There’s No Tomorrow

For a look at our rosy future, Incubator Pictures presents this thought-provoking video!!

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With a doctorate in religious studies from the University of Virginia and a master’s degree from the University of Chicago, Sandy had a ten-year academic career, with appointments at University of Virginia and the Colorado School of Mines. He spent the next twenty years in executive ranks at several of America’s largest international firms, including Computer Sciences Corporation, Ernst & Young, and General Electric. He has traveled extensively throughout Europe and North America, as well as parts of Eurasia and Africa. For the past five years Sandy has been living in Western Siberia with his wife and young child, teaching at the Pedagogical University and the Altai Institute for Law and Economics in Barnaul, Russia. Published works include VERONIKA: The Siberian's Tale (a novel), (Islands Press 2011) Apocalypse Of The Barbarians: Inquisitions On Empire (Islands Press, 2010), The Recovery of Ecstasy: Notebooks From Siberia (Booksurge, 2009), Recollective Resolve: A Phenomenological Understanding of Time and Myth (Mercer University Press, 1987), Ethical Decisionmaking Styles (Addison-Wesley Press, 1986), and Gandhi in the Postmodern Age: Issues in War and Peace (CSM Press,1984).
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15 Responses to There’s No Tomorrow

  1. bmiller says:

    Thanks for sending the link. Post Carbon Institute always does a great job distilling complex ideas into manageable posts and videos. It remains hard to envision a world of no growth emotionally. I can grasp it intellectually. I can prepare for it through our farming practices. I see all the warning signs in the markets. Yet, it still remains hard to let go of the idea that continued growth will always be part of our system. But, happen it will.

  2. Sandy, the video was excellent and I intend sharing it with those prepared to see. The video places on one’s plate locating the peace, patience, and poise that will be required to meet and be of help in what is unfolding in our personal spheres and worldwide. The coming age will require a new humanity.

  3. marlena13 says:

    but..isn’t constant growth what a cancer does? Growing and consuming the host until it dies? Is that not what our techno industrialized globalism has become? A massive cancer consuming the body? Personally I feel, think we, the species passed the point of no return when the population passed 3 billion. It has been said that we are going through one of the times of extinction. It looks like its the humans this time…

  4. xraymike79 says:

    Hopefully we’ll get through the unfolding crisis without destroying ourselves, but I have my doubts. Nuclear Weapons, weaponized biological viruses and nanotechnology, climate change, overpopulation, the greed and shortsightedness of our ruling elite, mankind’s blind faith in technology, etc… Too many variables to list. But to put the situation in a mystical and philosophical view, I like this clip from Alan Moore(creator of ‘The Watchmen’):

    What is the social boiling point? Are we not seeing it now such as on this website?

  5. I watched it a couple days ago, easily the best boil-down of peak oil and collapse there is. Great animation, shiny charts for all the iPad addicts out there, but sadly I think it will remain relegated to the ‘in-crowd’ communities around the web.

    Many have said before and I’ll say it again – the fact that these issues aren’t widely known is not one of misunderstanding or lack of knowledge, but of willful ignorance. We love our slavery!

  6. Angie says:

    Hi Sandy,
    Hope it’s okay that I re-posted the film.
    I loved it, especially that the “Happy Ending” recommends we can practically adapt by taking measures to get out of debt, develop local economies, buy local produce, grow and preserve our own food, learn to walk and ride a bike, expect less stuff etc, Admittedly no amount of self-reliance will save us in the face of a rapid catastrophic collapse, but should the energy/economic descent occur incrementally, and should the Transition Initiatives promoted by Rob Hopkins (who was consulted by the film-makers) have gathered sufficient traction, just maybe the future scenarios could hold out a little hope for our kids.
    (By the way, on an earlier exchange, you were right; anyone with a conviction risks arrogance, certainly myself included. Sorry to tease – it was stupid to be rude like that.)

    • kulturcritic says:

      Ange – Of course it was fine to repost. I reposted it from youtube as well. I am not sure what alternatives will save us from complete collapse, but certainly some are worth the try. And don’t apologize. All is taken in stride. With warmth, sandy

  7. Brutus says:

    Pretty amazing how quickly news of There’s No Tomorrow has disseminated around the blogosphere following the film’s release in mid-February. I saw half a dozen mentions of it elsewhere before I blogged about it today and now just saw it here, too. I’ll have to investigate Alan Moore further, but the brief video above is pretty interesting. If others tell the story of modernity dryly in terms of materials science, I find myself more drawn to the metaphorical interpretations, such as culture turning to steam.

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