Apocalypse Of The Barbarians – On Sale in August from Islands Press

Available everywhere by August 2011

As used in the title of this work, “barbarian” is meant to signify the previously obscured but unsavory underbelly of the predominant character of Western civilization; a culture that has treacherously sought its own hegemonic expansion (globalization), invading, manipulating or destroying anything “foreign” in its path, while pushing all life to the precipice of an apocalyptic collapse.


“This collection of essays is unusually perceptive and thought-provoking. “Unusually,” because Dr. Krolick fully understands both (a) the psychological and social structures of “civilization” defined correctly, which is unusual in itself, and (b), the psychological and social structures of the long-lived, widespread human cultures that preceded the appearance of civilization. He demonstrates that we cannot situate ourselves intelligently in the present without such insights as he provides about the past — the deep past. Dr. Krolick’s work will have to be reckoned with by all future analysts of the human condition and its prospects.” Marvin Bram, Ph.D., L.H.D.