Tightening the Noose: What’s Left?


2001 was the watershed year in ‘righting’ our inverted totalitarian Ship of State — the Western geopolitical imperial hegemony. The previously soft-shoe, largely market-driven approach to maintaining obedience over those populations participating in the Western Curriculum was discarded in favor of a more fulsome and heroic agenda of blatant propaganda, media censorship, government spying, administrative legislation, domestic militarization, executive privilege, and other gestapo-like tactics both at home and abroad.  And the ‘false-flag’ events that we often saw perpetrated in those bastions of so-called ‘barbarism’, e.g., MENA, now seem to be standard operating procedure right here among the vassal homelands of the USA’s imperial diaspora.  Whether or not we instigate or initiate, recruit or persuade, coax or commission, train or intimidate, excite or entice, execute it ourselves or through proxies, it is becoming ever more apparent that we are the one’s ultimately responsible for unleashing terror in the streets, from New York to Newtown, Paris to Kiev, Belgium to Britain. Shall I go on?  Not only the USA, but now the Eurozone vassals as well are tightening the nooses around the necks of their respective  populations.  Only a few stragglers remain outside the fold.  Russia is fast becoming the new bastion of freedom — so long as you do not just repeat the official narrative of the Western hegemony like a dumb parrot.  OK.  I won’t get too carried away here.  But, you get my point.

Yet now, from Charlie Hedbo to Christopher Cornell, we see how the fangs of imperial decay become bared in a last-ditch effort to maintain control and obedience as the hierarchy continues to tighten the noose and cut off our air supply.  I have spoken often about the destructive nature of hierarchy.  And so it is the case.  Granted there are far too many people on this planet to manage things otherwise; but one needs to recognize the reality that is shaping up around them.  There never really was anything called freedom in this thing we call civil society.  It is and always was a well-fabricated structure of executives, legislators, judges, police and warriors that are tasked with ‘ensuring the peace’.  Indeed, it was the justification for hierarchy articulated by none other than Thomas Hobbes many centuries ago, claiming that we must give up our freedom to a centralized power in order to survive in society.  At least this is the myth we have fed upon in the Western Curriculum for too many years. Of course, one could still try to argue that human nature is indeed brutish and evil, (just look at the current events we are discussing); but our only real evidence for such evil is based upon the historical record.  And it is precisely in prehistory that I would look for an alternative structuring of social reality that was not based upon fear and centralized hierarchical control.  At least not in the manner Hobbes envisioned it.  But, this has been the topic of other posts of mine on too many occasions to count.  Yet, as our “rights” continue to be stripped away, we sit idly by and watch, like spectators in the Coliseum.  But, what rights?  The rights bestowed upon us by the ill-founded power of State and its apologists?  Based upon the premise that without the centralized power of the state we would revert to barbarism and brutishness? Truly, the “Thou Shalts” of the Old Testament laid the foundation for the presumed justification of interference by the State, secular or religious.  And so one theocratic regime faces off against another.  And, if you don’t abide by the dictates, you too are unnecessary and expendable.

The question is: what can be done now?  How can just one man or woman counter the machinations of the State hegemony, its police forces and its military, in order to stop this inexorable march to a fully realized totalitarian regime?  Yes, I know, we all want the answer to that question.

1. We must stop letting the official narrative dominate the airways.  We must do everything we can (that we currently have the right to do) to get the other sides of the stories out there.  We must question authority at every turn.

2. We must not be afraid to speak our peace.  And we must not let the courts and the legislatures (manipulated by capital) close our mouths or shut us up.

3. We must stand up for the Other when she cannot defend herself. We must recognize that we too are the ‘other’, and not merely the facetiously choreographed and ultimately cynical “Je suis Charlie” or ‘Maidan’, or ‘Georgians’.  We cannot allow the media and its paymasters to dictate the terms of our participation in historical events.

4. We must do what we can to expose that the history we are living through is created, fabricated, by the leaders and the winners. And as Howard Zinn would remind us — tell the people’s story.

5. We must protest with words and assemblies, whenever possible, against the cold calculations of empire at every turn.  We must not be silenced, as the poor souls in Germany and Eastern Europe were silenced for so many years, and as the Americans find themselves silenced today, as were the Occupy Wall Street protests silenced a few years back.

6. Most importantly, violence will not be your friend; so don’t embrace it.  It will only kill you.  Coups and insurrections only replace one tyrant with a new one.  We shouldn’t be fooled again!

7. Finally, the only thing truly exceptional about America is the amount of terror its leadership has unleashed on the world over its recent history, and done so in the name of stopping terror.  And it is exceptionally stupid that We, the people, continue to finance this shit with our hard earned slave-wages.  Wake up Americans, and wake up Europeans, British, and Australians.  Wake up and speak out now while you still have a voice.

“удачи” ~kC

13 Responses to Tightening the Noose: What’s Left?

  1. monalisa says:

    Thank you,
    well put into an excellent description of our days.

    However, when I see how the masses react-I doubt very very much any real change for more freedom of speech for the time being.
    Most people put their back onto actual desasters and just don’t want to be reminded of facts. Those are the sheep-comprising more than 60 % or even over 70%-following their leaders (nowadays politicans sell their power-being entrusted by the masses-for anything they can get) into the abyss.
    Living in the Midde of Europe I am fully aware that as long as masses don’t go onto streets no politican will be forced to change anything.
    And as I see the developments showing how it will be (or could be?) more and more control over our heads including drones. Reminds me of the time in Austria which got into Austrian history as the “Metternich era”.
    And it will become more and more difficult-especially for the youth-to discern between falsehood and truth.
    Europe is already enslaved by USA-no doubt about that. It starts with TV-programmes and goes to the mainstream media. No exception. If journalists want to report and write about facts which doesn’t comply with the “given layouts” either they loose their jobs or they are “branded”. So easy is that nowadays.


    • Malthus says:

      Excellent description Sandy. I do agree totally with monalisa. Unless some kind of natural disaster like a meteor or bug of some kind that takes out those 60 or 70%. I must admit I do not have any hope that the “we” the people are going to do anything to change anything. We have been conditioned to only think of ourselves and ours and what we can get out of the myth of independence not matter who you have to roll over to get it. The “it” being of course all the toys and material things one can collect. If one has more toys then they are considered heroes in the first order and are a good example to follow.

      “And it is precisely in prehistory that I would look for an alternative structuring of social reality that was not based upon fear and centralized hierarchical control.” I have been saying those very same words more or less and to a person I am told we cannot go back. Where in the hell did that thinking spring from? From educated mutant robots espousing the wonderfulness of growth, control and obedience for the good of the all. Of course the “all” are those in control and produce all those toys. Nope not enough of the species are willing to be unreasonable and tell them to go to hell and get out of town.

      • monalisa says:

        to Malthus:
        speaking of natural disasters: its already here. We do not have to search for any longer.
        Air and water pollution and in Western countries (at least in Europe!) almost silence about Fukushima, bees dying, women get in Western countries much more difficult pregnant, men do not have enough aggressive sperma ….
        Disasters brought mostly by industrialized countries in the first place upon us.
        The seas have already too many dark spots and fish populations are dying, the air is from time to time “remedied” by some sort of “aerosols” and in the maybe not too distant future we will have some sort of artificial bees or totally Gen-manipulated crops etc. in order not dependent on bees (so it will run the propaganda machine!) and speaking for our human race …. maybe some countries will work onto this subject until humans will be replaced by machines, robots of special kinds etc. etc. etc. or-and this isn’t science fiction I think- to create humans specialized ….

        An outcry of the human race isn’t still heard ….
        People behave like during the dark times of the Middle Ages in Europe …
        just voiceless sheep en masse ….
        which brings me to the point: how much has an indispendable country taken and applied out of useful lessons from the Roman Empire and especially from the Roman-Catholic Church and Nazi-time …???

        Unfortunately a big stone from outer space isn’t in sight to “touch” us …
        should we be thankful for or should we regret it ….


        • Malthus says:

          Not to mention that the plankton has been reduced by about 50% which is the basis for all sea life and also produces around 80% of the worlds oxygen.And yes we are in the dark ages of so many things especially the medical profession. I will not be surprised if we revert to leeches and blood letting.

      • Disaffected says:

        Nope not enough of the species are willing to be unreasonable and tell them to go to hell and get out of town.

        That’s the problem with liberal thinking right there. Everyone’s so busy being reasonable and fair that they can’t deal with actual problems while they’re bitch-slapping them in the face daily. The Conservatives have realized this for decades, which is why they now run the country and own both parties under the guise of Neo-Liberalism [Meh! Neo-Con, Neo-Lib. It’s all a variation on the same basic theme IMO.] Any possible solution will therefore involve violence and civil war against an entrenched, well funded, and technologically superior establishment, although as Sandy said above, that’s a piss-poor solution as well. But it will be gradually narrowed down to that or nothing, and I think we’re likely already at that point. One thing’s for sure, voting or running for office within such a corrupt establishment damn sure ain’t gonna do it.

  2. the Heretick says:

    Indeed, to the point.
    “It is and always was a well-fabricated structure of executives, legislators, judges, police and warriors that are tasked with ‘ensuring the peace’.”
    It’s not just the 1%, it’s the 20% who make up the intelligentsia and take home 80% of the money year in/year out.
    “Indeed, it was the justification for hierarchy articulated by none other than Thomas Hobbes many centuries ago, claiming that we must give up our freedom to a centralized power in order to survive in society.”
    IMHO most people are clueless when it comes to understanding the power dynamic, and that it could be another way. the status quo is accepted as a given, a natural occurrence when it is anything but. Which leads to some sort of philosophical discussion about outcomes, If it’s not natural? Then why has it occurred? Which matters little when the rent is due.

    PRISON CHAPLAIN: “Choice. The boy has no real choice, has he? Self-interest, the fear of physical pain drove him to that grotesque act of self-abasement. Its insincerity was clearly to be seen. He ceases to be a wrongdoer. He ceases also to be a creature capable of moral choice.”

    The prison chaplain speaks these lines after he watches state officials test Alex in order to prove that he has truly been cured of his violent impulses.

    MINISTER OF THE INTERIOR:“Padre, these are subtleties. We’re not concerned with motives, with the higher ethics. We are concerned only with cutting down crime and with relieving the ghastly congestion in our prisons. He will be your true Christian, ready to turn the other cheek, ready to be crucified rather than crucify, sick to the very heart at the thought even of killing a fly! Reclamation! Joy before the angels of God! The point is that it works.”

    Quotes from A Clockwork Orange – Anthony Burgess

    “The man in me will hide sometimes to keep from being seen
    But that’s just because he doesn’t want to turn into some machine”


    Machine men coming out to get you, coming out to touch you.

  3. the Heretick says:

    Yes, it’s early in the thread.
    Does Roger sing “see me” or “machine men”? one of those mysteries of rock.

  4. Disaffected says:

    Great post. The whole Charlie Hebdo thing, whether it was a false flag operation in all or in part – and I now believe it was – certainly appears to have been engineered and/or manipulated to produce a renewal of the 9-11 hysteria in Europe. No surprise that it was pointed at the French, who have always been so easily manipulated by DC pressure.

    I think we have to start giving credit where credit is due, however. As easy as it is for a few of us to see through the propaganda smokescreen, the official party line is even more effective at persuading all the rest, so barring some Hail Mary pass and comeback a la Seattle vs Green Bay yesterday, it’s fair to conclude that the powers of disinformation have already won this little skirmish for the soul of humanity.

    Not that it’s gonna matter much either way, as AGW and peak everything are gonna put a stop to this little party pretty damn quick now. As I said last week, I think McPherson’s probably got the year (2030) right, give or take a decade or so anyway. Perhaps disinformation and lies are the last best rational response to all this after all.

    At any rate, keep it up Sandy. This blog, Zero Hedge, PCR, and Orlov are my mainstays now. Everything else is too mushy to be trusted.

  5. follyofwar says:

    Apparently French President Hollande was prepared to go on record officially that he wanted sanctions against Russia to end. After all, Europe’s economy, not America’s, is paying the price for this US instigated folly. Those who see conspiracy in the Charlie Hebdo massacre claim that this was done to shut Hollande up and keep the French under the USA’s thumb. I don’t know what to think about this, and I don’t believe that everything is a false flag, but the timing does seem awfully peculiar.

    • Disaffected says:

      The beauty of things now is that not everything has to be a false flag event per se anymore. Sow enough dissension in the world at large and a lot of events will purely organic, which makes it all the easier to sprinkle in a few timely FF events and let them hide in plain site among all the rest. This is all right out of the CIA’s basic playbook for subverting third world countries, so there’s no revolutionary thinking going on with any of this, just standard protocol with bigger budgets (blank checks, really) and a green light to go after anyone and everyone as long as it furthers the overall strategy. And when your strategy is chaos and confusion, that means pretty much anything goes.

  6. Disaffected says:

    Listening to the Kunstler interview with Morris Berman podcast now. Very enlightening and entertaining. Berman especially is quite an intellectual heavyweight with regard to American related history. But very good stuff in a general sense.


  7. Old George says:

    What ever happened to Epictetus and his advice regarding acceptance? “Wish not that the things which happen should happen as you wish, instead wish that the things which happen should happen as they do and you will live a tranquil flow of life” He points out it is usually our thinking about the problem rather than the problem itself. From that I gather we let things flow. So I guess the universe will decide our fate and we can get on living the day. Our conditioned egos have a hard time with projected annihilation but then maybe they do not really exist anyway but thinking makes them seem real. I reflect on World War II and marvel that mankind made it through that period. Maybe we need to relax and let the storm winds blow! I am also thinking of cultivating my garden and working on the greenhouse.

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