The Executioner!


He is the man behind the rough looking body guards lounging lazily in the Foster Grants… like the fearsome North African leaders of old; he determines who lives and who dies… He is the hegemon… the angel of death… the grim reaper… he is Barack Obama.  This once and ‘wanna-be-eternal’ king singlehandedly destroys whatever is in its path, like a two mile wide tornado in Oklahoma, the worst wildfire in Colorado history, or a once-in-five-hundred-year flood in Germany; and he seems comfortable propagandizing or lying without compunction or guilt, worse even than Bill Clinton.  (“I did not have sex with that woman.”) Obama does much better with his dissembling: “before any [drone] strike is taken there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured“). GW Bush… should take lessons from this man-god… and a wrathful one he is!

He appears to be responsible for more gratuitous killing across the planet than any of his evil predecessors, and certainly more already than the 9/11 hijackers.  All in the name of freedom and democracy… and for the glory of god.  What sacreligious crap.  He kills indiscriminately with one hand as he takes away any of the presumed rights this State was founded upon with the other.  He is taking care of the enemy! (definition – ‘anyone who would presume to take food or petrol from the hand or mouth of deserving American Oligarchs, their friends and co-conspirators’)  So he is locking up the ‘in-mates’ as he whittles away at the ‘out-mates.’  Talk about having your cake and eating it!

His Special Ops paramilitary units carryout secret missions of assassination, while his drone-army-camps — comprised of pubescent boys with pimply faces sitting in their dirty underwear eating Cheetos and drinking Chocolate Yoohoo in some dingy Washington DC basement – kill babies, children, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters, any one gathering for a meeting, a pic-nic, a game of pick-up basketball… or more than likely in Pakistan, a “jirga,” or assembly of tribal elders.  Those are “signature strikes” ladies and gentlemen, taking out anyone who appears involved in any event that his ‘best and brightest’ computer-game geeks determine has the ‘signature’ of a terrorist gathering.  WOW!! Sure seems simple enough; especially for the simple-minded Americans who buy this shit! But, sadly, the only thing ‘signature’ about these lucky strikes is the American John Hancock resting upon the lifeless forehead of every woman, child and harmless man.

Forty tribal elders dead!! killed by a ‘signature strike’ during a ‘pow-wow’ discussion of mining and logging issues in their local villages.  WOW!!  How the fuck do we do that?  And get away with it! But, hey, anybody who can smile in the face of Guantanamo Bay, or Abu Ghraib, and the black sites literally littered across the globe in our name, while compiling private electronic communications data on all Americans — someone like this can certainly handle the indiscriminate killing of innocents in the name of his god, whatever its name happens to be.

But, don’t you know it… the killing non-Western indigenous types appears to be high priority on the agenda in preparation for the final leg of the race.  The empire must find ways to reduce planetary population overshoot so that the imperialists have more stuff to consume until it all ends… perhaps extending their party a few more years.  Remember, “he who dies with the most toys wins!” This is the ugly face of empire folks, as it makes the short strokes to “the end of time as we have known it.”  Like most ‘actors’ on the civic stage throughout roughly 5,000 years of recorded history, our politicians have nothing more to offer us but increased control, oversight, manipulation and the threat of death.  Nothing has really changed throughout the entire time… only the tools to manage the masses.

Do not let historians or histories of the founding of this ‘republic’ fool you.  It was all a bunch of wealthy merchants, land owners, lawyers and charlatans with political clout that created a set of laws and documents to steal whatever they could from the indigenous populations here, and enrich themselves while importing slaves from Europe and Africa to tend their fields and work their machines.  Furthermore, those documents and laws are always subject to hermeneutic revision, repeatedly revised and reinterpreted in order to satisfy the requirements of the managers and owners today.  That is the nature of the beast we face.   And they can rewrite, and rewrite, and rewrite as long as they like… it is built in to the system… And so while the tribal elders in Pakistan sit down to discuss the meaning of things in their communities… our leaders redefine the meaning of the law, so as to allow them to murder those tribal elders by drone, and to do so without reprisal. We are the executioner!

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  1. AbyNormal says:

    “If we continue to develop our technology without wisdom or prudence, our servant may prove to be our executioner.” Omar Bradley / American, US General,commanded US ground forces in Normandy invasion in World War II, 1893-1981

    • Disaffected says:

      Good shit that! Apparently the light within us was beginning to fade fast as WWII came to a close, and a few prescient individuals who had been through some pretty traumatic shit were still wise enough to realize it and record their thoughts for posterity.

  2. Mushin says:

    Excellent Americana Epitaph “Executioner Eats His Own Children”

    I was observing a conversation yesterday where one party in the ontological argument said “I could agree with what say if you were a poet and what you are saying has no scientific grounding.” Dialectal opposition in civilized discourse has now become the coin of Americana where the emotional contradictions and double binds of the historic swept along drift in a constellation of patronizing fatherhood homeland lies using patriotic religious fever of sacred flags, God Bless Our Dollar, and praise the Lord for serving up the bullets for all those dead bodies in Arlington National Ceremony. The current live streaming manufactured mass corporate media of public=private political indoctrinations and assumptive bullsh$%t belief systems is like observing a ship of fools on fire barking executive mandates while everyone on board is diving into freezing wilderness to swim to island of sanity. Djangled Unchained in 2013 is finding “one lawyer out of 10,000 capable of knowing what ethical human justified dignity is in live speech acts.” Obama is only doing what he is told to do by a Transcendental Constitutional Mandate of a Supreme Court of Justices that are completely full of “BULLsh$%t.” God’s New and Improved Roman Jury where they continue the Inquisition continues and have created unlimited new material to burn; the poverty of poor throughout the world. And of course the oldest trick in their book of lies is to use one of the oppressed to enact the final oppression of the system so there is no finger prints. Let’s admit it leadership in the world needs an entire new playbook!

    Sandy your artistic sculpturing inner eye as a writer is always so impressive because you cut to the blood, bone and pain point in the collective emergent leveraging psychosis. Of course, its all in playfulness as the ultimate executioner yourself. Which I trust because you are aware of what you are doing, when you say the outrageous, and praying for an awakening. Like David with his slingshot you take your precious polished stone and strike Goliath right between the eyes! It literally numbs the aggressive arrogant blind spot of the power elite, that is already weakening in a drunken death gargling glitter of self importance in meaningless bullsh$%t. King George was Humpty Dumpty and the coercive deceptive aggressive king that fell off the imperial throne and ALL the kings men can’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

    Obama is just the epitaph of a failed system of “assholes” and “idiots” entertaining one another as jesters in a court of fools of ever narrowing self interests and importance that has no relevance to anyone I know.

    A couple poetic reflection come to mind as a contribution to your stone:

    My Son, My Executioner
    I take you in my arms
    Quiet ans small and just astir
    And whom my body warms.

    Sweet death, small son, our instrument
    of Immortality.
    Your cries and hunger document
    our bodily decay.

    We twenty-five and twenty-two
    who seemed to live forever
    Observe enduring life you
    And start to die together.


    The other world is like a thorn
    In the ear of a tiny beast!
    The fingers of the executives are too thick
    To pull it out!
    It is like a jagged stone
    Flying toward them out of the darkness!

    Robert Bly Poetry

  3. Malthus says:

    How depressing. What happened to fun and laughter? Are we so fearful of everything we allow all this to happen without even a whimper? All I can think of is that all the dictators, big men, leaders etc., have a lot of help and those people that believe them are everywhere. This is what happens when a species like ours gets so overpopulated and are forced to fight, cheat, lie, and steal to get a piece of the pie. I go sadly into the night numbed, overwhelmed, and short of breath. I look for the good in the species and am finding very little anymore. This is definitely the shadow lands the hunter gatherers of Malaysia call this reality and escape into my 2 million year old dreams of genetic memory for escape.

    • Mushin says:

      Malthus I agree it is depressing until you decide to do something? Until there is a decision to take an adequate effective action in a domain of activity as an agent of the change. No one can change the big picture and everyone can take an adequate action today to design a solution. I submit depression is a negative hypnotic mood in the collective mass mind and the first task in each of us is to say “alright, I am going to die, now what do I do? Real freedom is living without any expectations or entitlements, and plenty of fun and laughter naturally arises even in hell.

      • Malthus says:

        Me I would rather be on a rock wall with lots of exposure just letting the body do its thing without any need for thought. Or sailing in the deep blue under the stars on a trimaran and feeling the waves and wind in my face. Me I need nature. To be in it. To be a part of it. The pure physicalness of it. The mind games are just abstractions. This is a physical planet surrounded by questions and information on a flat screen called a hologram. I will take the stars and sun and wind and feel alive with it. That’s me. Others look at things differently at least on the surface but secretly listen to the 2 million year species history and what it says to us.

    • Disaffected says:


      Sorry, but let me spoil your party, albeit perhaps only slightly.

      With regard to your physical pursuits, I too live in a “outdoor playground” of sorts (well, at we locals think it is anyway), and among a group of decidedly wealthy individuals who use it as a mere launching ground for world-wide pursuits. I myself am a lowly latecomer to the party, and a decidedly mediocre athletic one at that. Nonetheless, I enjoy staying fit, and enjoy a pretty damn robust exercise schedule for one of my age and modest abilities.

      Accordingly, I like to get on my high horse from time to time (especially when drinking strong beers, another habit I’m not always so proud of) and pontificate about my “legendary” (in my own mind, at least) exploits, which more often than not crash back to earth the next day or two when I reflect on my true situation.

      First of all, I’m an obscenely wealthy, insular individual, by world standards at least, who was lucky by accident of birth to be born into an ascending world hegemon society and have the particular intelligence requirements to succeed in a totally new and historically unparallelled emerging economy, after only previously exhibiting the “good sense” to hitch my wagon to the similarly rising star of the similarly unprecedented US defense economy while I was young. In short, I’m an historical anomaly of the highest sort.

      Second of all and all that said, I have still somehow retained the good sense to reflect on my good fortune and be amazed at the good fortune/unfairness of it all, and here’s what I think:

      Leaving aside the obvious requirements to focus on “life sustaining activities,” if I were suddenly an aboriginal, which is what “back to nature” posts such as yours (relax, I’m not pointing fingers here) intimate, what would I do to replace what I do now?

      Indoor weight workouts: ALL of the plastic and manufactured shit would be gone. Exercise bike, weight benches, weights, ALL of it. Nevermind the TV, the carpeted, air-conditioned, lighted at O-Dark Thirty, indoor room. ALL OF IT! FUCK! Push-ups in the dirt again!

      Outdoor endurance workouts: Polyester high tech clothes? Gone. High tech (or even low tech) running shoes and socks? Gone. High tech sunscreens, lotions, and lubes? Gone. High tech recovery drinks or even fruits/juices out of season shipped in on demand? Likewise, gone.

      Nevermind living in a climate that is inhospitable to mass human inhabitation by all reasonable standards, never mind mine in particular.

      And then I feel like what I actually am. Just another first world guy who sometimes deigns himself morally superior for doing this or that, but who is in fact just another schlepp who by pure accident was allowed to give a good life beyond most historical human imagination by pure accident.


      • kulturcritic says:

        Ditto DA; my life of leisure was likewise an accident of birth and a mentor

      • Kevin Frost says:

        Man, you really sound like my older brother. Age 74, General Dynamics, Aerospace Corporation, many others, ended up contracting for Rand. Know quite a bit about missile guidance systems? Own a 26 story apt. bldg. in Vancouver. Just sold the spread in Malibu to move closer to town? Still got dad’s old 64 Cobra that was raced at Sebring? Lovely wife, wealthy in-laws? Well, probably not. After all there were thousands of quite brilliant engineers that did well by Uncle Sam. And then to I figure my brother would maintain that he earned every penny of it whereas what your saying is something else. Still, I wouldn’t really know. Since we’ve only had maybe two – three conversations in our entire lives I probably know Disaffected better than my biobrother. A couple of years ago I wanted to get in touch with him to suggest that it might be a wise plan to get the family out of the states and at least up to Canada. What about you DA? You got money. You got family?

  4. the Heretick says:

    Bless me father for i have sinned
    it has been 42 years since my last confession
    during this time i have
    Voted for Bill Clinton (once)
    Voted for George Bush (once)
    Voted for Barack obama (once)
    “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom.”
    Martin Luther King, Jr.
    i remember where I was when JFK was gunned down
    i remember where I was when RFK was gunned down
    i remember where I was when MLK was gunned down
    does Barack Obama? i doubt it, he was 3 and 7 years old.
    any man who has not learned the lessons taught by these three men who were martyred for this country does not deserve to sit in the oval office.

    people have really been throwing the word “traitor” around lately. Barack Obama, by his actions has besmirched and sullied the legacy of probably the greatest American who ever lived, that being Dr. King, a man who knowingly martyred himself so that a man like Barack Obama could ever “hope” to be in the WH in order to effect some “change”.

    take this Mr. NSA, take it direct to the desk of the POTUS, you all can have a good laugh all around. this man is despicable.

    • kulturcritic says:

      me too, me too, me too

      • the Heretick says:

        it’s the dishonesty of it all. if we wish to take the gnostic view and follow the Judge Holden model, let’s be upfront about it.
        as Alex would say, “you want pretty polly, you take it!”, but no, it’s one set of rules for the ignorant masses, another for the “elect”.
        this post dovetails nicely with your last, here we have the source of intersubjective psychosis, dishonesty. when a man lies he kills a little part of the world, that goes for the ladies also, let’s not forget the ladies.

        HC/2016, watch all the caring progressives line up behind the Crocodile woman. christ, as long as we’ve got ours. there i go getting all bitter again.

  5. Carol Newquist says:

    Yes, and now the Executioner has the ultimate guillotine at its disposal. It’s a Weird Party.

    Bombs Away

    I miss the halcyon days & the Atomic Bomb parties
    Tail fins, The Mob and Joseph McCarthy
    Thar she blows
    The mushroom glows
    As pretentious buffoons slam drinks with The Glitterati

    • Disaffected says:

      Love that video. VERY nostalgic in a sense that I guess someone of only my (our?) generation would get. Nonetheless, keep in mind that that terror was ACTUALLY UNLEASHED on “innocent citizens” of Japan (if you truly believe that the victims of 9-11 were “innocent,” then you simply MUST concede that the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were as well) by THE COWARD Harry Truman in 1945, and that the US REMAINS THE ONLY nation to EVER USE such force. NO good citizen of the US should EVER forget that fact. Never mind that the US, alone among all nations, retains and asserts openly a unilateral “first use” policy against all comers. Still think we occupy the moral high ground? Nuff said!

  6. Nichole Webbering says:

    Overall, I liked it. And in regard to the bulk of it you are certainly and poignantly correct, Sandy. Although that slight twist at the end to belateded face me with the horror that Barry is me, was too trite and easy in its formation. I don’t do Kokoschka’s “The Scream.” But, that’s merely a quibble.

    Yes, I suspect we Westerner latter-day Calvinists all tend to imagine heaven’s election is signified by the number of toys we manage to accumulate and what our proven salaried value’s have grown to be.

    Odd though, how I’ve started running the rabbits away from the herbs, flowers and veggies in our garden. I mean, they’re cute and all; but, if I just let them eat all they will what will we eat?

    I think our scales have gotten messed up. We don’t see things on human scales anymore. Imagining ourselves as colossii, we forget we were ever human, or that our deity sprang from mere humans some generations ago.


    • kulturcritic says:

      Ahhh, yes Nichole, the ever so slight twist at the end. But we constantly recreate Barry and his friends, don’t we?

      • Nichole Webbering says:

        We both encourage and allow, even mould them. As well as their goper counterparts. (I didn’t say you were wrong about him, just that the literary execution I found trite.)

        But, yea, verily, our enemies and criminals are most assuredly us. But, our ennui is often too precious by more than half. One might become utterly skeptical or lazily antagonistic like David Letterman or our own dear Heretick. Too easy to be hard, or worse.

        Mushin is right about it, I think. “Do something about it.” But, recall the human scale our culture abandoned sometime during the 1880s. Keep it simple and local. Run off the rabbits. Giggle at the hubris of The Obaminator and the Obamination. Remember to whisper in my own ear: ” I am not a goddess, nor a god.”

        • Mushin says:

          I love the notion I am right about anything in a chaotic turmoil where many nights I have just cried myself to sleep and yet every morning feel the grace of another day to act. Of course, there is the recurrent every narrowing inferno sweeping the landscape that by sunset one is exhausted once again in exponential disappointments. Yet, even a little encouragement such as yours strikes an inner ignition to continue to cultivate the undaunted courage to master the convexity of many to many, many to one and one to many in the process of being a change agent.

          I am 62 years old and in the midst of all this nonsense am a grandpa to a 4 year old little girl named Julia born on D~Day. Last January I was in the car with her and speaking to my daughter Lisa regarding some human concern and Julia piped up with this one liner “Grandpa you take care of the small problems and I’ll take take of the big ones.” I moved immediately back to Des Moines Iowa to pay attention to this teacher. Since returning I get up everyday and look for opportunities to hear her imaginative stories of living life and who she is and becoming? She is a queen and my daughter has her hands full, so they were made for one another. Recently her great grandpa made his transition along with one of her uncle’s, my brother, and in both cases he one liner was “they became butterflies.”

          So thank you and may this tiny insight happening in my existence with a sacred being of tomorrow be an inspiration for all of us grandparents, parents and children to remember what innocence feels like and how all these old worn out representational assumptions, characterizations, and assertions of the truth of reality are powerless and meaningless in the graceful presence of the new living spring being born today. Just imagine for a moment if we agreed that we always live, move and have our being in a child centric universe as simple star dust at home in a loving universe. Nuclear weapons, climate change, Obamination, economic cliffs and meaningless projections in Plato’s Cave.

          Let’s leave the cave in masses following these little one’s surrounding us enactively embodying as un~afflicted lovers, warriors, magicians and queenies in Mother’s Earth renewal process. This is my gracefulness grounding anew trust, confidence, ambition, wonder, and surprise in the moment.
          Thank you and feel free to say more!
          I love the attention of others!
          62 going to

          • Disaffected says:


            I like your stuff. Nonetheless, I’m 55 going on 70 myself (sometimes at least), still firmly in the grip of the corporate world. I love kids too, as long as they’re not mine.

            That said, I can’t help but wonder if you’re not rich and privileged as well. You know, it’s very easy to crow about how good life is when you and yours are on top of it. I can’t help but wonder (sincerely) how much less we’d all be talking if we were on the receiving end of our own government’s policies. Downer, I know, and no offense intended. Just thinking out loud.


        • the Heretick says:

          “utterly skeptical or lazily antagonistic” ? my, my, i wish i could be lazy. really, around these parts i’m a veritable pacifist. but seriously, i don’t think there is anything we can do about it. until the fuel runs out for the machines which keep us all fed, pacified, and under control, our society will be driven by events.

          a single person can do little things like drive a smaller vehicle, use fans to maximize the A/C, not buy the latest appliances; but up against this are the masses of people who own gas guzzlers, motor homes, huge houses, and fly on Air Force One.

          i do have a suggestion about the rabbits, if you aren’t a vegetarian, you could eat them, they are really easy to skin.

          here’s a cool thing.

          114 mpg, now if we could get more people riding these/ my son just bought one instead of a car.

          • Nichole Webbering says:

            😉 hmmm, I rather think I desire a few generations of chickens and a few years of gardening before American walking dead madness takes hold. We live close enough to Trenton that we might need to worry about a hungry Chris Christie raiding us for foodstuffs! And, of course, the legislators and residents of that fair city as well! Formidable.

            My friend next-door will likely hate me if we add rabbits to the menu. Yet, as what was once a yard next to them changes to a micro-farm she mayn’t like us very much anyhoo. Although she and her husband don’t seem bothered by the lesbians as yet.

            My greatest future concern, for now, is that the fundies and capitalists will interpret the end of oil as the end of the world and will set about making it so. (Dear Sandy, perhaps you could query the nice WordPress staff about what sort of bug has been unleashed here and how it may be eradicated?)

            We are exploring trapping and eating the bunnies.

            • the Heretick says:

              rabbits can wreck a garden, moles can also. before trapping and eating bunnies i would read up about it a bit, there are certain times of the year they are subject to parasites, i am not an expert, just stuff i picked up from a NY hillbilly.

              • Phlogiston Água de Beber says:

                To be fair to moles, they are undesirable guests but they’re not herbivores. They eat bugs, grubs and worms. The pocket gopher on the other hand loves him some vegetables. I’ve witnessed tall grasses pulled right down into the ground. Unlike moles, they will come to the surface occasionally, so cats can be helpful.

            • kulturcritic says:

              Nichole – what sort of problems are you having with the site, so I can explain to wordpress? sandy

              • Nichole Webbering says:


                The problems have been in loading. Each individual letter when it came to typing responses. It’s been the only blog site I visit that I’ve had the problem. I use an iPad, but as I said that wasn’t a problem at other sites, some of them WordPress. Thanks.

          • Nichole Webbering says:

            O, right, a single person or couple, or couple and teenager, doesn’t have to clean-up for the planet, just herself/themselves. Like I was saying: human-scale and something to keep the hubris down, like whispering in my own ear: I am neither goddess nor god; my task is small and very local.

            Otherwise, I suspect it would be too simple to become discouraged, despair and give up.

            • the Heretick says:

              i’m not giving up. while i may seem lazily antagonistic, i’m not, i am just questioning a lot of assumptions here lately; much of my questioning has been prompted by listening to the young people.

          • kulturcritic says:

            We eat rabbits here in Siberia; but then, that is my family name in Russian (Krolik = Rabbit). LOL

          • Disaffected says:

            Question. Why extend the age of oil, when you can help extinguish it so easily?


        • Phlogiston Água de Beber says:

          Even though I’m pretty old I wasn’t around then, but I find myself stumped by the claim that everything was “human scale” before the 1880s. Maybe we need that defined? It didn’t take long or much effort to get a short list of events of the 1870s that do not all appear to me very local or simple. Maybe that’s just too close to the 1880s. I don’t think we need to look at the 1860s. Though there are links on the page to every decade of the 1800s. How about the1850s?

          Could it be you meant to write 1880s BCE? Hmm, pyramids, temples, Mesopotamian irrigation canals. I’m with Lewis Mumford (RIP) we have only the foggiest notion of when we lost human scale.

          We can’t actually have any quibble about O’bomber being an executioner. It’s called the executive branch and execution is what it is supposed to do. Our thoroughly legitimate beef is over who, how and why he executes people. They all do it though there is a sliding scale. It happens to be to our embarrassment that Barry falls on the Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, Adolph Hitler end of the spectrum. By contrast, in the era Nichole apparently pines for, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis apparently died peacefully in their sleep. The nostalgia is not entirely ill founded.

          • the Heretick says:

            the extent of technology before 1900 is underestimated, it’s a fact. researching the origins of internal combustion and vacuum technology is a real eye-opener.

            • Phlogiston Água de Beber says:

              Yes indeed. They say this little external combustion beauty was chugging around in France circa 1766.

          • Hiya, Phlo. Mammoths and cave bears were pretty large as well and what were we doing when we slaughtered them? Of course, being obtuse can be great fun as well, cain’t it?

            Yep, as I wrote that I thought about the size of Manhattan, the first great mechanized war right here in Murika, the Union Pacific and trans-Atlantic cables, the Capitol in D.C. and other “human sized” things. Most such renderings don’t hold for much examination.

            Speaking of such matters ya might wanna look up Godwin’s Law before making a lot of references to Stalin and Hitler. (I know, it’s Hitler and the Nazis for theGodwin’s Law, but I think Stalin has probably qualified for a corollary addition way before today. Personally, I’d add Mao as well.)

            Let me introduce myself while I’m at it, Mr. Explosive Drinkwater. I am of a certain age and I am also a daughter of the Murikan South. Yet, I am not Paula Deen, nor a fan of Lindsay Graham, or David Duke. In fact, I haven’t lived in the Murikan South for lo many years. Nor can I recall ever wishing to go back to 1960, let alone 1860 as a prime time for existing.

            I think we should seize this day as much as possible, keep our feet on the ground, and live in one world at a time. If you’d like to actually get to know me then I’d suggest that you can the witticism projection and actually query me about something rather than making some rather sweeping and colossal generalizations based on the thoughts in your own head rather than those in mine.

            But, that’s entirely up to thee, sirrah.

            • Phlogiston Água de Beber says:

              Explosive Drinkwater – not quite what I had in mind, but it has a certain ring. 🙂

              Cut and paste from wikipedia:

              The law and its corollaries would not apply to discussions covering known mainstays of Nazi Germany such as genocide, eugenics, or racial superiority, nor, more debatably, to a discussion of other totalitarian regimes or ideologies, if that was the explicit topic of conversation, since a Nazi comparison in those circumstances may be appropriate, in effect committing the fallacist’s fallacy. Whether it applies to humorous use or references to oneself is open to interpretation, since this would not be a fallacious attack against a debate opponent.
              While falling afoul of Godwin’s law tends to cause the individual making the comparison to lose their argument or credibility, Godwin’s law itself can be abused as a distraction, diversion or even as censorship, fallaciously miscasting an opponent’s argument as hyperbole when the comparisons made by the argument are actually appropriate.[9] Similar criticisms of the “law” (or “at least the distorted version which purports to prohibit all comparisons to German crimes”) have been made by Glenn Greenwald.[10]

              Wouldn’t you know, I had no idea of the existence of Mr. Godwin or his ‘Law’. Jeez, they’re lettin anybody make’em now. Since I consider it a bad day when I do not learn something new, I must offer thanks for salvaging this day.

              So far you’ve gotten down on Sandy’s writing style and mine. I wait with great anticipation to see who is next to be schooled. Your generous offer to let me get to know you was most kind, but they’re my comments and I believe the purpose is to speak my mind, not yours, so thanks anyway.

  7. Disaffected says:

    Another great post this week. But just remember, it’s only a little more than three years now until we get a new improved version of the grand Wizard of Oz, playing their eternal game of “guess what I’ve got behind the curtain?” And by the way, one Richard B. Cheney has reportedly found new vigor post heart transplant and, as always, remains defiant about not changing anything if given the chance to go back and revisit some of his administration’s decisions. Hey, never say never! Stranger things have happened. A good as new, fully reconditioned Darth Vader would make a fine ruthless dictator in the next phase of the American imperium. If Shrub was the harbinger and Obama the prophet, then Cheney would no doubt be the divine right’s second coming, literally as well as figuratively. Hard to imagine that Cheney would want to stoop to that level, as he already probably wields more power and influence than all but a handful of men alive today, but given the dearth of qualified candidates (just as in 2000), he might find himself simply unable to resist. You heard it here first!

    Oh, and as far as the Nazi references go, I think we’ve crossed the crucial first barriers a long time back. No, we’re not doing open mass purges of our own population just yet (that’s just so 20th century gauche!), but we’re already well into domestic spying of all sorts, we’re already making mass appeals to keep an eye on each other for suspicious activities, we’re already well into establishing a “one mind, one credo” domestic political mentality which labels anything remotely outside that mentality as “un-American” and therefore subversive and “terrorist” in it’s intentions (“terror” being a classic example of Orwellian newspeak) – a veritable thoughtcrime, we’re already cutting the government social safety net for the weak, infirm, old, and needy and establishing a corporate capitalist fascist wealth vacuum in it’s place, and of course Guantanamo Bay (as well as Abu Ghraib) is little more than an openly and defiantly illegal and immoral military concentration camp applied to “politically approved” enemies. Anyone who still thinks this isn’t the perfection of Hitler’s dream is living in a fantasy world.

    • the Heretick says:

      here’s what gets me, we used to attempt to hide when we overthrew foreign govts. now it’s on the nightly news, it’s the new normal.
      seems the american people are just fine with the imperium as long as it’s dressed up with politically correct jibber-jabber. next thing is the new eco-friendly tank, the high mileage fighter-bomber. i can just see it on the sunday shows, northrop grummans new stealth design, made with 50% recycled materials! bombs made of 100% renewable resources!!! remember, you heard it here first.
      the future is now.

      • Disaffected says:

        That’s the creeping beauty of it. First we were conditioned to accept foreign interventions as “regrettable but sometimes necessary,” then we were gradually trained to accept them as nearly universal and merely routine. All according to a well strategized plan, of course. The military has been “going green” for quite sometime now. Say what you will about the generals, but they’re at least smart enough to know that they’re vulnerable to sudden, unexpected fuel shortages. But of course a lot of it is still just PR, which the green movement as a whole is for the most part. Just whistling past the graveyard, as well as just another capitalist opportunity to sell us more shit we don’t need of course.

    • Phlogiston Água de Beber says:

      The word Nazi need not have entered this conversation at all. I compared Fearless Leader to Hitler and Stalin vis-a-vis genocidal tendencies. We have no need for an insurgent Nazi or Communist Party. From inception our electorate have been enjoying the beneficence of one party with two right wings. They have changed the wing names a few times. Probably not for the purpose of protecting any innocents.

      The ruling class cockroaches sent to Germany to scarf up all the documentation they could get their hands on were not seeking to learn how to prevent it ever happening again. As my eldest brother, who had seen Hitlerite handiwork firsthand, predicted back in the early ’50s, they wanted to figure out how to do it here. Viewed in that light, the codpiece bedecked Shrub’s proclamation of “Mission Accomplished” may not have meant what we were all led to believe it meant. It hardly matters now. A single party plutocracy can only end by devolving into a chaotic mess. That there are presently essentially no counter examples should be reason enough to pour a few fingers of some Explosive Drinkin Water. Literal examples can now be found in some taps located in certain parts of our fair land. Gifted to the occupants by Halliburton et al. “Is this a great country or what?”

      • Disaffected says:

        I think the word Nazi is entirely fitting and proper to this discussion PAdB, so no worries about the exchange above, that’s not what I was referring to at all. In fact, I think it’s the exact kind of knee-jerk response shock word that should be used when comparing the American imperium to past historical examples, if only to wake them up and get their attention. It’s particularly ironic that the “existential evil” which so many allied forces died to defeat in WWII would be reincarnated in a new, superior form almost before it was even dead in the form of its eventually (actually, almost immediately) hegemonic victor. Actually, it’s probably not ironic at all and I’m sure similar historic examples abound out there. Archdruid could probably riff a post or two on that, I’m sure.

        And yeah, it’s still potentially a great country I guess, but that potential is fading fast.

        • Phlogiston Água de Beber says:

          DA, that question was in quotes because comedian Yakov Smirnoff made it famous as his punch line. In the evolved environment, the correct answer is no. 2, WHAT. As in Bette Davis’ immortal line, “what a dump!”

          I’m not even a druid, much less an Arch, but I do feel a yarn spinning. USofA was already an empire and had committed its fair share of evil before Hitler was even a Corporal. Its just something empires do. At the turn of the last century, every place on earth worth colonizing, was. Germany’s share of the lootery was insufficiently glorifying to their self-image. Their solution to this affront was preparation with all due haste to be able to defeat the Royal Navy and reapportion the distribution of said colonies. As it happens, all too often, their blundering Imperial Austrian cousins sucked them prematurely into a quagmire war they were certain to lose. They lost all their colonies and much of their country.

          Naziism and WW-II was all about redressing that situation. Hitler, in a demonstration of his Corporalismo, got his war on before his military was fully ready (they might as well have kept the Kaiser) and declared war on too many countries he had no chance of defeating. The result was still no colonies and their country split into two countries neither of which were entirely under their control. The third go round has been to colonize all their European neighbors via strictly commercial endeavors. Three is indeed a charmed number.

          It is a popular myth that the good guys(TM) buckled on their spats to exterminate “existential evil”, but that story has a bit of a swiss cheese aspect to it. France, facing certain defeat, caved in order to hang on to their empire. Though the Japanese took the Asiatic parts a little later. Britain had to hang tough because without their empire they were toast. Russia had to hang tough because Hitler had promised to murder almost all of them. The overlooked aspect to all this was that like Italy and Japan the US wasn’t entirely happy over its share of the lootery. Referring of course to the plutocracy not the peasants. FDR set Japan up for a Hobbesian Trap, which when they fell into it was what it took to get those peasants on the war path. The aim was not only to take Japan’s meager colonies, but also set our special relatives up for an inevitable imperial bankruptcy with the erstwhile colonies falling right into our hands.

          The Allied leaders knew about the evils being perpetrated and did their best to pretend they didn’t, at least until the contest was decided. Following the money is usually the best path. Even the evil had a financial aspect. Auschwitz was setup because IG Farben had committed to pay the camp for laborers to operate a new chemical plant to be built alongside. Being competent capitalists, in due course they figured out it was a fiasco and pulled out. The Nazis made the best of it and sent the treasury everything of value taken from the prisoners, except for what the camp personnel skimmed off. They even sold women’s hair.

          The story is always the same whether the Imperium is in Rome, Persepolis, Berlin, London or New York. It’s always about money, sex, boats, buildings, sex, money, whatever grabs their fancy. I suspect this was probably their anthem during the ’70s.

          • Disaffected says:

            Fuckin-A! VERY well put there PAdB! No need to wait for “Archy” after all, I think you beat him to it! And I think I like your storytelling skills better as well to boot!

          • Disaffected says:

            I went back and read your original post with new eyes. I’m (we’re) all kind of (willfully) stupid sometimes, ain’t we? Kudos!


            • Phlogiston Água de Beber says:

              Thank you DA. You are not stingy with praise and I hope that I am worthy of it.

              In regard to your characterization of Harry Truman in a comment above. He was a quite despicable man, but it may be unfair to brand him a coward. He did serve in France as an artillery officer, which is not the safest thing in the world. Substantially less cowardly than most of his predecessors and successors. The A-bombings were an evil and unnecessary act.

              It was recently revealed that the Japanese Cabinet was split between a faction that wanted to accept surrender and one that was apparently ready to go down fighting. The entry of Russia into the war is what tipped the balance. They were certain the Russians would not allow continuation of the Emperor system. They thought maybe the Americans would. Hirohito, being no fool, ordered them to accept surrender. My own theory on why two bombs were dropped was an experiment to compare the performance of both a uranium and a plutonium bomb on very similar targets. Better dying through science!

              An actual factoid is that it would have been many months before we could have enough fissile material to make another bomb. So, there might have been an invasion anyway if the Japanese had hung tough. Wouldn’t that have been embarrassing?

  8. the Heretick says:

    Official: Water complaints could be ‘act of terrorism’
    i can hardly believe this got put on the web. better think twice before that next call to city hall; or, to the private corp. providing water, you could be interfering with their business, if it’s a group of citizens, why…. that’s actionable under RICO, it’s a conspiracy.

  9. FIDO says:


    You pretty well hit it on the nose with your article. congrats, you are on the secret list of those who are thinking people and therefore dangerous to TPTB. Obama is a fraud and a really cheap one at that….. so we need to be aware of the crap that is being sent our way. Mr. Obama was a stooge anyway for the power elites and his second term is going to be a mess. Can we say impeachment ? Dirty Dick would have been proud of Barack Hussein Obama. Obama is facing the moment of truth. He has been exposed as a liar and cheat so let’s just tell his liberal democratic base to get real and admit to the fact that their change man is a con man. Oh yeah and he is far worse than GW ever was… Now if only we had a diversion to take the attention of the sheep. I know, lets just attack another third world snakepit. However, the old isolationist feeling is creeping back into the picture. See how western democrats and republicans attack the Syrian ammo scheme which is a cover for more oil exploitation. Now for the final nail on the coffin is the farm bill. This travesty is not a farm bill, it is a exploitation of the people who are poor disabled and starving for a decent meal. ConAgra, Monsanto and Cargill will make a killing While the poor die or go hungry. All of this crap in a world of Hope and Change ? Bullshit…. Those who continue to support Obama should realize that he is a liar and a murderer. The first black president is a joke. He has violated the privacy rights of millions of US citizens in the name of security ? This spying and drones and wiretapping is proof in the pudding that liberals are just as bad as anything that Darth Vader ever thought up, Toto has pulled the curtain from the great and powerful OZ.

    • Disaffected says:

      Did someone say Toto?

      From the days when music was still music (barely) and videos were still just mostly pretentious artsy-fartsy marketing tools:

    • Disaffected says:

      That said, it’s also important to realize that “liberals” are not truly liberals anymore, any more than “conservatives” are truly conservatives. We’ve entered a new political era, a veritable Alice in Wonderland world, where everything – by purpose – is meant to make no sense. A “fog of war” by strategic intent. A “War on Terror” with no limits, a “war” where literally everyone and anything is suspect, and NO ONE is EVER safe from either suspicion OR attack. In short: the proverbial war of ALL ON ALL! INGENIOUS!

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