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The Politics of Recursion: Hypotaxis, Hierarchy, and Healing

As the written word began speaking, the stones fell silent… the trees became mute, the other animals dumb. 1 It has been shown that in traditional kinship-based hunter-gatherer societies, sharing and gifting lie at the heart of the human community. … Continue reading

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Animal Rationale

We in the West took the Aristotelian project way too seriously.  We shoved a rocket up its ass, and now we wonder why there are drones flying overhead.  We will be forever watching our backs because of that dumb move! … Continue reading

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Ontological Reciprocity

 by Marvin Bram The question is this: how might the material things of the world answer us? It may be necessary to take an unfortunately condescending remark seriously: Schopenhauer says that our normal position toward reality is “that natural and childlike … Continue reading

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The Risk of Letting Go

You know it is cold outside when you blink a few times and the ice on your lashes locks your eyelids shut.  It is approximately -37 C (-33 F) here in Barnaul Siberia now, and I am thinking seriously about … Continue reading

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