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Embodiment, Ecstasy, Emptiness

Over the past number of decades, the West has been inundated by philosophical concepts pouring over us from the East. One idea we have grabbed hold of like a life-preserver is the concept of Emptiness.

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The Soul of the Subject: A View of Russia’s Rush to Modernity

“The Russian Soul is a dark place.” Dostoyevsky, The Idiot “To be modern is to have two qualities: reason and will.” So says Aleksandr Dugin, contemporary Russian philosopher and sociologist at Moscow State University, speaking about Post-modernity in Western Society. … Continue reading

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Dugin, Heidegger, and the Politics of Openness

There is quite a bit of commotion these days over the state of the world, including the state of our State.  We are witness to dramatic shifts in geopolitics, as well as social and economic relations among peoples, as trailing … Continue reading

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Propaganda and Pre-understanding

Propaganda! What is it? Simple question. No? They say that propaganda is information that is not impartial, that is biased, used to influence or to deceive. But, that begs another question.  What does non-biased information look like?  Media, News, Opinion, … Continue reading

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‘Teach Our Children Well’— On Deconstructing the Curriculum of the West

The West is a vast testimony to childhood botched to serve its own purposes, where history, masquerading as myth, authorizes men of action and men of thought to alter the world to match their regressive moods of omnipotence and insecurity. … Continue reading

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