Imagine: Dreaming of Living Our Dreams Out Loud Once More*


(The anonymous work of A.D.)

Wake up you teeming masses, you mindless minions, you consummate consumers, you corporate cogs, you unwoken fools! You dreamed you were cast adrift helpless in a malevolent realm ruled by the corporatized competition of your own selfish desires. You dreamed you were a nameless, faceless, cog in a global corporate machine of your joint creation, ceding your power to the false idols and authorities who were only too happy enslave you. There’s a new dream waiting for you now if you’ll only wake up and live it. One of personal and local collective empowerment, autonomy, and responsibility; one of mutual tolerance, respect, and yes, even love, borne out of common cause and purpose. One of living your dreams out loud again as if you own them and they actually matter! So take off your cultural blinders and masks of anonymity and reacquaint yourselves with one another, for there’s a revolution of consciousness at hand, and YOU’RE THE ONES who will lead it!

Wake up you corporate criminals, you mindless “producers of other people’s value,” you implements of enslavement, you unwoken fools! You dreamed of time and motion studies, shameless self-promotion, corporate ladder climbing, machines replacing humans, and profits before people. There’s a new dream in town and you’re welcome to partake. Your corporate values have been revealed as the lie they always were: exercises in futility to produce far too many unnecessary products for far too few people in order to transfer the natural wealth of the earth benefiting the many to the artificial wealth benefiting only the select few.

Wake up you financial front men, you Wizards of Wall Street, you masters of mythematics, you Princes of Ponzi, you egomaniacal enablers, you unwoken fools! You dreamed of abstraction absolutely, money for nothing, exponential functions run amuck and personal profits stacked to the stars. There’s a new dream of equitability and equanimity in town, and you’re welcome to partake. Your old dream has been revealed to be the nightmare of greed and avarice it always was, but you have only to wake up, forsake your ill-gotten gains, and rejoin humanity again in a new one.

Wake up you Military Industrial Complex madmen, you merchants of mayhem, you dealers of death and destruction, you shameless shysters, you purveyors of pestilence, you psychotic stirrers of other peoples’ shit, you unwoken fools! You dreamed of imperial immortality, monuments to magnificence, profits from pain and persecution, and shackles for sheckels. There’s a new dream in town, but you’ll have to forsake such foolishness to partake. The people have realized they have no quarrel with each other, but rather, mostly just with YOU! Your foolish dreams of “security” and “defense” have been revealed for the lascivious lies they always were, and we have no time or patience for such little boy dreams anymore.

Wake up you religious rapscallions, you theoreticians of theology, you hucksters of hope, you sanctimonious saints, you pompous pontificators, you unwoken fools! You dreamed of divine dispensation, righteous retribution, prissy perfection, earthly ecumenical empires, heaven on high, and hell in a hole. There’s a new dream now, not contained in any holy book, rite, or building you’ve ever seen. It’s a human dream, in which men are free to accept or reject their divine natures in any way that they please, and in which no nagging pseudo-professional pious interlocutor plays a part. So come down from your pulpits and out of your temples and take your place among us as equals once again.

Wake up you political posers, you dynastic dicks and divas of division, you pretentious purveyors of public approval, you hysterical hyenas of hierarchy, you pitiful, paternalistic, and pretentious unwoken fools! There’s a new dream in town, and EVEN THE LIKES OF YOU are invited to partake! One where the masses are swayed by your bellicose, bombastic, buffoonery no more and your claims to special privilege and power are rejected utterly. Your foolish adolescent dreams of historic hierarchical hegemony have been revealed for the baseless, babyish, bullshit, they always were, and the people will tolerate them no more. So come out from your ivory institutions of insidious, ignominious, ingratiating, ineptitude, and be part of the commons from whence you came. The people have awoken and have no need for the likes of you anymore.

* In memory of John Lennon, an acerbic social critic, musician, iconoclast, paradox, and unapologetic living, waking, dreamer. Typically, John found meaning even in his death, shaking off his mortal coil 35 years ago Dec 8th at the hands of the fellow unwoken fool Mark David Chapman, who demanded that John be something that he himself could not imagine being – his own “personal savior.” It was a tragic, yet magnificent and meaningful, and ultimately inevitable death.

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  2. Disaffected says:

    Wow! Great post! Lennon was always my favorite Beatle, although as the author alludes to here, he was certainly a “paradox” as well. I’ll just add that he was certainly no “saint” and leave it that. But he was certainly an “acerbic” enough social critic and all-around pain in the ass to get the attention of the Nixon White House and their goons in the FBI and CIA, so that’s pretty damn high praise indeed.

    But I especially like the points about religion and our current hero worship of all things military and security related. It’s no small coincidence, I think, that a country that’s dominated by a religious mentality of heaven and hell being “out there” in the world (or the next) would also look for “salvation” (heaven) in the form of external figures (cult of personality, which is really what the whole Jesus myth boils down to), and then take that once step further by seeing it’s “devils” in the form of people who don’t look like them or believe in the same nonsense that they do, who then must be “conquered” by their own righteous external “saviors,” in the form of the military, technology, and/or charismatic leaders. As Joseph Campbell said many times, or greatest failure and potential for trouble as a civilization is our inability to understand our own heroic myths, or more simply, our distorted cultural stories are now totally out of sync with observed facts, and the cognitive dissonance is palpable everywhere we look. The current and ongoing ISIS phenomenon has me shaking my head at the rampant, hysterical, stupidity that has been unleashed in our society in such a short period of time. Or as Greer said on his blog a week or two back, the shadows on the cave walls are telling us a wildly distorted story which we no longer seem to be capable of interpreting accurately.

    • F. Elaine Anderson says:

      I’m cooking a cabbage out of my backyard and some carrots, DA

    • Disaffected says:

      Just to add, kind of sad to see Lennon’s death fading into the rear view mirror of history now along with what remains of the whole 60’s-early 70’s zeitgeist, inevitable though it might be. I remember admiring him so much when I was but a wee little shit, wishing that I too could be a rabble rousing impudent prick that all the girls swooned for just like him and get away with it, but alas, my genetics and personal circumstances were having none of that!

      I remember getting into a heated argument much later in my 30’s with a close friend of mine over who was the most important member of the Beatles, Paul or John. It started out as just casual discussion but quickly evolved into a heated argument, which we would renew quite regularly after that. He of course felt that Sir Paul’s overall musicality was the deciding factor, while I asserted that it was John’s wit, biting sarcasm, and social conscience that set them apart. We never did resolve that argument and I have no doubt whatsoever that if we met again today it would still be a bone of contention between us.

      But the saddest part of all now that we too are growing old and gray, is that trying to relate any of this to the younger generations is mostly a fool’s errand. At this point in my life, rapidly closing in on 60, I can barely remember the details myself, and even the broad strokes are merely a pastiche of subliminal feelings and misrememberings of events long gone by. Overall, I can only honestly remember that it was a magical time from my exceedingly limited POV, and that popular music seemed to dominate and reflect it in a way that it never has since. Of that much, I can be sure!

      • the Heretick says:

        Geez DA. that arguments easy to settle, George was the coolest Beatle; and actually wrote the most relevant and meaningful tunes, such as While My Guitar Gently Weeps et. al.

        Of course John was the original founding member of the group, same with Waters in Floyd, and was def less pop than “Sir” Paul; kind of tells the tale dunnit?

        • Disaffected says:

          Indeed it does. Although in the case of the Floyd the lines were more muddled. Gilmour, as the (more than) legitimate replacement for Barrett, had at least as much claim on the group as Waters did thereafter, and a lot MORE in my opinion. In the case of the Beatles, it was always a 50/50 kind of thing right up to the end. But yeah, I’m right there with you. To my mind, it was simply NO CONTEST.

  3. F. Elaine Anderson says:

    Amen. Now how do we wake them up out of the spell? Anybody out there looking for the horn that will call the Fianna back from the dead?
    Just curious – nice post. Why do you not put your on it, AD?

    • F. Elaine Anderson says:

      Your name

      • Disaffected says:

        ‘A Dreamer” or ‘Another Dreamer’ maybe? I think most of the US populace are officially classified as zombies now – the undead who have died but just don’t know it yet. Might take a shovel to the head to get their attention at this point.

    • Disaffected says:

      Are you going all New Agey on us these days HT? I drift in and out of that scene pretty regularly. Way big into Tangerine Dream back in the day, and then assorted stuff while I lived in CA in the 90’s. Nice to eschew insipid lyrics every now and then and just submerge yourself to pure “soundscapes,” as they’re referring to them these days.

  4. F. Elaine Anderson says:

    DA, the zombie Apocalypse is not going to come about thru viral infections, its going to come from people eating the new frankenfish, the genetically engineered salmon that the FDA just approved for sale — without labelling.
    Fortunately, the apocalypse should be concentrated right here in the heart of the empire.
    .I’m going to have to move back to the city so my cellphone reception will be good enough to load HT’s musical selections. I do OK with New Age hocus pocus do long as they don’t go liberal on me. In fact I’m scouting around right now looking for any neo-pagans who might know a spell that’s good for genetically modifying civilization.

    • Disaffected says:

      My mother always told me that if I lived long enough I’d eventually curse the Democrats. She was right of course, although I doubt very much for the reasons she suspected. She’s now completely chair bound at the age of 80 with what could only be described as “total joint failure,” due to years and years of inactivity and obesity. She still curses the “government dole” and “them fucking welfare queens” every time I speak to her, no matter how many times I remind her that she is one of them.

      My cousin’s a new age blogger of minor repute from up in Idaho. Strangely, she’s as conservative in her political leanings as her dirt poor Nebraska roots. Her and her husband (her 3rd) live quite modestly on federal government disability payments acquired at somewhat peculiarly young ages and a small inheritance from her husband’s side of the family. When I explained to her that voting consistently Republican, whatever else it might do for her and hers, might be the best way to ensure that a good portion of their income gets cut off post haste, she seemed genuinely perplexed. Of course that was before I knew that voting “liberal Democrat” was rubber stamping the same policies.

      The incongruities in American life have now reached a critical tipping point in my opinion. Forget the international policy blunders and the like as just the stupidity of the rich, I can totally understand that. It’s the day to day life choices that Americans by the millions are making every single day that has me wondering about our collective sanity.

      By the way, have you seen the FX series Fargo? It is absolutely THE best thing out there on TV these days and encapsulates our current zeitgeist PERFECTLY!

    • kulturcritic says:

      The apocalypse already IS unfolding right in the heart of empire, dear Elaine.

      • F. Elaine Anderson says:

        Let ’em bring it on, brother kC, bring it on! The faster and the more intense the better.
        That way, when the dust settles, the cry of the whipperpoorwill will once again go on and on throughout the late spring nights, even if no human ears are there to listen, and the rabbit tobacco leaves will once again curl around the stalk, even if there aren’t any sneaky little bad boys around to roll them up in scraps of paper and smoke ’em, and the katydids will still cry: Katy did! – Didn’t! Katy did! Katy did! – Didn’t! Just like DA and his buddy arguing about a couple of Beatles back in the day.
        Long live the wild at Chernobyl! And God damn civilization. God damn its greed and power and its violence and hubris.

        • Disaffected says:

          Sadly, I think that’s the only way out of our current situation too. Collapse in earnest and work with whatever comes next. Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s the way it’s likely to play out, not on our own personal timescales anyway. Five to ten years will feel like an eternity when we’re living through the increasing misery that’s right around the corner. 2016’s likely to be really pivotal. I think the only thing that could temporarily cool the US’s jets is for Putin to capitulate, and that shouldn’t and won’t happen, save for someone assassinating him, which would likely not work either and could very well set off an all out nuclear exchange. Nonetheless, we know that’s on their list of possible solutions, since that’s what MH17 was likely all about, proving once again that the now routine US assertion that “all options are on the table” is no idle threat. The US shadow government is proving daily now that they are crazy (and desperate) enough to try anything!

    • kulturcritic says:

      Elaine, I think I have a shaman or two who could cast that spell! LOL

  5. F. Elaine Anderson says:

    I hardly ever watch TV, DA, but if I get Around one anytime soon, I’ll keep an eye out for Fargo. What does FX series refer to?

    • Disaffected says:

      FX or Fx, or F(X) is the Fox cable network. Much as I hate too admit it, American cable/satellite TV channel programming is fairly in tune with what’s going on in America these days. Overstated and embellished for dramatic effect? Of course. But basically true in spirit nonetheless? You betchya!

    • Disaffected says:

      I’m watching a replay of the latest episode as we speak when it finally hit me what I like most about this series: it posits, and actively and realistically explores its characters’ reactions to the various shit predicaments that they find thrust upon them. Dramatic TV these days can be as great or pitiful as the money guys and producers allow it to be. In the case of Fargo, thus far at least, they’ve allowed it to be pretty damn great!

  6. the Heretick says:

    Ah gits weary
    An’ sick of tryin’
    Ah’m tired of livin’
    An’ skeered of dyin’,
    But ol’ man river,
    He jes’keeps rolling’ along.

    I have lived in this hellhole of our country for 62 years as of this date, and worked for 45, I have nothing, nothing. Now some would say I made my own bed, I say bullshit. there are so many different people and companies that have made money off of me throughout my life, where do you begin? The problem is akin to unraveling the damage done by slavery, as that is what I and hundreds of millions of others have been, wage slaves.

    The sentiments expressed by our gracious host are admirable, true, and probably the best way out of our mess, but I give them about a snowball’s chance in perdition. People like me are angry, beat up, sick. this country is sick. The toxicity of the city. There are gunfights in the streets, and hate in the wind, people jockey for position in traffic as if their lives depended on it.

    I have pondered this question of consciousness, class and/ or otherwise for many long years, for I developed mine at an early age, don’t know why, why? Genetics? What? I have come to the conclusion there is no percentage in being a nice guy, there is nothing in it for me, never has been, I should have been just like everybody else, an asshole.

    I don’t believe these predators are asleep, I think they know exactly what they are doing and they like it. They love it, they are frickin’ animals, beasts, and they love to rend and tear.

    Please forgive me for raining on the parade, I am merely the animal I have been turned into, environment matters. Besides, every society, online or otherwise, needs the dissident voice, the – if you will – Heretick.

    • Disaffected says:

      I’m right there with you HT! I realize that that comes off as the rankest hypocrisy, and it probably is, but I, for one at least, at least somewhat realize your predicament, and am just waiting to fall into the same circumstances as you are. We ALL are! Which is EXACTLY what keeps the current mess going.

      Listen, how about this. Tell Sandy to forward your email address to me and lets get in touch and take it from there. Sound good?


    • kulturcritic says:

      Welcome asshole HT! LOL

  7. F. Elaine Anderson says:

    The predators are truly not asleep. You’re right, HT. I would call them the Domesticators though – we are the domesticated, being drowsily farmed by them, generation after generation, bred to serve their interests, not our own. Of course, some of us do say, for all the good it does – oh hell no. Excuse me – oh Perdition no.
    Haha. My first reaction to the post was to write: Back in the summer of 67, I believed that every time we smoked marijuana, we were radiating good vibes out into the air, and that that energy had the power to bring love and peace to the world. Lord, Lord, y’all, civilation went and gobbled up our glory dreams just like it does everything else. And even old man river doesn’t roll free anymore. He’s dammed. Or is that damned….

    • Disaffected says:

      F. Elaine,

      Forgive me for asking my dear, and perhaps it’s none of my business, but are you perhaps Black/African American, or whatever politically correct term we’re using these days? No particular reason why, just want to know.

      Either way, I want to reincarnate as a rabbit in your garden, no impolite innuendo implied.


      • F. Elaine Anderson says:

        DA, dear, if you want to reincarnate in my garden, you absolutely must remember to come back as a fully grown and roundly hefty little fellow, because my feline garden guard catches rabbits up to half her size, jumps up to the window with them in her mouth, squeaking and crying, the poor little dears, drags them thru the open window, eats two or three bites and leaves the rest. But hey, its them or my string beans.
        My ethnic heritage is primarily pan-Celtic (mostly Scottish, some Welsh and Irish). I look Scottish. I’ve got Sephardic Jewish connections through my beloved grandmother, on my father’s side (alas). And Melungeon on both sides – which is supposed to guarantee black ancestry. Actually, we all have black ancestery. But, no, I was raised with WASP privileges regardless of who my people once were.

        • Disaffected says:

          Sorry for asking, that was really kind of stupid. I spent 7 years down your way (1982-1989) over in Valdosta GA, and you sound like a lot of people I came to know in my time there. The deep South is, alas, a place I’ve only lately come to realize is so truly special. Or at least my memories of it are.

  8. Disaffected says:

    This video was showing on PBS again this morning. It ought to be required viewing for Christians, although the few I’ve recommended it to and gave them a brief verbal synopsis, not surprisingly, scoffed and rejected it out of hand. It features 3 or 4 theologians who walk us through the historical evidence behind the Jesus myth and really put the whole thing in perspective for me the first time I saw it several years back. It’s a 4 hour video in 4 parts on YouTube.

    • F. Elaine Anderson says:

      P.S. I read over this too fast the first time and missed the point that these are theologians too. See if there’s any good sound bites you can extract from it. Easier than convincing them to watch a 4hr program that you are telling them is guaranteed to shake the foundations of their doctrines.
      Maybe I’ll meet your mother someday, we can talk “religion”. Where does she live?

      • Disaffected says:

        You should really take the time to watch this, as it’s not really “religious” at all. It’s more accurately a true history mediated by scholars who have a minimal religious bias. I’m as anti-religion as anyone I know, but I judge this piece to be as accurate of a representation as is currently possible of the history surrounding the Christ myth. In fact, it pretty much throws cold water on the claims of early Christians that a historical figure named “Jesus of Nazareth,” assuming his very existence wasn’t entirely apocryphal, ever claimed to be “divine” whatsoever, never mind the “only son of God” and the rest of all that hooey.

  9. F. Elaine Anderson says:

    DA, the subversion of the oppressive power of Christendom is my primary battlefront, so if you don’t mind, I’d like to toss out some comments here. This, btw, is so, so very much fun. I believe that subversion, by definition, means you do it from the inside, so here we go.
    First let me pose a question – now, I realize that you and I both refuse to legitimize the forces of oppression by voting (for ANY party) but this is just a “for example”. If you wanted to persuade a fan of Hilary to shift his position on something, would you do it by quoting D. Trump to him? Oh! For heaven sakes, no. You would use vocabulary that he’s comfortable with. So you would quote Bernie as your authority, or something like that.. See what I mean?
    Same thing here, if you want to have a go with the Christians, instead of coming at it with what secular authorities say, (which as you’ve noticed, doesnt get you anywhere) you can arm yourself with the works of the great anti-civ theologian J. Dominque Crossan. He’s totally mind-blowing and very easy to understand.. (Much less accessible, but well worth the effort of trying to read a work that was written for scholars is the very powerful commentary on the gospel of Mark, Binding the Strong Man, by lifelong social and environmental justice activist, Ched Myer. I’ve read that he is now anti-civ too, but I haven’t been able to come up yet with the reference cited. )
    If you have you friends in the Church of Christ, you can give them a copy of David Lipscomb’s little book “On Civil Government” and tell them with a smile that you want to discuss it with them after they read it. I can almost guarantee you that they do not know that their own beloved 19th century church leader was an anarchist. You can ask Christians who vote, right or left, or serve in the armed forces if they realize that State Worship is a form of idoltry today, just like it was in the days of Rome. Give ’em something a little different to chew on. If you want to keep it simple, just walk up to any church goer, any time any place and say the following: Ya know that time when Jesus said “Whose picture and whose inscription are on that denarius?” You know whose picture it was, of course, but have you ever wondered what the inscription said?
    Then you get to enlightenment them with this little tidbit from antiquity: the inscription read ” August Son of God” . Then you disappear into the shadows like the astute guerrilla fighter that you are. You’ve just exposed the tip of the iceberg. So there was this guy ya know, and he went out and broadcast a bunch of seeds. And whether he was sleeping or awake, it didnt make any difference. The seeds did what seeds are going to do…
    This is really fun, in and of itself, and its even more fun when you begin to notice that some of those seeds are actually sprouting.

    • Disaffected says:

      Good stuff Elaine, but as I learn every week in conversations with my mother back in Iowa, the art of debate is completely lost on these people.

      At this point, I am mostly interested in exploring how such a non-nonsensical myth as Christianity ever got started in the first place, and secondarily, how it ever survived the voyage into modernity. And the answer is, of course, plain old politics, which the PBS video’s I referenced above mentioned as a parting shot.

      In other words, what the historical Jesus, a virtual vagrant by modern standards whose own family thought he was crazy, might well have been referencing when he spoke of the “heavenly kingdom to come” and all that, was simply the acceptance by the Roman Empire of Judaism and what was to become his little off-shoot brand, eventually labeled Christianity.

      All the rest I understand for the most part, including the appropriation of symbols, dates, and holidays from previous religious traditions and all of that, all of which those videos go into at some length as well. Christianity, quite unlike what its modern adherents proclaim, is a thoroughly mongrelized religion in every possible respect; which, in a more enlightened subscription base, would be accepted and/or celebrated quite readily. Unfortunately for the world at this point, we don’t live in very enlightened times.

  10. F. Elaine Anderson says:

    So, you know, y’all, around 60 CE, the Romans set out to invade Inys Mon (the island of Angelsey) which was the stronghold of Celtic resistance. All through the night, the Druids on the shore worked their magic, and the women in black ran back and forth, hair loose, fire brands in their hands, and the warriors with their famous Celtic courage stood by, weapons at the ready. Tacitus claims that the battle-hardened Roman infantry, watching from the barges,, were paralyzed with terror. But Roman military discipline prevailed. They made the beach landing and overran the defenders, burning them with their own firebrands. Then they burned down all the sacred groves of Inys Mon. God damn the spirit of Rome.
    Within a few years Rome would put down in the east the first Judean rebellion – at great cost to the empire and destroy Jerusalem. They cruficied so many Gallilean and Judean resisters (and their families – men, pregnant women and children together) that they stripped the hills around Jerusalem of trees. After the second revolt ( would you take up arms knowing that Rome could and would torture your wife and children to death for it? ) was crushed, the Jews who were still living were enslaved and driven from the land, dispersed throughout the world. God damn the spirit of Rome.
    The Ghost Dancers were Messianics who believed if they would only just treat everybidy with peace and love, Jesus would come back and free the land from white civilization. The US military turned the snow of Wounded Knee red with the blood of their old men, women and children. And the U S government handed out medals if honor to the victors like candy. For great heroic acts like retrieving a pack animal that wandered off during the battle. God damn the US government. The government of Botswana has trucked the happy and free San off their land base and forced them to take up agriculture and live in conditions of civilized squalor. God damn the government of Botswana.

    Sandy, you can tell your shaman friends that there’s somebody over here in the belly of the beast that’s starting to get warmed up. Long hair hanging loose, dressed in black, going about in the night writing a message on the walls of the cities: Visualize the collapse of industrial civilization. Earth First!

    • kulturcritic says:

      Love you, Elaine. I’m in tears. And so are the shamans of Siberia! sK

      • F. Elaine Anderson says:

        Love you, too, Sandy, and your community of commenters here, And I value, so much, all that you and they are doing for consciousness-raising and for consoling and encouraging each other as best we can.

    • Disaffected says:


      That last paragraph has me transfixed. You’re going to have to stop talking like that or I’m going to have to become your bunny rabbit garden slave for REAL.


  11. Malthus says:

    Ahh the word smith from Alabama speaks with the Scottish gift and the small section of the world we live in listens with wonder and awe. God Damn will always trump everything.

    • Disaffected says:

      In the end, John was perhaps merely “incidentally” a member of the Beatles. He was by most accounts an average (at best!) musician throughout most of his career, he obviously wasn’t all that great of a citizen (didn’t like to pay taxes, resisted the US war effort, advocated drug use, etc.), and he wasn’t all that pleasant to be around personally. But he certainly WAS a major agent of social change, and he certainly DIDN’T share the same social filter that prevents most of us from saying what needs to be said to enact meaningful change when it’s possible. Whatever it was, he certainly had it IN SPADES!

  12. F. Elaine Anderson says:

    Well, I declare, DA – a man like you can make an old lady blush.

    HT – how do you upload those music videos?

  13. F. Elaine Anderson says:

    Oh my, DA, that was easy wasn’t it? And here I was thinking HT was some some kinda techie guru who probably used 9 Linux commands and tossed in some old DOS stuff too just to keep em guessing.

    • Disaffected says:

      I had trouble with it too at first, being a fellow over-thinker and typical “smartest kid in class.” Alas, being smartest doesn’t always equate to being wisest or most effective, does it? So let’s see some video links my F’Lainey! I’m bored waiting for the season finale of Fargo in another 90 minutes!

      • F. Elaine Anderson says:

        I sent you Laura Nyro’s Gibsom Street. That’s what I’s listening to back when y’all were listening to the Beatles.
        But WordPress stuck it way yonder so you’ll haave yo scroll up to find it. I couldnt decide between that and upstairs by a Chinese lamp. So I’ll send you that one too . And maybe one more – how bout Grover Washington’s cover of Masterpiece? By then Fargo should a started.

        • Disaffected says:

          Thanks F’Laine. Didn’t mean to “smart off,” above, as I often talk/post before I think. Hard to believe that that kind of stuff was around way back when. But then again, it’s hard to talk to my parents now and believe that I actually came from them in any possible sense. It’s a strange world we’re inhabiting these days, and you and I are just 2 of its 7B+ inhabitants. Imagine that!

          • F. Elaine Anderson says:

            You opened Pandora’s box, and the music keeps flying out and you can’t stuff it back in This one should remind you of ‘Califas’ – quivole ESE, and all that, DA

            8:05 PM, “kulturCritic” wrote: > > Disaffected commented: “Thanks F’Laine. Didn’t mean to “smart off,” above, as I often talk/post before I think. Hard to believe that that kind of stuff was around way back when. But then again, it’s hard to talk to my parents now and believe that I actually came from them in any” >

  14. Disaffected says:

    Fargo was great this season. It was set in 1979 and was a commentary on the end of small town America, families, and small businesses, due to corporatization. Even had an “appearance” by Ronny Raygun himself making a campaign speech about America being the so-called “shining city on a hill” and all that rot. The plot was about the Kansas City mob, a thoroughly corporate operation, moving in on the local family run mob in North Dakota. The end is predictable enough, the family gets slaughtered to the last man and woman, and Kansas City takes over their operation. But the corporate hitman that wins the day gets his comeuppance when he returns to Kansas City and is promoted into management for his efforts, complete with a shoe box office, shoe box desk, and shoe box window with a shoe box view. I had to shake my head at the truth of it all. Great show.

    By the way, Dmitry’s post this week might be the best thing I’ve ever read. It’s a truly ominous reminder of what lies dead ahead for us in the US!

  15. F Elaine Anderson says:

    I followed up on the cluborlov link. Dmitry is probably one of our greatest living prophets, lol.

    • Disaffected says:

      Just picked up his The Five Stages of Collapse off Amazon. Been meaning to read it for a while now. It does not disappoint!

      • Disaffected says:

        One of the clearest and most concise outlines of the stages of collapse (Financial, Commercial, Political, Social, and Cultural) and why the inevitability of the first – Financial – virtually guarantees the next two – Commercial and Political – all of which we’re experiencing in their preliminary stages as we speak. Unfortunately for us in the US (especially) and the rest of the world at this late date, financial collapse is highly unlikely to be as forgiving this time around as it was for the Soviet Union way back in the almost prehistoric period of the early 90’s. Slow next week or two at “the factory,” so good time to catch up on relevant reading. Cheers!

      • Disaffected says:

        I have to add, Dmitry’s discussion of “the Russian Mafia,” which is really more of a wide-ranging discussion of how enforcement/protection rackets in general come into being and operate in general on a gray scale continuum from totally illegal and violent to totally legal and non-violent is one of the most illuminating things I’ve ever read. We’re seeing the same thing here in the US now, where local “authorities” increasingly summarily wield violence arbitrarily and “illegally” for the most part, but are never held to account by a silent and/or totally corrupt “justice” system and are mostly cheered on by a population that has largely embraced mob violence in the absence of justice.

        Soviet Russia had a long history of such prior to their fall, as no one trusted the government from the start. Unfortunately for the US, especially the older population, we have been weaned on the delusion of the sanctity of “the rule of law,” which is now in permanent decline all around us. The rule of law in the US now is all about access, and to get access one needs M-O-N-E-Y, and lots of it! But one thing we do share with the former Soviet Empire is a large number of disaffected and demoralized military vets returning home from our many wars of foreign occupation with a proclivity and proficiency for administering lethal violence to settle civil disputes. Corporate security groups will only be able to handle so many of them. I expect to see local enforcement/protection groups springing up all over in the years just ahead, with decidedly mixed results for all involved.

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