USA News Cycle: Recycled Propaganda


It is not startling. Just annoying.  I have been back in the homeland now for almost four weeks, and the narrative just keeps running nonstop. You feel like throwing a brick at the TV screen, or calling up CNN, or talking to Chris Matthews, and saying “Hey, get real already buddy.”  Is it the SONY ‘Interview’ hackers threatening  a new 9/11, the pure evil of V. Putin and his steely blue eyes, an insane self-radicalized ‘terrorist’ in Australia, Taliban killing children in Pakistan, or any number of other spectacular stories that are absorbing the American psyche?

But, larger questions loom and are never addressed.  To what extent is SONY  culpable for producing a film proposing the assassination of North Korean president, Kim Jong Un?  Could you imagine had they proposed the same theme with Obama as target?  Betcha that would not have gone over well.  The CIA, FBI, NSA, and FEMA would have been all over the SONY execs then.  Don’t you think?

But, let’s focus on the bogey man, Vladimir Putin.  Putin seems to be the primary punching bag of the USA administration and its media surrogates.  The mission seems to be not just finding an enemy who is anyone but US, but rather to turn Russia upside down, destroy its culture, its leadership, and its history, and turn it into just another American vassal state.  Much like we have done throughout our short history.  When the USA instigated in Georgia, and then in Ukraine, their real objective was a revolution in Russia, and using the spoils to rescue the sad asses of the American elite and our own selfish lifestyle.

But we don’t need SONY to make a movie about this; it is apparently American policy already in the works. I am sure Ms. Nuland would speak to us on this matter,  could she just locate her bugged cell phone.  The USA is attempting nothing short of the assassination (political or otherwise) of Vladimir Putin, and the annexation of Russia as a new piece of the New American Empire.  And, those in charge of this conspiracy do not seem to mind who they harm or what laws they break in the process, whether there is a revolution in Russia, starvation in the streets, lies piled upon lies, just so long as We the People get what we deserve.

One of the talking heads whom I saw on the television today actually had the presence of mind to say on air that Putin does not really wish a return of the Soviet Union, but rather he desires a return to the Russia of Pushkin and Dostoyevsky.  OMG!  The horror!  Just imagine if Russia’s great cultural history was a cornerstone of the “evil one’s” machinations.  Wouldn’t that be lovely.  Perhaps all our children should read some of those Russian greats.  Perhaps then we would be less afraid of that make-believe bogeyman in our closet.  But, really folks, who is the player making the big geo-political moves, backed up by military and financial actions?  That’s right, the USA.  And I would say the real killer right now of the Russian economy is not sanctions, but the precipitous fall of oil.  And I would propose that this decline in the price of oil is a direct result of manipulation in the market instigated, planned, and executed by the USA.

I do not recommend any historical leader, present or past, but I feel compelled to defend Vladimir Putin, as I might be compelled to defend other leaders, against the unrestrained arrogance, and self-adulation of the American Political-Information-Military-Imperial-Psychoplex. Siberia is already awash in McDonald’s, Levi’s, Apple Computer, Subway, KFC, Papa John’s, etc, etc.  But, just like we did in Iran in the 50’s in support of the Brits,  and as we did again and again in Iraq, Libya, et. al., so I believe the US administration is trying to do the same in Russia today.  They want to take over the oil and mineral resources, and keep those nasty “commies” from taking what our oligarchs need, want, and deserve.  And if anyone gets in our way, foreign or domestic, we will just silence them by sanctions, market manipulation, or by drone, choke hold, or at the end of the barrel of a gun.  It is the American way.

Folks, the Chinese are fast taking control of Africa, and that is why the USA is targeting them in the South China Sea. But, there are far too many Chinese to kill. By far, the easier way into the Eurasian landmass, and its vast resources on an increasingly depleted planet, is to destroy Russia and take over the spoils, just like the barbarians from the north did in earlier times.

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  1. I totally agree with your analysis, Sandy. It is what I think every day – without exception – though I did not know about the pundit referring to the dark ages of Pushkin and Co. I would very much like to know whether it feels better to be living in Siberia-with-Macdos I’m a (volunteer) editor at and many of us who write there or comment, are asking ourselves where to go. We feel we’re doing something to promote change (BIG chance) but we know it’s almost hopeless. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on this matter.

  2. the Heretick says:

    My daughter says the US is a “baby country”, that we have yet to learn the lessons that older civilization have taken to heart. Speaking of literature, art, and music; what American novelist has come close to Dostoevsky? None, nada, zilch, I’m serious. Tolstoy, Pushkin, I’m not that familiar with, but there is as much pathos in “Master and Man” as in the entirety of “Grapes of Wrath”.
    Sure, we have Hemingway and Steinbeck, and they are great compared to the candy counter fiction of Fitzgerald and Faulkner, but nothing they’ve done rises to the level of “The Idiot”.
    Harsh? Yathink? There may yet be hope with Cormac McCarthy.

    Then we have the American “composers”, insipid arias by Copeland and Barber, every-time I listen to them I am left wondering when the music is to begin, cotton candy to Tchaikovsky’s crashing crescendos. Though you must admit even Peter the Great sounds a bit lost at points.

    At least we have Pollack and Warhol, one a great illustrator of the chaos of America, and the other a genius in showing how empty it all is. However, even then, we must admit that after the French, it was really Kandinsky and Malevich who pointed the way to Modernism.

    We do have rock, blues and jazz, though to be truthful, seems like the Brits and the Germans can play it better than we do.

    The US debt stands at 90%-106% of GDP.
    In fiat flimflam dollars US debt is $18 trillion, estimated to possibly be $26,000,000,000,000 by 2016.
    Food stamp usage is at an all time high no matter you ask.
    College debt is thru the roof.
    Unemployment in Detroit at 30%-50%.
    1/3 of Detroit housing stock sits empty.
    Mexican auto-workers average $4.32 an hour.

    Honestly, look at media consolidation, the same trans-national corps. that control the food supply, make the weapons, the heavy eqpt. and monopolize the energy and agricultural markets own the media. No, really, they literally own the media, and if they don’t, their advert dollars buy it.

    Any reformist movement in this country is too intellectually crippled by 100 years of anti-Socialist free market agit-prop, and so much under the gaze surveillance state nothing will ever get off the ground. But it’s not just that, thinkers such as Baudrillard are turned into pop culture garbage and thereby neutralized. I think that the truth is that our supposed reformers just want to use the Beast for their own narrow constituencies, to turn Leviathan, not to find a credible alternative.

    The US is obviously at the brink, it’s a pity really. We have this entire continent, there may still be a bit of life left in it, but we have to derail the train so to speak, the end is dead ahead. There have not been enemy troops on the mainland since the War of 1812, for 200 years, but yet we act as if the world is out to get us. probably this entire narrative could have been summed up in these last few sentences. It’s not the common people who are screwed up in this country, like all good slaves we have been pretty thoroughly domesticated, it’s the ruling class, the owners. For stating the obvious a person can get labeled a traitor, put on a list, because the owners don’t give a damn.

    By the way, Jack Bruce died in October.

    • Disinfected says:

      Your daughter’s wrong. The US is a cancerous, arthritic, old codger of a country on its death bed and about to expire. And we’ve always been headed for this moment from the very start. A nation of hucksters, shysters, and con men rallying around a mantra that proclaimed as self evident that “greed is good.” We murdered the Natives when we got here, brought African slaves over to exploit and murder as well, and now economically enslave and murder the entire globe regardless of race with our virulent economic and military insanity, all while despoiling the entire biosphere in the process. We’re the perfect villains. As the saying goes, we’re an ugly villain so perfect that if we hadn’t existed someone would have had to invent us.

      • the Heretick says:

        That’s not the sense she meant it in, and the crash that’s coming is one of the lessons she thinks we will learn, she’s pretty smart, she sees all the things you mention.

        • Disaffected says:

          I’m not anticipating any “lessons” will be learnt. This will be a replay of 2008 on a much larger scale, that’s all. If Muricans have proved anything, it’s that they’re completely impervious to any such “lessons.” Muricans are simply too “exceptional” for any of that nonsense.

          • the Heretick says:

            Unlike you, I think the debt matters. The best plan, and I may be able to do it, because i may finally have found a job, is to get out of debt. The economy is going to crash, that’s plain to see, there is too much unreality. The budget bill allowed banks to put deposits into derivatives, which some say stand at $500 trillion in obligations. The old ways will come back, shanty-towns, soup lines. The lessons that will be learned are that you can’t eat smartphones, wide-screens don’t fit in a gas tank.
            The Western oligarchy has run up against the East, and the East isn’t going to budge.
            The population here is degraded to such a point that maintaining law and order will require all the govts. effort. The spring will bring more unrest. The only solution would be a draft, but that won’t fly, because the upper and lower crust won’t stand for it.
            The sheer numbers of dispossessed will swamp the system, change will happen.

            • Disaffected says:

              Not sure where you’re coming from there HT. Of course the debt “matters,” to those who hold it at least. To those who actually owe it (like you and yours), based on questionable terms in the first place, and even more questionable ability to pay in the second, probably not so much.

              Debt “matters” in an exponential growth economic system simply because its repayment is the “engine” upon which that system is based. Subtract that ability to pay and the entire system will inevitably collapse, which you have correctly noted. You and yours are experiencing it now. Rest assured, we will ALL be experiencing soon enough. I know, I know. Small solace that.

            • Colin says:

              Debt = Empire Expansion = Neo-Imperialism = Neo-Colonialism

              There is alwas more debt than money in the system.

              Capitalism is not the enemy – Crapitalism or Crony Capitalism is the enemy.

              People look at the wealthy and still believe that they “earned it all” through their genius and this con is pulled on the right and left alike in the US which is why the left always cries for higher taxes but never seems to have a clue how the mega-wealthy bankers get so rich in the first place. But more and more each day we realize that wealth is literally being printed out of thin air and handed over to large banking and investment firms.

              And to make things worse, recall the repeal of “Glass Steagall” which was meant to separate Wall St. losses from ordinary citizens deposits was repealed by none other than “Liberal” holy man Bill Clinton. Worse yet, they just passed a bill a few weeks back now that took things a step further and made your bank deposits loans, not actual deposits, and made the derivative speculative positions held by the banks the first to be bailed out in a crisis scenario. It’s pure madness. Don’t tell me that is capitalism….

              I’m for peaceful Anarchy personally based on free and fair trade – however it can be made possible. Anything with a hierarchy profoundly disturbs me.

  3. Malthus says:

    This is one sick country run by some very, very sick people, as in nuts, wacko, one sandwich short of a picnic. And above all else their brains are wired to steal, cheat, and do what ever it takes to remain in power and to collect every cent from the unwashed masses and as already said the media is right in bed with them toe to toe.

    • Disinfected says:

      Life is a game of Monopoly, literally. A game of Monopoly, only when you go bust, you really go BUST!. And to think, we never even suspected we were being brainwashed even while we were playing our stupid little board games.

  4. kulturcritic says:


    • Disinfected says:

      Of course it is Sandy. I’m only surprised that you’re surprised. This is the proverbial ‘other shoe’ we were waiting to drop after The Malaysian Airlines false flag shoot down last spring. And there’s more to come. This will hardly be the end of it!

      • follyofwar says:

        And now we have the North Korea false flag? Washington took just 24 hours declare it has “proof” that the bad Korean commies did it. One day after SONY pulled that probably wretched, infantile comedy, Obama, at his year-end press conference, said that the US response will be “proportional.” What in hell does that mean? He also said he wished that SONY had “called him first.” He would have “told” them not to deep six the movie. I don’t know if SONY was right or wrong to give in to blackmail. The hacking was far more extensive than just this poor taste, lowbrow fare. And I think the movie will be released next year and make a fortune (possibly brilliant marketing?). But, SONY was making a bottom line business decision over information that Obama did not have. Ah, the hubris of Empire.
        Kim Jong Un has stated that they did not do the hacking and will work with the USG to find out who did. Guaranteed the Beltway psychos will have none of that. They already have all the evidence they need. The USG also hastily proved that Assad used chemical weapons and that Putin blew up the airliner, didn’t it? Yet the gullible proles continue to lap it up as they focus on the coming annual blood rite of the NFL playoffs. One wonders if the Emperor’s response may include just a few drones to coincide with Super Bowl Sunday.

  5. Karl North says:


    Your interpretation of current attempts to crush Russia is surely correct, and well documented from many sources, as part of a long-standing strategy of making not only Russia but the whole world safe, country by country, not for democracy, but for the penetration of US private capital.

    Regarding your claim that the crash of oil prices is a result of US policy, such a policy may well exist, but I can see other explanations for the current oil price that are just as plausible. In fact such a policy would suggest desperation because if successful it is so damaging, not just to Russia, but to oil economies that are US allies, like Saudi Arabia. Moreover, it will be damaging to the US economy itself, and may be enough to trigger the looming financial crash. The present oil price will knock the struts from under the US fracked oil business. That business is a fabricated bubble: a scam that enticed investors to invest heavily in junk bonds, including big institutional investors like banks looking to squeeze profits out of a dead economy, so when it crashes it will cause damage that ripples throughout the economy. The semblance of economic recovery peddled by media propaganda relies heavily on production in the fracked oil and weapons industries.

    Another explanation for the present oil price relies on a combination of factors. First, the dying Western economies started using less oil, reversing the upward price trend. Then the knock-on effect of slowly dropping oil price detonated a collapse of OPEC unity on production quotas, which accelerated the price fall. Thirdly, many of the millennial generation can’t afford cars, so demand for oil remains low despite the attractive price.

    In the long run, Russia, if it can recover its lost capacity as a self-sufficient industrial nation, can better address the problem than the small oil nations that have no internal economy other than oil, and must import everything. If the Putin government can take back Russian financial administration from the Atlanticist fifth column, it can reshape the economy in the ways Putin has proposed, but that appears not to be easy.

    • kulturcritic says:

      Karl, very good assumptions on your part. However, I would warn you not to be myopic in your view of auto gas usage. Remember, the world does not revolve around America or its millennial generation, as much as we might like to think it does. The Chinese and Russians are buying up automobiles like it is a Christmas holiday all year long. There are more Mercedes, Lexus’ and SUVs lining the streets of Barnaul in central Siberia than you could possibly imagine. And that is even worse in Moscow. I am sure China is doing likewise.

    • Disinfected says:

      There’s at least as much information and sentiment out there that this is largely market manipulation/economic warfare. And another US economic collapse is already anticipated and planned for anyway, with 2008 now the proven template. Bailouts for the rich and QE will commence and/or continue just as before, with the national security apparatus, having just completed some critical pre-operational assessments with flying colors in Ferguson and a few other places, more than ready,willing, and able to step in eliminate some of the surplus population on a moments notice should they take umbrage. Get your popcorn! Should be one helluva silly season just ahead!

  6. Disinfected says:

    This has been the end game since at least 9-11. Once they got away with that one, the internal coup of coups, everything else was on the table. The cheap oil and everything else is running out and the US oligarchy is just making damn sure they hold on to the last of it. But yes, everything’s fair game now. US citizens of whatever stripe, foreign governments, the works. This won’t be over until industrial civilization is a smoking ruin and we can accurately assess if planet earth has any place for any of the possibly remaining humans. It won’t be you and me, that’s for sure, so I don’t really give a fuck anymore anyway. Let the survivor’s fend for themselves and lets just get on with the eliminations. The dying part’s easy; it’s the waiting for it that’s interminable. And don’t worry about Russia too much Sandy. I have every confidence that Putin will bring down the US as well in the process. And once the nukes start flying our long wait will at last be over. Truth is, life in this industrial sewer was never all that great in the first place.

  7. kulturcritic says:

    I also believe that Obama’s decision to lift the embargo and reestablish diplomatic relations with Cuba is just another arrow in his quiver to further alienate Putin and Russia… by dragging a long time Russian ally into the US orbit.

    • Disaffected says:

      Good point. As well as bring Cuba back into the global economic fold to be exploited accordingly. Coming soon: The Guantanamo Bay Luxury Resort and Theme Park with the first and only Torture Experience (TM). Genuine autographed water boards available for an extra charge.

    • Colin says:

      A strategic move for sure but also a very cynical one. I am not sure if it will really win the Cubans over though, there is still a ton of Russian influence there. Merry xmas btw Sandy and thanks for sharing your insights as always.

    • DrCiber says:

      Couldn’t agree more.

  8. I cannot imagine Cuba being dragged into the US orbit. I guess you don’t know Cubans! See my post at, The Day I thought Would Never Come, for my take on why Obama did this.

    • Disinfected says:

      Washington’s refusal to entertain normal relations with the Cuban government would have gone on indefinitely if American power had an indefinite lease on life. What is striking is that America’s fifty-year long Cuba policy coincided with its period of world supremacy. The fact that President Obama chose this moment to end the ridiculous standoff is probably not due to a need to rescue his disastrous reputation as perhaps the worst President in American history. Nor is it a gesture toward the Latino community that will be crucial to Hillary’s campaign. I believe it is a way too late attempt to regain the South American hemisphere as a consolation prize, as the BRICS join China’s new silk roads and even Europe, our sixty-five year old junior partner begins to question American hegemony. The ill-fated Ukraine adventure makes clear that Washington never gave up on the goal of dismembering Russia, putting Europe once again on the front line.

      I think that’s a pretty accurate take on things Deena. Even as Murica postures and preens to showoff all its alleged military and economic might, it’s dawning on pretty much everyone except for Muricans themselves that the freaking emperor simply has no clothes. Which, unfortunately, sets us up for some really interesting times ahead, as conservative political mores once again become ascendant. The recent police crackdowns and atrocities all throughout the US are not so subtle indicators of what’s to come, and may very well have been planned covert operations to identify any possible weaknesses and/or confirm the capabilities before they’re deployed on a much larger scale. Alas, Muricans themselves are still asleep at the wheel, blindly continuing to pledge their allegiance to an empire that is now so blatantly corrupt that it no longer even tries to hide the fact. They’re about to find out the hard way what most of the undeveloped third world already knows. The Murican elite and their global partners have a PLAN, and if you have to ask, you ain’t in it. Obama himself is ultimately irrelevant, as all of his recent actions show. He was never anything more than a Trojan Horse anyway, meant to shut liberal Murica up in the wake of the Bush/Cheney regime, and having served his purpose, we can now get down to business with some real, honest to goodness, criminal racketeering leading up to and certainly after 2016. The Murican Empire is now just an empty shell awaiting its long overdue and inevitable collapse.

      • follyofwar says:

        I think Obama’s real reason for the timing of this opening to Cuba is because the republican knuckle draggers are poised to take over the Senate and this is his first shot across the bow. He may enjoy poking them in the eye during his final two years. Will the real Obama finally stand up? Regardless, I enjoyed every second watching Lindsay Graham, Bob Martinez, and Marco Rubio taking turns foaming at the mouth. That in itself was priceless.
        Obama “perhaps the worst President in American history?” Unless WW3 starts under his watch, he still has a far way to go to be worse than Bush/Cheney, although one wonders if those two cold war warriors would have been so incredibly stupid as to threaten a real war with Russia.

  9. “The recent police crackdowns and atrocities all throughout the US are not so subtle indicators of what’s to come, and may very well have been planned covert operations to identify any possible weaknesses and/or confirm the capabilities before they’re deployed on a much larger scale.”

    I agree totally with your analysis – just not the part about Cuba having anything at all to do with our determination to eliminate Russia. We are definitely on the same page. What can we do to get the message out?

    • Disinfected says:

      I comment a lot on Naked Capitalism, which gets a NYC audience, but for the most part the readers there are pretty conservative and just ignore me, as are most Muricans these days. Fears drives most people into their holes, where they reach out for whatever comfortable, long-held illusions, have brought them comfort in the past. I just don’t see much possibility for escape from our death spiral here in Murica these days. It’s been too well planned by our corporate elite, and the proles have been too far marginalized and propagandized to ever effectively self-organize at this late stage. Hell, most of them are still too busy “kissing the ring” to even begin to think about rising up. I see our job now as just documenting and extracting meaning from the fall as it unfolds. Probably not much value in that either, but it at least keeps me busy on days increasingly filled with monotony and stultifying boredom. Truthfully, I see a self-inflicted bullet to the brain in my not too far distant future, if the cops don’t do me the favor first.

      • Disinfected says:

        But I think the move on Cuba certainly has the extra benefit of being an opportunistic slap in the face to Putin, which is then used for propaganda purposes (as if we need any more of that!) here in the US. Most US propaganda these days is meant purely for internal consumption, as TPTB know the rest of the world isn’t buying it and we’ll just militarily steamroll any dissent that poses problems anyway.

  10. I wouldn’t have that courage.

    • Disaffected says:

      Secret is, you take care of all the logistics well beforehand, so that the actual act itself can be carried out in a moment of opportunity without thinking. Just like brushing your teeth or taking your meds at night. No real courage involved, and you have to remember that you are certainly not going to be around to remember it anyway, just determination. An ace in the hole if you will.

      When you stop to think about it, pre-planned suicide is the ultimate empowering mental exercise, in that it allows you to clearly focus on what is inevitable anyway in a reasonably positive and empowered way well ahead of time. Not that your end of life plans will necessarily come to fruition in the exact way that you may have planned (in fact, they likely won’t), but you will have at least relieved yourself of the burden of focusing on them in the meantime.

      Here’s a nice kitschy rendition by Cher in her early years followed by an utterly hilarious rendition by Vanilla Fudge:

  11. the Heretick says:

    Yes, Sandy, it’s pretty ridiculous. There are “serious people with gravitas” discussing the existential threat to the USA from a nation of barely 25,000,000 separated from us by the Pacific Ocean. The reason is the owners just can’t stand the affront, they can’t stand any challenge to their order.
    In my first post I mentioned the War of 1812, how the US has not had foreign troops on our soil in 200 years. An interesting little historical side-note is that we have had troops on Russian soil less than 100 years ago.

    There are links at the bottom of the page to the other Allied “interventions” in Russia’s internal affairs. Just as with the really, really, tasteless SONY movie, we Americans are incredibly short-sighted and narcissistic. Of course this is fostered by the paucity of our intellectual life, actively promoted by the intelligentsia, which is why I natter on about art and music.

    Point being, this has been the modus operandi of the US since TR, hell, before that, the Mexican War really. I feel like you do about the news when I hear about the evil R’s as compared the the moderate D’s, please. The Palmer raids were under Wilson, McCarthy was a Republican, but who really tried to stop him?
    The IWW saw this 100 years ago, that’s why they busted them up.

    The US is running out of gas, socially, morally, and economically. We are literally turning the crust of the earth to rubble to get fuel, and it does not dawn on the masses the gig is up.

    The plain truth is, when I talk to people down here in the depths, nobody believes in this country anymore, everybody is out for themselves. Oh there’s some, especially here in the reddest state, rally round the flag types, but look at voter participation.

    It’s a house of cards, it really is. The US is desperately looking for revenue to prop it all up, but it ain’t gonna happen. They may take down Putin, but you know as well as I, the Russian people have seen this game before, they have taken on the Japanese several times, the French, the Nazi’s, etc. etc. That’s what i mean by the US being a baby country.

    • Disaffected says:

      The discrediting of the welfare state to the masses, while at the same time exalting the state’s military omnipotence to all was the political end game all along. A smaller state overall that enforces the rules for the rich, while eliminating any and all rules that might benefit the poor. Only two questions remain: How long will the proles continue to support a system which has no interest in supporting them, and will they be able to do anything about it anyway when they finally wake up to that fact? The Nazi Germany experience suggests the answers are not favorable, and the Nazi’s were mere pikers when it comes to the sophistication of the modern state.

      • Colin says:

        Probably there will be some trigger event like Ferguson that tips the tides but then all Hell breaks loose and in a way that plays into the elites hands as well. At some point though, the illusion of business and life as usual in North America will come to a sudden end – I don’t think anyone really knows what comes after that but I hope that it will be a wake up call to many. I am frankly tired of arguing with people who ought to know better but just prefer the comfort of knowing most people agree with them.

    • follyofwar says:

      Only 25 million people in Russia? Just looked it up and the estimated population is 142 million. Hell, the USSR lost more than 25 million in WWII.
      BTW, I just noticed that we have a DisINfected to go along with DisAffected. First time I noticed it. Are you one and the same?

      • the Heretick says:

        Referring to North Korea, mixed it up in the same paragraph with russia. Now some experts are saying NK did NOT hack Sony.

        • follyofwar says:

          When I re-read it, it became obvious that you were talking about NK. Sorry about that. I just read a column by Jason Ditz at which said that this hacking thing against Sony started months ago and it could not have been NK. BTW, NK’s meager internet just went totally black today. No involvement from Washington, of course.

        • Disaffected says:

          Think the US is just thrashing around like a fish out of water looking for enemies to attack these days. I suppose we should just be glad that they’re still even bothering to pander to public opinion at all. In the final phases they’ll just move on anything and everything without regard to consent. But the whole NK/Sony thing struck me immediately as a very weak attempt at manufacturing consent for war, and nothing else. The brouhaha over the NYC police shootings? Now there’s something to watch out for.

          • Colin says:

            “U.S. actions in Ukraine should be classified not only as hostile with regard to Russia, but also as targeting global destabilization. The U.S. is essentially provoking an international conflict to salvage its geopolitical, financial, and economic authority. The response must be systemic and comprehensive, aimed at exposing and ending U.S. political domination, and, most importantly, at undermining U.S. military-political power based on the printing of dollars as a global currency.

            The world needs a coalition of sound forces advocating stability —in essence, a global anti-war coalition with a positive plan for rearranging the international financial and economic architecture on the principles of mutual benefit, fairness, and respect for national sovereignty”

            – Sergei Glazyev

    • Colin says:

      I know exactly what you mean by that “blank stare” – gives me the creeps.
      I was listening to an internet podcaster today who said something about a fraction of a fraction of the population actually being truly “awake” and that the rest, no matter how much information you put in front of them, will just stare at you like you’re crazy – “baaaaah”. Said something about perhaps having to do with the pineal gland – some of us are still able to activate ours and trigger the creative side of our human potential which in turn allows us to see new data for what it really is unfiltered.

  12. Malthus says:

    Its interesting after reading all the comments here on Sandy’s excellent writing I have the feeling that everything that is said is certainly correct and yet what can be done about it as Deena asked? We all seem to be pissing into the wind on this. It is a runaway train driven by liars, criminals, power mad mutant robots possibly from another planet; slowly going over the cliff. As far as Russia goes I will never understand why those in this country think we won the second world war in Europe when in fact the Russians did win the European war and lost 20 million in the process. 80 percent of the German army was in Russia during D day. In my mind the Russian people deserved a big thanks from the entire world for their stamina and bravery, not a 50 year cold war. Really pathetic and a sure sign of what this country is all about. I myself am a trained killer pre voluntary military and I know as all those that are in the same boat we do not stand a chance with the weapons the police and military have now. No all we will do is stand a watch the fall and perhaps survive it or not It will be historical. Or hysterical depending on your point of view.

    • the Heretick says:

      In the movie “Reds” Warren Beatty as Jack Reed stated that there were 17 foreign armies in Russia within a year of the revolution. But forget about commies and capitalists; tribes, monarchs, khans, czars, presidents, have all played this game for 1’000’s of years. The whole sad affair started with agriculture and walled cities.

      James Watt and his vacuum experiments accelerated us down the tracks of this runaway train literally and figuratively. The only people who may have a chance are these people you see on the “Alaska, Last Frontier” type shows, they are isolated and independent.
      Yeah, and they are the ones who are weird?
      Political philosophies have pretty much failed.
      Me and mine are stuck for the present, but we own 3 trucks, and the first chance we get to get out to some sort of livable arrangement? We’re outta here.
      A small town in a sparsely populated state might work.

    • Disaffected says:

      Pissing into the wind is pretty much all that’s left now. The monster’s simply too big. Or you can ignore it to the extent that you are able; but this being the perfect beast, it’s not really inclined to let you do that either.

    • Colin says:

      WWII is actually quite complicated because you had a lot of different powers jockeying for position.

      The Germans were truly afraid of Stalinism which starved millions of its own population. There seems to be a lot of evidence of that now and that’s what gave birth to the rise of Nazism which represented an extreme political philosphy to act as a firewall in Europe against another extreme political philosophy called Stalinism. I am uncomfortable putting the Russians on a pedestal for their acts in WWII. What’s clear though is that they weren’t fighting for Stalin – after all he sent millions of his own war heros to the gulag right after the war – they were fighting for Russia not him. Actually in the beginning the Germans were kicking the Russian’s butts until Stalin ordered “stand behind” troops to gun down any retreaters. Mind you the Russian’s were not a very organized military despite their size – the Finns got the best of them in the Finnish wars prior to the German invasion.

      And let’s not forget that the Germans suffered immensely too both during and after the war, especially right after the war where thousands of homeless german civilians died of starvation (ironically in camps made by the allies) and millions of ordinary (i.e. non-SS) troops becamse POW’s and were executed in Russia or sent to the gulag – even those who surrendered legitimately according to Geneva Conventions.

      The Treaty of Versaille, designed by the Allies totally destroyed Germany economically and paved the way for Hitler and his particular brand of Fascism.

      Like begets like….That’s the pattern imo

      On the other hand, if there was a Soviet, Communist Dictator that seems to have actually been a decent man it would be Kruschev. And there is evidence now that Stalin was poisoned which paved the way for Kruschev and would explain Krushchev’s comments about Stalinism being a stain on Russia. Kruschev went on to work on nuclear disarmament and other treaties with President Kennedy with whom apparently, there was much trust even after the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion (after which Kennedy booted all the neo-cons out of office). Not long after Kennedy and Kruschev began collaborating, Kennedy was assasinated….

      • Disaffected says:

        JFK is the best case for there being a silent coup in DC, after which RFK and MLK were just logical extensions, and 9-11 was merely a subscription renewal for a new generation. LBJ was of course in on the JFK job, but the larger conspiracy was MUCH bigger than him. Ike’s warning about the dangers of the MIC hinted at what could (and did) happen, but of course he couldn’t just come right out with it. People would have written him off as insane anyway. The US in 1960 was a country ripe for a coup by hysterical anti-communist sociopaths, and they’ve been in charge ever since.

    • Colin says:

      And I agree with you about the “pissing in the wind” part but I think you’re going to have to wait until AFTER things collapse before you see ordinary people waking up – if they even survive. I do think that transition has to occurr – the powers that be are just propping up the stock market and manipulating all the labor and economic stats to make things appear OK but once people see bread lines and food running out or becoming too expensive or when enough people finally lose their jobs you’ll see it happen – pitchforks will come out but that’s also when the PTB take the gloves off too. That’s what history teaches us will happen – the elite will cry “let them eat cake!” right up until their final moments. I’ve heard it takes about 20 years to brainwash a population and so probably would take that long to de-brainwash too.

  13. monalisa says:

    From the Middle of Europe (Austria) I agree fully with.
    American propaganda smells usually – so might be not for the young people (extremely obvious to me when it comes to the the newly created extremists in Middle East and its propaganda pictures!).
    The EU has developed to a corrupt conglomerate of different states, denying its century-old political experiences. Even lies come easily from politicans stating EU is for freedom and peace while in fact EU is meddling-as the poodle of America-in foreign affairs.

    Russians-as Chinese-have a much different outlook on life than Americans.
    Most of the white population in America deny even the developmend of Jazz as a cultural achievement unique in our world ! The cultural achievement is in fact-concerning music-very little however, literature is because of so many different cultural backgrounds sometimes really great howewver, as stated already above cannot match with Russian cultural heritage !

    I personally-so I think more and more Europeans will start to think so-are of the opinion that USA has developed into a Nazi-scheme which doesn’t wonder considering that it took about 1500 scientists from Nazi-Germany shortly after WWII. It developed like a big cancer on our globe denying the natural diversity of culture, ethnic populations, different religions (where on earth has a president to show his relgiion within the so-called developed world??) and most of all nature itself.

    Concerning Cuba-I fear for them the influence of scret services. In this case I agree fully with what Paul Craig Robers wrote in his new article at his website

    I personally am over 70 years old, lived a long time in the Middle East and therefore usually smell wrong mainstream-media lies easily however, have much difficulty to convince my acquaintances as Europeans have been-much to my regret-brainwashed-at least the majority.

    Thanks for your so accurate description !

  14. the Heretick says:

    “We are really not talking about a “clash of civilizations” here, but instead about an almost anthropological confrontation between an undifferentiated universal culture and everything else that, in whatever domain, retains a quality of irreducible alterity. From the perspective of global power (as fundamentalist in its beliefs as any religious orthodoxy), any mode of difference and singularity is heresy. Singular forces only have the choice of joining the global system (by will or by force) or perishing. The mission of the West (or rather the former West, since it lost its own values a long time ago) is to use all available means to subjugate every culture to the brutal principle of cultural equivalence.

    The establishment of a global system is the result of an intense jealousy. It is the jealousy of an indifferent and low-definition culture against cultures with higher definition, of a disenchanted and de-intensified system against high intensity cultural environments, and of a de-sacralized society against sacrificial forms.”

    • kulturcritic says:

      Thank you, monalisa; your perspective from Europe is most welcome.  It is truly a shame that Europe has become America’s poodle.  kC

    • Disaffected says:

      The “one world global order/government” Americans have long been brainwashed to resist with all their might, brought about post-ironically by… the American government itself! Once again, one of those perfect story lines that if we hadn’t actually brought it about in real life, some clever fiction writer would have had to dream it up.

      • the Heretick says:

        The IWW saw this 100 years ago. This is a natural development of the technology we use, technology not being neutral. Yes, of course the Western powers are behind this, the purpose of WWI was to consolidate colonial holdings between the UK, France, and trade concessions for the US.
        British East Indies, Triangle Trade, all for profit, same as today.
        Now the artificial entities called corporations are the colonial masters, we must never forget that our govt. is simply their tool.

        • Disaffected says:

          More like a public/private partnership, which a big term in all the economic circles. The government has some key advantages that the corps don’t have yet. The power to manufacture consent through the vote and enforce it through the legal system, the power to issue money and require its use through taxation, the power to raise a “legitimate” army and police forces, etc. But yeah, the private sector in the form of corporate interests are the ones pulling the strings on all that. And with the Supremes recently giving corps the official stamp of personhood, the transformation appears to be pretty much complete. Funny thing is, when you try to explain any of this to one of the lemmings, which should simply be obvious to anyone with a functioning brain, they’ll simply give you a blank stare, dismiss you as crazy, and go right back to their fucking iphone or whatever.

          • the Heretick says:

            Citizenship granted in 1886
            Citizens United being deceived correctly according to the mistaken precedent.
            Corporate citizenship is the bastard child of the 14th Amendment and the Santa Clara case.
            What people don’t realize, Abe Lincoln could conceivably have read the Manifesto, it being first published in 1848 and translated to English in 1850.

            The MIC is a complete military/industrial/propaganda complex. From the cotton gin to slavery, from the steamship to dreadnoughts, from Bletchley Park to the world-wide web, the physical infrastructure mirrors the mind.

            “A few intellectuals and a handful of old dopers like me understand that reality is consensus based and is an interconnected network consisting of many minds operating along a theme.”

            We have legal entities as artificial persons trading synthetic financial instruments utilizing proprietary algorithms on fiber optic networks. Similar algorithms are used to parse every communication traveling over any sort of digital network. the only safe communication is written and hand delivered, we may still be able to talk but that could be overheard.
            Simulation and the counterfeit reality permeates our cultural, social, financial and intellectual life, the reason i keep referring back to Baudrillard is he wrote about it.

            The surveillance state exists to serve the moneyed interests, it may be a partnership, but the effect is the same. The money men in NYC, London, and Tokyo really, really, don’t want to share. sandy is right on in that DC is wary of the Dragon and figures the Bear to be an easier target. The danger as always is that there may be parties in Russia willing to sell the country out to Western interests, and then another major culture slips into the dream-world of La-La land.

            • Disaffected says:

              If we see more attempts on Putin’s life, especially from within, we’ll know the jig is up. MH17 was likely one of those attempts gone wrong. But I can’t imagine Russia and Russians going that easily. The US is messing with a powder keg in that case. Which tells you how desperate times have become. I think they know more about falling oil reserves than they’re letting on.

      • Colin says:

        Ironic indeed. The US is the battering ram for a global order made in its own image. We “liberate” nations and then condemn them to poverty….

  15. Colin says:

    Turns out they are going to release “The Interview” after all. Those state-of-the-art North Korean hackers be damned! By golly we’ll watch our sado-masochistic Black Commie-dee Movies complete with Kim Jong Un orgy scenes as we see fit bitches! American can-do-it-ness at its finest – that’s how we roll!

    *** Top Executive at Sony ***
    Oh what are you going to do Mr. North Korea Dictator guy, call on your buddy Putin??? Don’t you know we crashed the oil price and the Russian Ruble on his bitch-a$$! Who fucking cares if the Russians have a trade surplus and we in the US have a bunch of broke, indebted students working as waiters and waitresses living at home with mom and dad whose tax dollars are needed to support them through their seemingly never-ending retirement years (as they never do seem quite able to retire)…..

    *** Phone Rings ***

    Oh wait….what’s that? Our entire shale oil industry is in the process of going bankrupt since the Saudi’s didn’t just temporarily drop the price but insisted on dragging it on through QE2 of 2014? Those ungrateful bastards! What are they saying it’s low demand/deflation now? How are they gonna feel when ISIS crosses their borders – perhaps we could arrange that! You tell them!

    What? You’re saying that high yield junk bonds are linked to those very shale-oil/gas companies about to go bust and that would trigger a potential “black swan” event to crash the market.

    F**k man, just tell the printing press that ordinary people are going to SPEND those cheap oil dollar savings right into the Christmas economy!…………Wait, What??? Well who cares if that’s total horseshit, the American Public will believe it! It’s just a big confidence game man don’t you see? You wouldn’t want to crash the stock market would you? Just be happy you are still employed in the land of milk and honey – Capiche???

    • Disaffected says:

      I think you’ve nailed it Colin. Needless to say, I love the cynicism you bring to the table too, although you have to work damn hard these days to stay ahead of events on the ground. I think the government is targeting us cynics for elimination too.

      • Colin says:

        Glad someone out ther enjoys my rants. Sometimes I rant in real life like that but mostly it just upsets people as they either don’t get my sense of humor or think that I’m losing it as I don’t follow the herd enough.

        For the record I was trying to channel Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder – Imagining him as a top Sony Executive….

        Regarding your conments about us cynics, yes we do seem to be targets but I don’t think its the government I think its just the majority of the population. There seems to be an awful lot of “like-mindedness” out there these days – fear of the unknown permeates western society right now. I’ve heard people in the news media talking even up here in Canada, about how Russia is finished and how Putin brought all this on himself. Then there was the Soc-Gen report that said Putin was likely to sell his gold to stabilized the Ruble – turns out the next day they actually bought like another 60 tons or something. It’s as though these nimwits actually believe Putin is watching their show desparately hoping to be in the “popular crowd” again. I heard Amanda Lang (of Lang and O’leary Report on CBC) say on TV today that “…we’re supposed to sanction evil dictators when they invade foreign countries!” then her cohost retorted “well I’m worried about the potential backlash but that’s why crashing the oil price was necessary to bring Putin back to the table on Russia”. Like do these people even have a fucking clue about Russian history and what happened to the Nazi’s who went a lot further than bee stings and sanctions???

        I’m with Gerald Celente in that most of the news media these days represents all the obnocious “popular kids” in high school that you couldn’t stand – prom queens, sports captains, valedictorians – basically everyone who expected everyone to worship them and their ideas at a young age but secretly most people really just can’t stand -they found their way in life right to where they belong – as politicians and media whores. These people live in a fucking echo chamber of UN-reality.

  16. kulturcritic says:

    Just met a guy on vacation in NYC with his wife and mother in law. He is a former Marine-Special Ops and works for the State Department now. His wife and her mother are both former State Dept workers as well. Interesting encounter, no kidding! So, I asked him if the US political elite understand that a policy of continuous growth cannot be realistically maintained. He said NO they don’t feel that way!! They believe it can be maintained. That was his opinion given what he knows about their thinking and behavior. Incredible or not!!

    • Disaffected says:

      Interesting. Of course most are going to say that no matter, as their livelihoods depend on it. I’m not so sure the real uppercrust, the .01% and those who influence them feel that way, although once again, you’ll never hear them say otherwise for public consumption. But either way we’re all screwed. If they’re delusional we’ll go down due to that. If they’re criminal sociopaths (not necessarily mutually exclusive), we’ll go down due to that. I think motivation’s probably a moot point at this point anyway, as the real goal being played out everyday is simply wealth consolidation on the part of those who have it, and abject poverty and elimination in the cards for all the rest. And if you have to wonder which side of the line you fall on it’s the latter. Walk Hard weeds!

  17. FIDO says:


    Fido here with a few thoughts….

    I think that the energy conspiracy to undermine Putin is a bit more than a Putin centric play. The saudis are clearly trying to destroy the fracking boom by lowering prices to levels to put fracking out of business. Putin is facing the resutts of playing footsie with the Mullahs in Iran. It just happens to keep Putin in the penalty box. I seriously doubt that Obama is going to do something as stupid as attack Russia. Now as for Cuba, my thinking is that once the embargo is lifted, we will see the much vaunted revolution overwhelmed by the commercial american empire. My cuba contacts say that Raul Castro is a realist and knows that he can’t hold on forever. He just struck the best deal he could realistically sell to the cuban elites within the party. Can anyone live on the ration cards that are given out by the party ? NO….. So, what do people do ? They go to the black market or gray market and buy what they can there. Being said, the american so called experiment is going down… Let me let you in on a clue, the SSDI and SSI funds are insolvent and soon the ratio of worker to user is pretty dang close to 2 to 1 now. The real reason why immigration reform is so important is to bring new paying people into the system to rebalance the ratio to 3 to 1 and extend the system for another 25 years. The opening to Cuba is going to allow a flood of people into south florida and elsewhere to create more workers for Koch to exploit and to use. The real president of the USA is probably not Obama ( Clueless btw). It is David Koch….. We are so worried about the Kardasians and Jo Lo and the media circus that we fail to see the big picture. Nobody in 5 years will care about Honey Boo Boo. We will all be either dead or fighting for survival . The living will truly envy the dead and we all know that the armageddon is coming. it is just a matter of time…. and disease…

    • kulturcritic says:

      Interesting point about the Saudis and the tracking boom.  But, I think tracking was always a bust anyway.  It was just another way to prop up the circus while fucking over the earth.

    • Disaffected says:

      I think that the energy conspiracy to undermine Putin is a bit more than a Putin centric play. The saudis are clearly trying to destroy the fracking boom by lowering prices to levels to put fracking out of business. Putin is facing the resutts of playing footsie with the Mullahs in Iran. It just happens to keep Putin in the penalty box. I seriously doubt that Obama is going to do something as stupid as attack Russia.

      Trouble is, the Saudis pretty much dance to the tune the US tune or else, so undermining the US fracking “boom” (more like a joke really) doesn’t make a lot of sense. And I don’t think Obama is actually in charge of foreign policy anymore. No one would have ever suspected the Ukrainian coup either until it happened (and most Muricans still don’t believe it was US sponsored/initiated), not to mention the ISIS “threat,” which is wholly manufactured bullshit a la Wag the Dog, so I think we’ve already crossed several lines in the sand regarding what the US will or will not do in their equally fantastical GWOT, which has grown by leaps and bounds since it was first introduced in the wake of the 9-11 false flag inside job. Powers unnamed within the US MIC are running things now, so all bets are off. I think they’re waiting for Russia’s economic collapse and Putin’s resulting overthrow right now (the easy way), but if that doesn’t happen, “all options are on the table,” (the hard way) I’m sure.

  18. Fido says:


    One should never count the russians out of anything. Ask Hitler …..

  19. Disaffected says:

    From Counterpunch:

    “Bottom line: Falling oil prices and the plunging ruble are not some kind of free market accident brought on by oversupply and weak demand. That’s baloney. They’re part of a broader geopolitical strategy to strangle the Russian economy, topple Putin, and establish US hegemony across the Asian landmass. It’s all part of Washington’s plan to maintain its top-spot as the world’s only superpower even though its economy is in irreversible decline.”

  20. the Heretick says:

    What’s the scoop with Navalny? Is he backed by any foreign NGO’s? Trans-Nationals?
    Is he Fascist? Nationalist? Corrupt oligarch who the Western press is turning into a martyr?

    • Disaffected says:

      Looks like Russia has no shortage of corruption either, although his profile does make you wonder who’s backing him. Here’s what Amanda Taub at Vox had to say about his background:

      Navalny, a corporate lawyer who lives in Moscow, has been involved in Russian politics and activism for most of his adult life. He began working with Yabloko, a liberal political party, in the late ’90s. In 2005 he co-founded a political youth movement called Da! (“Yes!”) with Maria Gaidar, the daughter of former prime minister Yegor Gaidar.

      In 2007, he began the anti-corruption campaign that has become his signature issue. He bought small numbers of shares in major Russian companies, including state-run energy giants Gazprom and Rosneft and energy-transport company Transneft, used his shareholder status (and his legal skills) to obtain information about their finances, and then published evidence of their corruption on his LiveJournal blog, including copies of incriminating documents.

      His allegations proved explosive. There was a general awareness in Russia that corruption was pervasive in Russian business, but uncovering or prosecuting the specifics of those dealings was seen as a perilous activity.

      Navalny’s blog turned that perception on its head. His work replaced general presumptions of corruption with specific, outrageous accusations. His documentation of graft and theft made the officials involved appear clumsy and foolish, not intimidating. And by exhorting his followers to engage in similar activism, Navalny began to normalize anti-corruption campaigning, turning it into something that ordinary people do in their spare time, rather than the futile quest of lone idealists with high tolerance for risk.

      • Disaffected says:

        I’m sure the American media has been urged to play Navalny up to the hilt, though. Russia has to come off as looking truly corrupt to ensure that US corruption looks tame in comparison. But as far as corporate corruption, who did the Russian oligarchs learn from in the first place after the wall came down? If Putin hadn’t stepped in when he did, Russian oligarchs and their American/English cronies would have stolen everything in the country worth stealing. And they’re still trying to do just that.

        • the Heretick says:

          Roger that, I am starting as a night baker for a national chain. Doesn’t pay much, but i’ll get benefits, and one free meal every shift.

        • Disaffected says:

          I think the US/Russian standoff in Ukraine will likely be the pivotal news story for 2015. Barring a global economic meltdown, also a distinct possibility, at least. The scary thing is that the two might not be mutually exclusive either.

          By the way, I’m kicking alcohol again for 2015. I’ve been tapering for a while now, so I don’t think it will be a major issue. Time to put that monkey out of its misery for good. Just can’t carry its weight anymore.

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