Life in the Land of Make Believe (Living in La-La Land)

platos revenge

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Fuzzy thinking, indeed, folks!  Our own Heretick will help us sort the wheat from the chaff. And, his art will inspire, where his words can only point. -kC

by the Heretick

The essence of art lies in generating the willing suspension of disbelief in the viewers, and/or participants; this being so, American culture, indeed the world, has this pretty much down pat, Rembrandt has nothing on our modern spin-meisters and cultural trend-setters.. Examples are so abundant, and denial is so ingrained into our culture, that one hardly knows where to start; it is, as they say, a target rich environment.


About kulturcritic

With a doctorate in religious studies from the University of Virginia and a master’s degree from the University of Chicago, Sandy had a ten-year academic career, with appointments at University of Virginia and the Colorado School of Mines. He spent the next twenty years in executive ranks at several of America’s largest international firms, including Computer Sciences Corporation, Ernst & Young, and General Electric. He has traveled extensively throughout Europe and North America, as well as parts of Eurasia and Africa. For the past five years Sandy has been living in Western Siberia with his wife and young child, teaching at the Pedagogical University and the Altai Institute for Law and Economics in Barnaul, Russia. Published works include VERONIKA: The Siberian's Tale (a novel), (Islands Press 2011) Apocalypse Of The Barbarians: Inquisitions On Empire (Islands Press, 2010), The Recovery of Ecstasy: Notebooks From Siberia (Booksurge, 2009), Recollective Resolve: A Phenomenological Understanding of Time and Myth (Mercer University Press, 1987), Ethical Decisionmaking Styles (Addison-Wesley Press, 1986), and Gandhi in the Postmodern Age: Issues in War and Peace (CSM Press,1984).
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10 Responses to Life in the Land of Make Believe (Living in La-La Land)

  1. As important as it is to raise awareness of the hypocrisy of the powers that be, it is equally important to discuss potential solutions to the paradigm.

    The original “Tea Party” was a rebellion of taxation without representation. Today it is far worse with a large portion of public tax $$$ support the ecocide of the Planet.

    The fundamental flaw with western capitalism, IMO is the failure to place a value on the Planets life support systems. We all pay to dump our garbage, ($120/ton here), waste, even rain water fees for storm water run off in many areas. ($5/month here.) Corporations are “people” now. Corpro/People deserve a bulk rate of “Free” plus subsidies for toxins? They piddle all over themselves at the suggestion of $25/ton for toxins. Even as society, (you and I are fined for throwing a paper cup out the car window), are on the hook for far more in mitigation costs. The latest government numbers I have seen are ~ $50/ton and that is surely low ball.

    “Socially enabled capitalism” has run its course and the cat is out of the bag. Look around, who has all the money? Stop profits from the pollution of the commons.

    GO GREEN. Resistance is fatal to earth’s life support systems.

    • kulturcritic says:

      Hey Leif… welcome to the party. The tea party, like the OWS group were all focused on reforming the system. Too bad, it are systems that are our problem. More later… sandy

    • Colin says:

      Corporations appear to have all the rights (and then some) of people and none of the responsibility.

      Another way of looking at the situation is the capitalism (in particular neo-liberal capitalism) is synonymous with imperialism and empire building and is actually harmful to free market trade. The fact that debt is built into the core of the system means that, by design, it can never make itself truly whole and thus it MUST expand. That’s why war and debt go hand in hand – eventually one will lead to the other. I think it was designed that way initially by the imperialists of past era which you can see in the history of corporations like the East India Company and Hudson Bay Corporation. They were lent money w/ debt by the aristocrats of their time and told to go conquer foreign lands as repayment.

      That was the beginning and now we appear to be taking this system to its natural logical conclusion which includes insurmountable debt, ecocide, economic destruction and never ending war or war that ends with the civilization ending. It just seems to be baked into the cake if you know what I mean.

  2. Colin says:

    I’ve dubbed this the “Gestalt Economy” where the whole does not have to equal the sum of the parts.. You know the economy is improving because Facebook just offered another million shares to the public based on the infinite growth potential of social-cross referencing blah blah blah (CNBC).

    Social networking has now become an entire industry with its own software moguls. Screw Detroit – that whole “making real sh*t with your hands” thing is so 1980’s. We let the Asians do that for us now. Social Networks are infinitely re-hypothecatable. After all now they can judge your credit score based on the friends you have on FB:

    Hear that folks? You can rehypothecate your own credit score based just on who you know! If your network gets cross-referenced with the “in crowd” you too could be offered huge sums of money a nearly 0% interest. But shhhhh….don’t tell your loser friends.

    Sorry, I am feeling exceptionally cynical tonight.

  3. Disaffected says:

    One, why is this a separate comment board?

    Two, all you need to know about the money/war scam is contained in these videos:

    Money’s not hard to understand as a concept, in fact, it’s so simple it’s hard. As in, most people simply can’t believe the truth of it once they hear it, since they’ve been so effectively conditioned to believe that it’s somehow “magic.”

  4. Colin says:

    If we were were lucky, in high school we were taught that war leads to debt but none of us were taught that the reverse is true too – that debt leads to war. When you understand this you know that debt, conquest, growth, expansion, imperialism and war are all part of one package and you can’t have any of them without the others or at least not without a highly informed public (which never happens in practice). That took me nearly 40 years to figure out on my own thanks to the internet and youtube videos like the ones you linked above.

    • Disaffected says:

      When I was in high school all the way back in the mid 1970s, I was still being taught that war was a necessary “evil” (wink wink, nod nod), even in the face of the ongoing “conflict” in Vietnam. My high school social studies teacher was fairly young and about as “liberal” as they were allowed to be back then, and even she was having trouble coming to grips with all of social chaos that was going on around us. Little did we know, although a few alive at the time surely did. In one of my remedial “filler” classes, basically “free reading for credit so this poor bastard can earn enough credits to graduate and we don’t have to put up with him anymore,” which my high school allowed me to take after they basically gave up on me as completely incorrigible, I read Alvin and Heidi Toffler’s Future Shock, which turned out to be pretty much the Bible for what was to unfold over the next quarter century. It’s as true now in retrospect as it was then. What are kids being taught today? Mostly the same shit we were being taught then. Useless facts to indoctrinate us and likewise mostly useless skills to make us “employable.” Trouble is, they have no intention of employing us anymore. Too expensive. Too many benefits required. Too much BULLSHIT required when they can just automate the job or outsource it to a third world sweatshop and be done with it. Trouble is, wanna bet they’re even discussing any of that last bit at all in either high school or college these days? And that’s what they should be primarily focusing on! Quality education indeed!

      • the Heretick says:

        What is war?

        It’s an act of psychotic mass violence coordinated by governments
        funded with stolen tax dollars waged primarily against civilians for
        the purposes of stealing resources, enriching arms makers, creating terror
        and justifying oppression at home and abroad.

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