Dread and The Terror of History


In the current twilight of apocalyptic global affairs, Kafkaesque geopolitical mayhem, and catastrophic climate-change, perhaps it is relevant to take a break from the competition, and reflect briefly on the terror of historical consciousness and the real dread of history through which we are living.

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The Soul of the Subject: A View of Russia’s Rush to Modernity



“The Russian Soul is a dark place.” Dostoyevsky, The Idiot

“To be modern is to have two qualities: reason and will.” So says Aleksandr Dugin, contemporary Russian philosopher and sociologist at Moscow State University, speaking about Post-modernity in Western Society.


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Dugin, Heidegger, and the Politics of Openness


There is quite a bit of commotion these days over the state of the world, including the state of our State.  We are witness to dramatic shifts in geopolitics, as well as social and economic relations among peoples, as trailing indicators of shrinking resources in a heating planet. We see more ‘terrorism

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Dusha: The Russian Soul and the Collapse of the West (Redux)



[In light of the incipient instantiation of a new cold war between  the USA and Russia, I felt it important to re-post this slightly revised article that I wrote almost three years ago.  It's message is more relevant now than ever before. kC]

The earliest stirrings of modern industrial society may be traced back approximately six thousand years ago to emergence of the first cities, implementation of plow agriculture, and storage of food surpluses in the ancient Near East.

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Who Profits From Ukraine’s War?


Well folks, it would seem our friend and comrade, Eric Zuesse, is on a mission.  Having officially resigned his membership in the Democratic Party right here on our blog only a few days ago, he is now pulling out all the stops to expose the vast underbelly of the beast that is the USA politico-military-industrial-financial complex. He has decided that not only is Obama more than deserving of impeachment, but that the entire system of governance of the country is corrupt, morally bankrupt, deceitful, belligerent, and terrorizing populations around the globe while destroying the planet.  And furthermore, he sees this as not a recent development, but a state of affairs that has been going on at least since the early 1950’s although he might admit to an even earlier date. He takes a lot of time, patience and words here to indict the entire corpus beginning with Clinton, Bush and the Obama administrations regarding our current situation vis-a-vis Ukraine and Russia.  I give you Eric’s latest piece… “Who Profits From Ukraine’s War.” [Reader beware... the links alone will try your patience.]

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