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More NATO, Please!

Let us say, for the sake of argument, that Russia is indeed financing, supplying military hardware or soldiers, and otherwise supporting the rebels in the Donbass region of Ukraine. Why would Russia be doing that? What could be Putin’s motivation? … Continue reading

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Propaganda and Pre-understanding

Propaganda! What is it? Simple question. No? They say that propaganda is information that is not impartial, that is biased, used to influence or to deceive. But, that begs another question.  What does non-biased information look like?  Media, News, Opinion, … Continue reading

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Dark Night of the Soul

Does anyone else smell the foulness of the air these past many days, months, and years. It is not just the oxygen content being sucked out of thin air in concert with global warming and increasing human pollution, but there … Continue reading

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Obama and the Bear: An Ugly Fairytale

It amazes me how the US political-military-industrial-propaganda complex will stop at nothing to demonize Russia and ignore Putin’s justifiable claims for intervening in Ukraine. Could you imagine what the US hegemony would do, god forbid, if a handful of US … Continue reading

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Barack (Baruch) Obama, the current incarnation of American puppet theater, has concretized his position as master propagandist, hell-bent on leading the entire world to war if not nuclear annihilation. The office of the resident president – in reality an oligarchy … Continue reading

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