Just One More Time Around the Horn… of Africa


Between a third and half of the [Kenya’s] urban population live in poverty, and given the pace of urbanisation, urban poverty will represent almost half of the total poverty in Kenya by 2020…. In Nairobi, the capital city, 60% of the population live in slums and levels of inequality are dangerously high, with negative implications for both human security and economic development. (Urban Poverty and Vulnerability In Kenya, Sept 2009)

Here’s my first question: what is a f**king shopping mall doing in Nairobi, anyway? Of course, how silly of me; those poverty-stricken Kenyans must be forced to participate in the commercialization and commodification of their culture, buying Gucci, Samsonite, and KFC, just like the rest of us, or stand idly by and watch as social and economic inequality skyrockets.

A followup question: What the f**k is the FBI and CIA doing there?   Oh, of course… there are terrorists to be concerned about; and we need to keep them from getting to us over here in the homeland. Perhaps the FBI and CIA are there, along with other secreted (covert) security forces from the NSA or DHS, because their mission is to erase any signs that the standoff was engineered or instigated by our mission-aries.

Somalia’s al-Qaida-linked rebel group, al-Shabab, said the attack, targeting non-Muslims, was in retribution for Kenyan forces’ 2011 push into neighboring Somalia. Associated Press 

Gosh, do you think the covert agents of some dastardly imperial-security-military hegemony had anything to do with that Kenyan ‘push’ or with the installation of Western cultural and economic institutions around the area, along with social destabilization. Is anybody really looking at the concrete “blowback” from our ongoing machinations, as we seek to convert the world to our way of thinking, taking over their resources, and their mindset, while eliminating the forces that bind us?

From the looks of things, we cannot tell if this was the Westgate Mall in Africa or the Westside Pavillion in Los Angeles.Westside_Pavilion


And, wouldn’t you know it, we, the People, have put out a world-wide all-points-bulletin of more potential terror from this or other affiliate groups.  It is so good that we are on top of these things.  And, of course, we are also very concerned that those Somali’s (implicated by ethnicity and nationality as Shabab members) with US citizenship are handled appropriately before they even have a chance to get back home to the USA, just in case they were around the horn of Africa visiting mom or perhaps ole’ granddad.

Now, I realize how my sarcasm can sound childish, but the issues are dead serious, and our profound national ignorance, grave.  We have absolutely no respect for national sovereignty, indigenous or tribal custom, cultural diversity.  As George Bush articulated the protocol of the project for a New American Century, “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.”  And we have made continual movements down that path, from Bush to Obama, with military might paraded around the world, much of it to no avail, and some of it covertly to gain a superior position with respect to foreign resources or markets.  We are consumed with the image we see in the mirror and fitfully believe that everyone else should be just as impressed.  And if it leads to blowback, well thats just the price of being productive.  And, in many cases the blowback may be carefully manufactured by our very own… part of the mission in securing the beach-head.

If the neocons had not cooked-up and tried to execute their NAC strategy globally, perhaps we would not have even seen the events of 9/11 unfold.  But, who knows, maybe the guys in DC baited the would-be bad guys, and even cut a deal with Osama – their old hired gun – to stir up a shit storm in the soon-to-be homeland.  It certainly was a great and convenient excuse for pushing their agenda forward, and rapidly. I mean, then they executed bin Laden much like a mafia hit.  The wise guys snuck in the back windows while the big guy was lounging around in his robes with wife and other women-folk.  Then they whacked him and others just like a gangland hit.  I swear Joe Pesci and Robert DiNero couldn’t have done a better job.  Then, just like in the mafia movies… they dumped the stiff’s body in the ocean!

And, why not stamp the rest of the globe with our signature, like a dog marking his spot by pissing on everything; after all, it’s cheaper and less work than setting up shop on Mars, Jupiter, or Venus.  But, all of this is just whispering past the graveyard.  Yet, it is not unreasonable to believe that Kenya is a product of our own making (in one way or another), just as was Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, as well as other emerging and ongoing African uprisings. After all, slavery was abolished in the land of the free a while back, so we might as well go to the fountainhead and enslave them at the source – slaves to a system of economic penury that only serves to support the habits of the rich and famous, while destroying cultures, populations, and habitats.  Yes, the world is your oyster, America; if you choose to treat it as such.  But, don’t forget, once you crack open the shell and suck down that raw belly, perhaps with some lemon and hot sauce, all that remains is an empty shell.  Enjoy the taste while it lasts.  It’s almost over!

24 Responses to Just One More Time Around the Horn… of Africa

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  2. the heretick says:

    well, i’ve done just about all i can do, pointed out the device by which these monstrosities have subverted govts. around the globe, and on other forums than this. i think i just dig myself a deeper hole.
    better known thinkers than me such as thom hartmann have been out there for years, they don’t get much play, do i dare call myself a thinker?
    permit me to whine just a bit, got any cheese? i’m tired of it, honestly, i don’t think there is free inquiry anymore, there may be more on the right than the left.
    the supposed sophisticates i read on various sites, blogs, etc. man! like children, have they ever swung a mattock? a pick? worked down in the trench laying pipe? those jobs americans won’t do, but i have done?
    i’m just going to shut up.

    we’ve stripped so much wealth from Africa, Haiti didn’t get done paying reparations to France for winning their freedom until something like 1947, it’s criminal when you know the true history.

    but this is all in the past (or is it?), how do you ever balance the scales? how do you put a price on a human life?(although it’s been done), how do you quantify one persons suffering against anothers?

    got jumped the other day for using the term “we”, seems some high-minded lady didn’t like being lumped in with we proles, seems she had reached some higher vibe, oh well.

    • kulturcritic says:

      If you take the incident DA was referring to the other day… the black woman going berserk by the White House and couple that with the guy setting himself ablaze on the National Mall, I think you could say the wheels are beginning to fall off the bus. Increasingly we will see individual incidents of protest and exclamations of despair, not the least because collective avenues of protest and rebellion have been closed off to we, the people. Our government increasingly isolates itself behind barricades and bunkers, physical, psychological and intellectual, shutting out the very people it claims to serve. It shows us clearly that this great experiment was, and never can be a democracy. Such a thing is incompatible with hierarchy… in short, with the logistical organization of the State. Re-read Nietzsche; he is extremely clear on this point. Watch for more incidents in DC – on the mall, by the big white house, and at the capitol. I am certain there is more to come.

  3. xraymike79 says:

    Viral Image Captures America In One Photo

    With sirens blaring and people scrambling for safety all around him, an unidentified man in a suit and tie seems to be buried in his BlackBerry as he strolls by a Capitol Hill Police officer taking position with an assault rifle.
    “That’s D.C., right? People are so wrapped up in that little device in their hands that nothing else matters,” said Doug Mills, a New York Times photographer who captured the surreal moment during Thursday’s lockdown at the U.S. Capitol.

    Mills took the photo from a third-floor window of the Senate building where doors were being locked because a dramatic car chase and shooting were unfolding on the streets outside.

    “There were guys running all around with their guns,” Mills told Yahoo News

    • xraymike79 says:

      Here’s the link…

      The point is that we have made ourselves slaves to technology, oblivious to the outside world that is fast disintegrating from beneath our feet.

      • Disaffected says:

        Wonder if he was watching a media image of himself watching himself in a media image, watching himself in a media image…

  4. freeacre says:

    I can;’t understand why there has not be an outcry from our psychiatrists and mental health professionals concerning the horrific impact that total surveillance is having on us and will have on our children. Private time and alone time after school and until my parents were home from work, was the only thing that kept me sane during my childhood. Even if DARPA was not beaming messages into people’s minds, unremitting surveillance is enough to drive a person crazy. Especially if the person is schizophrenic to begin with. For thousands of marginally sane people, this is enough to drive them over the edge, I would wager. I agree that we can expect much more. This culture will well and truly go insane. I’m starting to understand the “zombie apocalypse” meme …

  5. kulturcritic says:

    WELL, that was a close call; but you can all relax now… IT’S OFFICIAL>>>

    Official: Woman Killed in DC Chase Was Delusional
    STAMFORD, Conn. October 5, 2013 (AP)
    Associated Press

    A woman who was shot to death outside the U.S. Capitol after trying to ram her car through a White House barrier had been under the delusion the president was communicating with her, a federal law enforcement official said Friday.

    • kulturcritic says:

      How silly of her… she actually believed he was speaking to her, when he addressed the nation on TV or radio… Well, I guess there are lots of deluded people out there.

  6. kulturcritic says:

    ‘”In Iowa, the state’s Iowa Department of Homeland Security said a mile-wide tornado touched down near the town of Cherokee, cutting a 2- to 3-mile path through farmland but missing any population centers.”

    I guess I did not know we had state as well as federal dept’s of Homeland Security… but I guess it makes sense if you want to keep a close watch on all us assholes.

  7. Ron McCafferty says:

    Yeah, HS is going local. Even in sleepy Lynchburg, VA. They’re just trying to help us “feel secure”. And those who don’t want to “feel secure” will be put into after school detention. Makes me feel like an adult. I feel like going out on the street corner and start singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. That should at least garner a tazing, right?

  8. Just search “PNAC” start with the Wikipedia entry, click the links, see how deeply embedded the zombie squid of the 18th century is, especially in the English speaking world. Anyone else remember Thatcher’s suggestions of forming a new “bloc” of English speaking countries? *sighs*

  9. the heretick says:

    “investigators found antipsychotic medications in her apartment,” the question becomes whether the “medications” caused her psychosis, if she was psychotic in the first place. a common thread among these people is medication. Aaron Alexis had been taking an SSRI.
    the key point is whether the relationship is casual or causal, just rearranging a couple of letters can make a big difference.
    it does seem odd that this the second person in the DC area that has been hearing voices.

  10. the heretick says:

    more to the point of your article, at what point do we reach the point of diminishing returns? in THX 1138 the robot cops gave up the chase when it became uneconomical.
    who is keeping the books on our overseas adventures? what is counted as cost? or are we just the proverbial runaway train?
    PBS did a segment on The Partnership for Public Service, of which one recipient was Kevin Geiss, the deputy assistant secretary for energy at the Department of the Air Force.
    seems Kev helps us save energy running our war machine, not that saving fuel is a bad thing, but howzabout just scaling the entire thing back just a bit?

    this is how the debate is framed.

  11. Malthus says:

    I just don’t know what to say anymore. This illusion just keeps rolling along and when we finally go over the cliff is unknown. The house of cards just seems to stick together with out any type of glue except greed and stupidity. I look forward to the total collapse of civilization as we have come to believe is the ultimate in evolution. And as far as sounding childish Sandy, no way, its just that instead of f**k spell it out. Fuck, fuck, fuck. And I still stick with my nom de plume Malthus because the number one cause of all this is population. Why do you think all the alphabet crime syndicates are going all over the world sticking their noses up everyone’s ass is because what else do you do with them. How many ditches and fields can the hoe? Really depressing and pathetic that we who think we are the pinnacle of evolution can’t do anything except be imperialistic as we deny that we are.

  12. kulturcritic says:

    From the streets of DC this week!!

    • Ron McCafferty says:

      It is scary, Sandy. People are so misinformed. If they are not repeating verbatim what they hear on the news or radio, they usually have no cognitive thoughts regarding current affairs. I have come to the realization that the news is mostly kabuki theater. This is what the PTB want us to be talking about. But what the PTB are failing to realize or maybe they are overconfident, is that there are rumblings. From certain people, from the earth and weather, from animals. The greatest technology can be wiped off the map by a two mile wide tornado. I don’t know what the prevailing thought is on this site is regarding this statement. But I feel that certain people have come too far technologically and financially. They have been irresponsible. The unfortunate part is that too many are going to pay for the irresponsible behavior of a small group of greedy people. What is your thought? Thank you.

    • Disaffected says:

      Looks like FBI is joining the commando gear rage now too. It’s all the fashion these days. Can school kids in Kevlar be far behind? Granny Kevlar wear anyone?

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