entourage.

More often than not, when it comes to Russia bashing, President Putin lies at the heart of these ad-hominim attacks.  We hear constantly about how evil he is; that he was the man from the KGB and now has brought that secretive mentality under his political control, engendering a totalitarian state.  We hear about his defense of the Assad regime, and his close ties to Iran, along with his attacks on poor Georgia and the idiot Saakashvilli, along with his alleged attempts to take back control of Ukraine.  But, where do we see totalitarianism really trending?  Why, in Amerika, of course.  Drone attacks on civilians abroad, presidential kill lists, unrestricted and unabashed monitoring, data collection, and snooping not only on all US citizens, but also world leaders, together with the covert activities of the NSA, FEMA, TSA, CIA, FBI, ATF, and a host of other secreted agencies tucked away in Washington’s hidden portfolio.  Indeed, perhaps it is Washington that has covert designs on Ukraine!

Any doubts about the Obama administration’s real intentions in Ukraine should have been dispelled by the recently revealed taped conversation between a top State Department official, Victoria Nuland, and the US ambassador in Kiev. The media predictably focused on the source of the “leak” and on Nuland’s verbal “gaffe”—“Fuck the EU.” But the essential revelation was that high-level US officials were plotting to “midwife” a new, anti-Russian Ukrainian government by ousting or neutralizing its democratically elected president—that is, a coup. [Distorting Russia]

And, of course, the Western media is quick to gaffe at the $50+BB expenditure that went into preparing for the Sochi Olympics.  They will talk about graft, skimming, payoffs, greed, Putin and his friends, and crazy give-aways.  Like we have seen none of that here in the good ole’ USA.  Right!  Well, Russia is a large country covering twelve time zones… at almost twice the size in landmass of the USA.  The infrastructure throughout this country is less developed, more primitive, more ‘make-do’ than it is finished (according to spectacular Western tastes).  In part this is due to its size, in part its geography, in part its harsh climate, in part cultural tradition, and in part past Soviet policies and decisions.  But, as a recent blogger rightfully pointed out, substantial infrastructure work was needed in and around Sochi, just to provide suitable access to the venues for all the Western visitors and press.  It is part and parcel of the cultural transformation, the Westernization, the gentrification of Russia!  Like it or not!

But, we know those media complaints are themselves another false flag, another distraction from the real agenda, the real enemy in our midst… the US government, with its secret agencies, its covert spying on its “free” citizens, its militarized security forces, its hegemonic designs for a New American Century.  There is nothing this growing hegemony will not do to achieve its ends… the protection of the lifestyles of the rich and infamous.

Russia is not the real problem in today’s world. The USA is the problem.  Our lifestyle and our propaganda first germinated and then forced the eruption of  of radicalized self-interest, greed, graft, and the competitive winner-take-all-and-fuck-the-rest-of-you attitude we now find growing and in full flower increasingly throughout the Russian Federation.  Putin himself may only be a victim himself of this growing and gnawing Western infiltration.   He is not the culprit, but merely a hapless recipient of the propaganda and its generous beneficence to the rich and powerful.

The political goons and fakir running the USA (black, white or otherwise), along with their hyperventilating neotenous (juvenile or developmentally arrested), militaristic corporate overseers, have one plan in mind; demonize and villainize Putin and destroy Russia.  But then again, it is only a smokescreen intended to cover-up the creeping global tentacles of BIG BROTHER AMERIKA!!  It is part of the planned spectacle to keep us citizens enthralled, to crusade religiously and search out the OTHER, the ALIEN, defining him as the ENEMY, because we have nothing positive to offer this world except divisiveness, hatred, violence, war, death, and planetary annihilation.  Is anyone sick of the narrative yet?

27 Responses to Demonizing Putin and Villainizing Russia

  1. Darn it, Sandy, stop confusing them with facts,again!

  2. Disaffected says:

    On the plus side, I wouldn’t take it personally. Putin is just a placeholder for any foreign leader who doesn’t subserviently bow down to universal and unquestioned US superiority. Putin himself is no saint, to be sure, but you have to love a guy with such a knack for poking the big US bully in the eye and then taunting him to do something about it afterward. Russia’s got a lot of natural resources that western interests have had their eyes on for decades, but the hard lessons of WWII are not forgotten (try as they might to bury them) by those in the know. Russians have lived hard lives tempered by brutal wars, a harsh and unforgiving climate, an immense and rugged geography, and at least one recent megalomaniacal dictator. In short: any pretensions of a “quick and easy” war with Russia and Russians is purely delusional.

    And yes, I’m tired of the US uber alles narrative already too. As should all US citizens be. It’s what keeps us all on this insane corporate treadmill, mindlessly pledging allegiance daily to an unsustainable exponential growth economic paradigm that has already breathed its last, save for the underhanded machinations of western central banks. The next five years will be the test. 2008 was the harbinger for the next global economic meltdown, from which there will be no more easy escapes. At some point money credits in the artificial economy simply have to come in line with the natural resources of the real economy they allegedly represent. Ultimately when they don’t, you might as well go to the bank, withdraw all your cash, and burn it for the heat it provides. That will be all it’s worth.

  3. the Heretick says:

    the largest single purchaser of fossil fuels in the world is the US military.
    the figures on “defense” spending are well known.
    the US uses about a quarter of all energy, with 5% of the worlds population.
    connect the dots.

    but it’s not just the US, it’s a global elite.

    the last 100 years have been key to human history, Socialism, the Bolsheviks, all of this could have taken a different course if reformation of capitalism had been allowed, and the civil rights of millions of people not been trampled underfoot. this battle is nothing new, it was predicted.

    “All fixed, fast-frozen relations, with their train of ancient and venerable prejudices and opinions, are swept away, all new-formed ones become antiquated before they ossify. All that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned . . . the need of a constantly expanding market for its products chases the bourgeoisie over the whole surface of the globe. It must nestle everywhere, settle everywhere, establish connections everywhere”.

    “money [becomes] the universal and self-constituted value of all things. It has therefore deprived the entire world – both the world of man and of nature – of its specific value… Money is the estranged essence of man’s work and existence; this alien essence dominates him and he worships it.”

    Pussy Riot, how nice, my dear departed mother, quite liberal in her way, would be horrified.
    what’s forgotten about the case is that these young ladies, as fetching and comely as a couple of them may be, disrupted a church service, and would not stand down. now, personally i have not set foot in a house of worship since my aforementioned mom’s funeral, so we see how religious yours truly is………………

    human morality and social customs, what a touchy subject these days. all i can think is that the entire edifice of human society is a construct, that laws and rights have varied over the millennia, and that all of it can be looked at as arbitrary. most of the arguments i hear are more reactions to the prevailing mindset rather than a fresh look at whatever the issue du jour happens to be.

    once again, the problem with universal ideals? they’re universal. all things being equal may just lead to greater problems. ever wonder what the final solution may turn out to be? that having every person on the planet become little consuming units is exactly what serves the machine the best? one great big mass of fungible, malleable, commodified resources.

    as the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

  4. kulturcritic says:

    Here is another Western asshole passing wind for his own benefit:
    “Snowden has taken sanctuary in Russia, a country that, when it was under communist control, epitomized the idea of a surveillance state, complete with a secret police force — the KGB — that worked assiduously to monitor and control the population. Today, Russia is a quasi-democracy that has retained some features of its communist past. Over the past decade or so, under the tutelage of President Vladimir Putin, a former KGB officer, it has been sliding ever deeper back into authoritarianism.”
    Snowden is a hypocrite: Supposed champion of liberty silent on Russia’s violations.

    • the Heretick says:

      geez, i hope you’re not including yours truly with that group.
      really, all you have to do is look at Schoenfeld’s affiliations to see where he’s coming from. The Hudson Institute’s website is a real eye opener. there is even an article about how our own dear leader “pressures” big business!!! must be that domestic content legislation he hasn’t proposed. ya’think?

      • kulturcritic says:

        “The Hudson Institute is an American conservative[2][3] non-profit think tank based in Washington, D.C.. It was founded in 1961 in Croton-on-Hudson, New York, by futurist, military strategist, and systems theorist Herman Kahn and his colleagues at the RAND Corporation.
        The Institute is committed to innovative research and analysis that promotes ‘global security, prosperity and freedom’.[4] It promotes public policy change in accordance with its stated values of a “commitment to free markets and individual responsibility, confidence in the power of technology to assist progress, respect for the importance of culture and religion in human affairs, and determination to preserve America’s national security.”[5]
        The Hudson Institute is supported by donations from companies and individuals. Corporate contributors listed in a publication from 2001 included Eli Lilly and Company, Monsanto Company, DuPont, Dow-Elanco, Sandoz, Ciba-Geigy, ConAgra, Cargill, and Procter & Gamble.[9]”

        Sounds like the whose who of planetary destruction… in the name of American delusion.

  5. Malthus says:

    I am very glad you wrote this Sandy. The Russian people have a rich history with much to be very proud of. I have always felt that cold war was the most ridicules period in the US history. Frighten the population and treat them like mushrooms, ha that’s good. People here still think that the European theater (weird term) was won by the US totally blind to the fact that 80 to 90 percent of the German Army was in Russia and along with losing somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 million in that war and we would have got our asses kicked if it weren’t for Russia. Sure Stalin was a bad actor but then so is Obama. Yes this needed to be told. Thank You. The people of Russia need to be thanked over and over again. Just look at the opening ceremony what art and spirit in the dream scape.

    • kulturcritic says:

      Glad to hear your voice, Malthus. sk

    • Disaffected says:

      The greatest untold story of WWII, to western ears at least, is that the Russians won it for the west. D-Day was no doubt a herculean and heroic effort by the allies, but it never would have been possible in the first place had Hitler not stupidly invaded Russia to the east. A master strategist he wasn’t. Likewise, fear of that same Russian bear was the overriding reason the coward Truman decided to break out da’ bomb not once, but twice on Japan. War criminals and terrorists? Lucky for the winners that they never have to face the same terms they force on the losers, or an entire socio/economic/political class of Americans would have been sung to sleep by the executioner’s song long ago. Likewise, the current bunch had better pray that US power holds fast until the bitter end, lest they too face the justice of the 100s of millions they’ve oppressed for mere lucre and fame.

      • kulturcritic says:

        Well stated, DA. And, in fact when I first got to Siberia and met Anatoly, Anna’s father, he asked me (translated by Anna, of course) “who won the Great Patriotic War?” I asked Anna what war was that. She said WWII. Of course, being an ignorant American (with a Ph.D., but not a history major), I said “the Americans won the war.” Anatoly started to laugh and then poured two shots of vodka. We drank, and again he poured more shots. Then he told me how the Siberian soldiers sent by Stalin to the Western Front, held off the Germans in the freezing cold and won the war against Germany.

  6. DrCiber says:

    “Is anyone sick of the narrative yet?”

    Oh, only for about the last 40 years or so. But you’ve put it very well, Sandy. After concluding that the USA was hopelessly broken, and had been since at least the Second World War, and finishing my draftee service in Uncle Sam’s army, my first wife and I within a month of discharge made our first attempt to become permanent expatriates. After several setbacks that always found us back in the US and never able to stomach it for long, I think I’ve finally made it this time having been resident elsewhere for the last 14 years. My wife didn’t live long enough to make it out with me, unfortunately. Though in a way I envy her and am grateful she’s not here to suffer the unmitigated disaster the ol’ homeland has turned out to be. Jim Kunstler may be wide of the mark on a lot of points and still way too optimistic about what the next half century holds in store IMO, but I have to admit that Clusterfuck Nation is a really apt description.

    Those of you thinking about gettin’ out while one still can, keep in mind -and this isn’t meant to discourage you- that you will likely need to persist, persist, and persist still more to overcome not only the obstacles intentional and otherwise which are inevitable in your path, but your own prejudice and homesickness which are by far the most likely to sabotage your desires. All I can say is never give up. If you can make through the first two years in general it gets easier from there on out. Do I miss the USA? Of course, in a number of ways, but the USA I miss – as fucked up 48 ways to tomorrow as it was – no longer exists. Just going back for visits, which I have only done three times since 2000 for 9 days max -and not at all for the last 4 years- creeps me out. Those of you still there & capable of independent thought, I don’t know how you stand it in the Hologram from Hell. Once the facade of the La La Land of Convenience finishes its flame-out (well under way if you ask me) I think it’s gonna make the Sack of Rome look like a cake-walk. I wish I were further away than I am. But I digress.

    Back to Sandy’s point about the non-stop nitpicking of the Russians in American mass media during the latest Olympic Circus, what can one add? For sure all countries are shitholes one way or another, but you only get a nervous tick reaction like this from someone who is in deep trouble him/herself and in even deeper denial over it. Ever since I was a kid I remember seeing in magazines from time to time the “man-in-the-street” cartoons that featured some disheveled long-hair with a “The End Is Near” placard or sandwich board and some wise-cracking caption. Who’d a ever thunk I’d get to live through it myself. For all the reasons in Sandy’s post, the United States of Amerika really has morphed into the new Nazi’s. Voltaire said “no snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible” but every second one stays there voluntarily and every penny one contributes to federal coffers, makes one complicit in the country’s crimes against nature & humanity, whether you want to be or not.

    As bad as all the systemic & environmental threats to the US are, I still suspect that the probable first national catastrophe (9/11 was not a catastrophe) will be Washington pissing off somebody with nuclear weapons so badly that it will cost them four or five of their largest cities out of the blue some afternoon, and unprovable as to where the attack came came from.

  7. The problem is that Russia-despite her problems-has become the Timex watch of the geopolitical world: it’s taken lickings and keeps on ticking. America (and her Western cronies) can’t stand the fact that Russia is still standing after 1991.

    Granted no one’s perfect, but now Putin has become Obama’s whipping boy despite the fact that Obama’s no altar boy himself. Obama criticized Putin/Russia on its stance on Gays, yet Obama-along with his predecessors-vacillated on GLBTQ rights. America criticizes Russia about its totalitarian/espionage past, yet Obama is gladly letting the NSA spy on innocent citizens at home while he lets the CIA start shit in other nations with drone strikes thrown in for free. America criticizes how those responsible for putting together the Sochi games went about their business, yet no one here in the US of A has criticized how the NFL screwed the NJ-NY metro area regarding Super Bowl XLVII (and that the NFL is a tax-exempt entity). And Pussy Riot? How many singers and writers “democratic” America demonized for speaking their truth to power?

    You hit it on the head, Sandy! As always, another great post! Peace!

  8. Disaffected says:

    From Jimbo’s latest Monday morning missive over at Clusterfuck Nation:

    Lo, the taper is still on under Wizard Yellen, for the simple reason that if she backed out of it now, before she officially chaired her first meeting of the Fed governors, her outfit would lose whatever shreds of credibility it still hangs onto….I suspect they’ll do something else: they’ll continue to taper down purchases of treasuries and mortgage detritus via the direct TBTF bank channel and they’ll establish a new “back door” for shoveling money into the system. Nobody knows what this is yet, and it may be some time even after it starts that the mechanism is discovered. In the meantime, the seeming placidity of the renewed “risk on” mood should be a warning to market cheerleaders. Something’s got to give and I think it will be the US dollar index, which has been in Zombieland since November. The world has never been so ready for a change in direction. Expect no real guidance from your leaders.

    Yep. Same as it ever was. Having painted ourselves into a monetary/economic corner of last resort, it should come as no surprise that we’ll continue more of the same until it either blows up or works, no matter the latest Ivy League genius they’ve brought in to assure us to “relax folks, we’ve been here before, everything will be ALRIGHT if you just relax and trust us once again.”

    Kunstler’s got this one spot on. Yellen was brought in to take the inevitable fall, that’s all. The die has been cast as far as US economic policy is concerned, and it ain’t gonna be good for ANYONE holding US dollars in the long term. I’m sure the MoneyMasters have a way out planned already, but once again, we can all relax in the assurance that WE ain’t part of it.

    We’ll see.

  9. the Heretick says:

    this just in, Pussy Riot members “detained”. investigated for theft, just like Lindsay Lohan!!!!
    pretty soon they will be big stars!!!! maybe they can get a Vogue cover!!!!
    but seriously, probably trumped up charges, who knows? maybe they staged it all including the police complaint, but that’s not what gets me.
    what gets me is this quote from the WaPo article “The city is under total police and security control,” and ” Sochi has been a closed city since early January, an Olympic security measure. President Vladimir Putin has banned all protests, except for a designated spot in a park seven miles from the Olympics, where permits are required.”

    this from a publication that knows damn good and well that the exact same measures were in place during the last political conventions held in the USA. for US or against US.

  10. FIDO says:

    Much as we dislike Puitn and his cronyism and his cold war mentality, we actually need him and are going to need him for a long long time. Perhaps the only leader with the ability to make sense out of the growing chicom expansionist impluses, Putin actually has a plan for a stable future for central and eastern europe. Putin has a long list of legacy issues he has inhertited from the old USSR and by and large he has succeeded. His problems are numerous and I fear that his military will not be able to handle the upcoming battle with the chicoms. Like the battles along the Amur river and the transiberian rail corridor, China may pressure Russia in central asia and the southeast asia chokepoints. China is going to be a major concern for Putin and dealing with the chicoms a legacy issue that will define Putin for the history books. Putin is a westerner, even if he has despotic tendencies. His orthodox endorsement of the Russian Church is a critical sign that even he recognizes the power of nationalism and history.

    The simple fact is that Putin has done us a favor and will do us favors in the future even if we think that it is not a favor. BTW, Just got a slice of russian history, The Mosin Nagant rifle. I had to get one for the simple fact that I wanted to have a gun that was used in WW2.

  11. Colin says:

    America’s Foreign Policy:

    “We will support you when it is convenient to support you and when that is no longer the case we do things our way, on our terms which may very well result in your country being burnt to the ground from its own political and economic instability. But seriously, you should think about joining us because you know, everyone else is doing it willingly or not….”

  12. Neon Vincent says:

    I have another image deriding Putin for you–Putin on a pink sparklepony, with the caption “totally not gay.”

  13. Sarah says:

    I happened across this article in my internet travels and I have to say it was a breath of fresh air. Well written! Have shared amongst friends. It’s time people opened their eyes to the underhanded antics of the US.

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