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Obama’s New Cold War

Well folks, it’s official!  The new cold war between Russia and the USA has commenced.  It was declared by Obama himself in several news conferences this week. Select Title in Post Drop Down Menu or Click Image to Continue  

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Our Intersubjective Psychosis

At this point in our inglorious, star-mangled history, I am not quite sure which is the more psychotic behavior of empire: 1) its willful ignorance, even public denial, of human induced climate change, 2) its belligerent efforts to control all … Continue reading

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We Do Live In Interesting Times!

[‘The times they are a’changin’ – These well-worn words of our folk hero muse have taken on brand new meanings today.   The troubling changes are mounting ecologically, politically, economically and socially for the entire globe.  Perhaps only the tribal … Continue reading

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CH4 – The Alchemy of Fire From Ice

`(Thought experiment on a string) So, some modern Japanese alchemists have been busy at work finding a solution to our fossil fuel problem – Methane Hydrate.  Methane?  Holy farts, Batman!  We can fart ourselves to freedom!  Alternatively, if we were … Continue reading

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