Oh, the Absurdity of it All!




In light of the many utterly absurd events we’ve experienced of late, plus the fact that the coming western holiday season invites us all to seek refuge and meaning in religious traditions that seem more and more absurd by the day themselves, it might be in our best interests to review a certain philosophy of the same name…

About kulturcritic

With a doctorate in religious studies from the University of Virginia and a master’s degree from the University of Chicago, Sandy had a ten-year academic career, with appointments at University of Virginia and the Colorado School of Mines. He spent the next twenty years in executive ranks at several of America’s largest international firms, including Computer Sciences Corporation, Ernst & Young, and General Electric. He has traveled extensively throughout Europe and North America, as well as parts of Eurasia and Africa. For the past five years Sandy has been living in Western Siberia with his wife and young child, teaching at the Pedagogical University and the Altai Institute for Law and Economics in Barnaul, Russia. Published works include VERONIKA: The Siberian's Tale (a novel), (Islands Press 2011) Apocalypse Of The Barbarians: Inquisitions On Empire (Islands Press, 2010), The Recovery of Ecstasy: Notebooks From Siberia (Booksurge, 2009), Recollective Resolve: A Phenomenological Understanding of Time and Myth (Mercer University Press, 1987), Ethical Decisionmaking Styles (Addison-Wesley Press, 1986), and Gandhi in the Postmodern Age: Issues in War and Peace (CSM Press,1984).
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3 Responses to Oh, the Absurdity of it All!

  1. Jack Waddington says:

    I concur with most of what is being stated here. There is a major problem for us humans and it starts off, IMO, with the notion that we humans are the top of the food chain; hence superior. Secondly the greatest conceit ever is that the United States of America was and is the greatest democracy. No it isn’t and never was. They, the original colonials from the United Kingdom; that other corner of the planet that thought it was the greatest thing since the creation of mankind; which it isn’t, nor ever was. I do see that you have seen the absurdity of it all. I feel strongly that Karl Marx was another that saw the problem. BUT in each case It was the solution that befuddled us. We, humans were determined to keep most of that we’d created intact. Therein, is my contention … for being blinded to a solution.

    So!!! let’s start off by acknowledging the problem is capitalism and all the trappings that it entails. Marx suggested that the potential solution was by a “Dictatorship of the proletariat”. I contend that is where he went wrong, and hence, led the rest of humankind down a blind alley.

    There is, I contend, one way out of the mire … that I rarely if ever see suggested from resolving it and creating a solution … simple as my suggested solution is; most will reject it out of hand. The first and foremost is the question posed back to me, when I make the suggestion:- “How would it work?” It is a question that on the face of it seems meaningful … until we look a little deeper. The question is absurd because no-one knows the answer … NOR ever will. like most things in nature, it has to EVOLVE.

    So!!!! here’s my notion of the solution:- Just abolish money ………. then like water; it will all fall into place. When it does we will wonder … just as we did after dissing Copernicus and Galileo for 100 years. Then we’ll say “Oh yeah!!!! that makes sense NOW … why did no-one think of this before?

    Jack Waddington

  2. Disaffected says:

    This commenting protocol continues to leave me baffled. Glad you found it Jack. I’m beginning to come around to your way of thinking too. Certainly a much needed first step is to abolish the Federal Reserve System and the entire Central Banking scheme the world over. They’re nothing more than grossly corrupt political hierarchies meant to convert the world’s real resources into monetized, interest bearing debt, and then transfer that wealth to the top of the pyramid. But certainly money as a means of accumulating inter-generational wealth, status, and power has to stop.

    As for the rest of it, I think most of the anarchy and confusion we’re seeing in the world today is by design. How do you keep a potential citizens’ revolt tamped down without exposing the iron fist prematurely? You simply use the mighty propaganda machine to sow the seeds of doubt every where one looks so that any potential rebels have no idea whatsoever what or who it is that they’re rebelling against. In other words: rain down the Plagues of Job on their heads and watch them all turn into Larry Gopniks, feebly asking “what’s going on here?”

    • Jack Waddington says:

      Disaffected: Thanks for the response. I see it as more complex in terms of what the over all problem is. We get indoctrinated from childhood into believing what we have, and what culture we belong to, and ‘some pie in the sky’ benefactor, is all that is needed. From there-on-in, we settle for this ‘nothingness’, fearing that any REAL change will “rock the boat” to the point we’ll all be thrown overboard and there’ll be no land in sight.

      It’s a story that has been conjured up for eons and to wade through it all to see the ‘REAL LIGHT AT THE VERY BEGINNING OF IT ALL’ requires more thinking and contemplating than most are willing to consider. We’ve bought into it all ………….. yet the simplest of solutions eludes us. “Abolish money and all forms of exchange, including barter”, AND voila … it’s all so simple. then and only then are we REALLY free and BE our own natural simple selves, without all the pseudo pressure conjured up to prevent us from even getting off our arses (asses) to even protest. Protest never make it. “Oh! that was so good of you all to conduct a civilized non- violent protest” … such that the elites can then go about their business … believing that for some concocted reason, they deserve their privilege.

      Not so. ONLY a TOTAL radical change will make any REAL difference. Alas, not likely to happen … in my life time least-ways.

      Jack Waddington

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