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The Increasing Loneliness of American Exceptionalism

CLICK IMAGE TO READ FULL POST by Deena Stryker When in 1629, the Puritan Minister John Winthrop told British colonists that America would be ‘as Christ’s city on a hill’, he was issuing a warning: with ‘the eyes of the … Continue reading

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Was Marx right? Or was his timing just wrong? But, if so, what do we do with these ‘inglorious bastards’ — those sociopathic free market capitalists stomping hither and thither? Is it time for a great accommodation?

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On Human Understanding~ Excavating the Mytho-poetics of Babel

[Here is a draft of a paper I’m preparing for a Linguistic conference on translation in 2016. Advice is always welcome, although not always heeded. Thanks ~ cK] It is not enough for language to have clarity and content… it … Continue reading

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Recollection, Releasement, and Reconstitution

We live now in a world of unnatural wonders: virtual communities, corporate personhood, iPads, ‘bluetooth’ ears, selfies, 24/7 i-spy eavesdropping, instant global communication; all the accoutrements to give bureaucrats, emperors, and dime-a-dance dictators a complete set of controls over their … Continue reading

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Am I A Butterfly?

Somewhere there are still peoples and herds, but not with us, my brethren: here there are states. A state? What is that? Well! open now your ears unto me, for now will I say unto you my word concerning the … Continue reading

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