Capitalism and Collapse: Understanding Causality

Object Lesson One:

The world financial markets are reeling after the S&P downgrade of US sovereign debt.  Is that a surprise?  I think not!  In a world running ‘autopilot’ on cause-and-effect, where every event must produce a subsequent outcome, what did these hooligans think would happen? Let us review the sacred timeline.

No-nothing Obama begins escalating his wars across MENA, the US debt ceiling already in plain view.  So, he goes to Congress asking for a reprieve: increase the ceiling please.  The world – well Asia and Europe – sit, watching and waiting.  Well, not quite. I mean the Europeans are already fucked deep in debt and looking for handouts from the Ice Princess of the IMF (aka: the I aM Fucked if I ask that group for help).  Austerity pills are being taken in large doses and swallowed whole by Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy like cyanide drops by a double agent about to be made.  And the Japs, well they are still digging themselves out from under nuclear fallout.  But, hey, after WWII they are expert at that.

But the Chinese are sure watching; I mean, how the fuck are they going to get their interest payments on all that US paper they’re holding if the boyz of summer don’t agree to an increase?  Shit, the world banksters are nervous as well.  No more cash from Uncle Sam, no more big bonuses and overseas investments, no more gaming the system.  And needless to say, us seniors are pretty damned concerned as well.  There go those SS checks.  The markets worldwide begin to shake and move downwards.

In the meantime, back at the ranch where all the Exceptional people hang out (good ole AMERIKA), Congress and the Hegemon start this kabuki dance around the Maypole, except it is already July and the planet is heating up like the stew inside a cast iron double-Dutch oven: global warming has hit the homeland.  DC, NY, everywhere from sea to shining sea the temperatures are bursting over 100 degrees Fahrenheit!

Now the USA bond rating agencies begin to look askance, peeking under the kimono, so to speak.  Remember they got their fucking ass kicked from jerry-rigging the god damn reverse collateralized mortgage obligations that fucked the homes of the homelanders.  So, god damn if they are going to bend over again for a second fucking!!

The USA legislators and their masters of finance finally end the kabuki dance, although the music is still playing.  Debt crisis averted, ceiling raised; fuck the little people, we are going BIG!!

Well, the S&P folk don’t like all the headlines, the dance partners, the two-step or anything else about this charade, and, (I say it again,) they don’t wanna get fooled (fucked) again.  So they lower the rating on US debt.  WOW!!

First thing, the Dow tumbles 500 points; woosh!! Although the Japanese Finance Minister did some of his own causality-tampering before the Asian markets opened Monday morning, reassuring everyone that Japan still had faith in US debt instruments.  Whew!  Am I glad to hear that. Then the Asian markets opened…and wosh; they crumble!! Other financial markets, including Britain, trimmed their numbers as well.  So much for understanding cause and effect!!

God, this shit really works; no wonder why we believe in it so strongly.  Can’t wait to see what we will do next!!

Well, OK.  Let’s not wait and see.  Let us use this aforementioned methodology to make a prognostication.  Let’s forecast the future.

Object Lesson Two:

Having received the head-nod from his buddies in DC for the increase in the US debt ceiling, Mr. Nobama-rama promptly declares the establishment of a new agency (which I referenced in the Mothers Of Invention post the other day).  This Atrocities Prevention Board (don’t you love the name) will monitor and scope out any global hotspots where the US military can intervene under the guise of safeguarding human rights and democracy. But, we already know that this is code for pushing capitalism and insinuating ourselves into another nation’s panties in order to get our hands on their goodies (their sovereign wealth, raw materials, oil, people, etc).  It provides our brain trust with the right to make war anywhere it wants on the globe, whenever it feels the need. (Gee, I am sure GW Bush is envious of that one!!!)

We should also mention that the list of 30 plus countries currently under review for the Board’s consideration includes the bad boys from the Axis of Evil (you remember that, don’t you); but I am certain China may want to watch its step as well.  After all, we owe the communist Chinese a lot of money, and we could easily find justifiable reasons now with our new APB to march right on in there and kick those fucking capitalist-commies in the balls over their human rights violations.  It would be one way of eradicating our debt now, wouldn’t it?

In any event this new Board looks to be a win-win for all branches of the US Military-Industrial Complex as well as the international banksters.  We will just have to see how that all plays out in the waning days of imperial collapse.

50 Responses to Capitalism and Collapse: Understanding Causality

  1. Disaffected says:

    The news about Obama just keeps getting better by the day, doesn’t it? And to think, once upon a time I thought it would be some angry conservative that would shoot him. What a hoot! He’s the best thing that ever happened to hard right imperialist conservative politics. Before you know it they’ll be asking to wave the term limit on this guy and they’ll just coronate him King.

  2. Disaffected says:

    The whole debt rating scam, especially here in the case of the US, which is a sovereign (conjures up its own fiat money supply “out of thin air”), is nothing more than a ruse to further plunder government social programs, especially on the heels of previous bank bailouts, which showed where the pols’ REAL interests lie. As a reminder: the US government literally “borrows it’s own money into existence,” thanks to the predatory Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which, if we REALLY wanted to eliminate the debt, should be repealed immediately, and all debts paid with interest free US Treasury Notes instead. This could all be done tomorrow (or as fast as our no good legislators could act), although it never will be. Why? Because rampant money speculation (making money off of having money) is now the prime source of income for anybody who’s anybody in the global elite.

    The robbing of government entitlements for the working class poor (and the managerial formerly middle-class poor, right on up the line) has always been the end game for these predatory jackals, and the end is now in sight. I can only suppose that elimination of the working class poor themselves will shortly follow, as starving in the streets is probably not gonna sit so well with many in the former “first world US.” Filipinos might not mind living on the world’s largest garbage dump in Manila, but I’m think that won’t play nearly as well here in the US. Torches and pitchforks might just be making a sentimental comeback to a locale near us all sometime soon. I’m thinking 300+ million people with a lot of time and little or no hope on their hands can make a mighty big ruckus if they put their minds to it. We’ll see…

  3. Pat Murphy says:

    I’ve been maintaining for years that until populations get so desperate that they have nothing more to lose, there will be no rebellion. Short sighted and immediate life demands take precedence over looking at consequences of actions. After all, what we are experiencing is the result of a 200 yrs of putting people into positions of power over us that do not have our interests at heart. We have bent to promises and as a society had no conception of where this would all end up. We have allowed and encouraged the sociopathic 2% of the population to take control instead of isolating them from the greater society. We are literally reaping what we have sown. We have bought into the propaganda of capitalism and are now going to pay a price that is going to be unbearable for most of society.

    My fear is that when the rebellion finally hits the street, we will do the same mistake that France did during its last big rebellion, just put another sociopath in power with more promises and bull shit thrown at us. My take is that we need a radically different kind of social contract and how to organize ourselves. I’m not holding my breath in anticipation.

    • kulturcritic says:

      Pat – absolutely correct on all points. This is one reason rebellion is almost counterproductive. And we do need a new type of social contract, one that operates on a much smaller scale: tribe, band, clan!! Maybe the Afghanis have it right on this point. But, don’t hold your breath, look instead to build on consanguine (extended family) and affine (very closely aligned comrades) to create a livable relationship and environment to help survive the collapse. Although, it could take some time to unfold; after all, the rich dogs are going to fight like shit to keep this mother afloat!! best, sandy

    • Disaffected says:

      I’ve been playing out scenarios in my mind trying to play amateur prognosticator. Realizing only that nothing we are currently being told at the average citizen level is as it seems, how about this:

      Obama will run a bitterly contested race in 2012 in the aftermath of continued economic, social, and political upheaval due to his “Marxist” policies. Thanks to his huge corporate war chest and an equally divided NutBag party contingent, he will win a narrow, bitterly contested race, which will immediately be disputed legally by NutBag supporters, and will result in social the strife the likes of which we in the US have never seen. Even before he is inaugurated, National Guard and regular military units will be mobilized to put down right wing inspired insurrections, which will all be targeted at preventing the impending “Communist takeover” of the US government.

      After several months of bloody fighting and on the verge of an impending collapse, Obama will suffer a “military coup,” which will remove him “forcibly” from power, only to be replaced by a military junta for a short period (in order to “stabilize the democracy and restore order”), before a more “traditional” order (read radical right wing Christian-conservative) is restored by an “informed, responsible, and concerned” group of radical conservative political insiders. Elections and habeas corpus will be suspended, and jail and executions will be the order of the day for any national level politicians deemed to be too “liberal” (i.e.; those who were too stupid to be in on the planning stages of this historical farce), while Obama will be spirited behind the scenes to his just reward in some ultra-chic elite compound away from the public’s prying eyes, even as he will be publicly scapegoated to the highest degree, his final act in what someday will be recognized as an epic masterpiece of political skulduggery.

      And THEN the crackdowns will begin! Having successfully removed all traces of liberal opposition, the fascist crackdown will commence with the people’s own approval, nay, AT VERY THEIR DEMAND! Having crashed the world economy and the US dollar in the process (and successfully pinned it all on the “effete liberal left”), the full US military machine will finally be taken off its leash for good, and the war of “all against all” for the remaining fossil fuel resources will commence in earnest, with the poor and the destitute conscripted and thrown into the breach of the military meatgrinder. Nuclear weapons will finally achieve their ultimate purpose, and once the Rubicon of their first use is crossed, will be used liberally as a force multiplier, regardless of (and likely even to take advantage of) their associated environmental effects.

      As the descending spiral into nuclear and ecological suicide commences, remaining humans of all stripes will simply quit giving a fuck altogether, and will pray to whatever deity they hold dear to deliver them from what will clearly be seen by all but a privileged few as a literal a hell on earth. Anarchy and madness will rule the day until the bitter end, and even remote outposts of isolated “primitive” sanity will be extinguished. Earth will once again breathe easy and return to yet another cycle of evolutionary development, while in whatever psychological gestalt human souls inhabit in the next life, we will all realize that we have failed yet once again, and that another round of development must be experienced in some reality or another before we can all move on.

      Time frame for all of this to transpire? Certainly not later than 2050, but in light of research on tipping points and all that, I’ll go out on a limb and say NLT 2030, with most of the ill-effects and the end game locked in by 2020. Or it could even come much quicker than that. Never doubt the possibility for total societal meltdown once the thin veneer of civilization is ripped off and mankind’s underlying savagery is exposed for all to see. It’s going to be ugly my friends. VERY FUCKING UGLY INDEED!


      • kulturcritic says:

        Wow!!!! DA!! What a scenario. I cannot argue with your vision, albeit extremely sinister and hopeless. However, I would say the war of all against all, which you describe as “once the thin veneer of civilization is ripped off and mankind’s underlying savagery is exposed for all to see” — this characterization of human nature is an illusion. Such savagery, as you reference it, is in fact real, but IT IS the net effect of the repressive evil of civilization, IMHO, and not somehow of the essence of homo sapiens.

        • Disaffected says:

          Thanks kC. I agree, in that I don’t think savagery is our essential individual nature, any more than I think Germans of the 1930s-1940s were actually blood thirsty monsters. I DO think however, that it’s our default position when faced with the same from others, and I think such attitudes have a snowball effect, which largely accounts for war atrocities and the like, where otherwise civilized individuals carry out unspeakable acts when they fall under the spell of a larger mob mentality. Make no mistake about it, I actually DO believe it will come to this (always have), and current events reinforce that opinion daily. In fact, I think I’ve soft sold the case here. I actually think it’s going to be much worse and happen much faster than this. Once the popular knowledge/belief grasps the implications of our twin towers of doom – global warming/climate change and the end of cheap oil – the game will be over. The knowledge that we actually only have the renewable energy resources to support maybe a billion or so people on earth at any one time will set off the firestorm of all against all, as the masses come to the realization of what the global elite have already known for quite some time now. And they’re not gonna like the news at all when they hear it, nor are they gonna take it peaceably. Unfortunately, the global elite will be one step ahead of them as usual. That’s why they are the global elite after all.

          • kulturcritic says:

            Looking at London right now, I would say you are ON target, DA!

          • Brutus says:

            That’s a dark assessment, to be certain, Disaffected. It resembles my own, but I’ve been pilloried for having the temerity to express it. After all, it’s not helpful. But then, nothing will be, so my feeling is that the only real response is to try to understand the runaway freight train a little bit as it rolls over us.

            • Disaffected says:

              I’ve always been pilloried for “not being helpful” as well, but I’ve always viewed that as my own personal “cross to bear,” to borrow a metaphor from the Jesus people. What’s going to be so deliciously ironic about the whole situation as it goes down is that as it dawns on everybody that the worst effects of global weirding are indeed already locked in and unavoidable at any price (that realization is underway as we speak, within 5 years it will be common knowledge even among the most hard core NutBaggers), the even more terrifying realization that the effects of peak oil are already on top of us as well, and that no other as efficient and concentrated source(s) of energy will ever be found, especially considering that cheap oil itself would have been necessary to bridge the gap to such a technology(s), had it ever have been found. TRULY a shit soup of our own making, and we will all stew and eventually die in it together. I think poetic justice is the relevant term here. A society that lives and dies by the product of it’s own stupidity, greed, and arrogance, even as it remains in denial up to (and likely even during) its final death throws. And of course none of that is in any way even remotely “helpful.” Unfortunately for us all, it’s ALL eminently reasonable, fair, and most of all TRUE. Sorry, I calls ’em as I sees ’em, and all the “glass is half full” crowd can just take a hike. If they can find any wilderness and clean air left in a few years, that is.

        • Disaffected says:

          Sorry to go on about this, but I think it’s important to realize that we are not the same “primitive” people we were thousands of years ago before the advent of hierarchical systems. We are now essentially pathological anomalies whose very mass existence is only enabled by hierarchical driven technological systems based on an even larger historical anomaly – cheap oil. A veritable hybrid species, just like the GMO food we eat. To speak of our essential “primitive nature” is almost a contradiction in terms. Primitive nature in the first world US now goes back maybe 100 years at the most. Amerika uber alles is now the unquestioned mantra over most of the globe, even among those who spend their lives trying to resist it. American hegemony is now itself hegemonic. There simply is no competing narrative out there whatsoever. Even the Chinese only aspire to be a new and better version of us.

          Secondly, as the leading wave in this new evolutionary branch (and essentially the discoverers and developers of the very idea of evolution itself [I know, Darwin was a Brit] and the idea that evolution itself could be consciously guided!), it was incumbent on the US to lead the way responsibly and ensure it’s eventual success. That we failed miserably at this responsibility will surely be our legacy, although it will indeed be a short one, as human history’s got maybe 100 years left at most if we count it down to the last heart beat.

          And finally, I’ll be glad to be wrong about all this, although I almost certainly won’t be on the larger themes at least. Maybe, just maybe, it’s important for voices like mine to be heard as a cautionary tale about the very real dangers that lurk before us. I always say, go ahead and ignore it all if you want, just remember that you read it in the first place. Then keep an eye on current events as they unfold and decide for yourself. If I’m right, we won’t have long to wait for a decision.


          • Hasdrubal Barca says:

            Keep spreading the word DA, KC, AC, SC, and others. Your message needs to be heard. Many people still aren’t aware of peak oil, resources, population, food or the fact that our leaders aren’t on our side. Plant the seed, let people mull it over. If they’re so inclined, they’ll be able to put 2 and 2 together. Most will ignore, but there is a trickle down effect. I remember reading that it takes about 10% of a population to believe something and then it becomes generally accepted by most of the rest of the population.

            Minority Rules: Scientists Discover Tipping Point for the Spread of Ideas

            People should at least see the train coming.

            • Disaffected says:

              That very article sparked quite a heated discussion on Naked Capitalism the other day. I’m not totally sure about the 10% figure exactly, but the idea that a relatively small minority can spark a wider majority acceptance of a particular belief feels intuitively right to most people, especially if that ~10% is very vocal in their beliefs, as they very often are. The T-Party’s recent and ongoing hysterics certainly come to mind here…

  4. Disaffected says:

    A couple things regarding all the recent market hysteria and the US “debt”:

    Worship of “the markets” as the leading/only indicator of US economic health is and always was the end game of Wall St and corporate America, and represents nothing less than the complete and final financialization (read: debt and/or public equity based and professionally speculated upon) of the American and now global economy. This of course has several advantages:

    All things duly financialized are thus at the mercy of the global financial elite, who at the every least (and I don’t think I’m telling tall tales out of school here), have a rather cozy and exclusive 24/7 relationship among another, which, needless to say, gives them a certain amount of “leverage” in matters regarding same.

    Financialization effectively closes the loop and greatly reinforces previous efforts to infiltrate (read: BUY) access to political office and/or regulatory power in the first place. Whereas buying access merely opens the door for all sorts of nefarious mischief, financialization effectively closes and locks the door behind the thieves, and adds a well-paid private security force at the entrance for good measure.

    Financialization – what the mythical Jesus famously threw out of the temple in the form of the “money changers” – is in fact the preliminary end game of the global elite. Financialization of everything is nothing more than the idea than anything worth anything can be quantified, that its natural quantity can be expressed onlyin the form of monetary units, and that said monetary units can only be traded within a narrowly proscribed domain via narrowly proscribed means, ALL proscribed by those who have already discovered and thus proscribed the terms for all who will follow. In other words: a VERY nice racket if you’re lucky enough to either be born into it or find a way to unlock its doors.

    Financialization thus represents little more than a giant V-shaped funnel of duly “financialized” global resources – hereby redesignated as mere “commodities” – into the ever larger coffers of global financial firms, which, in the end (given the assumption that current global financial trends run a muck will continue apace without end), means that anything that can be (and make no mistake about it my friends, that includes every last one of us, lock, stock, and barrel) eventually will be financialized.

    Sorry for all the likely many typos my friends. I tried to keep this one rather raw as it came to me in the interest of not self-editing.


    • kulturcritic says:

      articulate as always, DA

    • Disaffected says:

      Me thinks prescribed is the word I was looking for in paragraph 5 above, although It’s hard to be sure now what I was thinking at the time. Word to the wise: those Stone IPAs will MESS YOU UP!

      On a more serious note, financialization is damn sure the tool of choice for the global elite in their never ending effort to commodify, buy up, strip of value and wealth, and finally abandon all the world’s resources like a plague of ravenous locusts. Maybe that’s the plague the bible was actually alluding to in its many references to “the end times.” Yeah, we’re staring the end times in the face alright. The ones of our own doing. God and the devil, mythical beings that they are, ain’t got one damn thing to do with any of it, other than as personifications of our own psychoses.

      One more thing, the current stock market oscillations are little more than programmed trading by the big boys, who can move shares in large enough numbers to affect the whole market, thereby manipulating the market for even more personal gain; i.e., sell high, drive prices down, buy low, rinse and repeat until all value is extracted. As I said, a very nice racket to be in if you can be. Anyone that thinks the Dow or S&P represent anything more than the personal play toys of the ultra-rich really needs to get out more. They’ll take your money alright. And take, and take, and take…

  5. Disaffected says:

    And the US everyman’s natural response to the global elite (provided they’ve got the spine left):


  6. Disaffected says:

    In the “no surprise but probably noteworthy” category, I guess you’d have to include today’s long overdue and melodramatic announcement that YES, TX Gov Rick Perry, WOULD INDEED throw his “hat into the ring” (how very fitting, coming from TX and all) for the 2012 Presidential race/coronation. A better looking, better spoken (who could NOT be?), at least equally pious, albeit decidedly less politically influential version of young GWB if you ask me, but then again, what do I know?

    “Pretty Boy Rick” has the HUGE advantage in the ongoing US religious/cultural wars of falling on the correct side of the divide; in that unlike the equally pretty Knute Romney, he at least belongs to a religion that nominally subscribes to fucking one woman at a time. Although in practice… Knute, ever the capitalist to the end, reportedly responded that he merely “sought and exploited all economic opportunities whenever and wherever I found them.” Pretty Boy Rick had no comment in response.

    And that’s just the Republicans!

    It’s going to be VERY FUNNY indeed watching the 2012 presidential race unfold, watching candidate after candidate whore themselves to the mammon of power, wealth, and greed. All why they each sanctimoniously claim the mantle of religious piety. The irony is delicious. Their fall will be glorious. Our collective fate will be (unfortunately) disastrous.


    • kulturcritic says:

      Boy, are you rough 😉

      • Disaffected says:

        Nahh! I’m a PUSSY! Just wait til I get STARTED! You ain’t seen NOTHIN’ YET!

        I like my politics the old fashioned way. The RUSSIAN WAY! At least you all eschew the hypocrisy at the front door (for the most part anyway). Hey, if you’re entered in a bare-chested-knuckled fight to unconsciousness, don’t you think it’s only fair that you show up without a shirt and gloves? Some of us still have a modicum of belief in rules, after all.


    • Brutus says:

      Disaffected is quite the hyperbole slinger, no? That’s not a criticism, though. Very entertaining stuff. Still, it’s all theater, like politics and economics and the rest of the culture pretending to actually be about something. Might as well have our fun while it lasts. Wish I could join the party. Knute Romney indeed.

  7. John Bollig says:

    Sandy, DA others,

    finally you guys get it and you are certainly right, it is not going to be pretty. Again, Obama is the Black Death. Now, before you jump all over me. Black Death refers to the plague. The only option for any of us given the reality of the times is a great leveling. What I am refering to is a end to the capital markets as a whole. look, the black death is going to wipe out vast numbers of people. More than any war can possibly cause barring nuclear war, of course. It will be the year of death, and yes billions will die and while it will sweep thru china and india like a knife thru hot butter, the western nations will be fundementally altered.

    • Brutus says:

      “Black Death” is a monumentally poor choice of words even though (you say) you intend the plague. Further, Obama hardly deserves the blame. No one individual does, nor even any group particularly. The problems we face are structural — they’re built into the system. Kunstler used to say that Obama was essentially elected the undertaker at the funeral, there to oversee events but not the cause of them. He’s merely the leader of just one nation (not the free world, as the rhetoric often goes), not one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. I voted for him because the alternative was even worse, and he has certainly lived down to my expectations. Still, cast your blame elsewhere.

      • Disaffected says:


        WOW!!! I guess you and me are going two ENTIRELY different ways on this one.

        I TOO voted for Obama (OH MY GOD!!! THE DEEP EXISTENTIAL REGRET!!!). I can no longer view ANYONE who views Obama as anything less than the complete sellout traitor that he is as even remotely serious. The evidence is by now completely overwhelming. For anyone to continue to defend him they must be either actually or willfully stupid, or a total political stooge. My question to you is, which one is it?

        And by the way, he’s not the “leader” of anything. He’s nothing more than a paid political operative. A “bitch” if you will (I know, I know, that does an EXCEEDING disservice to legitimate bitches everywhere), albeit an exceedingly well paid one at that.

        “Blame elsewhere” is no longer an excuse either. Three years in, NoBama OWNS the current mess. We should all WISH that some crazy NutBag would have shot him a few years back. But of course that was not to be. NoBama WAS the conservative wish all along, wasn’t he?

        Guess what? We’re all about to get what we asked for. And it ain’t going to be fun for ANYONE but the top 1%. And then what? We’ll CONTINUE to blame it on the other 99%, in an effort to do EVEN MORE of the same.

        How’s that for “hyperbole” Brutus. Write it down and remember that you heard it here first. This will all come about in the next two years, and I don’t even have to call myself a “psychic” to say it. All I had to do was merely read the fucking news.


        • Disaffected says:

          An addendum:
          I will no doubt vote against NoBama in 2012 (if I bother to vote at all) precisely BECAUSE the alternative is worse! I call it the Contrarian vote, which is to say those of us who are ACTIVELY voting at all are voting to bring this motherfucker down in flames. THAT’S how committed we are to change, no matter the form it comes in in it’s interim forms. The fucking corporate democrats HAD their chance, now it’s time for change we can ACTUALLY BELIEVE IN! NoBama is toast either way. It’s time to consider what sort of totalitarian non-sense you prefer in the interim. THAT’S the power of liberal politics!

        • kulturcritic says:

          I think it is an ontological problem with civilization… as such; in other words, it is in the NATURE of civilization to lead us ineluctably into industrialization, and then into mercantilism, and finally into global capitalism, leading to the exhaustion of all natural and human resources, leaving the waste behind to rot.

        • Brutus says:

          Sandy gets it when he refers to the ontological problem of civilization. I called it structural, which is tantamount to the same. I also think of it as a crisis of consciousness. These are big, disembodied ideas, though, and what we really want and need in the short term are scapegoats. Fine with me. The Republicans and Democrats are all a bunch of fuck-ups, and they deserve to be hoisted by their own petards, but foisting all the blame onto Obama is to me irrational and misplaced venom. He came into office inheriting an already imploding system. True, he has done nothing to stem the fall and has by now gained ownership of the problems as much as any other. So I won’t defend him. Still, I want the point out the basic distinction between the sickness and the symptoms. Obama is a symptom, the very sort of political operative who rises to power because the system needs him. If you honestly believe that shuffling the house of cards (the deck displaying the loony, caricatured faces of office-holders and office-seekers) is going to achieve the changes you want, then I have some swamp land with a bridge over it to sell you.

          Disaffected also sez: “The evidence is by now completely overwhelming. For anyone to continue to defend him they must be either actually or willfully stupid, or a total political stooge. My question to you is, which one is it?

          Well, since we’re playing games here (you’re obviously begging the question), I’ll choose stooge, as it makes me look a little shrewd at least. But you should realize I’m not really defending Obama. I agree the evidence is overwhelming, but I still draw different conclusions because in my skepticism I think he was never intended to change anything but to concentrate, consolidate, and intensify things, which he’s done. He’s also pure political theater offered up to an eager audience while backstage TPTB continue to rape and pillage and swindle and thieve their way toward, well, what? Happiness? Don’t think so, and I don’t really know what. They behave like a headless beast, pure id.

          Obama has also by now been revealed to be like Clinton: the perfect stealth corporate candidate, exceedingly friendly to one set of (overriding, universal, venal) interests at the expense of all others. That’s why for all their media savvy and positioning candidates such as Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich and (dare I even say it?) Ralph Nader are never really admitted to the backstage area. They’re the kooky cousins sitting forlornly the kids’ table while the adults feast and regale each other at the main table.

          • kulturcritic says:

            Love the “kid’s table” image Brutus. I think “structural” is a lazy choice of words, because it may lead one to think that if you fix the structure, reinforce it, or something, we can just continue on. But, of course I know you don’t believe that. And yes, it was a crisis of consciousness, of great magnitude, and to greater effect.

      • kulturcritic says:

        Obama is more like the coroner; Michele and Sarah will be the undertakers!

    • Disaffected says:

      I take it that you see things primarily through a religious/value based lens? Nothing wrong with that I guess, but I’d like to better know where you’re coming from. It’s funny that some of us who come to the same conclusions come to them so differently. Sometimes that’s OK and fortuitous, sometimes it’s not.
      For instance, I often agree with allegorical interpretations of particular bible verses/stories, although I almost NEVER agree with the officially interpreted politically correct versions.
      Go figure.
      That’s just me, and I’ll admit, I’m a son of a bitch in ALL regards, and likely not long for this world.

      • John Bollig says:


        I view the world from a populist conservative/ socially conservative/ economically liberal/ libertarian disablity perspective. I am first, opposed to the corporatist efforts to rape our soicety. I do believe in the first amendment, the four freedoms the FDR esposued in his atlantic charter. I am definately opposed to the powers that be and their efforts to ruin our lives. I am really big on the right of everyone to own guns. It tends to bother powerful leaders that one person can reach out and touch them. I am staunch on my right ot life and on the obligation of the society to protect all life. My beef is with big pharma, big government and big quakery called religion. The only way that any of us are ever going to live is thru communal and looking after everyone’s interests. We all will be poorer and our lives will be shorter, however it does not mean that we must not and should not form communal bonds with our fellow man. Massive population losses will take place. We must not let our Id take over our lives. Even as Rome as falling and the dark ages were taking hold, monastic communal societies developed the seeds of hope and performed charitable works. The poor, the elderly and the disabled must seek out such safe havens and be proteced. I do believe that the power of the corporate demons need to be broken. We live in an age of moral relativism. I do hold that the corporation is not a person, has no rights to rape , plunder and rob in the name of profit. Human beings are inherently more important than the almghtly dollar. This is what I believe and hold as my firm conviction.

  8. John Bollig says:

    Obama is part of the system that is responsible for this iimpending TEOTWAWKI. He is not some innocent bystander to the events. He and his family will be safe while the rest of us pay the price of his participation in the collapse of the system

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