Distraction, Deflection, Diremption


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The TRUMP strategy is really not so very hard to grasp. It does not require any special deciphering; it just demands head-on confrontation.

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With a doctorate in religious studies from the University of Virginia and a master’s degree from the University of Chicago, Sandy had a ten-year academic career, with appointments at University of Virginia and the Colorado School of Mines. He spent the next twenty years in executive ranks at several of America’s largest international firms, including Computer Sciences Corporation, Ernst & Young, and General Electric. He has traveled extensively throughout Europe and North America, as well as parts of Eurasia and Africa. For the past five years Sandy has been living in Western Siberia with his wife and young child, teaching at the Pedagogical University and the Altai Institute for Law and Economics in Barnaul, Russia. Published works include VERONIKA: The Siberian's Tale (a novel), (Islands Press 2011) Apocalypse Of The Barbarians: Inquisitions On Empire (Islands Press, 2010), The Recovery of Ecstasy: Notebooks From Siberia (Booksurge, 2009), Recollective Resolve: A Phenomenological Understanding of Time and Myth (Mercer University Press, 1987), Ethical Decisionmaking Styles (Addison-Wesley Press, 1986), and Gandhi in the Postmodern Age: Issues in War and Peace (CSM Press,1984).
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9 Responses to Distraction, Deflection, Diremption

  1. northsheep says:

    Your hypothesis is interesting, one that is not new, and one that I have considered at times. Sure, Trump is good at playing the media, keeping himself in the news with all his contradictory tweets. And sure, he has been good at playing to a certain angry electorate – it is how he got elected, with an assist from Hillary’s campaign, one of the worst in recent memory.

    However, given the structure of power in this country, I don’t think the strategy you attribute to Trump, even if true, really stands a chance. Like every president in recent memory, he is being played by the agents of ruling elites in government: the deep state, which has surrounded him with their operatives. Sure, the elites would have preferred Hillary because she has proven so willing to serve them. Trump is a loose canon, unpredictable,so the deep state has mobilized the media and the Democratic Party they mostly control to constantly harass him.The result in foreign policy at least has been to keep him from carrying out any of his promises to his base, like ending the wars, promises that appear politically opportunist, and not coming from any deep convictions.

    As for domestic policy, his incompetence and his inability to see how capitalist power works keeps him shooting himself in the foot. Because of dramatic failures – from “bringing industry back home” to his handling of the pandemic – his control of his constituency is unraveling. You said yourself how inept and incompetent he is; how can he possibly win against a deep state that has successfully bent much smarter presidents to their will?

    • kulturcritic says:

      I’m not sure, northsheep, which is wagging which. It seems the deep state may have miscalulated on this dog…. Lets just hope it ends here with his failure to reload and his relocation to an isolation cell. He certainly has compromised our standing in the world, and now threatens to turn the USA into a militarized, fascist dictatorship.

  2. jackwaddington says:

    The Problem with Trump goes way deeper than the man himself. It gets down to a factor of us humans and our loss of our real nature. All this was discovered in an accidental discovery in 1967 and after the initial flare and publicity, got put on some backburner and forgotten … except for a few.

    In relating all this back to Trump he is the worst of the worst, due mainly to the trauma of his own babyhood that shows so obviously in his present position, and has a small following of people that also got similarly traumatized in their babyhood. Like with Trump, are left angry for a lifetime … not quite realizing where that anger was first got generated … and never resolved.

    He’s a sad, sad, person allowed to take a position where he has a very convenient megaphone. All that is in part set up by other traumatized babies some 300 years ago, creating a constitution that is now rapidly coming unraveled.

  3. jackwaddington says:

    Sandy: I doubt it will wake America up. I see the days of the US as a supper power as coming to an end. All empires come and then die … I lived trough one … the British.

  4. Kathy Ohara says:


    Old acquaintance from Denver here. Have you considered podcasting your series? Would be a great mechanism to reach a wider audience and fill a void.

  5. the Heretick says:

    Oh Sandy, my dear Sandy, love you dearly, but you are so wrong, focusing on the wrong problem.
    We were screwed when the Clinton machine subverted our democracy during the 2016 cycle as uncovered by Tulsi Gabbard and Donna Brazile through the machinations of Wasserman Schultz, who by all rights should be in prison and not in Congress.
    Sanders was the reformist who just may have been able to pull us back from the brink, and they screwed him and the country. By some miracle, and Bernie’s hard work, we got a second chance, but just as soon as he was 14 points up on his nearest opponent here comes old Sleepy Joe.
    No, Biden will change nothing of substance, he will not reform a damn thing, his donors wouldn’t like it.
    We are in a situation similar to the interregnum between 16 and 23 in Russia, the ruling class and the elites have frustrated the reformist, now we are getting the radicals.
    Sure, maybe with the right mix to keep the rabble quiescent they can buy a couple years, if that, but don’t count on it.
    People with serious diseases need proper medical treatment, now.
    Working people need the joke of the $15 minimum, now.
    Monopoly laws need to be enforced, now.
    Corporate citizenship? The means by which our government was bought?
    Abolished, now.
    The tens of millions of dispossessed in our country cannot wait, they will not wait.
    When this country goes, so do all of the cozy little 401K funds, the mutual funds, all of the false wealth the comfortable are counting on to keep them safe in their gated communities.

    If you are interested in a preview of coming attractions, search a couple videos of when the Federales made the mistake of trying to arrest El Chapo’s son. And yeah, Mexico has total gun control, didn’t keep the narcos from mounting 50’s on the back of those dump trucks. Very soon a military takeover may just be our salvation, or at least better than the alternative.

    Fascist???? The Democrats loved the “Patriot Act” in the frenzy leading up to 43’s illegal war, no problem when Barack was using it, but The Donald? Not having it.

    The time is for solutions, Biden will have none, not really. look to the Democratic machine, the fake convention, they have it cooked. So is our country. Prepare to abandon ship, or at least take a look at Montana, and take me with you. Please. Pretty please.

    • kulturcritic says:

      Heretik… I always have Russia if I need it. But, you do not seem to be supporting Trump. Or, are you? If so, you will live to regret it… And Montana won’t be far enough. Love you too, Sandy

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