Who Profits From Ukraine’s War?


Well folks, it would seem our friend and comrade, Eric Zuesse, is on a mission.  Having officially resigned his membership in the Democratic Party right here on our blog only a few days ago, he is now pulling out all the stops to expose the vast underbelly of the beast that is the USA politico-military-industrial-financial complex. He has decided that not only is Obama more than deserving of impeachment, but that the entire system of governance of the country is corrupt, morally bankrupt, deceitful, belligerent, and terrorizing populations around the globe while destroying the planet.  And furthermore, he sees this as not a recent development, but a state of affairs that has been going on at least since the early 1950’s although he might admit to an even earlier date. He takes a lot of time, patience and words here to indict the entire corpus beginning with Clinton, Bush and the Obama administrations regarding our current situation vis-a-vis Ukraine and Russia.  I give you Eric’s latest piece… “Who Profits From Ukraine’s War.” [Reader beware… the links alone will try your patience.]

About kulturcritic

With a doctorate in religious studies from the University of Virginia and a master’s degree from the University of Chicago, Sandy had a ten-year academic career, with appointments at University of Virginia and the Colorado School of Mines. He spent the next twenty years in executive ranks at several of America’s largest international firms, including Computer Sciences Corporation, Ernst & Young, and General Electric. He has traveled extensively throughout Europe and North America, as well as parts of Eurasia and Africa. For the past five years Sandy has been living in Western Siberia with his wife and young child, teaching at the Pedagogical University and the Altai Institute for Law and Economics in Barnaul, Russia. Published works include VERONIKA: The Siberian's Tale (a novel), (Islands Press 2011) Apocalypse Of The Barbarians: Inquisitions On Empire (Islands Press, 2010), The Recovery of Ecstasy: Notebooks From Siberia (Booksurge, 2009), Recollective Resolve: A Phenomenological Understanding of Time and Myth (Mercer University Press, 1987), Ethical Decisionmaking Styles (Addison-Wesley Press, 1986), and Gandhi in the Postmodern Age: Issues in War and Peace (CSM Press,1984).
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2 Responses to Who Profits From Ukraine’s War?

  1. Karl North says:

    This nuclear war against Russia hypothesis makes me wonder how the global aristocracy could possibly benefit or even survive the resultant nuclear winter with their wealth intact. Barring such an explanation, the implication in this piece is that the aristocracy is just insane. Really? Has the human species come to that? And what is the evidence?

    A more persuasive hypothesis of the strategy of achieving the expressed goal of taking control of Russia is a war of attrition and chaos, as is the playbook of the US in the penetration of other resource-rich nations like Irak and Libya. This would take longer, but has more potential for profits for the global weapons industry which, as the author has abundantly shown, are key decision makers in the Western policy hierarchy.

  2. Disaffected says:


    I think attrition and chaos is the preferred option, but I also think that the calculation is that nuclear winter is no longer an unthinkable option. And in thinking and acting on that, I think that the calculation is that Putin will realize that they’re serious and blink first. It’s a strategy based on MAD, but it takes the next leap and assumes that the resulting destruction with not be symmetric, and thus such a war is “winnable.” [Hardly new thinking either. The JCS was telling Kennedy that exact same thing way back when.] Forward basing B2’s for an undetected first strike would certainly be congruent with that line of thinking.

    It also may indicate desperation on the part of the west, possibly based on a closely held knowledge of impending resource (and thus financial) shortages and the like. For sure they know that all the current shale oil hype is all hot air, and they know that “green” alternative sources will never fill the void of our lifeblood oil either. But for certain, they’ve damn sure “gamed” all the possible outcomes to our current situation, and even mass die off and nuclear winter has been considered and planned for. It may not be the preferred outcome, but I’m certain that they plan to “win” such a scenario regardless. And in game theory, that’s all that really matters.

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