A New Door: Let It Roll Baby, Roll!


Heads were rolling in Libya last week, right along the lovely Mediteranean coastline. blood in the water… At least, that is what the new Islamic State would like you to believe. Now, mind you, I do not doubt their claim for one post-modern, neoliberal minute. But, why can’t they at least show us them lopping off the heads of those Coptic Christians. In any event, it is truly heartening (not to mention surprising) to hear how well that young jihadist who was narrating the event spoke English. A very good upbringing, indeed.

The short story is that the USA really is the indispensable country. We have upset the entire fucking world in just a few short years. I don’t think even the French or Germans like us anymore. Of course, the English remain engaged, along with the infatuation shown us by Israel… but every master loves his pet dog. And the Israeli lobby treats us similarly.

While Putin was doing his damned best to show the West how neoliberal western Russia was becoming – spiffing up Sochi just to impress us for the big Olympic spectacle – we were out sneaking around behind big daddy’s back, fucking our way into the asshole of Ukraine. The only problem is, when you start by entering dirty orifices, you wind up catching the disease. And boy, do we have it bad now!!

There is no cure for this. We have screwed the pooch, and now must pay the piper. (Love those little diddys!) The entire Moslem world is beginning to take aim at our culture of pornography, as Chris Hedges rightfully pointed out this week. And capitalism, as always, is the culprit. Just can’t clean your hands of that stuff. The stench of money just hangs around like flies around an old barn door. Not that I agree with those Moslems chasing after virgins in the afterlife. I’d rather do my fucking here, while I still have a working penis! Wink wink. Or, as the Brits might have it — Wank wank! Well, you get my drift. But, I would concur that our neo-liberal sensibilities have been so deformed by the parade of sex, blood, and violence, (Bradley Cooper, American Sniper) that the world we inhabit is no longer recognizable.

Beware the appeal of the spectacle, the contoured body, the pretty eyes, the sexy voice. All is not as it appears. In a world where men become women and women, men. Where what you look like is more important than who you are. And, perhaps it is for those of us that are long ago emptied of anything we can call real. And a great majority of our enemies (new and old) are still running to be like us: Indians, Chinese, Russians.

And Russia, yeah Russia! Boy did we fuck that reset button. Hilary goes from showing Lavrov her red button to push, all the way to calling Putin the new Hitler. Well, now there is friendship for you. So much for that soul-reading George Bush did on Vova a few years back. Reset my ass! Russia did a 180 degree turn; instead of continuing its pivot West, it about-faced and pivoted East. Now, the claims of a new Eurasia stand out, along with the burgeoning economic power of BRICS. And Greece, huh! They took a lesson from Vicki Nudleman. They too said FUCK the EU!

Anyway, we are now entering the final phase, so beam me up Scotty. The world as we know is fast evaporating like hot breath on a cold mirror. What is to be done? We have built an erector set village managed by lunatics parading as adults. The entire deal is becoming unreal, long ago.

10 Responses to A New Door: Let It Roll Baby, Roll!

  1. Disaffected says:

    LOVE the Kirk/Cyrus video kC! The Spectacle does indeed appear to be entering it’s final, albeit most entertaining, phase. Just came over from Kunstler land, where the usual cast of characters were all wringing their hands over the “ISIL threat.” Ho-hum says I, another US CIA and media generated “zombie” to scare the bejeezus out of us, even though if there ever actually was a Jesus he damn sure wouldn’t have anything to do with America or Americans of any recent vintage.

    But hey, it’s the slow season now with all the Super Bowl parties a fading memory and the NFL draft still a few months off. Who will be this year’s gazillionaires and how quickly will they flame out while still providing us with joyous entertainment through their lovable antics on their way out? These are the questions we must consider, for the decidedly more ominous antics of our own elected government are simply too horrible to consider, what with Islamic zombies possibly hiding under every bed.

    • kulturcritic says:

      Yes DA.  It does seem as if we are down to the last few feet, and must just keep our eyes open for the grand finale, like the big ones at the end of a 4th of July fireworks display.  Sure, is getting interesting.  Even those damn jihadists, the ones who hate the western spectacle, are using the very tools of empire against itself.  They are doing selfies on the beach and in the desert; taking the barbarity right into our living rooms.  Just imagine if empire were so obliging, letting us see a few dozen wedding party guests executed by a remote controlled drone or a hellfire missile; with a split picture on our television screen no less; so we could watch Private Ryan picking his nose as he blows away all those family revelers.  Now that would be a hoot!!  right?

      • Disaffected says:

        Yes indeed, great points. The beauty of drone warfare is that it’s all so beautifully “out of sight, out of mind!”

  2. Dirty Rotten Junkie says:

    Fantastic writing, I think I may have found somebody new to follow.

  3. Malthus says:

    Good god, we are in some kind of insane terrifying time loop. Around and around we go. Those that know they have the power will keep us chasing our tails until the whole nightmare collapses by sheer stupidity and the weight of billions of souls searching for something to believe in and something to cling to. Wow good one Sandy.

  4. the Heretick says:

    The capitalist/hierarchical mindset has turned us all into sale-able commodities, this started long ago with the Greeks (a slave based society) breaking the cosmos down into little pieces.
    The big question is whether people have intrinsic value, whether we have a soul or not, where our value derives from, and our relationship to the cosmos.
    Of course due diligence requires a nod to Baudrillard.

    “. Any culture that becomes universal loses its singularity and dies. That’s what happened to all those cultures we destroyed by forcefully assimilating them. But it is also true of our own culture, despite its claim of being universally valid. The only difference is that other cultures died because of their singularity, which is a beautiful death. We are dying because we are losing our own singularity and exterminating all our values. And this is a much more ugly death.

    We believe that the ideal purpose of any value is to become universal. But we do not really assess the deadly danger that such a quest presents. Far from being an uplifting move, it is instead a downward trend toward a zero degree in all values. In the Enlightenment, universalization was viewed as unlimited growth and forward progress. Today, by contrast, universalization exists by default and is expressed as a forward escape, which aims to reach the most minimally common value. This is precisely the fate of human rights, democracy, and liberty today. Their expansion is in reality their weakest expression.”

    If all matter is merely to be used, abused, and rearranged, the question becomes where do we stop?
    The corollary is the kid pulling the wings off a butterfly, he/she may not actually be cruel, he may just not realize what he is doing to a living creature, he may just want to see how it works, curious, as it were.

    This is the new perversion, doing what we can do because we can, tearing things apart because it’s fun and interesting. This may have little to do with sex, love, food, whatever, and more to do with just a desire for power and dominance.

    So we have sex porn, war porn, food porn, car porn, any porn you might like, be creative.

    Bageant’s observations comes to mind.

    “. We live within a media generated belief system that functions as the operating instructions for society. Anything outside of its parameters represents fear and psychological freefall to the faceless legions of within it.”

    “A few intellectuals and a handful of old dopers like me understand that reality is consensus based and is an interconnected network consisting of many minds operating along a theme. And the theme seems to be pathological.”

    Slaves internalize their servitude, they come to believe their masters lies, which raises an interesting question; who’s in charge? Yes, we know a tiny elite own the planet and reap the filthy lucre, but can they really control this runaway train?

    • DA says:

      Slaves internalize their servitude, they come to believe their masters lies, which raises an interesting question; who’s in charge? Yes, we know a tiny elite own the planet and reap the filthy lucre, but can they really control this runaway train?

      That point’s a good one HT! At some point it becomes a mutually beneficial/destructive symbiotic relationship. And that’s the point I think we’re at now. I don’t think anyone’s actually in control anymore. We’re on autopilot headed straight for vertical impact.

  5. the Heretick says:

    Quoting the Professor may grow old, however, reading this I can’t find anyone who has a better understanding of what is going down.


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