Obama and the Bear: An Ugly Fairytale

1966863_601587536594463_1177965932_nIt amazes me how the US political-military-industrial-propaganda complex will stop at nothing to demonize Russia and ignore Putin’s justifiable claims for intervening in Ukraine. Could you imagine what the US hegemony would do, god forbid, if a handful of US students were being harassed in Grenada, for example.  Or if American citizens were being held captive in Iran by ‘extremists’, god forbid.  Or if we thought there was a large group of religious leaders ‘suspiciously’ on their way to the funeral of a dear Imam in Northwest Pakistan, Allāhu Akbar.  Or, if American journalists were being tortured or manhandled by some neo-Nazi thugs in Ukraine; believe me, the whole fucking Marine Corps would be on the next transport flight out of here. Fighter jets and armed choppers would be scrambled, drones would be circling the skies, while the latest version of guided missile cruisers would be spitting out their payloads from close range on the Black Sea.  I mean, the US acts out continuously, belligerently, not even covertly, and it does so with impunity; with a smug self-righteousness that wreaks of the delusion of American exceptionalism and disregard for human rights or international laws — the planet be damned.  

The illegal, American-supported puppet cast of thugs, goons, and fools — the play-acting government of Kiev — has unleashed neo-Nazi fascist muscle along with American taxpayer-financed and US-backed mercenaries to inflict maximum pain and violence against the restive ‘terrorist’ civilians of Southeastern Ukraine, especially those of Russian or Jewish persuasion.  It is our own country, America, that is responsible for terrorizing these populations as if we were there with boots on the ground doing it ourselves.  Wait!… We do have boots on the ground in one guise or another. We are endorsing, paying for, and doing the killing, torture and maiming of citizens, including women and children; persecuting visiting Russian journalists and other foreign observers, ensuring that no one interferes with the US administration’s widely-known, but little advertised plan for global hegemony — a plan born of the mad, developmentally arrested rumblings of a well-known and aged public psychopath, Zbigniew Brzezinski.

But, while Russia, and Putin have demonstrated restraint and at least apparent concern for international law, the West, led by the USA…

…has no such inhibitions and its representatives were extremely active: the US State Department representative Victoria “Fuck EC’’ Nuland had spent days and weeks in Kiev, feeding the insurgents with cookies, delivering millions of smuggled greenbacks to them, meeting with their leaders, planning and plotting the coup. Kiev is awash with the newest US dollars fresh from its mint (of a kind yet unseen in Moscow, I’ve been told by Russian friends). The US embassy spread money around like a tipsy Texan in a night club. Every able-bodied young man willing to fight received five hundred dollars a week, a qualified fighter – up to a thousand, a platoon commander had two thousand dollars – good money by Ukrainian standards.

Money is not all. People are also needed for a successful coup. There was an opposition to Yanukovych who won democratic elections, and accordingly, three parties lost elections. Supporters of the three parties could field a lot of people for a peaceful demonstration, or for a sit-in. But would they fight when push comes to shove? Probably not. Ditto the recipients of generous US and EC grants (Nuland estimated the total sum of American investment in “democracy building” at five billion dollars). They could be called to come to the main square for a demo. However, the NGO beneficiaries are timid folk, not likely to risk their well-being. And the US needed a better fighting stock to remove the democratically elected president from power.

Serpent Eggs

In the Western Ukraine, the serpent eggs hatched: children of Nazi collaborators who had imbibed hatred towards the Russians with their mothers’ milk. Their fathers had formed a network under Reinhard Gehlen, the German spymaster. In 1945, as Germany was defeated, Gehlen swore allegiance to the US and delivered his networks to the CIA. They continued their guerrilla war against the Soviets until 1956. Their cruelty was legendary, for they aimed to terrify the population into full compliance to their command. Notoriously, they strangulated the Ukrainians suspected of being friendly to Russians with their bare hands.

A horrifying confession of a participant tells of their activities in Volyn: “One night, we strangulated 84 men. We strangulated adults, as for little kids, we held their legs, swung and broke their heads at a doorpost. …Two nice kids, Stepa and Olya, 12 and 14 years old… we tore the younger one into two parts, and there was no need to strangulate her mother Julia, she died of a heart attack” and so on and so on…

These are the types of people supported without timidity, apparent regret, or apology by the USA administration, its secret services, its military brass, and mercenary forces.  If you don’t believe it, just look again at the battered and burned, the mangled and deconstructed bodies from the Odessa massacre.

Crime-in-Odessa1 Crime-in-Odessa4

Let the US authorities continue to delude themselves about the nobility of their purpose, and encourage the whitewashing of crimes against humanity that they have had a strong hand in funding, propagating, and promoting.  Let them continue to stand quietly by, ignoring and unfazed by these atrocities, while, like a spoiled child, they rant against Putin and propagandize the Russian threat, seeking to strike fear into the hearts of Americans – preoccupied with unemployment and foreclosure or reality TV and baseball – to justify whatever they plan to ‘loose’ on the fearsome Russian Bear.

us_meddling_460Americans need to take their eyes off the ‘tele’ and the computer screen, take a long hard look in the mirror, and then  look very carefully at their leadership, and those hidden forces that call the shots behind the scenes – scenes made memorable to us by the disclosures of Edward Snowden and friends.  Then we must all ‘man-up’ against this threat to our primal integrity, and face-down the insidious fascist cancer metastasizing right in our midst that is already nearly fully grown.

29 Responses to Obama and the Bear: An Ugly Fairytale

  1. Disaffected says:

    On the plus side, a significant minority of US and world citizens are getting at the truth of the matter this time too, although they’re obviously not enough to influence US policy at this point (indeed, who is these days?). My tentative conclusion is that the US is stirring shit up for stirring shit up’s sake at this point, for some precisely unknown combination of economic, military, and political reasons supporting some hairbrained longer term strategy. Unless they really underestimated Putin (and I don’t think that even Obama officials are that stupid!), they surely didn’t have a plan for winning and holding the Ukraine, although they haven’t had a plan for that anywhere else we’ve gone since 2001 either. But the implications for meddling in the Ukraine have always been larger than than Iraq and Afghanistan, which were both pushovers and strategically fairly benign.

    What it does signal however, is US desperation, which is now palpable in everything from Administration “pronouncements” to the hysterical MSM “coverage,” especially in the runup to midterm elections during a lame duck presidential term. Could be that there’s a larger plan at work to set us up for a hard right swing again, although with HillBillary leading the Dem charge it’s hard to imagine swinging any harder than that. In any case, I think Ukraine signals the beginning of the end for US hegemony, and I think that keeps even the most rabid chicken hawk in DC awake at nights. Here’s the figurative sound of over a billion disenfranchised people in the world singing to the hegemon’s demise:

  2. Malthus says:

    “Money is not all.,” the hell it isn’t. In this currant societal concept it is everything. We are told to think about it minute by minute and what it will mean if you run out of it. And war and the thought war is used to bolster the lie and it works. And the rat race continues pushed on us by the criminal organizations that make the mafia look like grade school bullies. really good article Sandy.

    • Disaffected says:

      On the plus side, the “money is all” meme is largely a direct product of US Dollar hegemony, which is probably at the root of this whole US inspired Ukrainian drama. US financiers are (quite reasonably) realizing that a major pivot of Russia towards independence and China could very likely lead to a major pivot of the EU to them both, thus shutting out the US altogether. Talk about a slap in the face to the major bully on the block! US/UK dreams of hegemonic empire “forever and ever, Amen!” are going up in smoke as we speak, and overbearing US/UK bullies are lashing out as they always do against those who defy them.

      Can they be defeated? Of course! In the same that they always are. Stand up to them and call them out loudly for all to hear for what they are – posers, liars, and vermin of the lowest kind! Will innocent lives be lost in the process? Of course! That’s what our lives are for! Not that I’m calling for people to intentionally lose their lives needlessly in service of any specific cause, but rather to realize that everybody’s lives were essentially “lost” the minute that they were born, and that that realization alone frees them up to pursue any cause that gives their life meaning unto their death. And that further, the “cause” of personal enrichment alone (essentially the basis for American imposed corporate capitalism) is personally and socially morally bankrupt. To finally realize that your life is already “lost” within such a system is to realize that you are finally FREED to get on with something better!

      Americans know it, Europeans know it, Russians know it, and “third worlders” everywhere DAMN SURE know it! The only ones who are (quite reasonably) still in denial are the one percent or so of the world’s population that still benefits from the current state of affairs and they’re DAMN SURE not going to tell you that. As for the rest of us first world apologists? What’s OUR excuse? A little too comfy for now, can’t be bothered?

      In the end, that’s likely to be our collective epitaph. AGW? Sorry, we were too BUSY, just couldn’t be bothered. Resource depletion? Sorry, we made other plans, just couldn’t be bothered. Our species final extinction? FUCK! Why did our GOD fuck us this way?


      • Malthus says:

        The concept of a god fucks many peoples brains into believing in fairy tales. And what is going on now is certainly one huge fairy tale turning into one big nightmare. Zombies walk this earth.

  3. the Heretick says:

    All i can think is that it must be about the natural gas. This whole thing started over the trade deal.
    NGO’s were all over the place. This is just the latest in over a century of US meddling around the world, you will never convince me it’s about anything other than money.

    • kulturcritic says:

      We are on the fastrac to apocalypse… ‘he who dies with the most toys wins’!  Need I say more.

    • gregg says:

      i’d say it’s about the ‘new american century’. the neocons are still pulling the strings. obama is a puppet of the zionist regime, as is congress, as were bush, clinton, and bush. ukraine is pivotal on the grand chessboard, primarily because of location and proximity to russia, the ‘evil empire’.

    • Disaffected says:

      Money and access to the last of the natural resource bonanzas in Russia/Asia. I think DC insiders know more about peak oil and AGW than they’re letting on and are already positioning for the end game. The fact that they’re willing to at least marginally risk a nuclear showdown says something’s up, but Putin fucked everything up by not taking the bait. Even DC’s not ready for naked, unprovoked international aggression just yet, although one senses that time’s coming soon…

      • gregg says:

        agreed. but still, neocons are running the show, and as my friend ray mcgovern made known to me, back in the 90s when they were out of power, the neocons were known in dc as ‘the fucking crazies’. well, since the 911 false flag, the fucking crazies have been running the show. i put absolutely nothing beyond the likes of cheney, brzezinski, netanyahu, wolfowitz, et al. they would take pride in bringing on the apocalypse, a badge of honor for all times. these are sick fucks, and there is nothing rational about them.


        • Disaffected says:

          Since 9-11 “the crazies” have become mainstream. Enjoy the show everybody!

        • Disaffected says:

          “No stages,” he said. “This is total war. We are fighting a variety of enemies. There are lots of them out there. All this talk about first we are going to do Afghanistan, then we will do Iraq . . . this is entirely the wrong way to go about it. If we just let our vision of the world go forth, and we embrace it entirely and we don’t try to piece together clever diplomacy, but just wage a total war . . . our children will sing great songs about us years from now.” —Richard Perle, to investigative journalist John Pilger

          That should be inscribed on a monument to our times. Then if we don’t blow it up or otherwise end civilization first, our future children can look in amazement at the loons this culture has spawned.

  4. Disaffected says:

    More on the ongoing Abq NM police fiasco. Symptomatic of law enforcement overreach across much of the US these days.

  5. the Heretick says:

    top head line on Google.
    Ukraine Crisis Drives a Quiet Lobbying Boom in U.S.
    this is confusing, all these corps, swearing up and down they don’t want any trouble with Russia.
    misdirection? the official cover story? lies, lies, lies.

    • Disaffected says:

      Interesting. Corps lobbying for their business interests over “national security” (realizing full well that Ukraine has not one damn to do with the latter). Who’d a thunk? Maybe we should start levying a military tax solely on corporations, since they’re the primary benefactors anyway, then take military spending off the books for the rest of us.

      • the Heretick says:

        the old way of soldiers fighting for booty was more honest, the modern translation would be shares of stock.
        the people in the pictures in the story above don’t look too awful happy, will they ever learn?
        there will be lots of patriotic ads on the tube this weekend., but then these are becoming a staple of the American entertainment diet. it’s really creepy if you watch the media and think about what they are doing.

        • Disaffected says:

          Don’t know whether to feel sorry for the young enlisted fools these days or not. On the one hand, they’re propagandized and undereducated their whole lives and they don’t have a lot of options in an economy that’s designed to force them into prison or worse, but on the other hand they’re certainly capable of grasping what’s going on once they’re exposed to the death machine in all its glory, yet many of them never get it anyway. Possibly the cognitive dissonance of all that flag waving juxtaposed against the true human carnage they eventually get exposed to is just too much. Combine that with cheap designer drugs and all the mind numbing cheap entertainment the hologram pumps out these days and what’s a poor boy to do? Might as well just buy a handgun at 18, swallow a bullet, and settle up affairs once and for all before they get any worse.

          Pictorials of the dust bowl and the great Depression. Possibly coming to a locale near you again soon!

          Dust Bowl

          • the Heretick says:

            what is going on is criminal, just criminal. i avoid being overtly political as most people fall into the divisiveness i believe is being served up by the mass media 24/7. people love to refer to “cognitive dissonance” usually in relation to their opponents. yours truly having never agreed with either side of this kabuki, there seems to be enough CD to go around.

            our leaders swear to uphold the Constitution, the supreme law of the land, then they blithely ignore it, both puppet parties. depends on what the meaning of the word is, is; or shall, may, will, any of a hundred wiggle words. the law only applies to just us.

            we have been getting some good rain, so the wheat will be all right, they will be getting some kind of cutting. nevertheless, there are 10’s of millions of unemployed in this country, but people will full bellies don’t revolt.

            this entire planet is in a form of lock-down, surveillance, credit scores, consolidation, trans-nationals, the 1% have won, they won 100 years ago, they have reached saturation.

            Microsoft Planet, Starbucks Universe, a well fed and violent citizenry who think of nothing but self gratification.



            this is teen lit, real pulp fiction trash, i love it, and it is what the “thinking” youth of today are reading.

            • Disaffected says:

              Feral Youth – I love it! More shades of Walk Hard!

              No, Obama revealed that the “two sides” are really one, to those of us who hadn’t gotten it before that point at least. The so-called “liberal left” has always been little more than “the idle rich with permissive social views,” hardly a legitimate governing majority. So it is that the Dems have gradually in an effort to get elected become the old conservative right, which of course freed up the Repubs to become the new radical right. And the people with money don’t give a damn either way as long as their interests are preserved, so they’ll fund whomever looks more appealing for them, knowing well that both “sides” will serve them just fine.

              I’m beginning to think it’s less about corruption, even though all of our institutions have epic levels of that, and more about entrenched interests looking after their self interests. In entrenched bureaucracies throughout history corruption is simply not viewed as such by those on the inside. Rather, tribute of whatever form being paid to those who can grease the wheels of the bureaucratic machinery is viewed benignly as payment for services rendered. To meager citizens on the outside this appears as blatant criminality, to which those on the inside respond, “grow up, this is how things get done!” Meanwhile, corruption laws are kept on the books for appearances sake and for selective enforcement against any stray rich outsiders who might try to flout the agreed upon norms within the system. In that light, corruption is rightly viewed by DC insiders as “business as usual,” and nothing more.

              All of which tells you better than anything else could where our collective futures lie with regard to AGW and the GWOT, both of which are tremendously lucrative to entrenched interests within the current power structure. More of the same (in spades!) until the money runs out!

  6. A mentor of mine told me last night, he is working with ex-military, transitioning them back. He tells me they are very angry. Most well informed military ever, he says. Officers still back their paymasters; enlisted men and women? How would you feel, if you sought to lead the way toward democracy for all the world, but that you were little more than a corporat mercenary/henchmen? Sayz they are looking for answers. I’m hoping to enlist some of them in the turning of sod. Warriors, in a circle, building gardens, talking.


    • Disaffected says:

      How would you feel, if you sought to lead the way toward democracy for all the world…

      That’s their first and most critical mistake. Buying into that line of bullshit. They should have been taught better growing up. Although in my experience, most of the young enlisted are certainly not that naive. They did expect to at least be taken care of for their sacrifices afterward though. Alas, they got lied too again. Just not enough profit in taking care of used up soldiers. “They should just be glad they got the opportunity!” their corporate masters say. Who knows, they might get trotted out at halftime of an NFL game just so we can all feel good about ourselves again!

  7. Disaffected says:

    Just woke up from a nap and what should be on the idiot tube other than the 1998 blockbuster dreck Armageddon, starring an all star cast led by Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck. In it, a bunch of suitably square jawed Hollywood stars portray America’s finest cast of iconic renegades – lovably independent, but disciplined and All-American to their cores – who are sent into space to save the world! from destruction by an incoming killer asteroid. Other nationalities – Russians, Indians, and southeast Asians to name a few – are portrayed variously as inept (the Russians!), helpless before the extinction event about to seal their fates, or unspeakably grateful after the American crew saves the day(!) for humanity. As theater, it’s all high-tech, cheesy lines, and syrupy schmaltz. So completely over the top that it’s hard to not take it for a comedy. But undoubtedly its highest production value lies as unabashed agitprop for all things red, white, and blue. American technology, military capability, personal competence, good looks, and sexiness are all portrayed in mythical lights. In the end, Bruce Willis humbly sacrifices himself for the mission and planet earth, only to tell co-star Ben Affleck to return to earth and take care of his beloved daughter (Liv Tyler), which he of course does in a typically epic and overwrought homecoming in the final scene.

    Anyway, it struck me that this is the US population’s mythic conception of itself in a pithy 90 minute nutshell. Bold, handsome, white knight warriors who know what’s best for all of humanity, and who by god do their duty! when called upon for the good of the world!, whether the rest of the world appreciates it or not! Me thinks the US population needs mass psychotherapy if they’re falling for this kind of shit!

    • Ron McCafferty says:

      “US population needs mass psychotherapy”
      You are right DA, they do. And it as simple as turning off the tube and the radio and actually sitting in silence to think without manipulation. My wife and I have not had cable service for what seems like an eternity (6 years) and we recently went to visit family and got our fill of TV. When you don’t have it for a while and then view it, it is an eye opener. What really gets me is the news(tele-promp readers) casters. The drama is so thick and all of it smacks of patriotism. The programming (literally) is just plain old silly. Two total strangers dropped off in the middle of the wilderness naked?!?! What won’t they stoop to? Is it getting that hard to get ad dollars? What it says to me is that they are running out of ideas or they are preparing the US/UK public for the Running Games/Death Games. It is a very sad state and my in laws kids (4 and 10) sit there and suck it up. Our kids did too for the short time we were there. We all did really. You can’t help but gawke. But if we just collectively turned off the PROGRAMMING it will or should eventually wear off right?

      • Disaffected says:

        LOl! Yeah Ron, I remember my three years in Germany in the USAF. I didn’t take a TV over with me and it was really eye opening when I came back. Alas the culture shock wore off again all too soon, and before you know it I was right back to old viewing habits. Even when you watch it critically, you can’t help but be influenced by all the schlock on TV these days.

  8. Colin says:

    Your best yet imo Sandy. Don’t hold back – Americans need a bucket of cold water thrown over them followed by a prompt slap to the face at this point. Never in my life have I been so ashamed of my country….

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