A Rocket In His Pocket

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
We’re so glad you could attend… Come inside! Come inside! (ELP)

21752014_10154230401907168_5763829327962424463_n.jpgWell, it’s official!  The Idiot is at war with Fatty! That’s correct, Rocket-man and Deranged-Donnie are turning up the heat on what was looking to be a fairly chilly winter.  Just when we thought things were already out of control, they then turned really crazy.  Our fearless (and brainless) leader of the “free world,” has decided to double down with the ‘Un’.  But we Americans are accustomed to circuses, as long as you keep feeding us bread.  But therein lies the root of our current crisis.

Most of you know that things have not been right for more than quite awhile here in the homeland.   Bread is harder to come by, and cake is out of the question… just ask the French!  Something is amiss in the land, but we just refuse to raise the relevant questions.  We want to believe the issue is political. We want to believe that if we could only get the right President all will be good with the world. Well, forget it folks. It ain’t about the President, or the Congress.  It is the economy, stupid!… and the culture of excess to which it has given birth.  I am sorry to be the bearer of this bad news, but we (and that means YOU and ME) are the problem.

We can no longer blame it on some politician or rogue regime.  No! we ourselves have crafted a world, a way of life, that we can no longer afford to maintain.  And we must stop killing persons around the globe in order to protect it.  From New York to New Guinea, from Seattle to Siberia, it’s all beginning to look alike.  The fine line between  puppeteer and his puppets vanishes into thin air.  And all the while, traditional modes of life are being destroyed in the rush to make every corner of the globe like us, as we take control of dwindling resources from Africa to Antarctica, with all the accompanying fallout.  And Globalwarming is not some city in South America.  It is but one of the many consequences of our lifestyle. But it is merely the tip of the iceberg (no pun intended).  It’s foundation lies much deeper; yes, even deeper than the deepest of deep states.

The fertile ground of our current dilemma is also the murky foundation of our deep state.  In fact that ground was first cultivated millennia ago.  And it has borne such trees and so many fruits that it has eviscerated the very soils in which it was planted those many centuries ago. But the fruits of that cultivation — our current culture — bore additional volunteers, the kingdoms, capitals, consumers, and oligarchs that drive the crises and the wars waged by us and upon us by nature.

The crucial question is: are we really trying to safeguard the world from another ‘madman,’ or are we the real madmen running wildly about ~ now led by our very own madman-in-chief ~ lashing-out and tilting at windmills in order to provide a show for the pedestrians in the ‘Big Top’ all the while protecting our colonialist designs far and wide?  In any case, until we analyze our real motives behind this constant and unrelenting drumbeat of aggression, we will be trapped in our continuing cycle of servitude, with uncompromising propaganda and sleights of hand.

Of course, we could always just blame everything on Vladimir Putin, and have done with it; continuing happily in our ignorance and daily doses of denial.  This culture we have crafted through violence — violence both to the natural world as much as to our neighbors — follows a rationalizing and deeply narcissistic lesson-plan. It is a culture of objectification, subjugation, and vilification born with agriculture, domestication, and urbanization.  But, who among us is willing to give it all up, return to beginnings and start again?  That is the final question.  Welcome back my friends. And good luck!








4 Responses to A Rocket In His Pocket

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  2. Ol' Scratch says:

    Welcome back kulturCritics! The poster formerly known as DA has succumbed to his many inner demons and graciously allowed me to post in his stead from here on out. As such, this post makes entirely too much sense, so I urge you all to disregard it in entirety! Our host Sandy Krolick – a Russian immigrant and known Communist sympathizer, is just jealous that his former country is succeeding so swimmingly in his absence. The US he left behind has always, is currently, and will always continue to succeed beyond all expectations, forever and ever Amen! Thanks in no small part to my efforts, they have rightfully concluded that exponential growth and capitalist exploitation, not only can or will, but simply MUST succeed for human “progress” as we have come to know it to continue. Thus it was decided, thus it was said, and thus it WILL BE, “in earth as it was in heaven” as the old saying goes.

    And with that brief comment, I’ll take my leave for now. I’d like to commend Comrade Krolick for his creative artwork and colorful commentary, as he’s one of the many “useful idiots” I employ to spread anti-US propaganda throughout the world. Good work Comrade Sandy!

    As a “public service” announcement of sorts, I’d like to remind you all that I am TRULY with you always (unlike that other “heavenly” poser), even – make that especially – in your darkest hour. So please don’t be afraid to call on me anytime you like! And I’ll leave you with a simple reminder: While some ephemeral “God” might well own your eternal soul, it is Ol’ Scratch who owns your corporeal ass as long as it’s planted on terra firma, so tread lightly motherf**ckers!

    Your eternal friend,
    Ol’ Scratch

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