The Rapture . The End Game . The Hail Mary

Ever wonder if the controversial WikiLeaks leaks were a joint US State and Defense Department conspiracy?  After all, US Army PFC Bradley Manning worked for Defense.  What access would he have to State’s records without some special clearances? And it’s Defense that’s incarcerated him. Anyway, it’s just a thought!

In fact, there is a release of some new information or documents in one of the British rags,  The Telegraph (perhaps from Wiki), suggesting that the USG was working behind the scenes to support local uprisings in Egypt and possibly elsewhere in MENA.

Could it be that in light of more serious reflection on the imminence of Peak Oil, State, Defense, and others in the hegemony saw an opportunity to fuel (no pun intended) chaos in that region of the world, hoping to create a bigger opening for increased US military intervention, thereby gaining a new measure of control over the few remaining oil reserves in and around the Persian Gulf? And did not the Wikileaks leaks play some role in the rather rapid unravelling of America’s puppet dictators across the region?

I realize it is a complicated and perhaps counter-intuitive scenario to endorse.  But I mean, what else for the Empire to do, especially after you fucked up in the Gulf of Mexico? Create the conditions for military intervention and occupation of those lands with ready oil reserves.  After all the kings and other monarchs over there were not being particularly helpful on the oil front lately, and as things approach the final stretch, the end game was about to get even trickier.  So why not stimulate a series of popular uprisings and try to insert yourself as the good guys… fighting on the side of democratic reform (oh please… don’t make me vomit)!!  Then, perhaps, we could achieve greater control over those valuable resources.  And a side benefit… further distraction of the American body-politic!

And no sooner do we cheer on Egyptians against Mubarak, assist in the attempt to overthrow Kadaffi in Libya, and put boots on the ground in Pakistan to assassinate bin Laden, then we begin clearing the decks for Yemen.   In the same breath, while looking for some strained glimmer of popular support within the Arab world internationally, Obama signals a significant shift in U.S. policy concerning Israel, taking a clear whack at Netanyahu’s head (not that he doesn’t deserve it).  On the very eve of the meeting of the two heads of state, the US president endorses a return to the 1967 borders between Israel and Palestine as they were prior to the six-day war.

Is this the End Game folks?  Is this the Hail Mary pass they were all waiting for? Is this what the Hegemon, Obama, is throwing in a vain and frantic attempt to collect all the marbles before the ship of state hits an iceberg — before the clouds open, the angels appear, and the Dead Sea parts — allowing his fat-cat benefactors to continue partying until the very bitter end, while the rest of the world remains their cheap labor and their lap-dogs?  I mean, we realize of course that all of our elected officials are good Christians, forever hoping against hope.  Since they were no doubt as disappointed as any good believer was in the recent Rapture-no-show, they must be thinking:

Holy shit, no ‘deus ex machina’, no salvation from the clouds. Damn that guy.  We better just get our hands on some more of that oil to keep this party going another year or so… perhaps to the end of 2012 like those Mayans were suggesting.”

And what do “We, the people,” do.  As usual, we crack open another beer, sit back and cheer on the home team; as if this were just another preseason opener.  Yet, in concert with these frantic international moves, the US Senate has just extended the Patriot Act for four more years, thereby gaining a tighter grip on an increasingly jittery citizenry here in the Homeland. Again, the thinking must be:

Why, especially after that showing in Wisconsin and the support it generated around the hinterlands and the metropolises of this great land, we can’t have any more of that stuff.  We don’t need no revolution upsetting our apple cart.

So thinketh the US Oligarchs and their pet-puppet-politicians.

So, now they are making the final moves in this power game Obama announced in Moscow shortly after his installation as High Hegemon: capture MENA, tighten the noose here at home, and keep telling the fairytale to anyone who will listen — (even to those austerity frightened [fighting?] Irish in Dublin; boy have they been nippin at the bottle  a bit too much lately!) — that clean coal, air, water, wind, and fire can keep US going forever.  Only, it’s too bad that clean air and water are also becoming increasingly scarce these days.  I’m afraid we are all peaked-out my friends, and that this Anthropocene Epoch is coming to an inglorious end.  There was no Rapture, but an Apocalypse of these corporate Barbarians may not be far off.

But, oil has always been, and will remain, the heart of their strategy; yet they continue to deny that it’s running out.  Even while the WSJ this week entertained the loss of easily recoverable light crude, the author deflected:

No one suggests that the Gulf nations are running out of oil. 

Excuse me! Funny, I thought many people have been suggesting, nay, declaring precisely that for years now! (Maybe Matt Simmons went just a tad-bit too far for the oligarchy in that free speech thingy.)   Yet, even with the estimates in the same Journal article, it’s clear that the easily recoverable heavy oil reserves in the Middle East represent less than 1000 days of projected world demand; under a three year supply! Suffice it to say, it’s all playing with numbers and terminology to both confuse the citizenry and ameliorate any concerns. And, we haven’t yet discussed what all of this oil recovery (theft) is doing to the planet. However, perhaps the Earth has been giving us a few hints lately: Japan, Missouri, Iceland, the Gulf of Mexico, China… actually the list of recent natural (even-if-man-induced) disasters is rather long.  But, perhaps her message is not getting through to the right people.  Too much rationality and cool scientific detachment; not enough intuition or engagement of our sensorium.

But when we wake up from this mental stupor and recognize what has transpired, to what end, and who has been pulling the strings, then we will also understand that it’s too late. The earth will have already been bled dry, the atmosphere already altered beyond livability, the hegemony already too far flung, and those who speak out too far afield, pursued like dogs for their  “betrayal.”

But I am weary and Memorial Day is upon us; so what is it we should remember today?Remember one thing; all THEY care about is protecting the hegemony.  The euphemism they use is safeguarding the “national interest.”   And they will use anyone towards that end, not only the expendable men and women they coax, cajole or hoodwink into uniform.  We are all held captive, citizen-soldiers remaining obedient to their explicit and implicit demands.  As one anarchist has noted:

The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum – even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate. ~ Noam Chomsky

I am bored with the colorful play-by-play already folks; wake me for the final Hail Mary Pass, when the Rapture is upon us.  I wouldn’t want to miss that for the end of the world. In the meantime, I will rest up for the final display.

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  1. capt rick says:

    The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum – even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate. ~ Noam Chomsky
    So is Noam one of these?

  2. Disaffected says:

    Capt Rick,

    Just a quick point before I go on and read the main post (and let yours gestate for a bit).

    First of all, GOOD POINT! That’s exactly the kind of question someone schooled in Chomsky SHOULD ask.

    To which I don’t have an absolute answer, other than to suggest that Chomsky now serves an ENTIRELY BETTER service in the role of unofficial “court jester” for the ruling class. Admit it, unless you’re a university professor and/or FLAMING liberal political geek (and probably of a certain age as well), NO ONE you know has even HEARD of Noam Chomsky. All the better to roll out his occasional quotes which somehow manage to garner minimum media attention and paint them as the incoherent ramblings of a madman. Likewise his followers.

    So, to your original point, and I answer your question with a question. Is Noam one of these? Better question. Are we ALL not one of these?


  3. Disaffected says:

    Once again, I haven’t even read the main post yet, but here’s the best (most comprehensive) backstory I’ve heard on Bradley Manning yet.

    Thanks to Naked Capitalism, Links 05/28/11, and The Guardian.

    WikiLeaks accused Bradley Manning ‘should never have been sent to Iraq’

    My comment: not surprising, and certainly rings true with my own military experience (25 years, retired (2003) honorably). Putting ends before means was certainly the rule even back then, and I have no doubt whatsoever that that trend has only escalated since.


    • kulturcritic says:

      But, it was good for us that he did!!

      • Disaffected says:

        No, no. What I meant by “ends before means” was the manner in which the Army kept an obviously unfit soldier in the service and on the “field of battle” (in theater) for the paltry purpose of meeting a manning/billet requirement. The military is, as is the entire federal bureaucracy that I’m aware of, shamelessly guilty of that practice. “It’s all in the numbers,” as they say, “and the numbers never lie (wink, wink, nod, nod).”

        • kulturcritic says:

          And bureaucracy is the red-headed step child of institutional hierarchy.

          • Disaffected says:


            Be careful the red-headed references. LOL!


            • kulturcritic says:

              u a red head, DA? lol

              • Disaffected says:

                Barely, these days. Mostly “thinning and translucent.” In more ways than one. Regardless, I’m used to the reference. We redheads are the “blacks of the whites,” with no undo indignity inferred on our African-American brothers/sisters.

                Skin color, it is INDEED a bitch!, which is indeed ALSO a commentary on sexual politics as well. Ah well! Where does it all end?

  4. Disaffected says:

    I had a number of Memorial Day best wishes come my way the past week. To which I mostly calmly demurred a polite thank you but…

    Number one, I didn’t die (obviously).

    Number two, I’m not, nor have I EVER BEEN a war hero, whatever in the hell that means.

    Number three, I’m not sure the US can even claim a “war hero” since WWII. Actually, I’m pretty sure about that last statement after all, since that was the last war we could reasonably claim was “against our will.”

    Number four, TRUE “war heroes” belong ONLY to the battlefield and the men on which they died on/for, as that is what they were TRULY fighting for at the moment of their death. All else is hyperbole.

    BEWARE politicians using war heroes’ deaths for political purposes!

    Let me say that one more time.

    BEWARE politicians using war heroes’ deaths for political purposes!

    And one more time for effect.

    BEWARE politicians using war heroes’ deaths for political purposes!

    Tell your children one and all if you love them.


  5. Disaffected says:

    Cue the ‘Dogs.’ Pink Floyd, Dogs

    Personal note: I was but a wee lad of 19 when this song first came out, in the inflation ridden, pre-Reagan year of 1977. On the other hand, the buds were good, yes indeed, the buds were golden AND good. And indeed, they were tre-plentiful as well! And other delicacies followed, yes THEY DID…


  6. benlomand says:

    I well remember 1977.
    Work was plentiful, rents affordable, few homeless (that I could tell). I suppose career minded investors and other wealth chasers may have been discouraged by the inflationary times. But this Vet-Freak-Nature boy was loving life. I would take those days again. Anytime.

  7. John Bollig says:

    Humm, Three years of oil left ? wow that is not shocking…..

    Why is it most disconcerting that we have done nothing to save our lives ? Because we have been turned into passive cattle, waiting for the butchering. Clueless, hopeless and helpless, the vast majority of americans are truly vapid and zombies waiting for TEOTWAWKI. The fun part begins when the wheels start to come off of the cart so to speak. This will be the day of reckconing for the powers that be at a local level. Noam is just an village idiot who has not real boots on the ground. Who I would be really worried about are these paramilitaries that seemingly pop up in these times of distress. People that we need to be watching out for are not the nutty right wing militas, but the people like executive outcmes blackwater and corporate police forces. These are the real police force that backs up the federal forces. IMHO, we need to worry about these poeple a lot more than Jim Bob and his inbred cousins running around in pickup trucks with deer rifles. Iraq was just a trial run for what is going to be a corporate dictatorship via private subcontractors. The hail mary ? Hell the Hail Mary was IRAQ, and we all know how that went, right ? Power flows out of the end of a gun, folks. The MENA is cursed by oil.

    • kulturcritic says:

      Yes, a curse!! Solid observation. It will be interesting here, once the wheels come off!

    • Disaffected says:

      Hey John,

      I think we’ve probably got to worry about ALL OF IT if it gets right down to individual instances. The insane will be many and varied, and their motivations will be likewise IMO. We all like to imagine in our inherently broad-brushed picture of the world that the coming collapse/retrenchment/reordering that things will progress logically along prescribed lines. That’s our overriding impulse to simplify and classify things that are for the most part yet unknowable and unclassifiable. Totally understandable and predictable. We all do it all of the time, and even better yet, we all inherently reconcile it with future events as they happen seamlessly, barring glaring differences (and even many of those are reconciled as well, see Cognitive Dissonance).

      On the other hand, class warfare will, in my estimation at least, still be the overriding rule of the day. Perhaps this will be the shape of things to come, albeit with a slightly broader base (hey, no one said democracy wasn’t good for anything?*

      *It’s very interesting to note that while the You Tube version of this video imposed no advertisements (that I know of) but an age/parental restriction, the other online versions imposed advertisements in lieu of age/parental restrictions. Now why could that be?

    • StrayCat says:

      As set out in recent front page stories, the corporations don’t need many of us any more: seven million jobs lost, and productivity, that bane of existence, is up. The predators hope, and probably plan for many of us to die in wars, flood, of lack of medical care, of poverty, broken hearts, etc. Because peak oil is only a problem for them in an overcrowded world. The more proles that die, wherever they live, the more secure the new barons are. As the proles have been bled dry over the past 30 years, with the benefits of their production funneled into the pockets of the uberrich, we can not longer afford their stuff, and no longer have the capacity to pay the debt and the interest. We are no longer necessary to their security, status or future, so we must die. It is the law of their jungle. No money for infrastructure, teachers, police or fire. privatize the Military, the prisons and the public utilities, sell the interstates that we paid for, and will pay for again in tolls, End welfare, medicare and other medical insurances, raise the premiums on all insurances and provide less coverage, and to boot, make you pay for any repairs before you get paid on the policy.
      People are dying in weather disasters, and will die off more and more quickly as the social fabric of the government and also of families shreds itself on the rocks revealed by the disintegration of our society. However, the mens’ club, the country club and the mountain retreats will survive while the predators wait for the die off. They will inherit the oil, during a period of lessened demand and lengthened supply. Their idea of balance will have been restored, becaus we are not needed any more. If you think this is hyperbolic, remember the comments by the Bushies about letting New Orleans die because it was no longer necessary, and a drain on profits.

  8. g says:

    “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion…”
    Chomsky has a lot insight, but I find this comment ironic since he refuses to look at 9/11 and says to do so is a “distraction”.
    For starts, look at the total failure of building 7 (google wtc7) in 7 seconds, free fall speed, perfectly symmetrical in collapse, kaboom, right down in its own footprint. Come now, does anyone really believe this was caused by “fire”?
    then see and if you find this at all suspect.

    we’ve always been at war with pakistan.

    • kulturcritic says:

      g – you could be right about 9/11, but Chomsky does have a point. The fact is that industrial civ is in freefall as well, no matter who was responsible for 9/11. In a sense we were all responsible; just like we are for the Gulf of Mexico, et al. Even if we give it all up today, we are responsible for contributing to the ongoing abuses of the State.

      • g says:

        i cannot in good conscience let a crime that has killed at least a million people go unaccounted. i think justice is still a worthwhile endeavor. and if we are to fall for psy-ops and let the massive crimes they facilitate go unabated, then there is certainly no end to the horrors.
        i strongly disagree with the notion that “we are responsible for contributing to the ongoing abuses of the State.”
        i oppose the empire and everything it stands for, as do billions of others. i/we do not support it in any way; i actively work against it, and i encourage others to do likewise. i’ve taken substantial time to acquire knowledge that makes me aware of their crimes, and i refuse to participate to the extent of railing against it and calling for them all to be sent to the hague, and then, or prior, abolish the consumer cult. technology has, to now, largely given me the ability to do this.

        so yes, i’m using a computer and other tools that most efficiently help me facilitate a rebirth, while i can. i could give them up, but that would profoundly lessen my ability to communicate, create, and disintegrate.
        still, i am simultaneously working with my hands on many fronts to facilitate change, awaken people, learn and teach ‘primitive’ skills. i cashed in my cred and ‘income potential’ to maintain my integrity.
        i’ve thought about this at great length, and i’ve determined that for now i should use these tools to the max. the screens might go dark shortly, and when (not if) that happens all mass-communications (psyche) will be in the hands of tptw.
        or maybe not. maybe we should allow only the power structure to control the information channels (smash your computer now if you concur). i personally think that would do more harm than good.
        in the words of the great pythons: “let’s not bicker and argue about ooh killed ooh… this is supposed to be a happy occasion!”
        peace -g

        • kulturcritic says:

          g – I agree with your sentiments. But what crime killed at least a million people? (9/11??) And who are these billions of others who are with us in this ‘fight’ against Empire? There are only about 7 billion in the entire world… so you r suggesting there are half of those here that are against the State? I am not sure I can agree with that number. Also, I feel that as long as we pay taxes and standstill for the wars and other ops waged by our government, then we are participants in the atrocities.

  9. Frank Kling says:

    Ecological collapse will be the ultimate undoing. While mankind is working diligently to destroy himself, sadly our pernicious life form is rendering all other biodiversity extinct as well. Every 24 hours the world human population expands by an additional 285,000 while during this same time period numerous plant and animal species are lost. Visit for a visual display. Yes, we have ushered in a Sixth Mass Extinction event- more extinctions now than any other time in the last 67 million years. The signs of our Easter Island like collapse are everywhere: Colony Collapse Disorder, a mysterious affliction decimating honey bees, was recently declared a global disaster by the United Nations. Now White Nose Syndrome is killing off bats- Mother Nature’s most important insectivore- by the millions. The USDA estimates that farmers will NOW apply millions of pounds more in insecticides to make-up for the loss of bats, which will only serve to exacerbate an already desperate situation.
    As the famous author Kurt Vonnegut stated in his last book, “The good Earth- we could have saved it, but we were too damn cheap and lazy.”

    • kulturcritic says:

      Frank – I fixed your post. I think you meant to write NOW. Anyway, you are correct, it will be our ondoing, but, we have already made great moves with our own greed and avariciousness in the financial sectors. I knew about the honey bee catastrophe, but not about the bats. The shift in human consciousness that led to such a disoriented and disintegrative approach to the world has finally caught up with us, personally and collectively. Our politics, religion, economics, our sciences… these are all symptoms of the dis-ease we feel in our relations with the world. Thanks for joining the discussion.

  10. John Bollig says:

    The first problem is that fruit bats are dying in massive numbers. I don;t have to tell you about the dangers that this could and will cause. The death of fruit bats leads to the decline of jungle ecosytems. The next issue is the land crisis which will also be a water crisis. China is losing the battle against the advancing desert.

    • StrayCat says:

      Which is a reason why China gobbled up Tibet. The tibetan highlands is the source of every major river system in Asia from the including the Indus, Ganges, Mekong, and all of the rivers in China that flow into the Pacific, but one. China now controls all that water in a time of glacial melting. Talk about resource grabs and empire!

  11. Anarchrist says:

    Ha! Enjoyed that!

    Really, why aren’t things ‘Rapturous’ enough for the evangelist fruit cakes to declare this party well and truly started? Got no angels blowing trumpets per se, but Japan’s 13 foot jolt towards the US, accompanying towering black tsunami and subsequent ‘unforeseen consequences’ at Fukushima rate about an 8.9 on the ‘I think I just shit my pants a little’ Biblical Apocalyptometer in this casual observer’s opinion. Methinks the planet stirs from her passive slumber, and God/Allah/The Great Spirit/Brahman etc. only knows what the ramifications of this reall are. Altering weather patterns leading to widespread crop failures? Ecosystem collapse and ensuing mass extinctions? Most likely the tip of the proverbial iceberg. And I read that another mega-quake is likely due, under Tokyo this time perhaps? It’s plausible enough, and who can blame the old gal? Look at this little morsel:

    Also, couldn’t agree more with Chomsky on the ‘debate’ note; news media is such a contrived stage show at this point that even a small dose seems to sour the stomach like so much glucose & pig gelatine candy.

    As for the ruling loons, I can’t make my mind up if the plan upon spontaneous systemic combustion is to abandon all the plebs and slaves (I think of it as stage 3 separation of the command module, while we are jettisoned as spent space junk) and head for some fortified Greek island chain (conveniently proposed as collateral in refinancing of Greek sovereign debt) while the rest of us wail, gnash our teeth and resort to cannibalism (resulting from desperation/digital zombification). Or if indeed some of them believe they really are ‘the chosen’, and that they’ll be spirited away into the clouds while the rest of us are cast into the fiery pit? Possibly both. But clearly it can’t end well for those who powered the train into the buffers without so much as applying the brake. Wherever they flee to, some hardcore ‘judgement’ is likely to be called for, perchance some novel barbeque recipes?

    On that note, the ‘long pig’ is not the tastiest of meat, but there is plenty of it around and a few herbs and spices should help mask that ‘people-ish’ flavour, but remember: don’t eat the brains…

    • kulturcritic says:

      Anarchrist – it is amazing how dumb we/they really are; is it not? Of course what we do to the earth has an impact on the earth and its patterns. But speaking of manipulation, there was another article this past week again saying how the US Military will be able to control weather patterns within the next decade. OMG. How wonderful. LIke I said. It is like they have no clue. – sandy

      • Anarchrist says:



        Simply awesome. The power of denial is truly not to be underestimated. Meanwile:

        • kulturcritic says:

          “- this country has a growing tornado voyeurism problem, and it’s one which may lead many to learn the wrong lessons from the recent deadly scourge of twisters.”

          Anarchrist, the article is amusing. However I think the journalist has it only partly right. We do not simply have a tornado voyeurism problem in this country… we have a VOYEURISM problem. We ARE the society of the SPECTACLE, plain and simple. We (the people) have been fully indoctrinated and hypnotized into WATCHING, and never doing. Those producing and managing the spectacles are bemused by our complacency.

          But, in addition, and just as important, we have become resigned to living through our sense of sight alone. We constantly look forward to brighter futures, not stopping to feel and touch and hear and taste what is our present reality. At the same time, this obsession with sight has given our controllers a set of tools including unilinear time and syllogistic reasoning (time-bound by its very nature) to better manage our behaviors, keeping the body politic in line. They are so proud of this fact they tell us (here in the Homeland of reason) that we are a Nation of Laws (and I assume therefore, not a nation of people)!!

          • Anarchrist says:

            Agreed. I found the article interesting, but my criticism was similar, if rather more crude – “No shit, Sherlock…”

            It’s like the Tool song – Vicarious:

            “Vicariously I, Live while the whole world dies, Much better you than I…”

            You get the picture, it’s vicarious living taken to its logical conclusion. And the wonderful thing about sight is that perception, indeed optical illusion, colours everything. And that’s before we start fooling with the digital element.

            Thing is Sandy, I’m very much on board with the Sensorium/Intuition based living. The problem is, the contorted world of men just won’t leave us alone! Bills, taxes, permits, insurance, and bullshit! Nature touches everything, IS everything, and when the world confuses and depressses me, that’s where I find answers.

            Now excuse me while I get in my pickup and drive to work, so I can give the money I earn to the bank.

    • Disaffected says:


      Loved the post and the moniker as well. Keep it up.


      • Anarchrist says:

        I decided to pitch in after Sandy’s missives tickled me so, and I chuckled while I wrote too. If someone else laughed in turn then I feel a little less of a fringe-dwelling lunatic, so thanks for that.

      • StrayCat says:

        Me too, I have the same frustrations. I think we are going to have to walk away from the debt, declare bankruptcy (it’s not personal, just bidness) and work for ourselves As things deteriorate, there will be no foreclosures as there will be no courts. In Florida, the phony rocket docket foreclosure courts are closing up. Probably will be happening elsewhere, as the MERS/fraud crisis expands to other states and countries. The good thing is, we can grow our own, and we all probably have enough clothes to last two lifetimes. Got to learn to brew beer and make wine. Then I’ll be all set. peace, love and joy, y’all

  12. John Bollig says:

    DA, Sandy and others,

    Let’s face it, pork is not the only white meat and it certainly is not the other white meat. My opinion is that we have a lot more to fear from the repugnicans like sister sarah and do nothing effective soul brother barak obama. Don’t get me wrong, I have no intention of being long pig. Soylent Green is a real prospect however. U know, eating our fellow human could be considered to be a return back to our roots. Let’s see, if the parties are totally brought out and the people are zombied, it just won’t matter and we are all collateral damage. Nope, the only thing that I have truly gotten out of this world is how cruel it really is and how bad it sucks. Yes, the world sucks and the world is a bad bad place. But, I choose to live and fight and not give in. We all have our reasons for life and our refusal to give in to the powers of death without a supreme fight. I will fight and that is what is required of each and every one of us. It is a moral imperative that we not give up hope, for how and what fashion we go down to the monsters that will kill us offers history ” that one moment in time that can offer others hope and inspire the fight to go on.

    John Bollig

    • Anarchrist says:

      In all seriousness, I concur completely. Historical happenings are pocked with the personalites of the brave and bold as well as the monsters, and a corageous act can echo for generations. In fact I posted something to that effect here a few weeks back; general ramblings about people needing to ‘step up’ and be selfless and fearless in the face of bad shit, rather than milling around like spooked livestock looking for an exit while the man with the bolt gun does his rounds. So I’m with you there John, with tooth and nail if it comes to it.

      • kulturcritic says:

        Anachrist – granted we are a do nothing people; but I think it is far too late to “step up.” The best answer is to find a cozy place to camp out, and wait out the demise and chaos that is sure to ensue.

        • Anarchrist says:

          Agreed again. Perhaps not making myself very clear there, but I’m imagining people standing up for what they feel is right to be very necessary for progress AFTER the current status quo is no more. Communities need committed people, they also need leaders, or at least elders. That’s why I refer to strong personalities, because like it or not, something will fill any vacum. So if not you (all), then who?

          • kulturcritic says:

            Exactly right, Anarchrist. Very small communities with people who you know and who know you providing guidance, but not building a power structure. That is going to be a hard row to hoe!!

      • Disaffected says:

        Really good stuff AC. Simply, REALLY good stuff!


  13. John Bollig says:

    I think we have a weiner… or rather a double standard ahmmm. Reality being what it is today, Da man with the bolt gun is going to get the gun used on him. I am reminded of the stories of the ghetto uprisings and the ongoing uprisings against Assad Mubarak and other mideastern killers, thinking that it may devolve into something like that for us.

    • kulturcritic says:

      I sure hope not John. I don’t know that the violence will solve anything. But, I do understand the frustration. Especially, working to pay the bills, the banksters, and the other thieves who took away our right to livelihood without indentured servitude.

  14. John Bollig says:

    Small communities are going to be the key to survival. It sort of reminds me of a game we used to play back in the 70’s and early 80’s called squad leader. each person in a unit has a special skill that can be used to for the collective squad. It woudl behoove us to learn a skill that we can transfer to the after TEOTWAWKI. So, when we get settled by the river, we will have to learn many skills.

  15. SqueakyRat says:

    I find it conceivable, though not likely, that the US government acted to foment unrest in the ME. But the notion that the WikiLeaks document dump itself was arranged to further that end seems, well, loopy. Do you really thinks that the people of Tunisia were driven into the streets by State Department e-mails rather than by their own discontent triggered to revolt by the self-immolation of a street vendor? I just don’t see it.

    • kulturcritic says:

      Actually, I think the people of Tunisia were driven by the need for food and other basics. But, I do not doubt the US govt capacity to act in any way it may consider beneficial to its ends, no matter how loopy it is. And it is interesting how MENA blew up on the heels of the leaks .

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