Strange Cargo

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[When life becomes a burden – as if it normally is not – we need to step aside and let things take their course.  We don’t often like the result, just ask the folks in Oklahoma. Yet, we still need to keep questioning the direction we have embarked upon.  No one is better suited to this endeavor than our own Heretik!! – kC]

by the Heretik – Fred

When a man lies, he murders some part of the world. These are the pale deaths which men miscall their lives. [Cliff Burton- member of the band Metallica]

Any relationship between sentient beings relies upon a common understanding  It can rest upon verbal signals, body language, grunts, snarls, most anything, or in the case of human beings, a highly developed complex culture. Whenever this culture breaks down, when understanding is lost, we wind up where we are today in the USA, a highly fragmented society, with competing groups fighting over the last scraps of the resource pie.

Ideals are proclaimed, pronouncements are made, but when they ring hollow we wind up with a sort of split-personality disorder on a massive scale.

We speak of the Capitalist system, how it is a win/win situation, how it fosters incentive and encourages individuals to make the most of their talents, the down side however is glossed over, which is a polite word for a downright lie. Of course there is a veritable cottage industry of Institutes and Organizations dedicated to reforming Society, but the funny thing is they never seem to get around to challenging the basic assumptions upon which this highly unequal and predatory society is based upon.

When this psychological disorder attains mass acceptance we wind up with leaders honoring our troops for “defending our country” when the plain fact is that for the last 100 years they have done nothing of the sort. We have witnessed incursions into sovereign nations on a worldwide basis, the Philippines, Cuba, China, Russia, Mexico, many countries in Africa, most countries in South America, and last but not least, the Greater Middle East and South Asia. Now of course there are the two Great Wars, one to make the world safe for Democracy, and the other to defeat Fascism, and these may have been noble endeavors (especially the second), but that is not the point to be debated here; the point to be made here is that the last country to ever put troops on the ground in the continental United States is our number one ally Great Britain.

Maintaining the fiction of our brave troops “defending our country” requires the omission of real history, of events that actually happened, such as Operation Ajax where the American CIA fomented a coup overthrowing a foreign head of state of a sovereign country. When the very real history of actual interference in other country’s affairs is omitted from our public discourse it allows the introduction of a false narrative, most notably our current open-ended War on Terror. The depredations of our country are amply noted in books such as “The Shock Doctrine”, the information is in the public sphere, there is no excuse for ignorance.

Pointing out the distortion of history is one thing, but it serves no purpose if it does not illuminate the very real effects this sort of nefarious activity has upon the body politic and it’s individual members. When this sort of legerdemain is practiced on a grand scale it fosters and breeds an irreality which goes quite beyond the surreal. A person is tempted to make up snappy Madison Avenue tags for what is observable in people surrounding ones-self, Synthetic Schizophrenia, Induced Infantilism, Mass Maladjustment, or my personal favorite, Malice in Wonderland.

The fallout from all of this is misdirected effort, misdirected people, and a failing social arrangement. Our leaders prescribe solutions which solve nothing but only perpetuate the problems. The populace is bought off by satisfying all sorts of demands, which while they may be legitimate in and of themselves, do nothing to mitigate the underlying realities concerning resource allocation, social justice, and economic equity. It is important to note that while these social reforms do serve to mitigate injustice for select groups, they may in an oddly counter-intuitive fashion serve to solidify the status-quo by providing a false facade of progress where there is none.

Here again, this is but a diversion from the main topic, which is the denial of reality, the big lie if you will, and how it impedes progress involving the very real problems facing our planet.

Let us start with just one, global warming and climate change; when you have a populace that lives in an air of irreality, and is basically fed dis-information on a mass scale, what other result can be expected besides denial? or a faith in a false cornucopia of goodies coming down the pike, just right around the next corner?

Since we are considering things on a grand global scale, let’s talk about Globalization, Agenda 21, and the Worldwide Socialist Conspiracy, as it is portrayed by one side in this misguided debate. Here we have the Establishment personified by our latest elected leaders assuring a not so gullible public that the latest “free trade” treaty will certainly improve their lives, create jobs, and be good for the environment; all while the jobs being created are all overseas, and fuel must be expended to move the raw materials around the globe. We have an expression hereabouts, it’s called “pissing on your head, and telling you it’s raining”. So, we have one side saying how it’s Big Business turning the globe into one giant slave plantation (my personal view), but then we have the other side, the Conspiracy Theorists, who say it’s all Agenda 21, the Governments of the World in thrall to their Socialist Ideology turning the planet into their personal Gulag and killing off 9/10ths of the population because everybody knows Commies hate kids and Satan has them under his power.

This is the kind of Clusterfuck you get when you tell lies to people.

There is issue after issue where the facts of the situation belie the reality, but issues are decided on a fact free basis. Let’s just try a hot button issue, one to get the juices flowing, so-called “immigration reform”. We are told here in the good old USA that it’s the “right thing to do”, it’s “only fair”, an appeal once again to high minded ideals and fuzzy models of social justice, but what is the reality? The reality is that we have tens of millions of unemployed and under-employed Americans, and we need additional workers like a hole in the head, but this fact is hardly ever alluded to, it is only addressed in the context of “Americans won’t do these jobs”, because Americans are just lazy and unmotivated, oddly enough the very same racist charge that used to be laid at the feet of the poor Mexicans. My, my, how the worm has turned. Of course left out of the discussion is that Americans might very well be willing to do these jobs (and I have), if they were paid enough to motivate them to get off their lazy duffs and go to work, the implication here, besides the group-think caricature, is that it’s just fine paying those poor dumb Mexicans what those smart Americans are unwilling to work for.

This is the kind of Clusterfuck you get when you tell lies to people.

Please believe me, I did not use the example of Immigration Reform to get anyone riled up, to take one side or the other, just to illustrate a point. The reality of the situation is that NAFTA opened up Mexican agricultural markets to subsidized corn grown in the US, and that corn farmers South of the Border have been dropping like flies, and the only beneficiaries have been, once again, Trans-National corporations. The reality is that Americans have been wising up to the fact that they are pretty much being raped by the ruling class and have been getting just that bit obstreperous, so it’s time for some fresh victims for the machine. My question her is what are TPTB going to do when our latest imports start to wise up? Martians? Venusians? or Machines?

Yes, dear reader, nothing like a bit of controversy, nothing like stirring people up, get’s their mind off the Big Lie, and it’s so easy, like home made pie. Yup, just fill people full of bullshit, do things that make absolutely not one lick of sense, and you can get that pot of seething resentment about ready to flip it’s lid. Before you know it, why, those poor dumb schmucks, they’ll be at each others throats for some reason or another, racism, sexism, this or that, it hardly matters; just so they never see the actual struggle is class based, and that it’s just as profitable to screw one group of people as another.

And here’s the beauty of it, the longer the merry-go-round can be kept operational? the friggin’ crazier the inmates become, until their heads are filled with so much insanity they don’t know which way is up, but be careful, when it stops they may just discharge every last little bit of that Strange Cargo.

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  1. John Bollig says:

    old story, sort a man in the grey flannel suit sort of stuff. TPTB aren’t scared of the fraud that has been perpetrated or being caught. The merry go round is not going to last much past 2016. Wait until the Chinese realize that all of those dollars are toilet paper to wipe their butts with, then we will have some fun on the beach. Anyway, the end Is near and we are all going to die very very soon so I have come to the conclusion that in the words of the bad news bears…. it just doesn’t matter….

    They can have their money and everything…. it won’t matter anyway….

    • kulturcritic says:

      Nice, John… real upbeat. LOL

    • the Heretick says:

      i never know what to write, so i take a stab, fall back onto petty issues, which don’t actually matter, it happens when you are reaching.
      with the Chinese wanting or needing more chow, it points up the universal nature of the problem, and they aren’t the only ones stuck in this mess.
      it takes beau-coup bits to fill up the mosaic, factoids you believe are true, so you never bother to check, cause you figure someone would be lying to you anyway,

      such as,

      the area of a football field turns to desert every minute, day, hour, whatever, in you guessed it, China!
      if you draw a 750 mile radius.with KCMO as the center, half the worlds food is grown there, or maybe it”s just grains.

      so sure, maybe that’s not exact, but then you read somewhere else about declining topsoil depth, after so long you figure that even if less than half of the info is true, it’s worse than any mass media is letting on.
      ski chalets going out of business in the Swiss alps, as seen on Globetrekker, then actual film of markers in the Himalaya’s that graphically illustrate glacier loss, by showing an increase in length of loss by decade. bye, bye, Ganges.
      as the planet get’s dryer around the middle, northern climes will see more immigration, when things go wrong people try to get out of the way, it will happen everywhere, whether people like it or not, so people need to just adjust, whoever they are.
      the US is the big breadbasket (even if exact stats are off), that’s obvious.
      China, Pakistan, Vietnam, Guatemala, Jamaica, Singapore, all those places you see, “countries of origin”, handwork it’s hard to get machines to do, the machine still needing a drone operator, the mind-numbing work where the human is bent to the machines needs, you get the picture.
      then we have the energy sector, a certain amount of actual humans there.
      it’s strange really, this world-wide machine, with its gas-flares, coal trains, nuke plants, armies and navies, all this infrastructure supposedly made to keep people alive, it’s killing us.
      so, when the real heat hits, when the Great Plains fail, that comes first, logically. if and when the food supply fails, for whatever reason, this is when the real problems would start.
      it is really easy to see how human society is very, very, vulnerable to what they call “cascading failure”. to me the question is really one of survival, and all you can do is prepare yourself and people around for whatever happens.
      if there is one life lesson i have learned, have yet to really learn, it’s to just let go, strive and struggle, never give up, but just to let go, realize were never going to control the cosmos, we’re just passing thru. isn’t that where our societies problems started in the first place? control issues?
      this is like therapy, it’s like a whole extra post!
      if the food gives out all the oil in the world won’t help.
      gotta go, like i said, it’s like therapy for me, is that weird?
      and those crazy survivalists, hmm…………

    • I beg to differ. THe Chinese already know full well that the US dollar is TP and that’s why they’ve been openly working to establish a new gold-backed alternative reserve currency. Whether I think that they will be able to stave off the collapse of their own economy though, is a different matter. I do agree that most will die but i doubt all of us. It’s just reversion to the mean.

    • Disaffected says:

      Or Bill Murray in Meatballs. Are they gonna kick our ass? Of course they are! But you know what? It just doesn’t matter! It just doesn’t matter! it just doesn’t matter! …

      Now that’s my kind of coach!

  2. Disaffected says:

    All this from our very own HT? We’ve created a DYNAMO!!!

  3. Disaffected says:


    The BIG LIE. Messrs Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini (among others, but they were certainly at the forefront of the effort) brought it up to date for the 20th century. It only stands to reason that their conquerors – the Americans – would be the ones to bring it up to date for the 21st. Make up a lie, any lie. Repeat it loud and often no matter the facts to the contrary and the people will come to believe it. Cognitive dissonance is so uncomfortable for most that they’ll literally bend the shape of their realities to conform with the words that they hear daily.

    Immigration. Another “hot button” issue which is in nobody’s best interest to resolve, least of all the wealthy and the powerful who’ve created it in the first place. All of those hard working Mexicans put downward pressure on wages, which is the real point of it all in the first place. And the issue itself serves as a lightning rod to base claimed “differences” between the political parties on. Word: the two parties are one on all basic issues! The rest is just a smokescreen.

    Saw a PBS Special on “Oklahoma’s Deadliest Tornadoes” last night. Pretty decent coverage of the basic science with, of course, all the damage video thrown in as well. One good ol’ boy they had on vowed after Moore’s most recent that, “We’re gonna rebuild! This is our home!” Of course you will, precious. Cognitive dissonance indeed!

    In DA’s latest news, got off my ass and did a 7 1/2 hour mountain hike (7,200′ up to over 9,700′ and back) on a pretty decent June 2nd up here in the high country. All commercial and media free of course, leaving me alone with only the voices in my head, the great out of doors, and a minor sunburn and voracious appetite for my efforts afterward.

    And my guess on the end game for the Americans under the current scenario? Like any good schizophrenic, we’ll embrace our delusions right up until the bitter end. And then we’ll blame it on all the usual suspects. God, fate, the Socialists, the Communists, the Chinese, the Martians, the voices in our heads, etc. Anyone but us for the piss poor decisions we’ve made. Mass insanity, you see, is SUCH an attractive fantasy.

    • the Heretick says:

      you have no idea how refreshing to receive a comment on a post like this and not be called a racist. my block is about a third Mexicans, no savvy the english, and i no savvy the espanol, though it would be good to learn. these guys work their asses off, the moms stay home and take care of the kids, their kids are polite and well mannered, they are good neighbors.

      but yes, the job market is tough for the unemployed, though it looks as if there will be plenty of construction work. the other side to the equation is the price of goods and services, more workers = lower wages, but more people also = higher prices due to more demand.

      the end result will be resource wars, which is the title of one of Michael Klares book.

      • Disaffected says:

        Hey, I work with Mexicans and recently immigrated Mexicans all day long up here. They put poor whites to shame when it comes to work ethic. It’s gonna be an Hispanic century Amigo! Might as well embrace that fact. We took the American Southwest from them a century or so back, now they’re taking it back (and then some!) again. The ebb and flow of history…

        • the Heretick says:

          in the meantime, i think i’ll go over to the Durango and get a burrito for lunch, only this isn’t like the crappy tex-mex, this is fresh, sliced tomatoes, avocado, actually healthy food,
          don’t get me going about the pollos al carbon.

    • Disaffected says:

      And in weather updates, the eastern dipping jet stream, which leaves the mid-west wet and turbulent, has typically left the mountain west (Abnormally? Is that even possible?) high and dry. We’ve got two fires in the local area already and the season’s just getting started. And SoCal? What can you say? They’re always outdoing everybody else at everything.

  4. Disaffected says:

    Fossil fuels were the evil genie that unleashed all of our current woes. They enabled us to greatly leverage, and then for the most part eliminate human labor altogether, unleashing the twin horseman of population explosion and climate change along the way, which will dwarf our atomic bombs and great war machines in the end. It’s the old saw about possessing ultimate knowledge or power. What would we do with it if we had it? We’re now living that parable for real on the world stage, and it looks like it’s going to end the way it always does: in our ruin and destruction.

    As for Messrs Coburn and Inhofe, I have no doubt whatsoever that the keep faithfully parroting the party line regarding climate change. That’s what they do and they’re paid damn well to do it. And the citizens of Oklahoma (and Texas, and Kansas, and Missouri, etc.)? They’ll no doubt invest billions of dollars rebuilding in the path of destruction using various “safe room” technologies and the like to protect themselves from the ravages of their own choices. Hey! We’re Americans! That’s what we do!

    • the Heretick says:

      the Southern states still suffer from the yessir, nosir, would you like some more tea sir, mentality. maybe it’s just because i live here, maybe it’s the same everywhere.
      people think the way to do business is to push people around. my impression is that people think that the South is a bunch of racist crackers, but it’s waaay more subtle than that, it’s more like you don’t backtalk the big boss man, there is a subtle effect left from slavery and jim crow, but it doesn’t manifest like most people think.

      the single best thing that could be done to guard against climate change, massive storms, extreme heat, and to acheive energy conservation is underground housing, but it’s capital intensive and poor folk don’t have the money; the gated communities have group shelters.

      • Disaffected says:

        That’s the problem with most of the technological leaps we need to make these days. They’re extremely capital intensive with no short term (or long term for that matter!) profitability yet established, and all the capital resides with the investor class, who aren’t willing to part with it for less than huge returns. And who’s going to provide them with those returns when the poor are tapped out? The other rich fucks? Not enough of them and they’re largely already converted to the latest techno-do-dads anyway. A recipe for stagnation is what we’ve got, followed shortly thereafter by collapse. Global capitalism is running on fumes at this point. Hence our reliance on militarism to prop it all up and provide what little employment we’ve got.

        • Phlogiston Água de Beber says:

          Bones, what’s the prognosis for Capitalism? “It’s dead Jim.”

          That its obituary has not appeared in the papers seems to me insufficient reason to believe it still lives. I think if you listened carefully, you could hear the death rattle in September 2008. A properly structured obit would have mentioned that it is survived by cronyism and tons of vastly destructive paper described by THE LAW as financial instruments.

          Both systems love militarism, but capitalism can (at least in theory) live without it, cronyism can’t last any time at all without it. The paleoBorg were once intent on assimilating every human into their collective for the creation of a perfect future. Now that they see the future for what it will be, they know they have far more drones (of the meat variety not the Unmanned Aerial Violence kind) than they can possibly use. So, where’s the evidence? How about some examples that might be indicative.

          Turkey’s government murders and maims a sizable number of citizens who oppose the destruction of a public park for the construction of a shopping mall and their gov messing in the internal affairs of a neighboring country with the easily anticipated blowback.

          The paleoBorg fretting over the failure of Islamo-freedom-fighters (with a taste for human heart muscle) to destroy the local-business-friendly government of a country that mostly prefers to mind its own business, but shuns the blandishments of the Empire’s Preferred Weaponeers.

          A national healthcare law the principle feature of which is the mandatory purchase of private insurance plans (of the kind that have a great track record of bankrupting their policy holders) which of course is directed at people who almost certainly would already have them if they weren’t far too poor to pay the premiums. They are presumably also too poor to pay the fine for noncompliance.

          The liabilities of insolvent Cypriot banks are drastically reduced by simply nullifying deposits in accounts with large balances.

          This is just a blog comment not a book, so I’ll leave it at that. But, I do not think these are activities of which capitalism would find much to approve.

          • the Heretick says:

            Joe bageant called it the Simulacrum Republic, something like that, i like The Synthetic Society; you can see how Baudrillard would be appealing.
            fiat money issued by a consortium of private banks, “synthetic financial instruments”, artificial legal entities (corps) with free speech rights, the outrage of which is, that an amendment passed to guarantee the rights of freed slaves is now being used to give free speech rights to corporations. go figure.

            but wait there’s more!!! that’s right!!! you also get an all pervasive police state!!!! with the extra added feature of executive assassinations!!!!!!!!!!
            to be fair, that hasn’t been done in this country, yet……
            cameras on every corner; and all of this to keep people from acting out the very same morality which our society operates under but won’t admit to, if that sentence makes any sense.

            oh well, gotta go, all the more reason to get as far away from it all as you can, if you can. follow the natural cycles, hope some of us make it. equinox, solstice, equinox, solstice, we can make us some of them there stonedhenge thing-a-ma-bobbers.

            • Phlogiston Água de Beber says:

              to be fair, that hasn’t been done in this country, yet……

              Not to be pickin nits or anything, but it does seem that young Mr. Todashev was recently deprived of life, liberty and any chance of pursuing happiness without benefit of any judicial proceeding by the FBI. Last time I looked, it was still part of the executive. I wonder what he knew that the world couldn’t be allowed to hear or read.

            • Disaffected says:

              but wait there’s more!!! that’s right!!! you also get an all pervasive police state!!!! with the extra added feature of executive assassinations!!!!!!!!!!
              to be fair, that hasn’t been done in this country, yet……

              With regard to executive (ordered, I presume) assassinations, how would you know? It damn sure ain’t gonna be on the Today Show’s opening spiel, not yet at least. Although, I must admit, it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if that sort of thing were commonplace in a few years time.

              When it comes to things that have already been done that pretty much no one expects, I’d say the list is longer than almost any bonafide heretick out there would ever expect.

            • Disaffected says:

              Simulacrum: roughly, a cheap imitation of the real thing. Yep, ol’ Joe had it right. A Republic where the subjects give up their voice willingly to mere proxies’ proxies. In our case, not merely our elected representatives, but the representative’s unelected bosses, the corporations and the independent business tycoons. We’ve been bought and sold like so much horse, cattle, hog, and fowl flesh before us. Can our very own slaughterhouses be much further down the road?

            • Phlogiston Água de Beber says:

              My 7:00 pm comment was interrupted by a phone call that I knew would be a long one. I will now continue my thoughts on Heretick’s comment above.

              I deeply admired Mr. Bageant for his wit and wisdom. I confess to shedding tears more than once at the thought that it was over. IIRC, his last post headlined this question.

              AMERICA: Y UR PEEPS B SO DUM?

              A question for the ages. Oh wait, the ages about to end, ain’t they?

              Gore Vidal called it the United States of Amnesia. That’s not a bad take on it, but consideration should be given to a caution that you can’t forget what you never knew.

              Heretick sees a Synthetic Society. My own interpretation is that humans are uniquely equipped to create their own Synthetic Reality. Not only equipped, but I suspect we may not even have any choice in that matter. How would that not make for a synthetic society? One that can’t even recognize its mistakes, let alone remember them.

              Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon-Mobil, has been recorded saying that we will adapt to whatever climate change throws at us. That is pretty clearly part of his synthetic reality. We can be forgiven for presuming that he and his company plan to pump every last barrel they can.

              The bitch that litters every doomer blog is that other folk won’t face reality. I think they do. It just happens to be their own reality and it’s the only one they can see. Only the higher animals, as I believe Twain liked to call them, are privileged to face a unified reality, because they can’t make one up. It’s our great misfortune that they are not allowed to be in-charge.

              I also think this idea pretty much explains the theory held by one of the greats of evolutionary biology, Ernst Mayr, that high intelligence is probably a lethal mutation. If the most powerful animal on a planet cannot agree on what’s real, I find it hard to imagine that it could for very long avoid a very bad end.

              • Disaffected says:

                Good stuff. “Higher intelligence,” having evolved the capability to “define its own reality,” just ain’t quite up to the task. I’ve always suspected as much.

              • kulturcritic says:

                An interesting challenge to the idea of free will, Phlog. But, I must disagree at least on of a 200,000 year prehistory of H.S. and a 2 MM year prehistory of Homo. I do not know that there is inevitability to a synthetic or (what I guess you mean) a ‘non-natural’ reality in our constitution given those prehistories. But, I would agree that we do learn to restructure as a group what our senses tell us, and we learn to live within the boundaries of that new structuring AS IF it were reality.

              • DrCiber says:

                It has yet to be proven that intelligence has any survival value
                —Arthur C. Clarke

            • kulturcritic says:

              There is nothing hard to follow here Hereitk… it is plain and true

          • Disaffected says:

            The Phlogger’s back!

          • Disaffected says:


            You’re really developing this whole paleoBorg thing, and I think I like where you’re going with it. Can we expect we expect comments like these: This is just a blog comment not a book, so I’ll leave it at that, to lead to more?

            As reality teaches every day these days it seems, “the truth” lies out there somewhere between our actual physical shared reality (tenuous as that seems these days) and an increasingly hazy virtual reality, in which it seems that literally anything goes. Although, if I were a betting man, I’d wager that as intellectual investment in the latter waxes, investment in the former will wane by more than a proportionate amount (yeah, I know, AMAZING prediction that!).

            Nonetheless, “truth” as a purely intellectual construct certainly has its place too, and it seems that lately we can’t even do that.

          • Disaffected says:

            It’s amazing how friendly western press is to protest, as long as it’s not on the home front and threatening the status quo (and nice photos of non-threatening old women in stylish fashionware helps too). Change. Always good, as long as someone else is doing it and it’s far, far away. Especially as long as it at least hopefully swings in our direction, for a time at least. After that, we’ll reformulate the story and sell it again as necessary.

          • kulturcritic says:

            Keep it going, Phlo…

  5. Disaffected says:

    JHK’s latest today, Out on Limb seems to continue his recent march toward mainstream “doomerism,” if indeed there even is such a thing. I like it, as it seems to me that this is where his real voice has always been. James’ has always done worst when he got preoccupied with predictions, dates and hyperbole, and best when he focused on the bigger picture factual stuff that he’s so well versed on. I still think he leans a little bit too much toward the mainstream watered-down consensus when it comes to his particular doomer vision, but then again, he’s making a ton of money at it at this point, so who’s to say any one of us wouldn’t do the same if we were in his shoes?

    As to whether Japan will be the first to walk the plank and renounce global capitalism? Not at this point just yet me thinks, although they might still be first in line to do so at some point. As James rightly notes, there’s still the small matter of population contraction to be dealt with first, a question the Boss recently asked with regard to an entirely different – but not entirely unrelated – matter.

    Let the music begin!

  6. Phlogiston Água de Beber says:

    Sandy, are you sayin some polecat snuck a challenge to free will into my comment dealing with synthetic reality? That would be an evil thing. Actually it seems to me that if individuals are preordained to live with their own reality, I’m afraid I don’t see how we could not have free will. Constrained only by what we ourselves believe. Truth (as I see it) is that I don’t have any real interest in free will theses. Whatever we are, is what we are.

    During most of those 200,000 years the possibilities for developing a synthetic reality that differed very much from that of the other clan members must have been pretty small. The same idea may be one way to explain the paleoBorg. You might say they constitute a clan that came together because their synthetic realities are closely aligned.

    It seems to have been only a few thousand years ago that new vistas opened up to individuals. As we are constantly exhorted to understand, the products of intelligence are cumulative. It’s no small achievement to go from cave painting with ochre stones to unterraforming the planet in only a few thousand years. Wouldn’t you say it deserves a clap, or maybe >i>the clap?

    • kulturcritic says:


      But, the question remains, why? Why only a few thousand years ago did this great synthesizing of reality, and its decoupling from the given, take place? Curious minds want to know! LOL Perhaps it is a good subject for a full article, my friend. Don’t reply here, now… use it as a fundamental question for a full blown piece. I await your excellent thoughts. Sandy

      • Phlogiston Água de Beber says:

        I think perhaps you have answered the how. Curious minds should probably exercise caution with regard to what they want to know. According to legend, it killed the cat. The why will receive due consideration. Perhaps we will see what my synthetic reality is willing to embrace.

  7. Ron McCafferty says:

    As one who grew up in a perfectly dysfunctional, alcohol/violence prone, physically abusive working class family. My thinking capacities, both critically and philosophically, were not only stunted (helped along even more with a public school/jail system). It was non existent for most of my young adult life. I was always in survival mode. It wasn’t until I moved away from my dysfunctional family in my late 20’s that my brain, over the last 18 years, has been able to heal and exit survival mode. Heretick, 5-10 years ago, I would not have understood what you wrote. I would have been in the delusional section of society. Now, I can clearly see what you write. I can see an end being played out. The process, of which, makes it hard for me to breath at times. But I feel that in the end, those of who are left. If they are right with the Earth and realize their place and stay as far out of the fray as possible. The Earth will be a better place for it. It (this capitalist process) is doomed. Marx, among others, have written about this. We are witnessing it. I am both saddened and thrilled. I have never been one to shy away from the responsibilities that I have taken on. But I cannot wait until the vampire banking system gets the big FUCK YOU! Thanks for the writing. It may be an old story, but no less relevant or pertinent than any other calamity headed our way. If not the basis for cause of our current situation. It is written somewhere that the love of money is the root of all evil. Thanks, Ron

    • the Heretick says:

      “As one who grew up in a perfectly dysfunctional, alcohol/violence prone, physically abusive working class family.”

      yessir, i can relate to that, my sympathies. the way it went with me is that i withdrew from the mainstream, rebelled as much as possible, which led me to the bookstore and Fromm, Freud, Hoffer, and Marx, with a sprinkling of Alan Watts and Theodore Roszak thrown in for good measure. tell you what though, i definitely could have done w/o the blows to the head, i would have been a lot happier. not even to mention the sexual repression.

      here’s the thing, i consider our society to be like an abused individual, lied to, beat up, put down, just about any sort of abuse, the people are subjected to it (here i go ending a sentence with a preposition). my. my, my.

      anyhow, don’t know how this all relates to collapse, but i do want you to know that i know what it’s like to go thru the grinder, best wishes, peace brother.

      • Ron McCafferty says:

        Seems that you and I are cut from the same clothe.

        here’s the thing, i consider our society to be like an abused individual, lied to, beat up, put down, just about any sort of abuse, the people are subjected to it (here i go ending a sentence with a preposition). my. my, my.

        Could not agree more, my friend. I find myself so frustrated with people anymore. What I see as a disease affecting our human existence, most don’t even get it. Why is it that some of us can so easily see a better way and what is wrong and so many don’t. I know that changing this abusive system that we have would be hard to do and would be painful for many. But I, for one, am a “just do it if it needs to be done” kind of guy. Take the pain and if you survive hopefully you will be better for it. I guess it comes from having my rose colored glasses knocked off my face when I was five by my asshole alcoholic father. Best wishes and a peaceful life to you also.

    • Disaffected says:

      Don’t want to cut in on a private conversation or pile on meaninglessly either, but I third the dysfunctional alcoholic upbringing. In my case, it was mostly harmless in the end. My dad was just a falling down drunk who actually tried to do the best he could with his own dysfunctional upbringing, and my mother was a passive/aggressive fundamentalist Christian who came into the city straight from the prairie and promptly got pregnant with the devil’s child – me – for her efforts.

      Thing is, for all the dysfunctional stories of our generation we could no doubt all tell, all of those (quite predictably) multiplied and intensified in the follow-on generations that have come along since. Quite a realization when you finally come to it!

      And now we, the Boomer Generation and all of our X, Y, Z, and whatever generation progeny have formally enshrined our valueless values into a Capitalist system that was always valueless in the first place. True human determined value being replaced by “free market” determined purely monetary “valuations” based on electronic exchange spit-outs of first world investor class bets in what amounts to little more than a world casino of goods and services, where only the well-heeled even get to play. It’s a nice system if you’re lucky enough to be in on the take; if you’re not, rest assured, you’re economic ass resides somewhere as a token on an electronic tote board, and someone is buying and selling it as we speak.

      • Ron McCafferty says:

        Disaffected, welcome to the club. We can verbally compare our bruises, via blog, anytime. I, for one, have come to judge my own life (after the abuse) by what I am doing now. I have chosen not to pass on what I myself, did not like. Those of us who were raised in those circumstances and come out the other side not completely broken, have a view of the world that is wise beyond our age (hopefully). I have some how held onto compassion and understanding and am working on being non judgmental. It appears to me that you and others here have a uniquely honest view of our system. Do you think that there are enough of us to change it? I ponder on that often. Peace out.

  8. Disaffected says:

    The fallout from all of this is misdirected effort, misdirected people, and a failing social arrangement. Our leaders prescribe solutions which solve nothing but only perpetuate the problems. The populace is bought off by satisfying all sorts of demands, which while they may [or may not] be legitimate in and of themselves, do nothing to mitigate the underlying realities concerning resource allocation, social justice, and economic equity. It is important to note that while these social reforms do [may] serve to mitigate injustice for select groups, they may in an oddly counter-intuitive fashion serve to solidify the status-quo by providing a false facade of progress where there is none.

    Bracket comments mine.

    Amen! Those of us still wrapped up in the corporate drama know the truth of these comments up close and personal. Reorganization and other “efficiency” solutions, bought, sold, and justified before they even happen are the new normal.

    DA’s new MBA speak regarding “efficiencies:”

    “Gaining efficiencies” equals “more with less.”

    “More with less” equals “we’re more efficient now.” (Circular reasoning, I know.)

    “More” with regard to productivity actually means LESS production divided by MUCH LESS production input, which equates to mostly workers, which equates to humans, which eventually equates to YOU, if you’re involved in this particular equation.

    “Less” is far simpler. If you’re a factor of production, there’ll be fewer of you. Period. If you’re a machine? Fine, no problem. If you’re a human? Hope you’ve got a plan. Have a good life!

    • Disaffected says:

      Uh oh! Guess I missed the italics off tag again!

    • the Heretick says:

      started reading that quote and thought, who wrote this? man, that guy can pack a lot o ideas into a couple sentences, then i read it again and realized, hey! that was me! weird, when i write i just go into some sort of zone or something.
      so NOVA had a really slick propaganda piece on tonight.
      opened with “Sir” Richard Branson and his concern about the environment, and I’m thinking, ground your goddamn airplanes, asshole. millionaires and billionaires talking about how much money there is to be made, dare you to watch more than 3 minutes w/o throwing up. his personal private island is better now than when he bought it, such a concerned individual. sponsored by Boeing, of course.

      the usual suspects, rich scientists in their khakis talking about enlightening the masses. i leave to anyone who’s interested to poke holes in this BS. they have a plan, see what you think. varies from about a 3rd grade to 8th grade level of vocabulary

      • kulturcritic says:

        PBS restricts the use of that video in Russia… must be suspect of us commies! LOL

      • Phlogiston Água de Beber says:

        Here’s yet another resort to the paleoBorg explanation of human affairs. In the Treky universe of the future, the Borg exhibited an unusual quirk. They totally ignored unassimilated beings as long as they exhibited no sign of being a threat. Humans beamed aboard their cubeship were treated as if they weren’t there.

        I think you might recognize something quite similar in the way paleoBorg relate to people that are not part of the gang. As long as a social issue is not perceived to have potential for threatening their place at the head table, they can and usually will ignore it. No matter how awful it may be. If something does start to look threatening, they will do whatever it takes to neutralize it. Any action up to and including homicide. An actual fixing would be incidental. These are my humble opinions, and I’m sticking with’em.

      • Disaffected says:

        Oklahoma’s Deadliest Tornadoes was sponsored by Boeing, Koch Industries, and one of the big Finance giants. Wonder how much that affected the editorial content? I think one of the scientists being interviewed just barely touched on the fact that a warming climate would lead to bigger and wetter extreme weather events in general, but that was the only mention of it I heard. The rest focused on improved early warning systems and safe room technologies, which now make it possible for Oklahomans to proudly assert “we will rebuild,” presumably with Federal assistance of course. Of course warming also leads to extreme droughts and wildfires as well, often in the same areas in the same years. Not that Oklahomans are unique with regard to stubbornly rebuilding as long as the incentives make it attractive to do so. Many already wealthy Los Alamos New Mexicans were able to rebuild opulent mansions thanks to spiraling real estate values in the midst of burned areas following the 2000 Cerro Grande fire as well. One could even say (especially if one were one of PAdB’s paleoBorg) that natural disasters are a good thing, as they stimulate new housing starts. Now there’s a positive spin for ya!

        • the Heretick says:

          weather extremes will be the new norm. this is all happening so slowly that no one believes. when there are storms that cover half the continent and last for weeks scrubbing hundreds of square miles clean, then people will listen.

          you know, it’s not just “the people”, it’s the leaders, as long as they are in thrall to their corporate sponsors they can’t propose radical solutions.

          on that PBS show they glossed over so many problems. the new nuke plants are just dandy (so they say), safer, more efficient; but they never addressed nuclear waste, except theoretically.

          • Phlogiston Água de Beber says:

            PBS was assimilated more years ago than I can accurately remember. God’s Own Punishment hated it from its origin for putting out ‘liberal’ programming. When they got their hands on enough levers, they sucked it right into the hive.

            DA seems to be grasping the spirit of the paleoBorg idea. They can indeed spot a silver lining in even an EF5. I believe they do incorporate within their mantra the old saw, “it’s an ill wind that blows no one.”

  9. Maybe G-d is a Comedian
    and we’re just a joke

    We got tired of fighting the whole world in world wars.
    Then the cold war lead to global warming.
    Now the only thing we have to fight is fear itself.

    Don’t ya just love the naming conventions
    we’ve settled on for our cosmic convulsions?

    We seem to be making up excuses to fight something.
    We could just go back to fighting over stuff,
    as if we ever stopped.

    What a cartoon we have become,
    hanging in midair,
    having already gone off the cliff,
    not knowing enough of our predicament to simply fall.

    Popcorn for Everyone!
    World War Five just around the Corner!
    We’ve already had three and four right?
    But who’s counting?
    Anyway, someone else will do the fighting.

    Don’t you just love the human race?
    Human? There’s a word that no longer applies.
    But race? Well, that still does,
    to the end or the bottom,
    which ever comes first.

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